37 Brilliant Little Inventions You Can Get on Amazon Under $25

You know that feeling when you fall in love and you can't imagine how you ever lived without the object of your affection? All of these gadgets will make you feel pretty much exactly like that.

We've found 37 of the handiest products on Amazon that will make you ask, "where have you been all my life?"

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Never Let A Sip Go To Waste With These Beer Savers

via: Amazon

Beer is far too precious to waste, and now you never have to again. Just put on this reusable cap and stick it back in the fridge.

This Reusable Lint Roller Is Somehow Practical And Stylish

via: Amazon

Who even knew lint rollers could look so nice? Plus, this one's retractable so the sticky part lasts even longer.

Keep Your Fur Baby Hydrated With This Water Bottle Designed For Dogs

via: Amazon

This water bottle is specifically designed for dogs, because your pup is far too precious to drink from puddles. The water filtration system ensures your dog gets only the best.

You Can Carry These Collapsable Wine Glasses In Your Purse. No Judgement.

via: Amazon

Finally, a way to take wine glasses on-the-go without breaking the stem in your bag. They're also stackable which makes them perfect for sharing, if that's your thing.

Get The Spa Treatment At Home With This Scalp Massager

via: Amazon

This scalp massager lets you experience the best part of getting a haircut, without the awkward small talk.

This Bracelet Fastener Lets You (Finally) Put On Jewelry All By Yourself

via: Amazon

This tool eliminates the quiet humiliation of struggling to put bracelets on alone, so you'll actually want to start wearing them.

Bring This Mini Humidifier Anywhere

via: Amazon

This mini humidifier is small enough to fit in your car's cup holder. Just plug it in using the USB cable and you're good to go.

Organize Your Workspace With This Cable Management System

via: Amazon

If the tangle of cables on your desk is starting to get embarrassing and/or frustrating, sort it out with this lifesaving cable management system. It grips the cords so it's impossible for them to end up in knots.

Eliminate Spills With This Helpful Nail Polish Holder

via: Amazon

How did anyone paint their nails before this nail polish holder? You could literally paint your nails anywhere using this thing.

Drink Your Wine ASAP With This Air Pressure Corkscrew

This gadget uses air pressure to open your wine bottles. Not only is it easy, it makes opening the bottle part of the fun.

Clean Every Crevice With This Gap Cleaning Brush

via: Amazon

This gap cleaning brush is the stuff of clean freak dreams. Narrow enough to fit literally anywhere, no dirt can escape your reach now.

This Wine Glass Holder Is Actual Luxury

via: Amazon

What's even the point of having a bathtub if you don't drink wine while you soak? There isn't one, and you shouldn't have to hold the glass like some kind of peasant. This wine glass holder suctions to your tub and does the heavy lifting for you.

Open Those Pickles On The First Try With This Jar Opener

via: Amazon

Never again suffer the feelings of inadequacy that come with being unable to open a jar. This gadget uses soft ridges to grip lids so you can finally open them without major frustration.

This Flash Drive Is Crazy Useful

via: Amazon

This 32 GB flash drive is half USB stick half lightning cable, which makes transferring your 1,000 photos of various lunches from your phone to computer unbelievably easy.

This Circular Rolling Knife Is Maybe Too Much Fun

This circular knife is ergonomically designed to help you cut faster with less effort. Being super fun to use is just a bonus.

What This Drain Millipede Finds In Your Sink Will Terrify You

via: Amazon

Sure, it's disgusting to think about what's lurking in your drain, but aren't you curious too? Either way, you've got to clean it out somehow and this drain millipede with over 4,000 micro-hooks is by far the easiest way.

Always Be Ready To Share With This Headphone Splitter

via: Amazon

This key ring doubles as a headphone splitter so you can share your music no matter where you are. Why aren't all key rings this practical?

These Reusable Twist Ties Can Do Basically Anything

via: Amazon

Kind of like a mix between a bungee cord and a twist tie, this useful gadget is designed to last years. They come in three different lengths so you can use them for pretty much anything.

Get Your Softest Feet Ever With This Callus Remover

via: Amazon / Miris

Feet are no one's most glamorous feature, but they don't have to be an embarrassment either. This rechargeable callus shaver is like getting a professional pedicure without having to leave your house, and the rotating head makes it super easy to use.

Make Your Sweaters Like New Again With This Fuzz Remover

via: Amazon

Finally a way to bring new life to old sweaters, this fuzz remover shaves your clothing or upholstery to get rid of pilling without causing damage. The three attachments make it perfect for so many different fabric types.

Shape This Moldable Glue Into Whatever You Need

via: Amazon / Bryan Duke

This moldable glue is like Play-Doh for adults, except practical and instead of drying out it lasts indefinitely. Use it to fix frayed cables or fill holes in your shoe or whatever else you can come up with.

This Facial Hair Remover Is Super Easy To Use

via: Amazon

This facial hair remover grabs hairs from the root so they don't grow back as quickly, and it's easy to use. Just hold it against your face and turn the handles.

This Self-Cleaning Brush Saves You From Touching Your Own Hair

via: Amazon

Once hair is no longer attached to your head, it instantly becomes disgusting. This self-cleaning brush lets you remove the hair without ever having to touch it, so maybe you'll actually clean it at regular intervals.

Reach Your Back (Finally) With This Lotion Applicator

via: Amazon / Henry P

Avoid the awkwardness of having someone apply sunscreen on your back and just do it yourself with this long-handled lotion applicator.

Always Be Prepared With This Multi Tool Clip

via: Amazon

This crazy practical hair clip has about 1,000 other functions (okay seven, but still!). Wear it in your hair and be ready for any cutting, measuring, or screw tightening emergencies your day might throw at you.

Stop Detergent Spills With This Tidy Cup

via: Amazon

Someone finally figured out a way to keep detergent from getting literally everywhere. Attach this Tidy Cup in seconds to catch detergent drips. So simple and yet so practical.

This Smart Phone Mount Sticks Anywhere

via: Amazon

This magnetic smart phone mount works for Apple and Android devices, though the three colors match iPhone perfectly. Just attach the adhesive pad to the back of your phone or case and you can mount your phone wherever you like!

This Lightning Cable Is Also A Key Chain

via: Amazon

This keychain hides a USB port and lightning cable so you always have a way to charge your phone or transfer files, plus it will probably make you feel like a spy.

This Toothbrush Sanitizer Uses UV Light

via: Amazon

This toothbrush case kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria using UV light, so you don't have to worry about what you're putting in your mouth. The highly efficient light bulbs turn on and off automatically when a toothbrush is inserted.

You Won't Even Mind Doing Dishes With This Glass Washer

via: Amazon

This glass washer requires minimal effort and still gets your glasses cleaner than anything you've tried before. Suctions attach to the bottom of your sink to keep the device secure.

This Silicone Scrubber Is Super Sanitary

via: Amazon

Unlike normal sponges, this silicone scrubber is bacteria resistant for up to three months, so it's way more sanitary and doesn't get stinky.

Stretch Muscles You Never Knew Existed With This Finger Stretcher

via: Amazon

These finger stretching resistance bands build muscle strength in your hands, which is perfect for rock climbers or guitar players, or even people with arthritis or recovering from injury.

Finally Get An Even Finish With This Squeegie Makeup Blender

via: Amazon

One side of this flexible makeup applicator is silicone and the other is a sponge. It soaks up less makeup than traditional blenders so you save money and still get an airbrushed look.

These Nail Clippers Actually Catch The Clippings

via: Amazon

These nail clippers catch and collect the nail clippings so you neither lose them nor have to touch them. Why are there nail clippers that don't do this?

This Ultra Thin Power Bank Is Smaller Than Your Phone

via: Amazon

This tiny power bank charges your phone and is the same size as a credit card, small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet.

This Crazily Efficient Cherry Pitter Is Basically Just Pushing A Button

via: Amazon

You don't have to spit your cherry pits into a bowl like some kind of animal. Just push the button on this device for speedy pit removal that's gentle enough not to damage the fruit.

This Bag Sealer Is Rechargeable

via: Amazon

This bag sealer lets you reseal bags which, inexplicably, don't reseal themselves. It keeps your chips fresh, sticks to your fridge, and can be recharged with a USB cable. What more could you want?