37 Products for Every Room in Your Home

If you're anything like me, you love the fun and convenience of online shopping, especially on Amazon. My challenge today is to find products for every room in the house: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, closet...even the front porch! There's a range of cool items here, from practical to whimsical, beautiful to just plain weird.

One of the most useful items here is this hidden doorstop, which uses a magnet to hold a swinging door in place. For beauty and function, try this spiral fruit basket, and this color changing backlight is a can't-miss. Read on for more ideas, and be sure you click on my favorite: this bathtub wine glass holder.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Wine Rack Is Surprisingly Affordable

via: Amazon

For an elegant and practical way to store wine, this wine rack is a great choice for the kitchen or dining room. It holds up to 20 bottles and has a smooth, espresso brown finish. One reviewer says, "I'm giving it 5 stars because for the price you get a sturdy, nice wine rack."

This Alexa Smart Plug Lets You Voice-Command Everything

via: Amazon

If you have an Alexa, you'll want a dozen of these smart plugs to add voice control to any outlet. You'll be able to control lights, fans, and appliances on command without getting up.

This Bathtub Glass Holder Puts Your Wine Where You Need It

via: Amazon

Make your next bubble bath even better by taking your glass of wine in with you. This bathtub glass holder suction-cups to the side of your tub or tile so your favorite drink will be within easy reach.

This Beer Cap Map Displays 70 Bottle Caps

via: Amazon

If you've been saving beer caps and don't know what to do with them, have I got the product for you! This birch wood map of the U.S. has pre-cut holes perfectly sized for beer bottle caps, so you can finally display your collection.

This Book Safe Hides Your Valuables in Plain Sight

via: Amazon

I once read a tip to hide jewelry and other valuables inside a cereal box. That's a great idea...unless you forget and throw away the cereal box. Yikes! Instead, get a book safe that camouflages among your other books. Now, that's smart!

This Brownie Bites Silicone Mold Makes Bite-Size Treats

via: Amazon

Bake a better brownie with this brownie bites pan. Perfect for portion control and customization, this silicone mold has 24 compartments, each about 1.5 inches square.

This Bud Vase Is Just So Pretty

via: Amazon

I love fresh flowers, but it's hard to arrange them nicely in a huge vase. That's why I love this elegant, low-profile bud vase. It comes in three sizes and is a no-brainer--just insert flower stems into the holes!

These Cable Protectors Keep Cords From Fraying

via: Amazon

If you're like me, you have charging cables all over the freaking house. Use these spiral cable protectors near the ends of cords (or any spot where the cord bends a lot) to prevent frays and breaks. Your cables will last a lot longer!

This Charging Dock Gives Your Devices a Tidy Home

via: Amazon / Fig Newton

Where do you charge your phones/tablets/laptops/games? Whether it's your desk, bedside, or entryway, this charging dock is an easy way to tidy the spot and keep your screens safe and sound.

These Salt and Pepper Flasks Add Nerdy Fun to Your Kitchen

via: Amazon

Excuse me. *Pushes glasses up bridge of nose.* These are not the correct chemical names; in fact, pepper is not on the periodic table at all. However.... *Examines flasks closely.* They are still quite amusing. Yes, I shall purchase.

This Air Purifying Bag Is Needed in Your Closet, Stat!

via: Amazon

You didn't think I'd forget the closet, did you? This humble space holds your stinky sneakers, your wore-them-three-times-already jeans, and your dry-cleaning-is-expensive-maybe-nobody-will-notice-that-stain party clothes. Get an all-natural air purifying bag to freshen up!

This Color Changing TV Backlight Improves Image Clarity (And Looks Cool)

via: Amazon / Lynda/ Star

One of my favorite new products! This color changing backlight surrounds your screen in a soft glow that reduces eye fatigue and enhances image clarity. It's also a fun way to enhance mood (*ahem* try red or pink to Netflix and chill).

This Couch Coaster Puts Your Drink Where You Need It

via: Amazon

Leaning over to pick up a glass from a coffee table is SO overrated. Instead, keep your favorite beverage close at hand (and safe from spills) with this genius couch coaster.

This Exercise Ball Chair Lets You Get Fit While You Sit

via: Amazon

More affordable than an office chair, this exercise ball chair works in your home office or living room. Sitting on the ball encourages good posture and repeated muscular adjustments that keep your core engaged and joints flexible.

This Whip Maker Turns Any Facial Cleanser Into Fluffy Foam

This fun little gadget turns a few drops of your facial cleanser into light, marshmallowy foam. The resulting bubbly foam feels wonderful on your skin and makes pricey cleansers last a lot longer.

This Fish Hotel Is So Stylish

via: Amazon

This little Fish Hotel says goodbye to the old-fashioned round fishbowl in favor of a modern, stylish design. The cold-water bowl will be a perfect home for a happy betta or goldfish.

This Hairdryer Stand Makes Your Bathroom as Organized as a Salon

via: Amazon

Organize your hair tools like a pro with this hairdryer stand with outlets. It's designed to hold your hair dryer and several curling irons or other appliances, with outlet space to keep them all plugged up.

This Doormat That Says Hello

via: Amazon

Greet visitors with this friendly doormat made of natural coir fiber. Sure, it does a doormat's job of trapping dirt and water--but it's also the most cheerful mat I found on Amazon!

This Hidden Door Stop Is So Very Sleek

Get rid of ugly, clunky doorstops and get this genius hidden doorstop that uses a magnet to hold your door right where you need it. It's easy to install on practically any floor surface, including wood, tile, carpet, concrete, and laminate.

This KlipScoop Makes Pet Food Easier to Manage

via: Amazon

I love a nifty gadget that's two tools in one. That's the idea behind the KlipScoop! Use it to scoop pet food, then clip shut the bag.

This Lap Desk Lets You Work Anywhere

via: Amazon

No desk? No problem! This lap desk holds your laptop comfortably on your lap, protecting you from heat and helping keep the screen and keyboard at the most comfortable angle.

This Mickey Waffle Maker Makes Breakfast So Happy

via: Amazon

What could be more cheerful than Mickey Mouse in the morning? Use this too-cute waffle maker to make Mickey-shaped waffles whenever you need a dose of Disney magic.

This Microwave Bacon Tray Is the Easiest Way to Cook Bacon

via: Amazon

So much more effective than a regular plate! This microwave tray is designed with slanted ridges to hold the bacon up and let the grease drain as it cooks. Turns out delicious bacon in just a few minutes!

These Mini Oven Mitts Protect Your Fingers

via: Amazon / Carlo Cascianelli

Bulky oven mitts aren't quite right for every job in the kitchen. Sometimes, you need these mini oven mitts to protect your pinching fingers, but still allow control. Use them to pick up small (hot!) items, squeeze baked potato out of the skin, and other precision jobs.

This Motion Activated Bed Light Puts Safety First

via: Amazon

Perfect for kids, elders, or anyone who needs a little extra light, this motion activated bed light is a smart solution for safety. The LED strip can be easily installed under the bed or other spots where you might need a little light, and the motion sensor is adjustable from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

These Stick-Anywhere Lights Illuminate All Your Dark Corners

via: Amazon

Perfect for closets, cabinets, hallways, and anywhere else you need a little extra light! These motion sensing LED lights run on three AAA batteries (not included) and stick to just about any surface with the included 3M adhesive tabs.

This Sign Will Make Your Family Laugh

via: Amazon

Affordable (and conveniently designed for either indoor or outdoor use), this sign is the perfect piece of decor for every imperfect family.

This Pan Organizer Makes Your Kitchen More Functional

via: Amazon

Wouldn't you like to see your pans stacked up this neatly every time you open that cabinet? Get this pan organizer, and that dream can come true! Also works with pot lids.

This Pig Vacuum Eats Up Crumbs

via: Amazon

Do we need a tiny vacuum that looks like a sweet pig with curly eyelashes? Perhaps not. But do we want one? Um, yeah!

This Remote Control Organizer Looks Like a Million Bucks

via: Amazon

Tidy that heap of remote controls (and assorted odds and ends) into this stylish, functional organizer that looks fabulous with any decor. Comes in a bunch of different colors and styles. All of them with five compartments and a swivel base.

This Foot Scrubber Turns Your Shower Into a Spa

via: Amazon

Relax and get your feet squeaky clean with this foot scrubber. Slap it onto the floor of your shower, add a little soap, then rub your feet on the massaging silicone bristles.

This Spiral Fruit Basket Is Like Modern Art

via: Amazon

This stainless steel spiral fruit basket might be the most stylish, artistic way to store and display fresh fruit! Looks stunning on a kitchen counter or as a minimal centerpiece.

These Stackable Jewelry Trays Organize a Big Jewelry Collection

via: Amazon

I don't like a lot of clutter, so I keep my jewelry inside a drawer, organized into these stackable jewelry trays. Lined in velvet, the trays are safe for jewelry and have a variety of compartments to fit a wide range of pieces.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Wakes You With Gradually Brightening Light

via: Amazon

A gentler transition from sleep to wakefulness makes for a more mindful, peaceful day. Instead of waking all at once to a blaring alarm, the sunrise alarm clock gradually brightens from dark red to bright yellow before the audible alarm sounds.

This Ticket Shadow Box Stores Memories

via: Amazon

Equally amazing as a gift or decor for your own home, this ticket shadow box is the perfect touch for anyone who likes to travel, see shows, or enjoy new experiences. One reviewer says, "I had tickets and other memories since I met my husband, years ago, and now I have a place to keep them all and show them!"

This Foot Warmer Fits Under Your Desk

via: Amazon

Perfect for chilly home offices, this ergonomic heated foot rest keeps your feet in warm, elevated comfort while you work. Five-star reviewers call it "dreamy" and "absolutely great."