37 Perfect Things From Amazon That Will Delight You

Remember the old days, when you only learned about an amazingly useful product because your friend told you about it? Maybe sometimes you were lucky enough to spot that gadget you never knew you always needed in a brick-and-mortar store. But mostly, you just missed out. Thank goodness those sad days are over! Now, you have enterprising writers like myself to search Amazon for the newest, most innovative items on the virtual shelves, including these 37 genius finds. Lucky you!

The following list of products is a compilation of my all-time, hands-down, favorite purchases, things straight outta my wishlists, random oddball products, and just things that bring me delight!. SO MANY inventions that I keep finding myself thinking about day after day. Trust me on this one, you're going to want to save this link for later reference.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these useful products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Carpet Cleaner Works On Seats, Too

Our backseat is an unholy mess of juice box spills, sunscreen smears and god knows what else the kids have done back there. Seeing the before and after pics for this carpet cleaner made me order some immediately because it gave me hope that we don't have to live in such a state of unpleasantness anymore. This stuff magically works on anything from carpets to upholstery and it's got over 2,000 rave reviews - worth a try if you let kids in your car!

This Handbag Holder That Attaches To Your Headrest

My car is, in a word, messy. I usually just throw my bag onto the floor every time I hop in and watch as the entire contents spill out everywhere, which not only makes my car a mess but can also be a distraction while driving. This hook attaches directly onto my seat so my purse stays safe and my floors stay (slightly) less messy.

A Handy Shelf That Sits On Top Of Your Stove

Spices, soy sauce, olive oil — I have all these and more sitting on top of this stove shelf. Installation was incredibly easy since there's no adhesives or drilling required, and it's designed to fit most stoves. Choose from three finishes, including stainless steel, black, or white.

This Screen Magnifier That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Movie Theater

I tend to watch a lot of shows, movies, and YouTube videos on my phone over my lunch break, and it can be a fairly underwhelming experience to watch an episode of Game of Thrones on a tiny cellphone screen. This screen magnifier makes your display two to three times bigger and can be used with pretty much any type of smartphone.

These Magnetic Twist Ties Have About a Billion Uses

These brightly colored magnetic twist ties are insanely useful. I originally bought them to corral electrical cords, but before long I was using them all over my life. Now, my friends keep stealing them. Time to order a new 10-pack.

This Koala Kloth That Buffs Away Smudges

I recently got some reading glasses, since my eyesight isn't what it used to be and I stare at a computer screen all day long. The problem is, they're constantly smudged, and the sleeve of my sweater just wasn't cutting it to remove them. This Koala Kloth erases every fingerprint and spot in an instant without scratching or damaging the lenses.

This Car Emergency Kit That Gives You Peace Of Mind

I'm a naturally anxious person, and I tend to think of things in terms of worst-case scenarios. Because of this, I like to be prepared for absolutely any situation. This car emergency kit makes me feel much more relaxed on the road because I know that if something should happen, I've got everything I need to get through it safely.

These Are Simply the Best Mechanical Pencils You Can Buy

Recommended by Wirecutter and thousands of Amazon customers, the Pentel GraphGear 1000 Mechanical Pencil is well-designed, affordable, and durable. Loyal customers praise it for being comfortable, well-weighted, and a great value.

These Oven Liners That Keep Your Stove Clean

Cleaning your oven is a horrible, horrible job, which is why I avoid it at all costs. And while there is that "self-cleaning" setting, every time I use it the entire house fills with smoke and I'm worried I'm about to burn it down. These oven liners fit perfectly on the bottom so they catch any crumbs, grease, and various juices and easily rinse off for easy clean-up. Genius!

A Wall Outlet With 2 Built-In USB Ports

I got tired of looking around for a power brick every time I needed to charge my phone, so I plugged this outlet into the wall. Not only does it feature two built-in USB ports, but there's also a cradle on the top where you can rest your phone as it charges.

This Charging Station Dock Can Bring Peace and Harmony to Your Family

Have you ever had a my-phone-is-more-dead-than-yours argument with someone you love? If so, then I suggest buying one of these Charging Station Docks. It tames the mess, and eliminates the competition for chargers.

This Foot Massager That Soothes Aching Feet

When I was in my third trimester, I had such crippling foot pain that I could barely walk. Every night, my husband would either have to listen to me complain or give me a foot massage that only slightly helped. Finally, he bought me this foot massager set and it made a world of difference. Sure, every other part of my body felt awful, but at least my feet felt great for those last few months!

This Digital Tape Measure Displays and Records Measurements

I recently bought a bunch of new furniture for a guest bedroom, and I must have measured and remeasured the space a million times while choosing what to buy. I really could have used this digital tape measure, which not only displays measurements in big, easy-to-read numbers, but also stores measurements in short-term or long-term memory.

This Magnetic Cable Organizer That Keeps My Sidetable Organized

I was getting sick of having to pick all my various charger cables up off the floor, so I went searching for a solution and found this. I like the wood-grain appearance and the fact that each cable clip fits three different sizes of cables.

This Tiny Gadget Not Only Charges Your Devices, But Also Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

I have a fairly old car that doesn't have Bluetooth built into it. So, in order to modernize it a bit, I bought this Anker SmartCharge device. It plugs right into my USB outlet and allows me to make hands-free calls while also charging my devices at the same time. So for under $25 bucks, I was able to give my car a MAJOR upgrade.

These Dish Scrubbers That Put Sponges To Shame

My husband has put a ban on sponges in our home. He refuses to even touch them and claims that they start to smell like mildew after even 24 hours of sitting in the sink. I can't say I disagree with him, but his stance does make washing dishes rather difficult. These dish scrubbers send stuck-on food packing but don't stink like traditional sponges go. Game-changer!

This Kids Schedule Chart Lets Them Know What To Expect

Keep kids on schedule and let them know what to expect with this daily chart. Bonus - they won't have to keep asking you every 5 seconds for something to do, they can just consult the chart! For non-readers, you can use images to let them know what's going on. My daughters' school uses a similar one in both preschool and 3rd grade classrooms; it's a great way to help kids feel more secure when they can see the daily plan.

This Pocket Microscope That Gives You A Totally Different View On The World

If you ever want to gain a whole new perspective on the world around you, invest in one of these pocket microscopes. I bought one for my nephews last year for Christmas, and after we spent a few hours playing with it I couldn't stop myself from picking one up for myself. A word of warning, though: If you're a hot dog lover like my husband, try to avoid looking at one magnified to 120x. It's not pretty.

This Reusable Tumbler that I Take Everywhere

I love drinking out of straws, and while I'm very on board with getting rid of plastic straws, I still believe that sipping liquids out of straws is just more enjoyable. That's why I'm obsessed with this Ello Devon Glass Tumbler with Silicone Sleeve. It keeps me hydrated and is super portable.

These Cable Clips

Yet another cable management one! Trust me on these. They all help. I feel like I have watched so many cables fly off the top of my desk as soon as I unplug them, kind of like the rope over the Cliffs of Insanity in The Princess Bride. But with these tiny little life-changing products, you will never experience that problem again. They are totally worth it. I promise you. They will make your life so much easier and save you so much time.

These Silicone Finger Point Bookmarks That Are Oh-So Handy

I've read before bed since I was little, and while it's a great way to wind down before going to sleep, I also tend to fall asleep right in the middle of a page. This fun silicone finger point bookmark not only saves your page, but it allows you to remember the exact word you left off on. How brilliant is that?! This would the perfect gift for the reader in your life.

This Meal Planner That Makes Your Week WAY More Organized

I like to cook, and while I'm, admittedly, not very good about it, it's fun to try out new recipes and I love the satisfying feeling of eating a delicious meal that I made with my own two hands. But lately, I've been in a total recipe rut. I made the same five meals every week, and boy, does that get old fast. This weekly recipe planner helps me think outside the box and keep track of what I've cooked so I'm not constantly re-doing recipes.

This Roller Stamp That Protects Your Identity

Part of being a grown-AF lady is knowing what to do with your sensitive information. You don't want to just throw out our your old tax documents or paystubs, but keeping them in a box in your basement for over 10 years is probably not the best idea either. This identity theft protection stamp keeps your info safe and, honestly, is super fun to use.

This Magnetic Phone Mount For My Car

The magnetic mount itself clips onto your car vent. Then, you put a thin metal disk inside your phone case for it to connect to. I cannot overstate how convenient this little gadget is. I even make sure to bring it with me whenever I'm traveling and using a rental car.

This Car Air Freshener Eliminates Odors With No Annoying Fragrance

I have three kids and a dog, so I know a thing or two about stinky cars. Last year, my youngest spilled a milkshake in the back of the minivan, and no matter how many times I scrubbed the floor mats, it smelled bad. The only thing that helped was this air freshener. Filled with activated charcoal, it filters the air to eliminate odors, without adding any fragrance. Truly a life-changing product for parents!

This Washer Door Prop Eliminates Mildew And Stink

If you've got a front-loading washing machine, you know how fast it can get stinky and mildewy if you don't keep the door open. I've been using a box of fabric softener sheets to prop ours open but this washer door prop is purpose-made to do the job. This cute little guy helps prevent mold and mildew from forming when there's no airflow inside the washer and he'll stay put thanks to a magnet in his feet that sticks to the machine. Genius I tell you. Unfortunately, this little guy is currently unavailable but we have a cute dinosaur alternative that we know you will like.

A Car Trash Can to Save My Car's Floor

Let's get real about road trips. Singing along to tunes = fun. Seeing new parts of the country = very fulfilling. All the trash in the car = actually disgusting. My mom told me about this trash-can on the go, and it's an absolute lifesaver. It attaches to a headrest or console and is leakproof to keep everything contained and my car smelling fresh. It's surprisingly spacious and sturdy enough to survive even the bumpiest roads.

This Phone Stand

Need a convenient place to park your phone while you listen to podcasts or jump on a long conference call? Join nearly 13,000 happy customers and pick up this phone stand that offers a sleek spot to chill. Mine holds my phone so I can use it as an alarm clock, super handy!

These Divider Sticky Notes

These are Post-Its and dividers and notepads all in one. They are perfect for the person who is super into staying organized and taking thorough notes. These assorted color sticky notes are 4x6 inches and lines for optimal note-taking neatness. You get 60 in a pack, so whether you are taking a class or just trying to organize your life, you will be all set.

This Portable Door Lock That Gives You Peace Of Mind While Traveling

I love being able to work from anywhere. It allows me to travel to fun and exciting destinations at the drop of a hat without having to worry about taking time off. However, no matter how often I travel, I still get nervous about something happening while I'm so far away from home. This portable door lock gives me peace of mind on my adventures.

This Glass Cleaning Tool

Perfect for cars, mirrors, and other glass, the Invisible Glass cleaning tool gives a streak-free shine, every time. The handle even extends for hard-to-reach spots!

This Left-Handed Pen Makes Writing So Comfortable

Lefties, unite! While I am not one of your awesome tribe, I do sympathize with your plight in finding comfortable writing utensils. These left-handed pens promise ergonomic bliss for southpaws, and have hundreds of rave reviews to back up that claim.

This Wall Organizer that I Recommend to Everyone

This Smead Cascading Wall Organizer made me feel like an adult the moment I hung it up. I keep my important documents in it and keeps me organized so I'm not panicked while searching for my son's birth certificate or our home loan information. Plus, it just looks pretty on my office wall.

These Over-Ear Headphones that are Built to Last

We listen to a lot of music in our house, and these Elecder i37 Kids Headphones for Children allow my little rockstar to jam out without me and my husband being forced to Baby Shark for the millionth time. They're durable and offer impressive sound quality.

This Car Pocket That Fits in the Gap Next to Your Seat

This is such a smart idea, I don't know why everyone doesn't have them in their cars! It's a pocket organizer designed to fit in the gap between seats, making use of space that usually just traps crumbs.

These Water Bottle Cleaning Tabs

I don't know how these little tablets do it, but they will naturally clean the inside of your water bottles and totally transform them to make them look brand new! The tabs are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and environmentally safe. You know that nasty tumbler you've been pouring coffee into for six years? The one that's all brown inside? Just drop one of these tabs into it with some water, let it do its thing, and it will be like new.