37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon Canada

If you've got some spare change burning a hole in your wallet, have I got some ideas for you. I love trawling Amazon for the latest and greatest handy gadgets you've never seen before, and I'm never disappointed in what I find. You just have to know where to look!

Whether you want an easier way to tie your shoes or keep your plants alive, stick with me, kid. I know where they keep the good stuff!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Magnetic Shoelaces Make Mornings A Breeze

via: Amazon

It never fails, every morning I remind my kids to put their shoes on starting before breakfast, but guess who's still shoeless as the school bus is pulling up? These magnetic shoelaces are great for poky kids who are struggling with tying their shoes (or anyone with arthritis or other dexterity issues).

This Tile Finder Is Great For Scatterbrains

My dad, who is forever losing his keys, sunglasses, wallet, you name it, got himself a Tile Finder and his life hasn't been the same since. Just stick the tile onto whatever you lose often (it can even go on pet collars) and your phone automatically finds it for you and pings it! No more being late because you couldn't find your keys during the morning rush.

This Stuffed Burger Press For The BBQ Of Your Dreams

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You know the heart-stopping joy that is a tasty burger stuffed with a soft, delicious center of melted cheese that oozes out with every bite. Now you can make your own at home with this handy stuffed burger press! Just use the press to mold the burger, then fill with whatever your heart desires - mozzarella, tomatoes and basil; pickles and cheddar; jalapenoes and pepper jack - the mind boggles.

This Handy Pen Takes The Sting Out Of Bug Bites

Every summer camp I make sure I pack pack my kid one of these After Bite pens. They are a handy size that can be kept in a pocket and when he gets bitten the blend of tea tree and baking soda takes the sting out of the bite within seconds.

This Travel Utensil Has Everything You Need

via: Amazon

We know disposable plastic silverware is no good for the environment, but remembering to pack a separate fork, knife and spoon every day is hard. Now you just have to remember one utensil to rule them all! This travel utensil has a fork on one end (with an edge that can be used as a knife) and a spoon on the opposite one - genius.

This Acupressure Band Stops Headaches Fast

via: Amazon

Did you know that pressing between your thumb and forefinger relieves headaches? Did you also know that if you're doing that, you can't use either hand for other things? This acupressure wearable band does the hard work for you and presses exactly where you need it to so your headache goes away fast while letting you use both hands for other things. Like queuing up Netflix.

This Instant Pot Steam Diverter Saves Your Cabinets

You know how the steam vents from your Instant Pot directly into the bottom of your cabinets and/or your face? Now you can redirect that burning hot jet of water away from important things with this steam diverter - the supercute designs don't hurt, either!

This Car Rescue Tool Is A Safety Must-Have

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You never think about it until you're in a situation where you really need it, so why not have a safety back-up plan and keep this car rescue tool on hand just in case? This compact tool packs a seat belt cutter and car window breaker in a tiny package. Plus, it has over 3,000 glowing reviews. Keep it in your cupholder and stay prepared for anything!

This Dog Poop Bag Leash Is Genius

via: Amazon

This dog poop bag holder leash is so smart - instead of remembering to carry a separate container of poop bags, this one's part of the leash so you'll never forget. Great gift for anyone with a new puppy!

This Ice Mold Makes Giant Cubes

via: Amazon

Hot days call for big ice cubes - these ice cube molds make cubes over 2 inches diameter, so you can check cold refreshment off your list! Perfect for lemonade or adult bevvies on sweltering afternoons, or for a nice glass of scotch in cooler months - since the cubes are so big, they melt slowly and won't water down your drink.

This Magic Tap Makes Your Kids More Independent

via: Amazon

The kids are usually clamoring for breakfast before I've even peeled my sleepy eyes open. With this magic tap that attaches to any milk or juice bottle, they can serve themselves and I can hit snooze a few more times. No more crying over spilled milk!

This Wine Bottle Protector Cushions Your Precious Vino

via: Amazon

If you're sending bottle of wine to a friend or just giving one as a gift, you need these Wine Wings bottle protectors. The perfectly-sized bubble wrap sleeve cradles your bottle securely so bumps and bruises don't affect your precious adult grape juice.

This Brown Sugar Keeper Has Built-In Protection

via: Amazon

My brown sugar is stuck in the back of some cabinet and undoubtedly hard as stone by this point, but if I had this brown sugar keeper I'd never have that problem. The airtight container has a built-in terracotta disk that you simply soak in water then place into the sugar to keep it from drying out. You'll never lose it since it attaches neatly to the lid when not in use!

This Tea Bag Holder Is Adorably Useful

via: Amazon

Hate when your teabag tag gets into your tea then you burn the heck out of your fingers trying to fish it out? Me too. This snail tea bag holder solves that problem adorably, just attach him to the side of your mug then wrap the tea bag string around his body to keep it securely in place.

This Bread Keeper Means No More Stale Bread

via: Amazon

No one likes stale bread except for birds maybe, so use this expandable bread keeper to seal in freshness. It's unique because it can expand or contract to perfectly fit the size of your loaf, so it's great for homemade bread or any baked goods. It even includes a heavy-duty cutting board inside. Protect the carbs, always.

This Left-Handed Pen Makes Writing So Comfortable

via: Amazon

Lefties, unite! While I am not one of your awesome tribe, I do sympathize with your plight in finding comfortable writing utensils. These left-handed pens promise ergonomic bliss for southpaws, and have hundreds of rave reviews to back up that claim.

These Metatarsal Pads Instantly Relieve Foot Pain

via: Amazon

Whether your feet hurt from wearing high heels or standing all day, these metatarsal foot pads provide immediate pain relief for sore tootsies. These washable, medical-grade gel pads redistribute pressure to relieve aches, and you can wear them with shoes. Perfect for teachers, hair stylists, waitstaff or anyone who's on their feet way too much.

These Mini Cast Iron Skillets Are Darling

via: Amazon

How cute are these mini cast iron skillets? They're just the right size for personal desserts like tiny pies or brownies, just pop ice cream right on top for the best presentation, ever. Just call you hostess with the mostess.

This Egg Cooker Is Effortless

Want a quick way to cook a bunch of eggs to perfection every time? Try this egg cooker, which can make hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled and even individual omelets in minutes. Reviewers rave about the ease of use and delicious eggs it cooks up just right. Over 27,000 glowing reviews can't be wrong!

This Tea Infuser Is Incredibly Fun

via: Amazon

Wishing you were lounging in the pool instead of in a freezing, flourescent-lit cubicle? At least your tea can live the high life with this amazing pool float tea infuser. Simply twist off the flamingo (unicorn or swan also available) top, fill with loose leaf tea, then let it infuse while you read informative articles much like this one.

These Ice Pop Pouches Are Great For Adult Versions

via: Amazon

Strawberry Margarita popsicle anyone? How about frozen G&T? Cool down with a delicious adult pop when you fill your own ice pop pouches. The zip close top means no spillage, so they're great for kids who don't finish their whole pop at once, too. Just maybe leave the hard stuff for the grown-ups.

This Rice Washer Drains Just Right

via: Amazon

Have you ever tried to wash rice or another small grain in your regular colander before cooking like the directions say you're supposed to? The grains are too small and slip right through the holes and down the sink - so wasteful. But this specialized rice washer has just-right sized drainage holes so you don't lose any! You can even swish the rice around and none will slip through.

This Bookmark Has A Handy Secret

via: Amazon

This bookmark isn't like the other ones you've seen. First of all, it's elastic and stretches to fit over the pages, so it won't slip out by mistake. More importantly, it has a pen holder built-in, so you can make notes in the margins as you're reading! Super useful for students or those who like to record thoughts as they read.

This Black Light Flashlight Uncovers Pet Messes

via: Amazon

If you suspect pet messes might be lurking, you'll want to pick up this black light flashlight. Simply shine it wherever Fido or Fluffy might've peed on the rug or floor, and the telltale glow will give away their favorite indoor spot to break the bathroom rules.

This Drain Snake Does Your Dirty Work

When you have a couple of long-haired heads under one roof it can create a lot of hair buildup in drains, evidenced by our bathroom sink that clogs every month. Trying to clean a drain without this drain snake is a nightmare - I'd never want to attempt it on my own! This couldn't be simpler to use, just stick it down the drain and wiggle it around, then pull up the grossest, slimiest hair clog ever. It's gag-worthy but so satisfying, kind of like watching those pimple popping videos.

This Kitchen Sponge Holder Is Divine

via: Amazon

What better way to add a bit of the mystical to a mundane task like washing dishes than with this cute sponge holder? The little yogi appears to float atop your sponge or scrubber like he's sitting on a cloud. Simply attach it to a flat surface with the included suction cup and enjoy your moment of zen. Unfortunately, this little guy is temporarily unavailable however we found his pal Mr Sponge which we know you will love.

This Plant Watering Spike Is Beautifully Effective

via: Amazon

Sure, you could just use an empty plastic soda bottle to irrigate your plants, but why would you when this gorgeous glass plant watering spike exists? It's insanely useful for ensuring your plants get a steady drink when you're going to be away for a few days, and it looks like a piece of art with its swirling multicolored pattern.

This Pot Lid Lifter Is Cute And Awesome

I love these pot lid lifters to prevent annoying boil-overs. Just prop the heat-resistant silicone on the edge of the pot then rest the lid on top to let steam escape. This one's is a little pig - so cute - and there is also a sheep and chicken available!

I *Heart* This Strawberry Cutter

This strawberry cutter makes the cutest shapes for decorating the tops of cupcakes, making special Valentine's Day fruit kebabs or just for the most fun snacks around. My kids would definitely squeal with delight if I present them with a plateful of nicely cut strawberries! Freeze the leftover strawberry pieces for smoothies so nothing goes to waste.

This Bathroom Accessory Holder Is So Tropi-Cool

via: Amazon

Need extra bathroom storage? Who doesn't! Get yourself some easily with this pineapple accessory holder - just stick it onto a flat surface and use it to store toothbrushes and paste, razors or anything small you want to keep easily accessible! The silicone design's easy to rinse clean and re-stick to the wall or mirror, too.

This Shampoo Brush Deep Cleans

Getting to the salon these days is pretty risky even if you're wearing a mask, so bring the salon experience home to you with this shampoo brush. It works product into your hair more thoroughly, detangles hair, boosts scalp circulation and gives an amazing scalp massage thanks to the vibrating feature. Almost 10,000 glowing reviews back it up!

These Silicone Finger Guards Protect Against Burns

via: Amazon

You know how when you microwave a bowl of soup and the liquid itself is lukewarm but the bowl is hot enough to singe off your fingerprints? These silicone finger guards are perfect for protecting against burns whether you're removing food from the microwave or a dish from the oven. They're super heat-resistant so you don't have to worry about the heat seeping through.

This Reusable Mug With A Lid For No Spills

How cool is this reusable drink mug? I love it because I can either save money by bringing a drink from home or refill it during the day when I'm on the go without waste. Extra points for having the most stylish cup in the place plus being kind to the environment.

This Monitor Shelf Organizes Your Desk

via: Amazon

We've all got tons of little doodads all over our desktops that just need to be coralled in one place. This computer monitor shelf is the best solution since it installs so easily and has a subtle, unobtrusive, clear design. And it's just big enough to hold important desk tools, like your latest Happy Meal toy.

These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes Are So Smart

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These dry-erase sticky notes combine my two favorite office supplies in one killer app. So much greener than the disposable paper stickies you can only use once, you can re-write these ones indefinitely! Every office should come standard with these little geniuses.

This Water Bottle Is So Satisfying

via: Amazon

I love the lightbulb-esque shape of this chubby little 14oz water bottle. My favorite part might be the carrying loop attached to the lid, though. The durable, leakproof glass bottle includes a cushioned sleeve to keep it safe when you're in transit. In pink, blue, yellow or white designs with a tiny, adorable illustration on the front.

These Silicone Straws Make It Easy To Be Eco-Friendly

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It's easy being green with these silicone straws that come with cute little carrying cases that attach to your bag or purse so they're always on hand when thirst strikes. They're easy to clean and store and come in a pack of two so you can take them wherever you go.