37 More Things I Don't Own But REALLY Want on Amazon

My perfect night: an Amazon box on my door and a glass of wine waiting for me in the kitchen. Amazon has such a great selection of gifts and home decor that are stylish AND affordable. Seriously, every time I hop on that site I find dozens of stuff for my wishlist. But, I’m a girl on a budget, and some of the cool Amazon finds I really want end up staying on my wishlist, even after a few paydays.

Unfortunately, I can’t buy absolutely everything on my Amazon wishlist (sad), but maybe you’ll find your new favorite! From the chicest octopus desk decor out there to an automatic pet fountain that’ll make sure your pooch never feels thirsty again, check out these cool Amazon finds.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

Make Your Bananas A Statement With This Banana Holder

via: Amazon

Looking for a way to make your bananas into a kitchen-statement piece ~and~ looking for a way to declutter your counters. This helpful banana holder can be installed almost anywhere to help hold your bananas. Big bonus: it keeps bananas fresher much longer. By hanging up these bad boys, it keeps the airflow nice and even (like they're on a tree!) to keep them from going mushy.

A Battery Powered Salt Grinder To Save Your Hands

via: Amazon

Bored of grinding out your salt and pepper and hurting your hands? So am I. I so wish that I owned this battery powered salt grinder that switches out all that twisting with a simple button-press. It'll leave one hand open to keep cooking, and can grind salt, pepper, and herbs from coarse to fine.

A SUPER BRIGHT Potable Light So I Can Always Find My Light

via: Amazon

Sometimes the lights in hotel rooms just don't cut it. They can be super dim. I really want to buy this foldable LED light that will make sure that I can have a bright light to guide my way anywhere I am. And, if I don't need something that's 3x brighter than a typical desk lamp, I can set it at another brightness level. The USB cord makes it easy to charge it on the road, too.

A Burt's Bees Gift Set Because You Deserve It

via: Amazon

Will someone please get me this Burt's Bees gift set for my birthday? Burt's Bees is an amazing brand with moisturizing ingredients, and delicious, subtle scents. Here's what this dreamy set includes--Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Original Beeswax Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and Coconut Foot Cream. It's perfect for winter months, and for making any day into spa-day.

Fun Message Capsules As A Cute Alternative To A Text

via: Amazon

I'm always looking for a sweet alternative to sending a quick "I love you!" text, and I've got to get my hands on these cute message capsules. Here's how it works--simply write a sweet message that you think your loved one would adore and put it into a capsule. My boyfriend will love the personal touch, and the cute little smiley faces on the "pills." Seems like it's just what the doctor ordered!

A Chocolate Bar Making Kit So I can Be My Own Willy Wonka

via: Amazon

I think my nieces will ADORE this amazing chocolate-making kit that will turn me right into Willy Wonka. Just take any bar of chocolate you have lying around, and use this kit's molds, mix-ins, and designs to make up the chocolate bar of your dreams. Of course, you don't have to be a kid to love it. All you need is a sweet tooth. Idea from the comments: buy Nutella, M&Ms, and some chocolate chips.

The Most Gorgeous Set Of Cosmos Knives

via: Amazon

This dreamy set of knives is out of the world. Each super-sharp, stainless steel knife has a gorgeous non-stick image of the cosmos stamped on the side. And, I love the ergonomic shape of the blade that'll make sure I can slice comfortably. Interested in what part of space you're looking at? Check the handbook that comes with these knives to learn more about our galaxy. A lesson and a set of gorgeous knifes? Yes, please!

A Friendly Octopus To Be Your New Desk-Mate

via: Amazon

This adorable new desk-mate will be the best coworker ever. It's totally silent (no work time disturbances), and a totally chic aquatic touch. I love the gorgeous movement of the octopus' arms, and the lovely detail of the suction cups along the bottom. It's a perfect paper-weight and conversation starter, and small enough that it won't take over your whole space.

Why Settle For One Fidget Toy When I Can Have This Whole Set

via: Amazon

Fidget toys are a great way me for to stay calm and collected during the day, and manage stress. And, why should I just settle for one fidget toy? This pack of 12 fidget toys lets me match my stress-reliever to my day--with stress balls, spiky balls, a snap and click snake, and so much more. Find one that you love, and share them with your other stressed-out friends and family.

Super Realistic Electronic Candles

via: Amazon

My apartment building has a super sensitive fire alarm, and I've been on the hunt for electronic candles that skip hot wax and fire-risks and look realistic. These gorgeous ones totally fit the bill. They're super-realistic, and there's no installation involved--just slot in your batteries and you're ready to go! The remote lets you dim the light, and turn it out without walking over to switch it off.

Gorgeous Floating Shelves To Brighten Every Space

via: Amazon

Floating shelves are a lovely living room design statement, and a great way to store and display books, plants, photos, and anything else you want to show off. I so want these ones from Amazon that are chic AND affordable. The wood is a nice, rustic touch, and the reviews love how light-weight and easy to assemble they are. I'm so excited to buy it so my plants can get the light they deserve.

Chop All Those Tricky Spherical Foods With This Slicing Gadget

via: Amazon

Cutting spherical foods into slices gives me more grief than I like to admit. This handy gadget will take out all the annoyance from chopping up hard-boiled eggs and grape tomatoes. Its much more durable and precise than other wire-cutters, and reviews say it works like a breeze. It locks for easy storage, and the blades are super-sharp. Prep time will be so, so much easier with this nifty kitchen tool.

These Containers To Keep My Food Fresh

via: Amazon

I hate to throw out food so soon after purchasing it, and am always looking for ways to extend the life of my fruits, veggies, and leftovers. These Rubbermaid containers beat out traditional food storage solutions with their special ability to reduce moisture and stave off spoilage. The vents allow great circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide for an ideal produce environment. Finally! My spinach will last longer than three days.

This Plan of Attack Pad To Feel Less Overwhelmed

via: Gman/ Amazon

Sometimes--OK, a lot of the time--everything adds up and I end up getting pretty overwhelmed by all the tasks I've got to do in one day. This plan of attack pad helps me organize my thoughts, and keep everything in order. With space for the "critical tasks," the "would be nice tasks," and the "no chance tasks," I can make and reach achievable goals and stay organized.

These Candles So Home Is Everywhere You Go

via: Amazon

I've moved around a lot, and each place that I've lived carries a special place in my heart. When I make my next move, I've got to get my hands on these candles that will bring all my different homes with me wherever I go. The scents sound delicious, too! I'm so excited to light up a Florida candle and smell mangroves, Spanish moss, vanilla, and amber. Yum!

An Automatic Pet Fountain So My Pooch Is Never Thirsty

via: Katelyn/ Amazon

I hate to see my pets parched, and this automatic pet fountain will make sure that they can sip water whenever they want. There are three different flow options, so I can find the one that works best for my pooch, and the triple filtration system will make sure the water's always fresh. Plus, the fountain top looks like a daisy. How adorable is that?

Backyard Fun Is A Snap With This Bubble Blower

via: Amazon

I love to spoil my nieces and can't wait to get them this mind-blowing bubble blower. It looks like a leaf blower, but, instead of getting your yard autumn-leaf-free, it'll blow a steady stream of fun bubbles. It comes with lots of bubble solution, so I'll never have to purchase extra bubble maker. It's easy to use, easy to set up, and, most importantly, I'll be the cool aunt forever.

Handy Lid Lifters To Help Your Soup

via: Amazon

With these handy dandy kitchen helpers, I'll never need to spend tons of time watching my pots like a hawk to make sure that they don't overflow. The little silicone helpers simply slot between your pot and your pot lid, and make sure that everything boils and heats safely. Plus, they're super colorful, and just make some super cute decoration.

10X My Counter Space With This Makeup Cabinet

via: Amazon

I have a growing collection of makeup, jewelry, and scrunchies, and really, really need something like this awesome storage case that will, literally, 10x my storage. Seriously! Look at how many drawers are in there! There's more than enough space for all my things. I love the clear plastic, too, so I can see what's inside without opening everything up.

An Over-The-Door Hanger For More Space Instantly

via: Amazon

I really wish I knew about this over the door hanger in college. I really need more space for bags, coats, and scarves in my closet, and want this over the door hanger so badly! With all fourteen snag-free wooden knobs, there's so much more space to hang scarves and coats (and, like the reviews say: also baby head wraps, and necklaces). The brackets are padded so it fits comfortably, and I love the minimalist design.

Stay Chic With These Stemless Glasses

via: Pamela Moorestemwatr/ Amazon

These stemless glasses are BEYOND cool. Stemware keeps your drinks cool by making sure the warmth from your hands doesn't heat up your beverage. But, these glasses are double walled and insulated, so I can serve up delicious cool martinis. And, I can serve up frostier beverages, too, without worrying about making my hands chilly. Plus, the perfect triangle makes any beverage look beautiful, and turns any drinks from cocktail hour into awesome design statements.

Make Your Peephole Into ART With This Peephole Frame

via: Amazon

Peepholes are a boring part of the door, and I really want to fashion them into something cool and artistic. My sister (who loves the TV show Friends) sent me a link to this lovely peephole frame that turns any peephole from boring to a literal work of art, and it's a nice nod to Friends. If you recognize it as from Friends, great! If not, it just looks really cool.

Skip The Table Salt With These Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

via: Amazon

Sick of licking salt off of your hand after taking a tequila shot? Honestly, same. I saw these Himalayan salt shot glasses and now they're number #1 on my wish-list. One of the reviewers pairs these with chocolate tequila and the taste is absolutely perfect. I can't wait to try it! Also, the pink color is so pretty. They'll make the best gift, too.

Super Cozy Glow-In-The-Dark Sherpa Blanket

via: Amazon

In the winter, there's nothing I love more than snuggling with a cozy sherpa blanket. This one is super warm and toasty-looking. And, even better, it's glow in the dark. It doubles as a lovely night-light, too. I love that it comes in a couple of soft colors (pink, navy, and grey!) I can't wait to get a couple for my nieces. And, of course, one for me, too.

Get Fall-Ready With This Cozy Teddy Jacket

via: Amazon

I love the sherpa jacket trend, and this super cozy teddy coat will keep me toasty all day through apple picking, foliage peeping, and hot cider sipping. I love the oversized fit (hint from the reviews: try sizing up two sizes for the slouchy look!) And, with tons of dreamy colors to choose from, I can get one to match each outfit.

A Door Spice Rack To Keep Me Organized

via: Amazon

I need much more space in my kitchen to store my spices, and this great door spice rack will make use of ALL the space possible. I love that it keeps all my spices visible so I can find even the ones I don't use all the time. It attaches super easily, and the adjustable sizing means that I can fit spices of all shapes and sizes.

The Cutest Piggy Bank Around

via: Amazon

This super adorable piggy bank will make saving my change so much easier and more fun. When I've got an extra quarter, I just place it on the tray and a cat pops out of the strawberry box to claim the coin AND say "thank you." Honestly, I'm so excited to get this and spend hours banking my change. Plus, my purse will be so much lighter without a whole bunch of spare change.

A Bedside Pocket So Your Phone's Never Far Away

via: Amazon

My nieces sleep in bunk beds, and I've got to get them this perfect alternative to a bedside table. The adhesive tape is super sticky, and makes sure it stays nice and stuck to the wall. The basket is spacious enough for a phone, glasses, and a few extra things, without taking up too much space. Hint from the reviews: use it to keep your extra remote.

An Affordable And Chic Hanging Chair To Hang Out All Day

via: Amazon

Since I was a kid, my dream bedroom has always included a fun hammock to hang out for the whole day. Unfortunately, hanging chairs tend to come at an unaffordable premium. Not this Amazon find! The fabric is super soft, the reviews love the sturdy it is, and, at only $36 I could get one for my deck as well.

Keep My Toothpaste Dust-Free And Organized With This Dispenser

via: Amazon

I have a teeny tiny bathroom, and am always looking for a way to keep my countertops clear. I love the toothbrush holder that keeps my brush heads safe from gunk and dust, and the space-ship style dispenser that squirts out just the right amount of toothpaste every night. Plus, my boyfriend will never keep the cap off the toothpaste again.

This Ethereal LED Sparkly Tree

via: Amazon

I saw this ethereal LED sparkly tree on the Amazon gift section, and haven't been able to get its dreamy glow out of my mind since. Seriously. Look how gorgeous it is. The soft light is perfect for some atmosphere, and I love the bendable branches that'll let my style it how I want. Plus, it'll serve as an awesome mini Christmas tree.

Get An Instant Camera Upgrade With This Lens Set

via: Amazon

I love taking beautiful travel pics, but hate lugging my heavy camera around with me everywhere I go (and risk losing it!) This awesome set of lenses for your phone camera can transform my regular iPhone into a high quality camera. Here's what it includes--a fish eye lens, a wide lens, and a macro lens to get those mind blowing close-up photos.

Chic Stress-Free Wall Decor

via: Amazon

I change my style more times than I can count, and I really want to get these stress-free stick on triangles that can let me change up my wall decor whenever I want. Yeah, they'll take patience to put up, but it's so worth it to achieve I wall-look I love without any worry about putting up and taking down wallpaper.

A Watermelon Keg Maker For Instant Summer

via: Amazon

I've seen watermelon kegs more time than I can count on Instagram, and have always wanted to make one for myself. Here's how this simple keg works: cut off the bottom of your watermelon to keep it from rolling around, cut off a lid and scoop out the fruit inside (yum! A snack), insert your faucet. And voila! Time to fill up your watermelon with a tasty bevy, and get to serving. Can someone PLEASE get this for me already??

Bullet Whisky Stones To Keep My Whisky Cold, And Me Cool

via: Amazon

These fun whisky stones in the shape of bullets will make me feel like the coolest whisky-drinker around while keeping my drink nice and frosty. I love that they won't water down my whisky, and the gold-color makes them look so much pricer than they are. They're big, so the larger surface area chills your beverage super quick.

A Pocket Wine Aerator So Every Glass Is Great

via: Amazon

Sometimes when I go to my friends BBQ, I wish that the wine was just a little nicer. This wine aerator on the go is a total game changer. It fits into your pocket, and with just a press of a button, it puts lots of oxygen into the wine glass and makes the flavor delicious. Finally--nice wine wherever I go!

Fun Oil and Vinegar Dispensers To Spice Up Your Kitchen

via: Amazon

I'm not a scientist (although, I did take a science course in college)! But, you don't have to work in a lab every day to love these cool conical beakers that'll dispense just the right amount of oil and vinegar onto your salad. I love the little labels on the side, too. It's just the right amount of geek chic, and I'm here for it.