The only thing I love more than shopping on Amazon is window shopping on Amazon. I know what you're thinking, "Window shopping on Amazon is impossible." Au contraire! I've made a sport of it in my household. I thought, why not turn my window-shopping sideline / hobby into a list of some of the coolest new things I discovered so that you can check them out? These are the things I feel are totally genius — everything from gorgeous glass hummingbird wind chimes to baby miniature toothbrushes (didn't even know such a thing existed) to a set of cute decorative art deco style wall mirrors. Be the first of your friends to try out some of these new gadgets. You can even claim them as your own finds with your friends and family. I don't mind, I won't tell a soul.

Make the Best S'mores of Your Life With These Campfire Skewers

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What would a summer be without s'mores around the campfire? These campfire skewers help you get the perfect golden toast on your marshmallows (or hot dogs), so you can enjoy all of your favorite campfire foods with very little effort.

These Stacking Rings are a Huge Hit With Little Ones

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Just like the stacking cups, these stacking rings are an instant classic that babies and toddlers can't get enough of! The colorful rings have all different textures to keep it interesting, and they're safe in case babies want to mouth them (along with everything else they can grab!) These rings have nearly 23,000 stellar reviews for being great helpers for developing motor skills.

This Car Vacuum Will Tidy Up Your Life

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My backseat's an unholy mess of strewn snacks, pet fur, and trash, but I never seem to remember to drag my entire big vacuum to the garage to clean it out. Now I keep this car vacuum in the trunk so I can clean up anytime! My floors and seats have never been tidier.

This Solar-Powered Windchime Changes Colors

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How pretty is this solar-powered hummingbird wind chime that changes colors once the sun goes down? It gets great reviews for being bright, colorful, and very durable because it's plastic instead of glass. Just hang it in a sunny spot during the day and watch the show come nightfall!

This Handy Power Strip Has 18 (!) Outlets

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Harness all the power with this 18-outlet mega power strip. "This seems to be a great power block, lots of connection points. The middle row of plug points is tight and a little harder to push a plug into. But a bit of wiggling and they're in...which means they won't come out unexpectedly....good. I'm using this on an audio/tv set-up. I like that it has an on/off switch and "power on" light. I recommend it." - Packrat

No Pills, No Problem With This Liquid Multivitamin

I've never had an issue swallowing pills but I know a lot of people who do. Don't skimp on essential vitamins and minerals because you struggle with choking down those horse pills. You can still get the supplements you need in a tangy liquid format with MaryRuth's liquid morning multivitamin. Choose from raspberry, strawberry, or "fruit" flavorings to benefit your overall health and give you an immunity boost.

Relax and Rejuvenate with this Super-Comfy Bathtub Pillow

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I'm always on the lookout for a way to make bath time even more relaxing. A glass of wine. Candles. Some soft tunes. But I've now found the most important element. SAWAKE'S bath pillow is made of unique 3D mesh and seamlessly contours to your head and neck while soaking in the tub. Sit back, relax, and rejuvenate your aches and sore muscles with this one-of-a-kind bath pillow that is a steal for the price!

Make Movie Night Feel Like a Cinema With This Home Projector

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​There's just something about watching a show or movie outside that makes it more fun than doing it indoors. Just think: Wouldn't the kids love to watch their favorite characters while hanging out in the swimming pool? This mini-projector will do the trick. Once priced at several hundred dollars, mini-projectors like this one have dropped to being supremely affordable, making you the coolest parent on the block.

These Ice Packs Keep Your Food Cold Without Being Too Bulky

I've never quite understood why ice packs needed to be so bulky. I know you want them to be thick enough to keep items cold for long periods of time, but with all of the technology out there, there surely had to be thinner options. So it was a pleasant surprise to come across these ice packs while making this list. They freeze quickly and help food and drinks stay cold for up to 4 hours.

This Baby Toothbrush is Safe and Effective

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Within the first six months, the baby's going to be sporting some new pearly whites so it's a good idea to start brushing early so they get used to the process. This baby toothbrush is super safe to use, and easy for them to grip. And it has bristles on the top and bottom to make brushing even faster!

This Fridababy Windi Helps Colic Immensely

Is this Fridababy Windi a little undignified? Yes, but does it work when you're at your wit's end with non-stop colic screaming? Also a resounding yes. It simply and effectively helps baby pass gas that's causing discomfort and hours of hysterics.

These Shorts Have Become A Cult Classic In My Wardrobe

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Confession time: I've worn these shorts three times this week. Oh and I may or may not have just ordered more colors off Amazon - whoops. These biker shorts are so cute styled with an oversized sweatshirt for your next grocery run or with a sports bra for your next yoga sesh. The countless 5-star reviews don't lie - everyone agrees these are incredible.

This Growth Supplement Works On Any Kind of House Plant

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Not all supplements work for all plants — except for this versatile one. Throw it into herbs, flowers, or even bushes if they need a boost. And believe it or not? It's so potent that it'll even work on dead pee spots in your yard. It's that powerful!

This Hooked On This Car Accessory is So Handy

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Sure, backseats are useful and trunk space is great, but sometimes you need just a few more (organized) spots in which to stash stuff. These car seat headrest hooks take up very little room but give you added space for your purse, a coat, or additional bags from the store. No tools are required for these hooks, which slide easily on your car's existing headrest rails once the headrest is popped off.

The Uplifting Daily Affirmations You Need

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When you're in a rut and need a little energy boost, look no further. These water bottles will give you all the motivation you need while keeping you hydrated throughout the day. Soon, you'll be crossing off all your fitness and health goals and everyone will be asking you how you did it. We know you've got this.

Bringing the Laundromat to You

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Have you ever been on vacation, and you needed to wash a top (or a pair of pants, or underwear, or whatever), and had no idea where the nearest laundromat was? Same. I got this little wash bag for my last vacation, and it was so worth it. I can wash whatever I bring with me, so I can even back lighter … but I probably still won't.

This Shampoo Rinsing Cup Makes Bathtime Better

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In general, kids love bathtime - except for the shampoo rinsing part. This hair rinsing cup was key in helping my kids enjoy all aspects of bathtime since it prevented water from getting in their faces, which they hated for some reason. And at 6, my youngest is still using it to rinse her own hair in the bath!

These Pet Nail Trimmers Do a Great Job

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We got these pet nail clippers for our puppy since we didn't want to spend money on a groomer every time she needed her nails cut, and we've been so pleased with the results. They work for cats or dogs and have a built-in guard so you don't cut the nail too short, which can be painful. Compared to the cost of the groomer, these are well worth the eleven bucks!

All Oiled Up With This Pourer

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I know that you could use your olive oil in the bottle it was in when you purchased it, but why would you? This glass olive oil dispenser is both elegant and functional and just looks better sitting out on your kitchen counters. The non-drip design and clear bottle markings make both dispensing and refilling a breeze. It also comes with additional accessories like a funnel for refills and two different spout caps.

These Liquid Ant Baits are Amazingly Effective

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Last summer, I had a major ant problem and tried a bunch of products before finding these Liquid Ant Baits. They were easy, clean, and worked the best by far! I'm not the only satisfied customer; they've earned over 40,000 positive ratings on Amazon. Your garden should be bursting with life, but not the life of a bunch of ants. Stop these guys in their tracks before they reach the screen door!

This Tool Yanks Out Weeds From The Root-Up

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Pulling out weeds from the stem isn't enough — you've gotta yank the roots out too if you don't want them to grow back. Not only does this tool make it easy to dig down into the dirt, but the patented blade is designed to pierce deep into any type of ground, including clay. Plus, it's made from die-cast aluminum that's rustproof, and stronger than steel.

Tame the Junk in Your Trunk

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I finally broke down and got a storage unit here at my complex, which means I got all the beach gear that was normally in my trunk out and, can I just tell you, there's so much room for activities! The first thing I invested in after I got the junk out of my trunk was a cargo organizer like this one. Now I have plenty of space and the stuff I do need is sorted and organized.

This No-Contact Infrared Thermometer is Genius

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If you've ever tried to take a baby's or small child's temperature, you know what a daunting task that can be. This no-contact infrared forehead thermometer makes it so easy to get an accurate, fast reading. Simply point at the baby's head and in one second you get your reading - and it can store up to 50 temperatures so you can continuously track in case of fever so you can report to the pediatrician.

Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

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When a review starts with, "Worth every penny," you know it's going to be good, especially if it's still a bargain like these gold mirrors (a three-pack) for less than 15 bucks. Put them in your entryway, over a desk, or on the wall in your bathroom for an instant upgrade to your space. If gold isn't your metal of choice, they also come in silver and white.

These Water 'Balloons' Come in Three Colors

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If you're looking for a water balloon alternative that won't leave your yard littered with rubber, try out these balls. They're highly absorbent, giving people the same SPLASH whenever they get hit with one. The best part? With three colors in each order, you can easily split into three teams to take on your friends.

This Bacon Grease Container is Something You Didn't Know you Needed

Feeling Keto-curious? This cooking oil container comes with a curved comfortable handle, well suited to your hand and less prone to getting hot. This pot is perfect for bacon grease and oil storage for regular, keto, or paleo diets. Stores up to 5 cups of yummy fats! Say goodbye to cooking sprays or other chemically processed oils and keep what nature gave you.

Get Some Extra Pup Protection for Your Ride

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If you travel with your dog more than you travel without him, you need to invest in one of these waterproof pet seat covers. This one provides a barrier to mud, dirt, and fur by extending to cover your backseat. The included buckles and anchors prevent the cover from sliding around, and the flaps on each side preventing scratching when your pup jumps into the car. There's also a storage pocket for pet toys.

Clean Tough Baked-On Spills With This Oven & Grill Cleaner

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Looking for something to clean up your grill or oven? I know that mine is covered in burnt food that dropped while cooking. This oven & grill cleaner wipes the gunk off immediately–but beware, it's strong. You're going to want a mask and gloves for this one. But once you see how well it works, you'll understand why.

This Sleek TV Stand Elevates Your Screen

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It's expensive to wall-mount your TV screen, so if you want to save some dough, check out this TV stand that is so easy to install on your existing TV. It's height-adjustable, slim yet sturdy enough for even a 70 inch TV or 88 lbs, and installs in minutes. It even fits curved monitors, which reviewers love along with the quality and affordable price.

Steel Yourself For This One

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Love stainless steel appliances but hate fingerprints and splatters on said stainless steel appliances. It's a true love-hate relationship here. Thankfully, Weiman's stainless steel cleaner and polish work wonders. I especially love the wipes for convenience and always have a tub of them under my kitchen sink. If only I could keep people from touching the appliances at all. That won't work, will it?

This Creme Eyeshadow is Effortless One Step Application

I don't like to fuss around with eye makeup when I'm late getting out the door, so I swipe on this Revlon Colorstay creme eyeshadow and go. It has sheer, buildable coverage, comes in a bunch of colors, and is so easy to use. No smudging or fading throughout the day, either!

This Set of Terracotta Spikes Keep House Plants Hydrated

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Going away on vacation? Don't let your house plants die while you're away — use these spikes to keep them damp and hydrated. Simply insert as large or small as a bottle as you like, and the water will gradually absorb into the soil over time. You can also use them outdoors, and they're so sturdy that they can even support a full-sized wine bottle.

These Cold Therapy Packs Give a Dose of Cute Comfort

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When my kids were little, I always kept a stack of these cute ice therapy packs in the freezer for everything from fevers, to toothaches to bumps and bruises. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief.

This Container Warms Up Your Wet Wipes

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Wet wipes do a better job when it comes to cleaning up in the bathroom, so why not grab this wet wipe heater? It's large enough for about 100 wipes, and the automatic shut-off kicks in after about 10 minutes. Or, if you're totally against wet wipes, just buy one for your baby — they'll appreciate the warmth.

This Meal Prep Lunch Bag Lets You Tote It All

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If you're on the meal prep train, you're going to want to bring all your stuff at once so you don't have to remember to pack a lunch every day. This jumbo-sized lunch bag lets you tote three food containers plus a bunch of snacks or drinks! It's great for those working shifts or who just like to keep their meals in order while on the go.

Let's Hear It For Heat Relief

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I'm just like my grandmother in that I enjoy a good heating pad. There's nothing like a little heat therapy at the end of a long day to just make you feel better. This extra-large heating pad from Mighty Bliss is a fan favorite with reviews raving about how comfortable it is, how thick it is and how machine washable it is. Sounds like three-for-three to me.

These Faux Leather Leggings are an Influencer's Go-To Pant

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Who would want real leather pants when these faux leather leggings are so much more comfortable, flattering and affordable? Influencers love these leggings because they can be dressed up with heels or down with sneakers and a loose sweater. I was inspired to buy these after seeing my favorite influencer wearing them and now all my girlfriends ask me where I found them!