37 Products I Want That Are Ridiculous in the Best Way

Most of the time I fall down the Amazon "suggested products" rabbit hole and spend way too much time looking at crazy (but interesting!) products. Sometimes I can resist the siren song of sweet Prime shipping but for these 37 products that are ridiculous in the best way, I never stood a chance.

If I'm speaking my truth here, some of these products are borderline insane (rice penguins wearing 80s sweatbands, I'm lookin' at you) but so loveable, useful or unique that they immediately jumped onto my wishlist.

From this funny squirrel feeder to a banana cat bed, there's something on this list for everyone's inner weirdo.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Travel Pillow Made For Introverting

Technically this travel pillow was made to help you get more comfortable on an airplane (and fend off small talk with seatmates), but I could see using this pretty much anywhere. "Working" from a coffee shop? Yep. When the kids are bugging you for dinner and it's only 3:45? Double yep. Simply inflate to create your own little cocoon of solitude then when you're ready to join the real world again, deflate and pack it into the included stuffsack. It also comes with earplugs because the inventor is a damn genius.

This Breakfast Burrito Maker Cooks Up Mejores Mañanas

Sure, you've seen the breakfast sandwich maker that reviewers rave about for making their mornings so much better, but have you seen this breakfast burrito maker? There's not much that can make me excited when my alarm goes off, but this gadget that makes piping hot, cheesy, eggy goodness in a warm burrito is very promising. You can also use it for crepes or personal pizza, both of which totally count as breakfast foods, too.

This Massaging Eye Wand Turns Back The Clock

I'm not sure it gets more bougie than a massaging eye wand, also not sure that I care? It promises to reduce dark circles and eye puffiness when you circle it around your tired peepers. And this baby's heated so you know it'll feel fabulous first thing in the morning - what's not to love?

These Penguin Rice Molds Make Desk Lunch Fun Again

These penguin rice molds are so extra and I'm here for it, fam. All you do is scoop a ball of rice into the plastic penguin mold, then use the included stencils to cut out feet, beaks, eyes and wings from dried seaweed. (You'll have to get creative if you want to make their sweatbands, which obviously you do - may I suggest fruit rollups?)  The kit also comes with a silicone mat for cutting; basically it's everything you need to make your dinner a billion times cuter. Whether I'm able to bring myself to nom the heads off my little birdy babies remains to be seen.

This Pimple Popping Game Is Grossly Awesome

I'm not ashamed to admit I love a digustingly good Dr. Pimple Popper video from time to time, but this Pimple Pete pimple popping game takes it to a whole new level. Fun for the whole family, you take turns squeezing zits on his face and hope you're not the unlucky one who bursts the exploding "Mega-Zit". And yes, it actually sprays fluid at you (gag).

This Warming Butter Knife For Smooth Spreading

No one likes crumbly butter that rips up your bread, but with this self-warming butter knife you'll never have that problem again! The serrated knife's made from heat conducting technology that uses your body heat to soften the butter for easy spreading. Carb-lovers rejoice!

This LED Shower Head With Temperature Reading Hits That Shower Sweet Spot

Do I need this LED shower head with temperature reading? Possibly not. Do I want it with a burning passion? Oh yes. I like my showers scathingly hot, so I have trouble judging a more appropriate temperature for the kids' showers. This shower head has a digital thermometer to show you the sweet spot for your perfect shower so you don't get scalded or frozen if you jump in too soon.

This Animal Waffle Maker For The Cutest Breakfast Ever

Getting my kids to eat breafast is usually an uphill battle, but this animal waffle maker is a surefire way to an easier morning. This unbelievably cute waffle iron churns out seven animal-shaped goodies at a time, ranging from pandas to cats, dogs and even reindeer! Amazing for holiday breakfasts or kids' parties.

This Cat Hat Sparks So Much Joy

I don't even own a cat (yet) but I need to be prepared with this cat hat that delights me to my very core. Your feline friend may not be as enthusiastic, but a disgruntled kitty in a ridiculous hat might be even more hilarious. If I had to choose a favorite, the axolotl or octopus are the cat's pajamas.

This Light Saber Umbrella Lets You Conquer The Rain

I know rain's necessary for science reasons, but overcast, wet days are kinda depressing. This light saber umbrella is a bright spot on gray days with its seven LED colors and generous size so you stay dry (and awesome). The handle even has a super-bright flashlight built in to the end cap so you won't accidentally step in any shoe-ruining puddles!

This Shiatsu Massager For My Aching Neck

Hunching over a computer all day isn't doing anyone any favors, yet here we are. This cheerfully colorful neck massager makes quick work of knots and aches since it can perform either shiatsu or deep tissue massages with its adjustable knobs. It's a heck of a lot more affordable than weekly massages and has rave reviews. Come to mama!

This Death Wish Coffee Packs Major Caffeine

I'm a diehard tea drinker, but with two kids tag-teaming nightly wakeups, I'll try anything highly caffeinated to get through the day. This Death Wish coffee might be mama's new little helper since it has barely street-legal levels of caffeine, and it's organic to boot! The 17,000+ reviews are hilarious like this brilliant testament: "I bought this to keep me alert and focused at work. By my second cup I no longer needed a keyboard or mouse, as I was able to control my computer directly by thought. By the third cup I could hear colors and smell sounds." This, I could use.

This Fun Oil Pourer For Magical Dinners

I'm always on the lookout for things to make dinner more fun, especially with two kids that can be picky eaters. This Aladdin-inspired oil pourer is the perfect blend of cute and functional and stops oily drips from migrating down the side of the bottle and onto your cabinets or counter!

These Quirky Luna Lovegood Glasses For Harry Potter Fans

My eldest just finished the first Harry Potter book and she's head over heels for the series. These fun Luna Lovegood Spectre Specs are the perfect accessory for dress-up or heck, even a boring Tuesday business meeting. Adults love 'em too, they've got a perfect 5-stars on Amazon!

These Sassy Socks Secretly Jazz Up Adult Dressing

Adults usually don't get to have as much fun with clothing choices, especially in a stuffy office, but no one will know you're wearing these fun socks under your suit! I love the unapologetically neon-ness of these ones, and they come in a ton of more muted colors and punny sayings (some veer NSFW, just FYI).

These Refrigerator Stickers For Nostalgic Fun

Boring white fridge? No problem! Don't rush out to buy a stainless steel version, just dress up your great white whale with these Freezer Boy refrigerator stickers! Turn your kitchen into a retro 90s gamer's paradise that's also useful since you can use the "screen" as a dry-erase surface for grocery lists or important reminders!

This Sassy Dishtowel Keeps Your Secret Ingredient Safe

My husband often asks what makes my cooking taste so good, and I usually say something like "there's extra love in it", but this snarky dishtowel is closer to the truth! This would make an excellent hostess gift for any good cooks in your life (except maybe your mother-in-law, your mileage might vary - proceed with caution.)

These Finger And Toe Ice Packs Hit The Spot

Ok, yes, these finger and toe ice packs could be considered extremely extra, but if you've ever sprained or jammed a digit, you know how painful it is! These very specific ice packs soothe the soreness with targeted cold therapy, who cares if they look ridiculous - you'll feel better faster, naysayers be damned!

This Bronze Diffuser Is A Worthy Upgrade

Every home probably owns a plastic version of this bronze cool-mist humidifier and essential oil diffuser but this one's an incredibly fashionable update. It blends so much better with home decor and still lights up in 7 LED colors and humidifies your home with delicious scent. I know which one looks cuter on my bedside table!

This Water Balloon Launcher Ups Your BBQ Game

Want a surefire way to increase the odds of a successful backyard kid's party or friendly neighborhood BBQ? This water balloon launcher is the answer for epic water balloon fights, and it's easy enough for kids to use. It can launch up to 300 yards and it comes with hundreds of water balloons so the games can begin immediately!

This T-Rex Tee For Kids-At-Heart

The premise of this T-Rex t-shirt is incredibly fun - as soon as someone reads "Ask me about my T-rex", you flip the bottom over your head and reveal a rawrsome dino mask! You'll be the hit of the school field trip or family gathering with this painfully fierce and funny tee.

This Knight Egg Cup Wakes You Up On The Sunny Side

Waking up is hard to do, but this squee-worthy knight egg cup makes it a little less painful. I wish I was as royally cute as this guy when I roll out of bed, but at least someone can look amazing sitting at the breakfast table. If you're interested in adorable off-label uses, one reviewer claims this doubles as a hamster costume!

These Wine Tumblers Are Essentially Adult Sippy Cups

Glass wineglasses are a hazard for someone as klutzy as me, that's why this 2-pack of Vino2Go wine tumblers are perfect for poolside, pre-game or just around the house! Now I can be as cool as my kids with an amazing sippy cup that holds one of my favorite beverages. Spill-proof sangria, here I come!

This Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder For Girly Ghoulishness

Why choose a boring regular jewelry box when you could have this skeleton hand jewelry holder? The design's actually genius since the fingers are perfect for holding rings and draping necklaces over, grooves in the palm hold earrings, and the wrist is perfect for bracelets, natch. I've been bingeing The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix and this matches the spooky Spellman vibe so well!

This Shark Pool Float Is A Scream!

Turns out it's not safe to go back in the water! This oversized float will be loved by pool sharks everywhere for his hilarious design and added bonus - sun protection thanks to the shady spot the open mouth creates! Charmingly named "Nibbles", this big guy measures four feet tall and holds up to 200 lbs. Use him as a float, tent, hammock and for sneaky shark attacks!

This Hilarious Squirrel Feeder Is Instant Entertainment

Sure, watching birds is fun, but what's even more fun is watching a furry friend sit at tiny picnic table squirrel feeder and nom an ear of corn! Simply install the feeder in the squirrels' favorite tree, stock it with food, then sit back and watch the action. It might even pull your kids away from their screens for a few minutes!

This Holographic Nail Polish Is Low-Key Lady Gaga

I like a little bit of sparkle on my person, but not as much as a full-blown rhinestone-encrusted manicure. This holographic nail polish is the perfect happy medium between bare nails and acrylic claws. It's so opaque that you don't need a basecoat, dries fast and lasts forever AND it's vegan. Over 700 reviews can't be wrong!

This Book Bone Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Reading a book in bed is one of life's little pleasures, but it can be hard to balance a large book and hold it flat, especially if you're the first one to crack it open! This book bone does the hard work for you, it's a weighted rubber bookmark that holds the book open so you can turn the pages with one hand. It's especially useful for seniors or those with wrist injuries, and doubles as a jar opener!

This Banana Pet Bed Is Alarmingly Cute

Little pet beds are cute anyway, but this banana cat bed takes the cake. And it's not just for little animals! It comes in sizes from small to extra large to fit any size furry friend with room to spare. Puppies like it too, but cats especially love the cozy cover made from the "banana peel".

These Butterfly Gel Eye Masks For Glam Self-Care

We all know freezable eye masks work icy wonders for de-puffing the eye area, but I've never seen any like this pretty butterfly set of two! Use the blue one for underye bags and the pink one if your whole eye area needs relief from allergies, sunburn or sinus headaches. Reviewers feel extra fancy thanks to the sparkles in the eye masks' gel!

This Weiners Gone Wild Book Is SFW

Lest you judge a book by its title, this Weiners Gone Wild cookbook is actually family-friendly (unlike that one time Vegas tried to rebrand itself!) Hot dogs are among the handful of foods my kids will reliably eat, so I'm always looking for ways to expand their palates. This cookbook includes intriguing recipes like "Apple Pie Dog", "Bark Bourguignon" and "General Tso's Weiner" - it gets rave reviews so I'm excited to try!

This Baguette Wrist Rest For Carboholics

For me, carbs = life so this baguette wrist rest is apropos. The soft and squishy design will keep your wrists in the correct typing position so you avoid repetitive use injury, joint and wrist problems. There's a non-skid backing to keep it in place and it's washable in case you like to enjoy delicious sandwiches at your desk like me.

These Bike Nuts Crack Me Up

The eco-friendly version of Truck Nuts, these creative bike taillights are not only waterproof LED lights but also shaped like testicles that hang from your bike seat! This tongue-in-cheek bike accessory is sure to get you noticed but also keep you safe since they'll highly increase your visibility in traffic. Choose from an array of LED colors (including blue, of course) and mount these lights anywhere, even on your backpack!

These Creepy Doll Head Stickers To Freak Out Your Friends

This product picture of creepy doll head stickers raises many more questions than it answers, but I still want 'em. Just think how freaked out your friends will be if you secretly place random floating doll's heads on their laptop or mirrors around their house? You'll either get a laugh or a punch in the nose depending on how deeply they were scarred by retro B-movies where dolls came alive to do evil, stick carefully.

This Men's Romper Leaves Me Speechless

Words can't describe how fascinated I am with this men's romper that features a sloth riding a laser-eyed T-Rex. Not into sloths? That's cool, it also comes in 28 other patterns like a cowboy cat riding a rainbow-puking shark, a pineapple wearing sunglasses and a patriotic version that has to be seen to be believed. Wonders never cease.

These Sparkly Sneakers Totally Make The Outfit

I like to be comfortable but still a little fancy, and these sparkly sneakers with over 900 reviews fit the bill perfectly! They come in 24 sparkly colors and a leopard and camo print to round out the line. My faves are the iridescent rose gold and mermaid-worthy teal green.

These Dish Drying Gloves Make Chores Less Painful

Doing dishes is right up there with cleaning toilets as my least favorite household chore. Good thing these microfiber dish drying gloves make at least that part of the job much faster and easier. They absorb up to four times their weight in water, so you can also use them for drying off patio furniture or the swingset after a rainstorm. And they're machine washable for easy cleanup!