37 Problems All Face — And The Inventions That'll Solve Them

Struggles and womanhood go hand in hand. From the wage gap to inadequate (or simply no) pockets in our clothes, the hits just keep coming. Though there isn't much we can do about these big-ticket issues, there are a few products out there that can solve the smaller problems in your life.

Whether you keep losing change and makeup in your driver's seat gap or you don't think any of your nice heels will make through the scores of weddings coming up, there's a product here that can help you.

We hope you find some products that you'll love. Just so you know, 22 Words might receive a commission from any life-altering purchases you make from this article.

Problem: Grocery or Shopping Bags Digging Into Your Hands. Solution: This Handy Handle

This heavy-duty carabiner with a soft grip can fix so many of your bag-related issues. From retail therapy to a big grocery haul, shopping bags can be uncomfortable to hold, easy to tangle, and render your hands pretty useless. You can hook those bags onto this handle and comfortably distribute the weight. As an added bonus, you can keep your purse out of shopping carts and away from germs by popping this on the handle.

Problem: Gravity Always Wins When You Use Your Tablet. Solution: This Adjustable Tablet Stand

Stop hitting yourself in the face and start getting some hands free tablet action. This bendable stand snugly holds your tablet so it can rest just about anywhere you need it. Reading in bed? It can fit over you, stabilized by the bed. Need some in-car entertainment? Hook the stand onto the seatback and queue up a movie! The four legs are so flexible and sturdy that your main limitation is your imagination.

Problem: The Spills and Smudges of an At-Home Manicure. Solution: This Nail Polish Holder

When you’re painting your nails at home, you still want some level of comfort in the process. But getting too cozy occasionally results in some application snafus, or worse, spilled polish. This holder acts as your little helper by securing and tilting just about any sized nail polish bottle for easy access.

Problem: Work or Weather Worn Hands. Solution: This Moisturizing Hand Cream

If you work with your hands or in extreme temperatures, your digits can start looking worse for wear. Go from sandpaper to supple with this beloved hand cream. After a few days of use, not only will your hands look better, but they’ll have a little extra protection from the environmental elements wreaking havoc on them in the first place.

Problem: People Constantly Track Mud and Water into Your Home. Solution: This Simple Mat Where You Can Let Shoes Dry

Even if you have a “no shoes" policy in your home, wet muddy shoes are still a problem for your floors or shoe rack. This mat is more of a tray that contains the mess thanks to its high edges. With several sizes to choose from, there’s definitely a Stalwart mat that suits your needs.

Problem: You Spend All Day on Your Feet and It Shows. Solution: These Moisturizing Socks

Working on your feet all day can create calluses and you’re likely too tired to regularly take care of any dryness or other issues. Luckily, these hypoallergenic socks bring the spa to you. They fit women’s sizes 7 to 10 and get in between the toes for a more complete, hydrating treatment. Slip these machine washable bad boys on a few times a week and your feet will thank you.

Problem: Applying Cold Lotion After a Hot Shower. Solution: This Little Lotion Warmer and Dispenser

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s the dead of winter or perhaps the air conditioning’s on blast in August. You take a lovely shower only to apply ice cold lotion to your body. Well, say goodbye to rubbing your hands like you’re trying to start a fire and hello to this lotion warmer from Conair. In addition to being a more pleasant experience, warmer lotion penetrates the skin better for a more revitalizing effect.

Problem: Using Your Phone in Cold-AF Temps. Solution: These Stylish Touchscreen Gloves

Okay, so you probably need to access something more pressing like a text or directions, but whatever you need to do, you’re going to have to expose your fingers to the frigid air. Or do you? These gloves look better than your average touchscreen gloves and help you tap and swipe around your phone while keeping your digits warm.

Problem: Highlighting More Than You Needed To. Solution: These Highlighters With Clear Tips

We’ve all gotten overzealous with a highlighter at some point. These highlighters have clear tips that let you see everything you’re about to highlight. As an added benefit, they make both thin and wide lines, so you can add some precision to your underlining game as well.

Problem: All the Annoyances of Sweeping. Solution: This Broom Pan That Cleans Its Matching Broom

After a certain point, brooms just start pushing around odd threads and pieces of lint that you have to claw out by hand. This broom and pan set keeps your dirty work clean thanks to some handy combs on the step-on dust pan’s side. This set minimizes the amount of bending you need to do by making the dustpan easy to stabilize with your foot and the short, angled bristles can tackle fine messes.

Problem: Accidental Burns from Your Flat Iron. Solution: This Holster for Heat Styling Tools

Unfortunately, many flat and curling irons lack a kickstand to keep them stable on your counter which can also cause mild burns, depending on the material. Even when they’re not in use, these tools Protect your counters and finally get a dedicated spot for your styling tools with this silicone holster. The holster comes in four colors, can handle up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat, and it suctions securely to any clean, non-porous surface.

Problem: Your Jewelry Is Looking Pretty Dull. Solution: This Cool, Futuristic Jewelry Cleaner

For less than $40, you can get a professional-level polish on all of your jewelry! This cleaner uses the same ultrasonic cleaning technology that jewelry stores do, so you can get that just-polished shine any time you like.

Problem: You Have No Idea How to Make Small Talk at Parties. Solution: This Thought-Provoking, Ice-Breaking Set of Cards

Small talk can be a chore even when you know a decent amount of people at a party. This set of 135 cards gets interesting conversations going beyond the weather without jumping into the dark topic of modern politics. These cards add the right amount of whimsy to any party while still being appropriate for kids aged 12 and up.

Problem: Those Last Few Pieces of Bacon Don’t Look so Good. Solution: This Helpful Bacon Tray

There’s nothing like the sad sight of greying bacon. Keep your bacon fresh for longer with this sealed bacon tray. In addition to holding up to a pound of bacon, the tray also makes it easier to remove the slices.

Problem: Stinky Garlic Hands. Solution: This Magical Bar of Solid Stainless Steel

From onions to fish, there are plenty of ingredients whose odors cling to fingers. Real soap can get rid of germs, but sometimes the odor still lingers. When that happens, try rubbing this stainless steel bar over your hands. The dishwasher safe bar can be used with or without water and after 30 seconds your hands will be back to normal because of how the steel reacts with sulfur molecules. The best part? You never have to replace it.

Problem: Setting Powders Are No Match for Your Oily Skin. Solution: This Mattifying, Inexpensive Setting Spray

NYX is one of those drug store makeup brands that constantly surprises you with its quality. The spray bottle produces a nice mist that sets all of your makeup, not just your foundation and concealer. In addition to helping you maintain a matte look, your eye makeup won’t fade throughout the day.

Problem: There’s an Outdoor Wedding and the Perfect Shoes Are Stilettos. Solution: These Clear Heel Protectors

You picked the perfect heels for the perfect outfit for your friend’s wedding only to realize...the wedding is in the countryside. Before you subject your pumps to mud or start hunting for some wedges, try these heel protectors. They’re clear so they don’t distract from the shoe and they come in different sizes to fit the most popular slim heel options. The flower base helps you walk more stably on uneven ground while the stem protects your heels from muck and gravel.

Problem: The Dreaded Chub Rub. Solution: This Glide-On Balm

So many parts of our bodies can fall prey to chafing, but thighs are often the worst culprit. Several products can solve this problem, but the easiest, least obtrusive option is the balm from Body Glide. The vegan balm stick doesn’t leave a mess on you or your clothes and lasts for at least most of the day, depending on factors like humidity and your activity level.

Problem: The Lost, Flying Nail Clippings in Your Home. Solution: These Nail Clippers That Hold Onto the Waste

Even when you think you got every bit of nail from your at-home mani-pedi, you always find some rogue clippings the next time you clean or walk barefoot. Save yourself the hassle and use these clippers that have a little chamber that catches the cut nails as you go. The stainless steel clippers will stay sharp for years to come, so think of all the time you’ll save!

Problem: Your Hair Grows Faster Than You Can Afford Salon Visits. Solution: This Easy-to-Use Root Blending Powder

Whether you’re going gray, are a bottle blonde, or you just want a fuller, more uniform hairline, this powder kit can help. It comes in eight popular hair tones (you’re included redheads!) and a two-sided application brush. The smaller side is especially useful for touching up highlighted hair and some people swear by this product as a thickening brow powder.

Problem: Dull, Borderline Dangerous Headlights. Solution: This Comprehensive Headlight Cleaning Kit

Don’t get roped into buying headlights before you need them at your local body shop. You likely just need to remove some grime that a regular car wash just can’t accomplish. This kit will clean oxidized, yellow headlights and have them beaming like new with its set of solutions and scrubbers/buffers. As an added bonus, you’ll get up to a year’s worth of protection from the elements.

Problem: Lumpy Brown Sugar. Solution: This Adorable Little Bear

Whenever you need some brown sugar, getting a spoonful is like pulling teeth. This little clay bear works to keep your sugar soft and free-flowing. Just soak it in water for 20 minutes and then pop it into your brown sugar container for three to six months. You can also use it dry to keep your spices spicy and your chips crispy.

Problem: Those Dirty Vertical Blinds in Your Rental. Solution: This Reusable Duster Brush

Vertical blinds are rarely chosen; they are often forced upon you by a landlord. As time goes by, those plastic blinds get covered dirt and dust because you try to pretend that they’re not really there. This cool little brush uses washable microfiber sleeves to clean three blinds at a time, making quick work of this unpopular task.

Problem: Your Gross Sponge That Constantly Needs to Be Replaced. Solution: These Dishwasher-Safe Scrubbers You Can Use for Months

Say goodbye to smelly sponges and hello to this pack of scrubbers. You get three sponges that can scrub away caked on food without damaging non-stick pans or porcelain. The sponges don’t hold onto odors and can be washed so the whole pack should last for about a year.

Problem: Catching Bugs Without Getting Close to 'Em. Solution: This Critter Catcher Keeps Insects at Arm’s Length

Look, no matter how much of a strong, independent woman you are, there’s at least one creepy crawly out there that freaks you out. If you don’t want to kill it or you just don’t want to spray pesticides around your kids or pets, this is a great catch and release option. The bristled end is soft enough to keep the insect or spider alive, but strong enough to keep it from escaping. Just pull the trigger and then go (re: run) to the door or window to get rid of it.

Problem: The Cross-Contamination of Your Cutting Boards. Solution: This Color-Coded Cutting Board Set

Sure, all your boards and mats are clean in between uses, but how many times have you used a meat mat for veggies in the same evening? Or put cheese on a wooden board that constantly use for fish? This set utilizes a wood base that stores seven colorful, labeled mats that slot on top of the board. Keep your meals safer without sacrificing storage space!

Problem: Wasting So Much Time Cleaning Makeup Brushes. Solution: They Can Be With This Motorized Cleaner

We can use our hands or special mats, but how clean are we really getting these brushes we constantly put on our faces? This little wand has eight different rubber holders to fit the majority of brush sizes. The included glass bowl can hold a cleaning solution while the wand spins the brush around at three different agitating speeds. The splaying of the brush gets a deeper clean and also helps in the drying process as you pull it out.

Problem: Your Ice Cream Is Too Frozen to Scoop. Solution: This Conductive Ice Cream Scoop

From periods to breakups, the one thing movies get right about womanhood is the power of ice cream. What we often don’t see on the silver screen is how hard it can be to get into our favorite pints when we need them most. This metal scoop contains a conductive liquid that cuts through even the most frozen ice cream. Though it’s not dishwasher safe, the tool is easy to clean and has an ambidextrous design.

Problem: Cleaning a Colander. Solution: This Non-Stick Pot With a Self-Draining Lid

Colanders are a pain to wash and take up as much space as humanly possible for something used for such a short amount of time. This pot will help you strain pasta, potatoes, and whatever else your heart desires thanks to two handy features. Opposite sides of the lid have small and large holes that help you strain out liquid through the small side spouts of the pot. You can also lock the lid into place for a safer draining experience.

Problem: Losing Everything to the Gap in Your Car Seat. Solution: This Revolutionary Gap Filler

How much change have you lost between the front seats of your car and the center armrest? How many lipsticks? How many times have you smashed your hand down into the darkness to rescue your phone? That all ends with the Drop Stop. The neoprene block doesn’t just fill the gap; it’s secured by the seat belt catch for full coverage. The flexible gap filler can be squeezed or stretched to fit the vast majority of car gaps.

Problem: Your Wine Glasses Don’t Stay Upright in the Dishwasher. Solution: These Vibrant Stemware Tethers

Wine glasses and dishwashers are mortal enemies. Has anyone ever pulled a dry wine glass out of their machine? These silicone tethers secure the stems to your dishwasher’s rods to keep the glasses in an optimal position for washing and drying.

Problem: There Are Too Many Dark Corners in Your Home. Solution: These Stickable Motion Sensor Lights

We’ve all had a closet lacking a light fixture or a kitchen without recessed lighting under the cabinets. We can’t all live our HGTV dreams, but we can get pretty close with these LED lights. You can stick them just about anywhere and they’ll turn on when they detect motion. These battery-powered six-packs of lights come in four different warmth gradients for all your temporary lighting needs.

Problem: Your Selfies Have Terrible Lighting. Solution: This Clippable Ring Light for Your Phone

Whether you’re out at a bar or your selfie camera just doesn’t do a great job in low-light situations, this rechargeable LED ring light is an image-saver. It clips onto your phone, leaving a gap for the camera, and illuminates your face for the best possible selfie. You’ll never use the in-camera flash again!

Problem: Ain’t Nobody Got Time to Iron Clothes. Solution: This Portable Clothes Steamer

Putting away laundry is hard enough when we’re just folding our clothes, especially with these new KonMari rules. Those items that need a little extra help knocking out wrinkles can benefit from a quick run under the heat of a steamer. This model is small enough to travel with, but holds enough water to make any outfit presentable in less than two minutes.

Problem: You Can Never Get That Last Bit of Ranch. Solution: This Dispenser Inverts Your Favorite Condiment Bottles

From ranch to barbecue sauce, there are certain condiments that make you want to get every last drop. This cap kit comes with six caps and adapters to fit most bottles with a little kickstand that keeps the bottle upside down. In addition to food items, the caps can also fit on beauty products like shampoo and lotion.

Problem: Light Doors That Slam All the Time (or a Teenager). Solution: These Fabric Door Silencers

Whether you have doors that respond to every subtle draft change or a youth full of angst, you can stop jumping out of your skin whenever a door slams. These little cloths come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and they have stretchy ends that will fit over any doorknob. They’re also thin enough to allow the doors to close and thick enough to keep the doors closed. Dealing with the rest of the teen angst is up to you.