37 Genius Inventions That Solve Annoying Problems

Grown-lady life is hard, y'all, and we all need a boost every now and again. While it's nice to get by with a little help from your friends, these insanely useful products I found on Amazon will solve your daily problems with one hand tied behind their backs.

You might have 37 adulting problems but finding leggings with pockets that'll hold a large bottle of champagne won't be one. Neither will keeping kids entertained during a power outage or looking cool in stylish rainboots!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Problem: My Gym Blasts The AC Year Round
Solution: This Breathable Long Sleeve Workout Tee

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I just joined a gym to shake off the winter sluggishness, and the temperature inside is about the same as a walk-in freezer! I've been wearing oversized sweatshirts to work out lately but they get really sweaty and don't breathe well at all. This long sleeve workout tee is the perfect alternative: it's just as comfy cozy as a sweatshirt but has mesh inserts for breathability, a more flattering drape and THUMBHOLES.

Problem: My Decor Needs A Spring Refresh
Solution: These Insanely Affordable Throw Pillow Covers

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My living room throw pillows are showing their age from being in constant rotation in the kids' forts and floor play. I don't want to buy all new pillows, so this set of two velvet throw pillow covers is perfect for a quick refresh. Even better: the price and the tons of color choices!

Problem: My Kids Are Trashing The Rugs
Solution: This Extra-Strength Carpet Cleaner

via: Amazon / Ashley T.

No matter how many times I say "No food in the living room!", I still find orange faux-cheese stains and juice spills on the rug every week. The mom who took the pics above feels my pain - that's not a crime scene, her kids just spilled an entire bottle of ketchup on her beige carpet. This carpet spot remover is going to be my new BFF; it has over TWO THOUSAND five star reviews so looks like the secret's out!

Problem: My Desk Lunch Container Is Stained & Sad
Solution: This Grownup Bento Box

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I'm always envious of my kids' cute food containers when I'm fixing school lunch, so I was stoked to find this grownup bento box! This lunchbox has five compartments to keep different foods separated, and it's leak-proof so your work bag won't smell like leftovers. It's available in three colors and comes with an insulated lunch bag to keep your eats at just the right temp for up to four hours!

Problem: My Husband's Right About My Shoe "Problem"
Solution: These Shoe Storage Space Savers

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Shoes are a lot more fun to try on than jeans or bathing suits and it's easy to justify purchasing since you can never have too many pairs! In my eyes, the only problem is running out of storage space, which these Space-Saving Shoe Slotz Storage Units can help with.  This pack of ten lets you stack your shoes in a way that conserves space and keeps your collection tidy. It works for flats, heels and short boots to double your storage space!

Problem: My Junk Drawer Is A Flaming Hot Mess
Solution: These Interlocking Drawer Organizers

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The junk drawer started out as a tidy little place to hold stray elastics, stamps and what have you, now it's a full-blown dumpster fire in the making. I need help and fast, and these interlocking drawer organizers are the answer. You can customize the layout to your storage needs and there's a place for all the things.

Problem: My Kid's Still Too Short To Hang Up Her Clothes Solution: This Double Closet Rod

via: Amazon / Luvshping

My 4-year-old is a blossoming clotheshorse, but shawty can't reach the closet rod so all the frilly dresses she hoards end up on the closet floor. This double closet rod is a genius solution since I can hang stuff that doesn't yet fit her on the top rod and she can store her faves on the bottom one. It remains to be seen if she'll actually hang up her clothes...dun DUN DUNNN. (Sorry to leave you with that cliffhanger.)

Problem: It's So Hard To Find A Good Sports Bra For Larger Busts
Solution: This Affordable Bigger Cup-Size Sports Bra

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It's dang near impossible to find a bigger cup-size sports bra that fits larger busts and doesn't cost a mint, and forget even hoping it'll be cute. I was pleasantly surprised to find this full-bust underwire sports bra that goes up to size 50G and is actually stylish! It boasts nearly 5,000 five star reviews from larger-chested ladies so you know it's a winner.

Problem: My Desk Is A Mess And My Mousepad's Missing Solution: This Sleek, Modern Desk Pad

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My desk area leaves much to be desired, from the dingy formerly-millennial-pink-now-dung-colored mousepad to snack crumbs stuck in the crevices. This ultrathin waterproof desk pad is the easy-clean surface I've been dreaming about - simply wipe it clean at the end of a busy (spilly, crumby) day and start fresh the next day! It also is cushioned so you can smoothly write notes without gouging your wood desktop underneath. Choose from two sizes and ten colors!

Problem: My Kids' Rooms Look Like A "Hoarders" Episode
Solution: These Cute Fabric Storage Bins

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We've tried to Kondo the kids room a bunch of times, but you'd likely not be surprised to hear they aren't drinking the organization Kool-Aid. New plan: shove everything into cute storage bins so we don't have to look at it! These bins come in a ton of different animal designs, from gorillas and peacocks to dragons and unicorns. I like that they're not plastered with the typical licensed characters and have an offbeat color scheme for originality.

Problem: I Burn Myself Every Time I Use The Oven
Solution: This Genius Push-Pull Oven Rack Tool

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Even though I'm a certified adult, I still shouldn't use the oven without supervision because I burn myself every time I bake something on the oven rack. This push-pull oven rack tool means I don't have to buy burn cream and band-aids in bulk since my fingers don't need to get anywhere near the hot metal racks! Klutzes unite!

Problem: I Like To Wear Black But My Deodorant Leaves White Marks
Solution: This Deodorant Removing Sponge

via: Amazon / aidylt

I primarily wear dark-colored tops because I'm a slob and end up wearing various things I eat and drink throughout the day. Problem is my deodorant leaves white streaks because I need to apply it before I get dressed or I forget! This deodorant erasing sponge is the smart hack my wardrobe needs - it'll effortlessly remove any deodorant spots with the flick of a wrist, even on dry clean only items!

Problem: The Kids Leave Sticky Popsicle Messes Throughout The House
Solution: These Drip Catching Popsicle Molds

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When I'm in an extra-Pinteresty mood I like to make homemade popsicles for the kids instead of letting them loose on possibly toxic food coloring, artificial flavors and chemicals (i.e. their favorite food groups). Either way, my cherubs leave sticky popsicle trails throughout the house - these silicone popsicle molds with drip catchers are the best solution since they'll stop messes before they land on the floor or drip down the kids' arms!

Problem: My Hair & Makeup Gets Messed Up When I Get Dressed
Solution: This Makeup Protecting Mask

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I like to do my hair and makeup before getting dressed so I don't get powder fallout or stray hairs all over my shirt. But when I go to get dressed, I end up smudging some of my carefully-applied face onto my shirt and mess up my hair. This slightly scary-looking but helpful retro makeup protecting hood solves that problem by creating a barrier between your face and delicate clothing so there's no makeup transfer or hair mussing. The nylon chiffon hood easily zips on and off, no need to worry about getting stuck!

Problem: I Miss Pockets But Hate Real Pants
Solution: These Bestselling Leggings With Pockets

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Leggings are part of my daily work-and-mom-from-home uniform, but it really grinds my gears that most do not have a pocket so I put my phone down in random places and lose it a million times a day. Problem solved with these leggings with pockets that come in a million colors and two lengths, cropped and full. It also may interest you to know the pockets are roomy enough to hold a full champagne bottle!

Problem: Trying To Get In Shape Is Hell On My Feet Solution: These Blister-Preventing Socks

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I've been on a fitness kick lately (running from a midlife crisis?) and my poor feet are paying the price. They're going to be so much happier when I treat them to these blister preventing socks that have over 1,000 five star reviews! Fans of these colorful socks cite maxiumum comfort and durability - this passionate person said it best: "Once you get the sock & foot aligned and you start to slip the sock over your toes, sex. The cushiony magic just becomes part of your foot." K then.

Problem: Tea Stains My Teeth But Caffeine Keeps Me Alive Solution: This Caffeinated Water

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We all know we need to drink more water, but it's often not the first choice when there are so many more useful beverages, like coffee and tea. This caffeinated water is the total package - you get healthy hydration and life-giving energy in one genius drink. At 70 mg of caffeine per 12oz bottle, you're getting roughly the same amount of go-go juice as a can of Diet Coke. Shwing!

Problem: Nowhere To Dry My Sweaters Flat Solution: This Stackable Drying Rack

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I machine wash my sweaters whenever possible, especially cashmere ones (gasp!) They express their finicky nature during the drying process though, and get all wrinkly and bent out of shape if they're not dried completely flat. These stackable drying racks are a compact solution for small spaces like my bathroom, but roomy enough to dry adult-sized sweaters a lot faster than blotting with a towel.

Problem: I Want An Apple Watch But Don't Have An Extra $500
Solution: This Affordable Fitness Tracker That Receives Texts

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I wanted an effective, affordable fitness tracker that maybe was kinda stylish, too. I found the holy grail in Amazon's #1 bestselling activity tracker. It packs a watch, heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep monitor (take that, Apple watch) into one slim wristband that can also receive texts! Woot!

Problem: Adult Life Is Stressful, You Guys
Solution: This Therapy Dough That Smells Like A Spa

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Grown lady life can be a mind-fork sometimes, and the stress toys on my desk can only take so much aggressive squishing. This cool aromatherapy dough is like Play-Doh for adults in the prettiest lavender color that smells exactly like a high-end spa. This stuff should totally be covered by mental health insurance.

Problem: My Tired-Looking Eyes Solution: This Wildly Popular Eye Gel

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The sun, having non-sleeping children, my age - I can blame all sorts of things for my saggy, tired eyes but that's not gonna make them brighter and lifted. Know what will? This mega-popular Baebody Eye Gel promises to de-puff and erase dark circles but the most amazing thing is the fact that it has over Fourteen. Thousand. Reviews!  If that's not enough to convince you, the user before/after pics definitely will!

Problem: My Makeup Is In A Zillion Places At Home Solution: This Stylish Makeup Train Case

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I need a central location to corral all my miscellaneous makeup, face creams, sunscreens and lip balms and this generously-sized cosmetic train case is perfect. The built-in brush holder in the lid keeps things tidy, and the interior compartments are customizable to your storage needs. It also locks so it doesn't accidentally open during travel (or for keeping your kids' grubby fingers out of mommy's makeup!)

Problem: No Way To Charge My Phone When We Lose Power
Solution: Emergency Light With USB Charger

via: Amazon / Nuggets

We lose power fairly frequently at our house - during Nor'easters, summer storms and even mildly breezy days. We're stocked up on candles and camping lanterns, but none of them are  emergency lights with a USB charger. With these tiny but mighty battery-powered lights, you can charge your phone or tablet during power outages (which is extra important if you have to keep kids entertained during the loooong electricity-free hours). Every home should have at least one of these lamps in the emergency kit!

Problem: Heavy, Sticky Lipgloss Is Gross But My Lips Need Color
Solution: This Tinted Lip Balm That Leaves A Rosy Glow

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In addition to a shoe-buying problem, I've got a mean lip balm habit. They're just so fun to buy and come in so many delicious flavors and pretty colors! I hadn't come across Hurraw's Black Cherry Tinted Lip Balm yet but I'm glad I found it since I've been missing out on this two pack of organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, all natural luxury lip balms that leave a healthy, rosy glow.

Problem: My Socks Are Basic And Boring Solution: These Highly-Entertaining Sassy Socks

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I love a witty wardrobe, but slogan tees are sadly not appropriate in most professional situations. These sassy socks are a sometimes-NSFW way to express your true feelings in a subtle way that doesn't attract HR's attention. There are so many funny versions - my favorites are this ode to alarms and the hellraiser design!

Problem: Rain Is Cramping My Style Solution: These Amazing Chelsea Rain Boots

via: Amazon / Erin Johnston

Colorful Hunter wellies are fun but sometimes you don't want your boots to broadcast your love of jumping in muddy puddles à la Peppa pig. These Chelsea rain boots are a sleek, smart-looking alternative that bring a dose of street style to your outfit. I'd choose these even when it's sunny since they're infinitely wearable and cool. With ten colors, including leopard print and bright red, you'll find a pair to go with every outfit!

Problem: Depressing News Headlines Are Bringing Me Down
Solution: This Charming Geography Book Filled With Adventure

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The world can seem like a scary place if you make a habit of watching the news. I want my kids to know there's still magic and adventure to be had, and to be curious about far away places and people. This Everything & Everywhere book is technically for kids, but one reviewer said "I'm 36 and I love this book!" Every page is filled with wonderful illustrations and information about tons of interesting places - definitely the perfect present for (me and) my 8-year-old this year!

Problem: My Laptop Needs Better Protection In My Tote Bag
Solution: This Sleek But Roomy Laptop Case

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I carry my laptop to and from coffee shops when I need a change of work-from-home scenery, and it's getting pretty banged up in my tote bag. This padded laptop case is great if you don't want to buy a specific laptop bag, since it gives you the freedom to pop it in any bag you happen to be carrying that day. You can also just carry the case solo since it has roomy pockets that'll hold your necessities - wallet, keys, chargers, earphones - with ease.

Problem: Wearing Pajamas In Public Every Day Is Frowned Upon If You're Not An Infant Solution: This Casual Cool Stylish Fleece Jacket

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Along with leggings, hoodies are a major player in my daily uniform, but sometimes you want to look like you got dressed with a little more intention than throwing on whatever's on the closet floor. This casual but stylish fleece jacket is the answer for damp spring days or chilly winter mornings where you want to be comfortable but look a little put together. It comes in five neutrals and a pretty light pink for cozy style anytime - and the reviews are off the charts!

Problem: I Spill When I Drink From Widemouth Bottles
Solution: This 32oz Insulated Water Bottle With Spout

via: Amazon

One of my goals lately has been to drink more water since I feel so much better when I do, but whenever I try to drink from my widemouth water bottles I end up with a soaked shirt front. I recently got this Takeya Insulated Water Bottle and it has a SPOUT - imagine that! It's as exciting as dresses that have pockets. It's so easy to drink from I find myself downing 3 full bottles a day and I've never felt more hydrated!

Problem: The Kids Stole All My Gel Pens, Now I Can't Make Colorful To-Do Lists Solution: This Pack Of Stabilo Fineliner Pens

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I still haven't fallen prey to the bullet journal, but I do love a colorful to-do list and weekly planner. My kids have squirreled away all my gel pens I thought I had found a clever hiding place for so I need some new ones. Tons of people recommend these Stabilo pens for illustration and adult coloring books, and this pack of 30 has so many nice colors - sold!

Problem: Remembering To Be Thankful Every Day Is Difficult
Solution: This Snarky Gratitude Journal

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There are a gazillion studies showing that gratitude journaling makes you a happier person, but it's so hard to remember to actually do it, especially at the end of the day.  This colorful, cheeky gratitude journal might help you remember since you'll be looking forward to reading the snarky quotes on each page! The heading "Why I'm Grateful Today, More Or Less" will prompt your little Grinch heart to grow a few sizes when you think about the good things in life. More or less.

Problem: Unorganized Paperwork Everywhere Makes Me Crazy Solution: These Pretty Accordion Folders

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Tax season always brings out the worst in me when it comes of piles of unorganized paperwork. And you have to keep all those papers for years, just in case! If only I had these pretty accordion files to store all our important financial papers - they're so nice to look at I'd forget the stressful stuff inside! They get incredible reviews, too.

Problem: My Space Needs A Little Life
Solution: This Live Ficus Tree

via: Amazon

I feel like every room needs a plant to add some interest and bring a little of the outdoors in. I'm crap at keeping those little desktop plants alive, but this two foot tall live ficus tree is easy-peasy to take care of and is a favorite of Joanna Gaines - if it's good enough for Fixer Upper, it's more than welcome in my living room!

Problem: Sunscreen Is Chalky And Leaves A Film
Solution: This Gorgeous Supergoop Sunscreen Oil

via: Amazon

I love Supergoop's sunscreens for not leaving white streaks behind, and this sunscreen oil is no exception. It's no secret the sun does bad things to your skin, but the SPF 50 protects you from damage while the non-greasy formula glowifies you like nobody's business. (Sigh, I swore I would never use words coined by Lucky magazine and yet, here we are. In my defense, check out the model pics on the product page - what word better describes their otherworldly radiance, I ask you?!)

Problem: I Can't See My Floors Under All That Mud
Solution: This Jaunty Doormat

via: Amazon

Sure, doormats don't seem like the most exciting purchase, but do you know what is exciting? Not having to clean the dang floors so much during mud season! This cheerful doormat is understated yet so cool, and the perfect thing to greet guests.

Problem: My Jewelry Is Tangled And Stored In A Ziploc Solution: This Minimalist Jewelry Tree

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

Tired of having to untangle an ungodly mass of chains every time you want to wear a necklace? Me too. This minimalist jewelry organizer is so fresh and so clean with room for all your necklaces, bracelets and watches to hang from the taller bars and the shortest bar is perforated to hold your earrings. Your rings and any small toiletries like perfume bottles or pins can live in the two compartments in the wooden base. This'll hold a ton of your pretties with a very small (and stylish) footprint!

Problem: Dry, Chapped Lips Solution: Collagen Lip Masks

via: Amazon

Perfect for dry, chapped lips in need of pampering, this 20-pack of collagen masks will moisturize and soothe your lips. Yes, they look hilarious (so definitely take a selfie), but they also come loaded with aloe, strawberry extract, and other healing ingredients. Amazon customers recommend lying down while wearing them, since they don't stay in place without a little help from gravity.