The 37 Products I Recommend To Everyone I Know

I love a good Amazon recommendation! A couple of weeks ago, I asked my Facebook friends to share their best finds from the online megastore and what I received was eye-opening. One friend ordered a heat lamp for a bearded dragon. Another bought 48 rolls of athletic tape for his daughter's volleyball team. I got all kinds of other random stuff, too: An entire box of Trident chewing gum, reusable shopping bags, sippy cups, water flossers, smart bulbs, even a bullhorn (I kid you not).

If there's one thing we humans seem to have in common, it's finding useful products and then sharing them with our friends and family. So, consider yourself family here ... or at the very least a friend. I've drummed up three dozen — 37, to be exact — Amazon finds that I think are worthy of sharing with others. From a mini-projector to that "good ice," take a look at these recommendations from yours truly.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Snuggly Down Jacket Is Perfect For Cold Weather

via: Amazon

I live in Florida so the term "cold" is subjective here. For me, it usually means it's dropped below 70 and I've pulled out the microwaveable slippers, electric blanket, and tea kettle. I just don't do "cold" like I used to. But, make no mistake, I've lived in cold-weather climates where a warm jacket is a must. This thickened down jacket fits the bill. Available in colors from neutral to you-can-see-me-a-block-away, it has a fleece-lined hood and plenty of pockets for, say, gloves.

Keep Your Food Fresh With Seal-And-Pour Bag Clips

via: Amazon

Do you live in a house with someone who can never quite get the bag resealed to your standards? Then, when you go to grab a chip/nut/cookie, things are less than fresh? I understand your struggle. This seal-and-pour bag clip was made for people like us. Attach to a plastic or paper bag and the innovative design keeps food fresh while keeping air out. My favorite part is the handy pour spout that makes serving and resealing a snap.

These Bargain In-Ear Headphones Compete With Higher-End Brands

via: Amazon / sbradley

Ordinarily, I would recommend the Apple AirPods Pro, but not everyone loves a recommendation that comes with a $200 price tag. These in-ear headphones are a recommendation for my frugal friends, at less than $40 a pop. No, they don't bear the coveted Apple name, but they do boast more than 53,000 Amazon reviews, which is a sizable focus group. They do have one thing Apple doesn't: Variety. There are six colors to choose from including a champagne shade that looks just as rich as a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

Make Movie Night At Home With A Mini-Projector

via: Amazon

Pre-2020, I loved going to the movies and went several times a month. But now my movie theater trips have all but stopped, for obvious reasons. That doesn't mean I can't still enjoy movie night at home complete with this mini-projector. At just seven-inches-by-five-inches, you can transport this thing anywhere and still get a theater-quality viewing experience. Pair this purchase with an at-home popcorn machine and you're set for a great evening.

Your Cat Can Nap And Play In This Combo Play Tunnel/Bed

via: Amazon

The only thing I love more than cats is messing with cats' minds. This combination play tunnel-cat bed is definitely good for keeping a cat's mind young while doubling as a relaxing spot for a nap. Zip it together for a cozy cat bed or unzip it for play, complete with a hanging toy for them to swat at. It's feline fun you need right meow.

This Ring Video Doorbell That Keeps An Eye Out

via: Amazon

I'll admit it: I'm nosey. I like to know what's going on in my neighborhood, and if someone is approaching my property, I want to know who it is and for what reason. This Ring Video Doorbell is my newest obsession. It allows me to see, hear, and speak to whoever is at my front door even when I'm not home.

Don't Sleep On These Bedsheet Sets

via: Amazon

I'm kind of a snob when it comes to bed sheets. They can't be too warm or too cool, too scratchy or too soft, too slippery or too rough. With a name like Utopia, though, you know these bedsheet sets are going to be the real deal. You get one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases in a variety of hues like burgundy, navy, or aqua for beds from twin to California king — all for a reasonable price. More than 21,000 reviewers are fans. Now, if you can just figure out how to fold a fitted sheet, you'll be excelling at adulting.

This Echo Dot That Gives My Home A Futuristic Upgrade

via: Amazon

I love voice control technology. It always makes me feel like I’ve arrived in the not-too-distant future and makes everyday tasks twice as easy. This Echo Dot looks great on my counter and transports my home into the year 2050. I'm constantly telling my friends and family members to buy one.

This Ring Chime Is Totally Customizable

via: Amazon

Speaking of my obsession with my Ring camera, I've naturally insisted on collecting all of the accessories that go with it. This Ring Chime is my newest purchase, and I love all the different notification sound settings I can choose from. It’s also super easy to install and can be snoozed when you need a break from the alerts.

Sleep Your Way To Beach Waves With The Octocurl

via: Amazon

I've had a lot of girly hair and beauty products over the years. But, I've never seen anything quite like the Octocurl. Attached to a headband, you'll find lengths of microfiber strips that promise to curl your hair overnight without heat or traditional curlers. It's soft enough, in fact, to sleep in, giving you loose beach waves or tighter curls by the morning. All the beauty without any of the heat damage — I dig it!

Stop The Splatter With This Splatter Screen

via: Amazon

If you don't own a splatter screen, are you even an adult? When I purchased this, I knew I'd finally arrived. I was cooking real, grownup meals and also preventing messy grease splatters all over my stove. This splatter guard fits any 11-inch or 13-inch pan, keeping the mess inside rather than outside your pan. It's particularly useful when you're frying — chicken or fish, especially. Ya know what else is great about it? No more surprise grease pops on your skin. Can I get an "amen?"

The Littles In Your Life Will Love This Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

via: Amazon

Kids love screens, so why not give them one that can actually teach them a thing or two? This Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet includes access to over 20,000 apps, games, books, audiobooks, and educational content so they’ll never run out of ways to use it. Plus, it’s built to stand up to even the most intense play. My kiddos love theirs!

Forget Ice Cubes, Try NiceCube Mini Trays

via: Amazon

I don't have to tell you about the "good ice," do I? That's code for those glorious places that have the slushy mini-cubes that are perfect for crunching. (Except crunching ice is bad for your teeth, so pretend I didn't say that.) With these mini-ice cube trays made out of silicone, you can have the "good ice" experience at home (Sorry, Sonic). Because the cubes are so small, they freeze quickly and a two-pack means you'll always have the good ice brewing.

You Can Have Hair Of A Different Color With This Semi-Permanent Dye

via: Amazon / **fancy**pants**

My hair has been every color of the rainbow — most recently, lavender. I love this semi-permanent hair color for keeping my desired hues vibrant for up to 25 washes. Whether you want to go pink, green, or red, I think you'll be pleased with this vegan and peroxide-free option. There's even a "pastel shade adjuster" so if you'd rather have rosy pink instead of flamingo pink, you can make that happen. A great alternative to the salon, particularly if you're spending more time at home.

Add A Vintage Vibe With This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

via: Amazon

I've lived long enough to see trends that were once popular come around again: Scrunchies, stirrup pants, *cough* fanny packs. This is another retro idea I'm digging. This Bluetooth speaker is designed with a vintage vibe, but it's all the way modern under the hood. You can stream music, listen to audiobooks, make calls, and even beg the help of Alexa. It's all packed in a handheld, portable design that'll remind you of jukeboxes and simpler days.

Try This Safe and Gentle Earwax Removal System

via: Amazon / Elinor

I wouldn't be much of a friend if I didn't tackle the hard issues, right? The, shall we say, gross issues nobody wants to talk about. Well, listen up! Pun intended. Your ears are no joke; excessive earwax can make life downright unpleasant. Fix that with this doctor-recommended earwax removal aid. It's better than using cotton swabs; after all, doctors tell you not to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Except for this, so add it to your medicine cabinet stat.

Enhance Your Yoga Practice With This Meditation Cushion

via: Amazon

When I first started practicing yoga a few years back, I didn't realize all the gear that is required: Mats, straps, blocks, the list goes on. So, what difference could a meditation cushion make besides being one more thing I have to tote with me? Let me tell you, it made a huge difference. I found that I could achieve some yoga poses more easily and enjoyed meditative moments more comfortably. I highly recommend it if you're looking to give your practice a boost.

This Tiny Mic Makes Music Magic

via: Amazon / Alyssa Issler

I giggled — not laughed — giggled when I saw this itty-bitty microphone for the first time. I mean, if Barbie was going to sing karaoke, this is probably what she'd use. Nevertheless, the adage, "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it," definitely applies here. It's a tiny microphone that works with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, perfect for online chatting and voice recording. It's offered in blue, pink, silver or gold.

Shower At Just The Right Temp With A Built-In Thermometer Shower Head

via: Amazon / Rebecca

If you keep up with celebrity gossip at all, you've probably heard of some crazy celeb demands for dressing rooms and trailers, such as keeping the temperature at a very specific 74 degrees. This isn't a dressing room and you're not a celebrity, but you can live like one with this LED thermometer shower head. Outfitted in polished chrome, this shower head lets you achieve just the right temperature, which could be important ... in case Beyoncé is coming over.

These All-Black Playing Cards Are Gorgeous

via: Amazon / B. Norman

I don't play cards much, but I am routinely drawn to this sleek desk of black foil playing cards. I mean, just get a look at how fancy these are! Designed with a black background and black patterns, these cards are smooth and shiny, yet waterproof and flexible. They contain a full 52-piece set of playing cards along with two jokers. If you're going to play card games, you might as well look cool doing it.

Drive It Like It's New With This Foaming Cleanser

via: Amazon

It's a scientific fact that a clean car drives better ... and by science, I mean my own personal opinion. Regardless, you'll always find me at a car wash just before I'm headed out of town. A clean car is a happy car. This foaming citrus cleaner works on the inside of your car — cloth, carpet, and upholstery — to lift stains and remove odors.

Banish Muffin Top With This Panty Pack

via: Amazon

Hey, um, guys, you can probably skip ahead to the next item on this list, but ladies, listen up! These hipster panties from Warner have one magical quality to them: They eliminate the dreaded muffin top. Available in a pack of three, they come in a host of fun colors like flamingo pink and toasted almond. Panty delivery to your door? Doesn't get much better than that.

Protect Your Produce With FreshWorks Containers

via: Amazon

You would not believe all of the produce I have to pitch because it goes bad so quickly in my refrigerator. I'd tried everything until I stumbled across these FreshWorks produce containers. The magic is in the CrispTray insert that helps keep moisture away from your fruit and veggies to reduce spoilage. These are made by Rubbermaid so you know you're getting the good stuff.

Sticker All The Things With Your Own Sticker Making Machine

via: Amazon / Andrea Flores

Pre-teen Beth would've loved this sticker maker because pre-teen Beth's grandmother spent a small fortune on stickers at a little store called "It's A Small World." This lightweight machine applies an adhesive backing that's up to 2.5 inches wide and 1/16 inch thick on 10 feet of included permanent adhesive. It requires no heat, batteries, or electricity.

A 10-In-1 Kitchen Gadget That Scoops, Mashes, Juices and More

via: Amazon

If you've read any of my other lists of Amazon favorites, you already know that I love "all-in-one" gadgets that do multiple things well. This colorful 10-in-1 gadget functions as a serving bowl, but also doubles as an avocado scoop, citrus cutter, apple corer slicer, grater, and juicer. When not in use, everything stacks neatly together in one compact cup.

There's Something Fishy About This Interactive Cat Toy

via: Amazon

Cats are inquisitive creatures, aren't they? And, they're well known to pay particular attention to fish swimming around in a bowl. This interactive cat toy introduces swimming "fish" to your feline friends that they can play with and catch. The fish are actually tiny robots, but your little hunter or huntress will never be the wiser. Drop them in a bowl and watch them go!

Carry This Card Flashlight In Your Wallet

via: Amazon

Sometimes you just need a light, but it's not practical to carry a flashlight around with you. Or, is it? This 10-pack of wallet flashlights lets you carry light wherever you go, conveniently sized to fit in a wallet or purse. These credit card-sized lights are durable and compact, and one reviewer called them "easy to store and carry anywhere."

Blend And Go With A Portable Personal Blender

via: Amazon

I've lost track of the number of protein shakes I've consumed over the past few years. I wish I'd had this personal portable blender for the majority of them. Whether you're rushing out the door or trying to eat healthy at work, this mini-blender simplifies the process and doubles as a cup so you can not only blend on the go but drink too.

Give Them The Stars With A Glow-In-The-Dark Blanket

via: Amazon

Some people like to put glow-in-the-dark stars on their ceiling. I say, "Why not put glow-in-the-dark stars right on top of you?" Kids, especially, are sure to get a kick out of this glow-in-the-dark blanket that comes in gray and pink variations. In addition to the novelty of it, the blanket itself is a good one — plush and fuzzy and generously sized at 50-by-60. I can see this in the backseat on road trips now.

Keep Your Butter Handy With A Countertop Butter Crock

via: Amazon

Years and years ago, before refrigerators were a thing (stick with me here), women not only used to churn their own butter, but they had to find ingenious ways to store it. They probably turned to something like this countertop butter bell crock. All you have to do is add water to the base and pack the crock with your favorite butter. (You don't have to make your own butter but it would be a lot cooler if you did.) The butter bell will keep your butter fresh for two weeks with no spoilage odors or refrigeration.

Maximize Your Phone Screen With This Screen Magnifier

via: Amazon

I consider myself prodigious in the art of GIFs and pride myself in finding just the right one for each occasion. What stinks is when you're trying to share something you've found with someone in the same room as you, but you're both looking at an itty-bitty phone display. Not anymore, thanks to this 12-inch screen magnifier. Show everyone your latest GIF or meme find and, I guess, you could probably use it to share a movie or video, too.

Give Your Nails An Irisdescent Shine With This Holographic Nail Powder

via: Amazon

Have you ever been distracted by your own nails? (Yes, that's a serious question.) I definitely have and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I usually do my nails — at home — every weekend, changing the colors to align with the seasons or holidays. This holographic nail powder is guaranteed to derail my day with its shiny, mirrored finish. The description says you'll shine like an "iridescent unicorn," and if that isn't a feeling you want 100% of the time, we cannot be friends.

Zap Germs With This Pluggable Air Purifier And Sanitizer

via: Amazon

The holidays are upon us, which means we'll likely have a few more people in our houses over the coming weeks. (But, not more than six, CDC, I promise.) This germ guardian pluggable air purifier and sanitizer will eliminate odors from cooking, pets, and other stinky sources and refresh the air around you. Available in black or white, this little guy also kills germs using the power of UV-C light including airborne viruses like the flu, staph, and rhinovirus. Come to think of it, I might need one of these in every room.

Personalize Your Coffee's Temperature With An Ember Smart Mug

via: Amazon

My dad is impossible to buy gifts for. That's due to 1. He has everything he wants and 2. He doesn't want much. I surprised him a couple of holidays ago with an Ember smart mug and he adores it. Through an app, he can control the temperature of his coffee down to the precise degree of his preference. I bought him the tumbler size, but this mug is made from gorgeous stainless steel that might make a nice addition to his collection.

Try On These Build-Your-Own Yoga Pants

via: Amazon / Amanda Morris

The only way they could make yoga pants better would be to let you build your own with your personalized preferences. Oh wait, that's exactly what this is! These build-your-own yoga pants let you mix and match your preferred size, waistband, and style to arrive at your perfect pair. If you've ever had to adjust your pants mid-sun salutation, you know what I mean. No more pulling and tugging with a pair that is designed by you, to fit you.

Stack Your Silverware In These Angled Storage Trays

via: Amazon

Raise your hand if you need more drawer space? That's you and me and literally just about everyone else on the planet. One way you can increase your space is by thinking outside the box with your cutlery storage. This organizer tray is designed to let your cutlery sort of stack on top of one another in five angled compartments. After you organize the 24 pieces it holds, you'll have more room for activities in that drawer ... like, say, those new knives you've been eyeing, perhaps?

Save Time And Money With Reusable Wool Dryer Balls

via: Amazon

I finally bit the bullet and bought my very own set of wool dryer balls and I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed. Not only do they help my clothes dry more quickly (which saves me money), they are chemical-free and reduce wrinkles at the end of the dry cycle. This no-nonsense set includes six extra-large wool balls good for hundreds of wash-and-dry sequences.

A Skin Tag Remover You Can Use At Home

via: Amazon

Hi, it's me again, back with another installment in "Gross Things Other People Won't Talk To You About." Today's topic: Skin tags. I know, I know, but hear me out. You can take care of these things at home with a tool like the TagBand tag remover device. (I looked through the customer photos and I know that it works.) This kinda scary looking contraption works by eliminating the blood supply feeding skin tags on the face and neck ... or wherever. Nearly 10,000 reviewers have given it their official seal of approval.

Carry Your Personal Candy Dispenser Everywhere

via: Amazon

Nothing says "keep your hands off my snacks," like your very own personal candy dispenser. Great to use at home or on the go, this snack system lets you shake out your treats instead of digging your hands into a communal treat bowl. The air-tight system also means your nuts or candy will stay fresh while convenient to your snacking ways. When it needs to be cleaned, throw it in the dishwasher and then (quickly) refill it and snack on.

Unclog Your Drains With These Drain Snake Tools

via: Amazon

This is one of those things you don't realize you need until you really need it, so it's best to have on hand for just those moments. This is a three-pack of drain snake tools to help unclog your bathroom, kitchen, and utility sinks as well as bathtubs and showers. Available in two lengths, grab a set of these plastic augers to tuck in your tool bag for that dreaded moment you hear those words, "Hey, I think the sink is clogged!"

Look Effortlessly Chic (And Warm) In This Cozy Cable Knit Cap

via: Amazon / Ashley G

I'm bookending this list with a cozy cable knit beanie that would go great with that down jacket we talked about wayyyyy up there. (Keep scrolling up!) This fleece-lined skull cup (or toboggan as it's called in my part of the country) has an adorable puffy faux fur pom on the top and a thick cable knit pattern to keep your head and ears warm all winter. Black will go with everything, but there are so many color choices that Amazon had to use a dropdown menu to house them all.