Tech is the future, right?'s also the present. Like, now. Right now. We can barely keep up with all the latest technological advancements and cool gadgets that hit the market. Luckily for you, I've done the legwork of rounding up the best tech items and tech accessories available on Amazon today. Whether you're looking to upgrade your AirPods or are just looking to upgrade your charging station, this list has all the most popular items our readers have been flocking to buy. Simple, practical solutions to your everyday tech problems. Chargers. Standing docks. The latest and most breakthrough-technology is at your fingertips — all you need to do is click it into your shopping cart! Go ahead and browse this list of 37 popular tech and tech accessories that everybody needs.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

You're Projecting Again, Dude

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And with a projector that beams a 100-inch picture, you'll be having everyone over for movie nights so often that you might as well start selling popcorn! That's where home theaters rake in the real cash. This home projector is the perfect way to upgrade your home theater and truly immerse yourself in the screen.

Portable Chargers That Plug Right Into Your Devices

With enough juice to power up an iPhone 8 more than once, these portable chargers are great for anyone who keeps forgetting to plug their phone in overnight. To save a little time, you can also charge them at the same time you're charging your phone — and the built-in lightning connector means you don't have to deal with any messy wires.

Align Your Spine With This Original Posture Trainer

Similar to the Hiroumer Posture Corrector, the Upright GO Original Posture Trainer is an electronic alternative to the traditional back brace and lumbar pillow. Simply take the trainer and attached it to your upper back before the start of your day. The device will release small vibrations whenever the wearer is not sitting or standing straight. 8 out of 10 users have already reported an improvement after two weeks of using the item. Hey, it may look like a creation from Black Mirror, but it does the job and it does it well.

This 12" Phone Screen Magnifier Turns Your Phone Into a Tablet

Give your eyes a break from staring at your phone screen and buy this awesome phone screen magnifier. Simply place your phone behind the screen and transform your phone screen into a mini-TV. Perfect for those who watch a lot of content on their phones and are tired of straining eyes. It's like a private screening on your phone. What more could you want?

These Stylish Bands for Your Apple Watch

Upgrade your Apple Watch with this stylish accessory wristband. Show off a bit more color and pizzazz than the plain black or white strap. A little bit of flair can go a long way to making a lasting impact on people. Try one out and see for yourself.

Clean Up Messes and Spills in an Instant With This Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Tidy up tight spaces and dusty corners with this cordless handheld vacuum. The perfect accessory to help you keep your domicile clean, spotless, and ready for company. Don't bring out the broom and dustpan for a simple job you can accomplish with a cordless vacuum. And at this price, you simply can't turn it down. Available now on Amazon's secret bargain clearance section.

Genius! A Removable Pop Socket for the Perfect Selfie


I've never purchased a PopSocket, mostly because I have an issue with commitment. What if I want to change colors or designs? This PopWallet+ with swappable PopTop has room for your ID and debit card and — get this! — can be removed and interchanged easily. It comes in loads of colors so you can show off your own personal style while keeping your phone and valuables locked and docked.

This Car Phone Holder Works with Androids and iPhones

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There are many car phone holders on the market, but this holder mount is my go-to because it works with both Androids and iPhones. It's an Amazon's Choice product because of its latest improved vent clip that won't break or drop off the car. So, it's easily and securely attached to most air vents.

Weatherproof Outdoor Smart Plug for Voice Controlled Extension Cords

These heavy-duty extension cords are a must-have for any smart home and these ones not only have a high energy output, but they're also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Amazon Echo, and Google Assistant. They're also weatherproof to handle the outdoors and that's why they're the only ones I trust.

This Retro Boombox is Totally Rad

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The 80s child in me flipped out when I saw these retro boomboxes on Amazon, but it's not just an old-school design with accompanying features. These boomboxes come complete with traditional features like a CD player and radio, but more advanced components like built-in Bluetooth and both AUX and USB modes.

Try This Portable USB Handheld Fan To Beat The Heat This Summer

You'll never hear me complain about summer, but sometimes it can feel like a sauna out there. The solution? Pop this mini fan into your backpack, car or truck, crack open a cold beverage, and give yourself the cool-down you so desperately need. Your body will thank you!

Never Run Out of Plug Space With This Surge Protector Power Board

It's a tricky dance, that "how can I make everything fit into this surge protector" dance. Do you know it? I'm an expert. This outlet power strip completely solved that problem for me by giving me nine AC outlets on three sides as well as two USB ports on the top where they're well out of the way. You also have power surge protection with this device, which will protect whatever you have plugged into it.

This LED Reading Light For e-Readers

If you're a big eReader like me, you'll love this Kandle LED reading light. It was made specifically for books and eReaders because it attaches to books and magazines and gives out just the right amount of light. So, if your other half is in bed asleep and you want to stay up reading, this is the perfect gadget to help you read in the dark.

These Smart LED Light Bulbs Can Be Voice Activated with Alexa

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Lights on! Lights off! The best thing about these smart LED light bulbs is they are more energy efficient than regular lights. This means they save you money on your electricity bill. Not only do they end up being cheaper, they also work with Alexa so that you can set your lighting up to be voice activated for the ambiance you desire.

This Adjustable Laptop Stand and Riser Sets Your Laptop to Eye Height

Working from home can be brutal, especially when you have to sit all day. Well, now you can enter the standing-desk world with this versatile laptop riser that extends up to 17 inches. Pairs perfectly with MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Give your back and neck a break and stand while your work. Easy to carry around and travel with too. Make this laptop accessory your new office buddy.

This Smart Night Light is Dimmable via Voice Control

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When I tried out this Amazon Smart Night Light, I installed it in just a few seconds because it plugs into the Echo Flex's USB port and is ready to go. Once set up, it works with voice control so you can turn the light on or off of dim it to your preferential mode. It works with six energy efficient LED lights, so it's easy on your electric bill too.

Protect Your AirPods from Damage With This Stylish Protective Case

If you're going to buy AirPods, then you need a case for them. Why? A case protects your AirPods against scratches and drops, makes it easier to transport them anywhere and, let's be honest, just adds a bit of personality. Check out this blue-and-white AirPod case. The design reminds you of the ocean, the deep blue water we all yearn to return. Perfect for your aquatic adventures and seaside vacations.

Prop Your iPad on This Pillow

I could not survive without this tablet pillow. O.K., maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I do love it for its versatility. Obviously, you can use it like the picture shows above, but I get the most use out of it in bed at night when I'm reading. Not only does it have multiple viewing angles, but also a metal support bracket and a built-in pocket where you can stash your phone.

Motorola Radios for Those Moments Where You Have No Signal

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We often camp in a place with no mobile phone signal. And if mobile phones aren't working then you need a handy way to communicate and you'll be relieved to know these Motorola Talkabout Radios can reach each other from up to 16 miles away. They earn high ratings, with one Amazon customer praising them for: "Good sound quality, easy to use."

Need the Perfect Backdrop for Seamless Zoom?

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You know how you can add your own photo to your Zoom background? This green backdrop will keep it from being glitchy so that maybe, just maybe, your coworkers will think you're really at the beach. Plus, each order comes with clips to help you hang it up wherever you like.

This Economical Tablet's is Fire

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Fire tablet from Amazon is the best value on the market today, especially when you can grab this certified refurbished 8-inch unit with HD display. For $60, you get 32 gigs of data storage and a ton of versatility, from reading the latest bestseller to watching the latest blockbuster to listening to the best new tunes. All-day battery life makes me smile, too.

Light Up Your Profile Pics with this Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Ring Light via Amazon

This dynamite selfie ring light extends from 13" to 47.5" and can be used either on your table or floor. The perfect ring light for Tiktok, Facetiming, Youtube tutorials, or just to snap a few selfies with studio-quality lighting so you can stand out among the competition. More bang for your buck and star-power for your shots! Ideal for online classes and zoom-from-home too. Includes attachments for up to two phones.

Turn Your Mixtapes into MP3s in An Instant

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Just the sight of this Walkman-esque gadget transports me back to my childhood ... andddd, it makes me feel super old because I know some of you reading this have no idea what I'm talking about. If you still have cassette tapes in a box somewhere, grab this USB-cassette-player-to-MP3-converter and start bringing all of your tunes into the 21st century. PC- and Mac-compatible software are included as a guide.

This Alexa Voice Remote to Watch TV Hands Free

The future of TV is here with this Alexa Voice Remote. You only need to press one button and then ask Alexa what content you're looking for. Your volume control and mute buttons can also be controlled and it has pre-set app buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. A warning though – you'll be glued to your sofa for hours at a time.

Keep Your Phone Securely Locked with this Bike Phone Mount

Stable, safe, and secure – even when you're speeding down the bike lane like you're racing the Tour de France. Two silica pads keep your cell phone firmly fastened to your bike. Follow GPS or check your phone without fishing in your pocket. A safer way to travel if cycling is your chosen mode of transportation!

This Easy-to-Install TV Mount Saves Space in Your Living Room

This easy-to-install TV mount is a great way to save space in your living room, rather than resting your TV on a cabinet set. If you live in an apartment or just don't have much space, then this is a life-changer. You can also reduce the glare of your TV because it enables it to tilt forward up to 8 degrees. It's super-easy to install as well!

This Frigidaire Retro Mini Fridge is So Cool Bro

This retro Frigidaire mini-fridge is the perfect compact place to store your favorite cold beverages. Stock it full of beer, iced coffee — and yes, even Whiteclaws. Or if you prefer it stores skincare products at the right temperature so that they don't go off. The classic retro design that is as timeless as it is refrigerated!

This Bamboo Docking Station Has Space for All Your Devices

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Made from sturdy bamboo, this docking station keeps all your gadgets looking tidy while they're charging. The slots on the bottom let you thread charging cables through, which helps prevent them from becoming tangled. Plus, it can even hold a full-sized laptop without tipping over.

Get Charged On Your Commute

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​How many times have you woken up and realized you forgot to charge your phone the night before? Now you have to make it through a busy day on a four percent charge, and we both know that's not happening. This portable charger will give you juice for your phone on the go without adding a lot of bulk to your purse, bag, or pocket. One reviewer said, "it works great and has enough charge to use consistently for days."

Dress Up Your Pods In Black


I've bought the last few of my AirPods cases from Amazon and I've been, shall we say, generally happy? I'd spend seven or eight bucks, the case would last six months ... rinse and repeat. I finally broke down and purchased this Spigen AirPods Pro case (still a reasonable $27), and now I can carry my AirPods around in a sleek black case with a keychain included. You won't lose your pair when they're firmly attached to your belt.

This Wood Power Strip is Works With Your Decor

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Power strips are a necessary evil, but they're a bit of an eyesore. But I actually found an attractive one! The wood tones are amazing and can coordinate with your existing decor, so they blend in seamlessly.

The Basics Power Board With USB Outlets Every Home Needs

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If you're always searching the room for outlets, you need this in your life. The reviews say it has good design and functionality and we can definitely attest to that. The best part? It can power up to six devices. A true classic in every household. I won't lie, I have one in each room. Tech accessory win!

This Cell Phone Stand is Great for the Home Office

Made of durable aluminum alloy, this cell phone stand is a great gift option for all tech gurus. Especially if they also happen to work from home or spend their days sitting at a desk. It's great for viewing videos or looking at texts, plus you can keep your device charging while still using it.

Your New Best Buds Without the Hefty Price Tag

Wireless earbuds are almost a necessity in the 21st century, but that $200 price tag is not. These wireless earbuds come from TaoTronics and you can snag them for less than $50. If you're looking for an alternative to Apple's AirPods, these are your best bargain-bet. These deliver rich sound, boosted bass, noise cancellation and one-step pairing. Maybe best of all, at least according to me, is that you can purchase them in black, which is something I desperately want the powers that be at Apple to get the ball rolling with.

This Dimmable Night Light is Also a Speaker and Alarm Clock

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Whether you've got a cramped nightstand or a small vanity, this little light is probably small enough to fit. Despite its compact size, it boasts a powerful Bluetooth speaker you can use to play soothing music — or even just jam out while you're in the shower. The brightness is also adjustable, and you can switch between 48 colors when setting the mood.

This Ring Video Doorbell Will Ensure You Never Miss a Visitor

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Whether you're at home or not, this smart video doorbell gives you audio notifications straight to your home. So, you know when someone's at your door – even at night, because it has night vision. I love this feature because when I'm at work and receive online shopping deliveries, I can still interact with the delivery person! Also, it's just a great way to screen visitors before you open up the front door.

Noise-Canceling Wearable Headphones Great for Sleep and Work Outs

Sleep in sweet silence and serenity with these noise-canceling sleep headphones. This device also doubles as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, sleep mask, and headband. Listen to your favorite calming music as you relax into bed without the need for additional headphones. A great bedroom addition and priced at a bargain on Amazon's secret clearance section.