37 Must-Have Gadgets for Summer

Summer is the season for outdoor hiking and camping, BBQs with friends, and relaxing days by the beach or pool. It's also the season for taking photos, reading your favorite book, and keeping cool on long hot nights, which is why I've compiled a list of the must-have gadgets you need to make the most of your summer. These items will not only enhance your lifestyle, but they're also fun and easy to use.

From this hand-bag sized portable fan to this waterproof Kindle, these are my go-to gadgets, all of which I've found on Amazon. Whether you're shopping for yourself or looking for gift ideas, here are 37 gadgets that won't disappoint!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Portable Handheld Fan to Keep Cool


When I need to keep cool on the go, this is my go-to portable handheld fan. It's perfect for having on you all day because it lasts for six to 15 hours before needing to be recharged.

So, whether you're doing outdoor activities or need to cool down at work in your office, I would highly recommend this fan. Plus, it's been ranked an Amazon's Choice product.

This Sand-Proof Water Resistant Beach Blanket That's Compact


There's nothing worse than being at the beach and your towel gets covered in damp sand, which is why I use this sand-proof water-resistant beach blanket instead.

It's super compact and sand just slides off it, so it's perfect for a summer's day by the ocean or if you're going camping.

This Survival Kit for Summer Hiking and Outdoor Adventures


I love going hiking on outdoor adventures in the summer but I always make sure to be prepared for anything. This survival kit gives me reassurance that I'm ready for anything because it's full of gadgets for the outdoors.

It includes a compass, survival knife, wire saw, emergency blanket, and a flashlight, plus way more, so you'll always feel prepared.

This Mini Foldable Fan to Fit in Your Handbag


I carry this mini foldable fan in my small handbag when I head out. It's so compact that you can even fit it in your pocket in summer.

The best part is that it lasts for 14 hours and has two-speed levels to keep you cool and it even has a flashlight feature to use when the fan isn't spinning.

This Dog Water Bottle for Summer Walking with Your Pooch


It's important for dogs to stay extra hydrated in the summer, so when I'm walking my fur child, I always take this water bottle with me.

This is my go-to dog water bottle because it never leaks due to its high-grade silica gel material. It's a 15-ounce bottle so it's perfect for being out and about with your pet.

This Watermelon Slicer Is A Must-Have for Summer Fruit Salads


Indulging in summer fruits like watermelon is one of my favorite parts of summer and this windmill cutter slicer has made my life a lot easier.

It's an awesome kitchen gadget that creates perfectly cut cubes of melon for salads and snacks that are bite-sized and easy to eat.

This Neck Cooling Towel for Hot Sweaty Workouts


Whether I'm doing yoga or going for a run, I always cool off with this neck cooling towel. Not only does this towel cool you down when you wear it around your neck, but it also has UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun when doing an outdoor workout.

All you have to do when you're finishing working out is soak it and wring it out and it's ready to use again.

This Cooling Ice Wrap to Relieve Hot Flashes


This cooling collar is made with industrial-strength plastic ice sheets and stays around your neck with its adjustable Velcro. I use it on super-hot summer days when the humidity gets too much for me.

It comes with two strips of ice cubes so you can keep one frozen and switch them over when you need to.

This Wearable Neck Fan Is a Best Seller


I found this wearable neck fan on Amazon because it's on the bestseller list, and it definitely lived up to my expectations. You simply put it around your neck, and the hands-free fan cools you down with its cool breeze.

Despite the fan blowing so close to your ears, it's fairly quiet and relaxing on a hot day.

This Popsicle Maker Set for DIY Ice Treats


Nothing says summer like the taste of sweet frozen popsicles and these high-quality silicone molds will allow you to make your own at home. I've been making a huge variety of flavors and so far, they've all been delicious.

They're easy to use and all you have to do is add fruit juice and pop them in the freezer for the ideal summer snack.

This Knife Sharpener for Summer BBQs


I always like to keep my knives well-sharpened, especially when it's BBQ season and this is my go-to gadget. I found it on Amazon for an amazing price and it's perfect for quick touch-ups on my knife set.

Plus, it's super compact so it's easy to store away when you're not using it.

These Pop-Up Mesh Food Covers for BBQ's, Parties and Picnics


When I have friends over for BBQs or we meet at the park for a picnic, I always use these pop-up mesh food covers. I find them great for protecting left-out food from insects while allowing heat to escape through the mesh cover.

I highly recommend them for al-fresco dining and avoiding flies landing on your well-thought-out meal.

This Fruit Keg Spout Kit for Cocktail Parties


If you're organizing a cocktail party, this fruit keg spout is a must-have gadget for summer. All you have to do is follow the instructions to insert the tap into the fruit – ideally a watermelon and start drinking.

It comes with a rubber ring to seal the keg so you won't have leakage.

This Cooling Vest to Keep Your Dog Comfortable in The Heat


Dogs can easily overheat in summer, so I bought my pet this cooling vest to make sure she's comfortable on hot days. There is a range of sizes to choose from, depending on how big your dog is.

The vest has three layers of cooling fabric and all you do is soak it in cool water, wring it out and put the vest on your dog!

This Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Kids


This waterproof digital action camera is a great gift idea for kids. I bought one for my niece and she loves it because she can make videos without worrying about damaging it in the water.

It's so durable and small in size, so kids can enjoy the summer and have memories to look back on in the future.

This Waterproof Kindle Is Perfect for Summer by The Pool


I love reading by the pool, but dropping my devices or Kindle in the water would be a disaster. That's why I love this waterproof Kindle, so I don't have to worry about getting it wet.

It comes in a range of colors, so you can choose your favorite look on Amazon.

This Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Amazing Sound

I enjoy having friends come over for BBQs in the summer and a good sound system out in the garden is essential for the ambiance.

I've found that these waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for summer gatherings because I can move them around easily and don't have to worry about the speaker getting wet while outside.

This Gimbal with Tripod for Effortless Filming in The Sun


Whether we like it or not, most of us film video content at least every week for our social media, and using this gimbal will give you smooth traction this summer.

There's nothing good about a shaky hand-held video and this is my go-to gimbal with a tripod for effortless and professional-looking filming.

This Lawn Sprinkler Controller for When You're Away on Vacation


Not only is this smart lawn sprinkler easy to use, but it means you can keep your garden healthy while you're away on vacation this summer. The intelligence of this gadget is unbelievable – it automatically skips days when it's already raining.

I'm a huge fan of this one because I was able to set it up in only 30 minutes.

This Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer for Grilling


Summer is the season for grilling and this BBQ meat thermometer creates the perfect meal every time. All you have to do is probe it into the meat and it'll give you an accurate temperature reading.

It's wireless, which makes it easier to use and it's been such a popular gadget that it's an Amazon's Choice product.

This Fitbit Activity Tracker Is Great for Swimming


I love tracking my workouts and I started using this Fitbit Activity Tracker because one of my friends was raving about it. I tried it out and now I'm a fan too.

You can also use it to measure your heart rate, and how you sleep. Plus, in summer you can also swim with it.

This Car Cup Cooler for Summer Road Trips


I love a summer road trip, and that's why I love this car cup cooler, to keep my beverage icy fresh. The cooling function can bring the temperature down to 33.8F, and it's made of high-quality, environmentally friendly aluminum.

It's also a great gift idea for any of your friends who have summer birthdays.

This Portable Child Potty for Traveling with Kids


When you're making a road trip with young children, it can be hard to find a toilet stop when you need it. That's why I'm a huge fan of this portable child potty.

It's great for emergency toilet breaks if you're in the car or camping with your little ones.

This Tree Hammock for Outdoor Camping Trips


I bought this camping hammock for a summer adventure and have never looked back. It's heavy-duty to survive tough outdoor conditions and is really comfortable to lay back in.

It's also pretty easy to set up, even when you're a beginner like me, and there's room for two!

This Stroller Fan to Keep Your Baby Cool


Babies can easily overheat in hot temperatures, which is why this mini fan is such a great gadget for young ones in summer.

It can clip onto your stroller and has a 360 angled head, plus three speeds to choose from. The battery lasts up to 10 hours and when you do need to recharge it's quick with a USB, so it's perfect for daily strolls.

These Beer Chiller Sticks for A Refreshing Drink


My boyfriend loves these beer chiller sticks in summer to keep his drink cool and they're great for when friends come over too.

This pack also comes with reusable football ice cubes that work wonders and are a fun gadget when the guys are watching the game.

This Outdoor Portable Speaker with Built in Light for Evenings Outside


I love using this outdoor portable wireless speaker outside on summer evenings because it has a built-in light for the perfect ambiance.

It looks just like a flaming lamp for a romantic atmosphere and it's also practical because it connects to all my Bluetooth-enabled devices up to 35ft away.

This Grilling Accessories Tool Kit for The Perfect BBQ


I gave this grilling-accessories tool kit to my boyfriend for his birthday because he loves working the BBQ and he was thrilled with it. It's a 25-piece set that has everything you need in it, from corn holders and grill tongs to heat-protective gloves.

It's an all-in-one kit for anyone who loves grilling in the summer.

These Waterproof Pouches to Protect Your Phone and Devices


I do water sports almost every day in summer, from kayaking to boating and I love taking my phone with me when I'm out all day on the water.

This waterproof phone pouch allows me to keep my device protected while I'm by the water. It comes in a pack of two so you have a spare one or you can give it to a friend!

This Outdoor Bubble Wand Is Loved by Kids


Let's face it, kids love bubbles, and this giant bubble wand is a great summer gift for any child. I gave one to my niece, and she loves it.

It'll keep kids entertained for hours outside, and it's a four-piece kit with everything you need, including the bubble concentrate.

This Herbal Aromatherapy Wrap Cools You Down and Relieves Tension


This has been one of my favorite purchases from Amazon because it truly relieves tension, while also cooling me down because I keep it in the freezer.

This herbal aromatherapy wrap sits around your neck and shoulders and releases a soothing aromatic aroma to ease stress and tension.

These Easy Release Ice Packs for Summer Drinks


This gadget is a great way to chill cocktails and other drinks because it's quick and easy to use. You simply fill the bag with juice or water and pop it in the freezer.

When you want a chilled juice, you simply crack one of the frozen sweet cubes into your cup, and voila.

This Outdoor WiFi Plug for Internet Connection in The Garden


We all love being outdoors in the summer and this WiFi plug makes the experience more enjoyable with an internet connection in the garden.

It's also compatible with Alexa for voice control and works with the most heavy-duty of electronics so your awesome sound system will be pumping.

This Audio Baby Monitor Has Long Range for When You're Outside


An optimal baby monitor is essential, especially in summer when your baby might be sleeping inside while you're out in the backyard. This audio baby monitor is a great solution because it has an extra long range to give you the freedom of being outdoors.

The range covers up to 1,000 feet.

This Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws and Nails During Summer Projects


I bought this gadget for my boyfriend and he loves it for getting stuck into a DIY project. It's a magnetic wristband that holds screws, nails, and much more for hands-on work.

It's the perfect gift idea for anyone who loves mechanical or house projects and it's kind of like a tool belt but for your wrist!

These Flashlight Gloves for Fishing or Camping


These flashlight gloves are such a handy gadget for summer activities at night – whether you're camping or fishing. The stretchy fingerless gloves are comfortable to wear and have LED lights, so you don't have to hold a flashlight.

They're great for both men and women, and I personally use mine quite a lot in summer.

This Waterproof Selfie Stick for Photos at The Beach


This is my favorite summer gadget because it allows me to take selfies at the beach or by the pool. This waterproof selfie stick is a must-have for anyone who loves photographs and social media. And that's all of us, right?

It also has an adjustable toggle and comfortable strap, so it's super easy to use.