37 of the Most Interesting Gadgets on Amazon Under $25

It's always a pleasant surprise to find out that there's an easier way to do something. You never know when some gadget will come along and make life better! Luckily, Amazon does know when gadgets come along. And on Amazon, you can find a bountiful selection of the latest affordable tools and tech.

But don't worry; you don't have to wade through Amazon searches yourself. We've gone ahead and found the newest, most interesting gadgets that you'll actually have a use for. From practical and cozy beanies to tables that keep your laptop running smoothly, you're sure to find something that will make a difference in daily life. So check out these cool gadgets, all under $25!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Drill Brush Will Aggressively Scrub Away Any Stain

Need a powerful scrubber that isn't your arm? Because that's fair; I absolutely hate having a sore arm after trying to do a simple cleaning chore. But if you have a drill on hand, here's an easy solution. You see, the drill isn't just for making precise holes anymore: it's also a high-powered brush. Bathroom cleaning day has never been easier!

Charge Up Anything Anywhere With This Portable Charging Station

It's one thing to have a power strip with multiple ports for charging; it's another to have a power strip that's so conveniently designed for travel! To be sure, it's a useful gadget for home, too. You can never have too many charging ports for all those pieces of tech nowadays. But in a hotel, a small cruise ship cabin, or when trying to squeeze one last thing into a carry-on bag? This charging station is the perfect thing for you.

This Roll-Up Drying Rack Takes Up Minimal Space In Your Kitchen

Because goodness knows a cluttered kitchen is unsustainable in the long run, and just plain annoying in the short run. So check out this stainless steel drying rack. It can fit over most standard-sized kitchen sinks, and roll up when it's not in use to save space. It's also multi-purpose: it can be a drying rack, a colander platform for fruits an veggies, a surface for de-frosting food, a place to rest hot pans, and a cooling surface for baked goods. Useful enough, yet?

This Blutooth Finger Ring Is the Computer Mouse of the Future

The list of things moving to Bluetooth technology is always growing. And there are already Bluetooth mouses, but this one is pretty unique: it's a ring that fits around your index finger and allows you to position your hands naturally while using it. When the mouse is on your finger you can also type, and it's got a 10-meter range!

Never Have a Dishwashing Mix-Up Again With These Magnet Signs

Okay, I've definitely had this problem before -- especially living with other people, like family or roommates. You go to pile some dirty dishes...and six hours later you realize you've mixed them with the clean ones that were already there! Yuck. Save everyone some trouble with this handy magnet signs; just stick them to the dishwasher and you'll never have to shout across the house to figure out its current status again.

Prepare For Summer and Arm Yourself With This Watermelon Slicer

Cutting watermelon is a pretty specific function, but it's summer now! Picnics, fruit salads, cookouts -- it's the perfect season to carve up a watermelon or five. And you can do that with ease and neatness with this clever melon slicer; it cubes the fruit effortlessly with its stainless steel blades. Plus, if you're a fan of different geometrical fruits, this knife comes with a melon baller too.

You'll Never Lose Track Of Your Tools With A Pair Of Magnetic Wristbands

I'm totally used to double-checking my supplies every time I'm using little nails, bolts, and other metal parts at home. It's so easy to misplace them! All they have to do is roll under a piece of furniture and you're searching in a panic for half an hour. These magnetic wrists are great for professionals (electrician, carpenter, mechanic, etc.), but honestly, they work wonders for anyone who does DIY projects.

Skip the Squeezing With This Clever Citrus Sprayer

Turns out, you don't need a bottle to hold your citrus juice before you spritz it. The citrus itself is the bottle; you just need to tap into it! And this citrus sprayer comes in two sizes, one that can easily extract juice from larger fruits like oranges and grapefruits, and one smaller for limes and tangerines.

This Pizza Cutter Wheel Is a Handy Redesign Of the Usual Wheel

So, on paper, this pizza cutter works the same as the old bulkier ones that everybody uses. But this design actually works way better, as it's super sharp, fits right in your hand, and has a blade guard that protects your hand from getting cut while slicing! It's also easily dismantled, so keeping it clean will never be a problem.

Keep Your Hands Fresh With a Stainless Steel Soap Bar

Okay, so, stainless steel isn't usually what people think of when they think of "soap." Soap is generally a little softer. But this stainless steel bar works with or without water, and it's used for getting the odor out of your hands. The most potent, hard-to-shake odors you can think of -- garlic, onion, fish, whatever -- can be rubbed away with this stainless steel soap.

Get the Perfect Shave With a Beard-Shaping Tool

So I may never have sculpted a beard, but if it's anything like sculpting regular old hair, eyebrows, or what have you, then it might be nice to have a tool that does the hard parts for you. This tool can also be flipped around to create a bunch of different styles, so you can achieve whatever look you're going for.

Stay On Top Of Your Car's Upkeep With This Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Nobody wants to find out that their tires need maintenance (or replacing) by accident on the middle of the highway. That's a headache best left to the imagination! This handy pressure gauge is designed to accurately read and maintain tire pressure. It really could be a lifesaver, and at an affordable price, every car should have one!

Never Scramble For Correct Change Again With a Pocket Change Organizer

There are plenty of small containers to store pocket change in, but few that organize the coins for you! And when I'm pulling up to a toll booth or searching for change in a store, the last thing I want to do is spend five minutes rooting around for a loose dime. This coin holder will fit in your pocket, and stores any sized US coin in it.

This Collapsible Microwave Cover Will Keep Your Microwave From Becoming a Disaster Zone

And it's gonna save a ton of space because once you're done with it, it can just fold back up! This collapsible cover is heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and it'll fit most plates and bowls. So the next time you're heating up something you know is going to splatter, you can cover it up with this and pat yourself on the back -- no microwave wipe-downs for you!

This Lite Hand Looks Cool...and Is Pretty Dang Useful Too

Okay, so, these can be used like spy gadgets for play time. They can also be used to navigate a dark room because fumbling around in the dark isn't most people's idea of a good time. Bonus point for feeling a little like a futuristic cyborg while you do it!

Gain Eagle Eyes With This Monocular Telescope

Just think of the amazing pictures you could take with this when you're out on a nature hike, or watching your favorite singer put on an unbelievable performance. This monocular telescope has 10x magnification and a 42mm objective lens for an insanely focused viewing experience.

Never Take Long to Clean With This Double-Edged Blade Scraper

Is it even possible to cleanly peel a label or decal off of a surface? Honestly, I've never seen it happen -- or been able to do it myself. That's why a blade scraper is so magical: it'll get you that clean peel, and you won't have to spend an extra hour picking and scrubbing at the residue left behind.

This Bluetooth Beanie Is the Headwear of the Future

Hold up. A beanie that plays music wirelessly? That sounds way comfier than ill-fitting earbuds or headphones. You can actually stick a soft beanie on your head, connect it to your smartphone or computer, and play tunes whenever you want. It's got about 5 hours of remote wireless streaming before you need to recharge! And don't worry about getting the hat dirty; you can just unzip it, remove the unwashable components, and stick it in the laundry.

Keep Your Daily Caffeine Intake Satisfying With This Coffee Warmer

I'm not saying that I'm guilty of getting focus on a task and forgetting that I just made myself a cup of coffee until it gets cold, but...I'm definitely guilty of that sometimes. But if you keep this handy little coffee warmer at your work station, the drink will never lose its warmth and you can drink it at your own pace!

Hang Your Tablet Anywhere Using a Flexible Arm Tablet Mount

Behold, the key to reading or watching movies hands-free anywhere in the house, including bed or while having a nice bath. This mountable arm is so flexible that you can twist it to wherever you need, and mount it on otherwise unusable surfaces -- a headboard, for example!

Dinner Prep Just Got a Whole Lot Easier With This Rapid Food Slicer

I mean, just look at it! The allure is all in the picture. Normally, before slicing up round fruits and vegetables, you need to herd them first -- and there's no way of cutting them all at once unless you're ready to chop off your hand, too. So this food slicer cuts your prep time in half (ha! Get it?) and makes things go a whole lot smoother.

Make Paper Airplanes Cool Again Using a Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Not gonna lie, I never thought much of paper airplanes. I could never get them to go as far as I wanted! But a cool gadget like this would definitely make me feel like a kid all over again: when you attach it to a regular paper airplane, you can give it the power of REAL flight! And it's designed to be durable, so one crash won't end your fun. Higher, further, faster, baby!

Prep Eggs in Style With a Daisy Egg Separator

Why take on the task of separating egg yolk and whites by hand when you can do it with a cute daisy-shaped kitchen tool? Just place the separator over a cup, crack an egg, and watch your daisy do all the separating for you with yolk on top and whites in the cup.

No More Overheating Laptops When You Have a Cooling Pad

Sooner or later in the midst of use, your laptop is gonna start heating up. Depending on how often you use it and how much energy your programs take up, your laptop might heat up easily and often. So keep your laptop happy and place it on top of this cooling pad, specifically designed to cool down your laptop when it starts to get a little too hot.

Do Any DIY Job With a Universal Socket

This is a pretty interesting gadget to keep on hand. It's basically a universal wrench, equipped with movable steel rods that conform to whatever shape you need. Whatever engineering or DIY projects you have coming up, you'll be able to find a use for this multipurpose socket!

Take a Moment and Just Hang Out in a Portable Camping Hammock

It's summer, y'all! Kick back and relax, preferably something nice and comfy. This portable hammock can be used pretty much anywhere: it's great for camping and hiking, simple backyard relaxation, and can even be used as a beach mat. It's got durable, strong material, so don't worry about supporting your weight, either! This hammock has you covered.

Illuminate the Time When You're Wearing a LED Watch

As watches go, this one looks pretty unique. If you dig a nice futuristic vibe, here's a good candidate: it's a watch made from stainless steel and lit with blue LED lights! It will tell you the time by light, so you'll never have to squint when checking the time. And it's generally waterproof -- just don't go swimming with it!

Lower Your Stress Levels With an Infinity Cube

No, this isn't a prop toy from Marvel (that's an Infinity stone). This is a gadget designed to help with anxiety -- like a fidget spinner, but less obnoxious. It's a small puzzle cube that fits easily into one hand and stimulates your mind while fending off stress. Bring it to school or the office; it does lots of tricks it's refreshingly noiseless!

Make Food Quick and Easy With a Quesadilla Maker

With this cool quesadilla-version of a panini press, all you really have to do is layer on the ingredients and close the hatch. The quesadilla maker does all the cooking and cuts the quesadilla for you. If you're someone who hates meal prep, gadgets like this are what make it totally bearable!

Give Your WiFi an Major Upgrade With This Smart WiFi Plug

So, what does "smart WiFi" mean, exactly? Well, in this case, it means that with this plug and the Kasa app downloaded, you'll be able to control electronics all across your home at the touch of a button. The plug is flexible and can be set to turn on and off with a timer. It also works with voice control -- Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, and others.

You'll Never Be Unprepared With a Keychain Screwdriver

And this comes as a pair of them! One flathead and one phillips head, small enough to carry easily on a keyring but no less effective than your average-sized screwdriver. You won't lose these in the depths of a toolbox or house; they're right within reach and in the same place as other objects you aren't likely to lose (for instance, house and car keys).

These Collapsible Funnels Eliminate Waste AND Don't Hog Space

Here's another kitchen tool that is universally useful. These silicone funnels can withstand extreme temperatures and pour both liquid and dry ingredients. Whatever you need them for, they'll get the job done with no mess and then fold right back up for easy storage!

Stay Safe With Nothing But a Writing Utensil When You Have a Tactical Pen

If there's one thing I absolutely hate, it's feeling vulnerable while I'm walking by myself or in a tense situation. So if this is a concern for you, what are you supposed to do? Well, here's one answer: carry around a tactical miss. It actually is a pen, so it'll fly right under anyone's radar. However, this pen has a powerful glass-breaking tip that will serve you well in an emergency!

This Portable Mini Charger is Easier to Carry Around Than Your Actual Phone

Running out of power when you're far from a charger and out of the house is the worst. What if you need to text someone, or call a Lyft? Honestly, it's best to just eliminate the possibility of this happening. And you can do that with a mini portable charger: it's smaller than the actual phone, so it's easy to carry in a bag or pocket. Plus it's high-powered and fast, so it'll keep your phone going strong all day.

Your Phone Will Thank You For Equipping A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

And you'll thank yourself. I can personally attest to this: getting a thick, hardy glass protector for your phone screen is so worth it. It will save you so many annoying (and costly!) trips to get your screen fixed, and even if the protector eventually cracks, your screen won't. That's how strong these things are! It'll take a lot to put a dent in 'em.

This Magnetizer/Demagnetizer Is Another DIY Must-Have

Are you planning any DIY projects in the near future with electronics? If so, that will probably require demagnetized tools to be safe. This handy little gadget takes care of that and magnetizing, with no headache involved. It's small, portable, and easy to use. What's the downside here?

This Portable Hand Warmer Is the Coziest Gadget Ever

Here's a super comfy gadget that works much better than either those disposable warmers OR rubbing your hands together really fast! This pebble-shaped hand warmer is easy to carry around and lasts a long time. Whether you need it for cold weather or relieving arthritis, cramps, or other pains, this warmer will do the trick.