37 Premium Beauty Finds That Are 100% Worth It

Take it from someone who used to struggle when it came to doing her own makeup and hair — you can't go wrong with all the premium beauty products on Amazon that are totally affordable .most items don't cost more than $30.

And if something does happen to be more than $30? You can rest assured it's likely a salon brand, which means it's more than worth the money. In fact some of these products you can't even find in stores — you'll only be able to find them at high-end salons where the prices are marked up beyond recognition. So if you're looking to save money while upgrading your style, keep on scrolling — and why not add a few things to your cart while you're at it?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Texturizing Spray That Revives Limp Hair

Whenever my hair is just a little too greasy to go outside, I give my roots a few spritzes of this texturizing spray. It helps absorb grease while adding volume, and unlike regular dry shampoo, it won't weigh your hair down with any leftover residues. But the best part? The smell is so fresh that people will think you actually took a shower.

A Makeup Eraser That Even Works On Waterproof Mascara

I used to go to bed with a full face of makeup, but after ruining a few dozen pillows, I finally gave in and started using this makeup eraser. All you need to do is add water, and you'll instantly be able to wipe away waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, and more. And because there are zero harsh chemicals involved, it's also safe for sensitive skin.

An Affordable Heat Protectant For Flat Irons And Curling Irons

You never, ever want to use heat on your hair without a heat protectant like this one from Chi. Suitable for all types of hair, just rub a quarter-sized amount between your hands, then run them through your hair to distribute it evenly. It smells great, won't weigh your strands down, plus the formula contains natural silk, wheat, and soy proteins to help fortify limp manes.

This Heat Protectant That'll Change Your Life

Alright, I'll be straight with you — that heat protectant from Chi was what I used in high school. It's a good product that'll help tame your hair, but the heat protectant I use now that I'm 27 is this one from Oribe. While it's noticeably more expensive, my bottle has lasted me an entire year since a little goes a long way. The cassis and sandalwood oil in the formula leave your strands looking soft without any frizz, plus the added lemon peel extract is great for shine.

This Facial Spray That Moisturizes Dry Skin

The thing I like most about this facial spray from Mario Badescu is that it's light enough that it won't ruin your makeup, yet still delivers a nourishing dose of hydration to dry skin. It's safe to use on all types of skin since it's non-irritating, plus the blend of rose and aloe vera in the formula provides lightweight, soothing moisture.

Skin Too Moist? Check Out This Drying Lotion

Speaking of adding moisture to skin, in the event your skin is too moist, check out this drying lotion. It's great for annoying pimples that pop up over the course of the day — just dab it onto the blemish with your finger before bed, then rinse it off in the morning. You'll either find your pimple is completely gone, or that it's significantly flatter/smaller.

A Makeup Primer Made With 24-Karat Gold

Made with real 24-karat gold, this gel primer is a must-have for anyone looking for flawless makeup application. The hyaluronic acid in the formula helps tighten your skin while adding moisture, plus the added algae extract is chock-full of antioxidants. It absorbs quickly into your skin without any goopy residues, plus it's gentle around your eyes — truly, there's nothing to not love.

This Setting Powder For Picture-Perfect Makeup

You ever see a photo where the flash gave someone patches of white powder all over their face? Using a setting powder like this one not only helps prevent "flashback," but it also smooths foundation so that people can hardly tell you're wearing makeup. It's completely matte to help control excess facial oil, and you can grab it in three shades: buttercup, buttercup light, or no color.

A Makeup Brush Cleanser With A Light Citrus Scent

Using regular soap can leave your brushes irreparably damaged, which is why I use this cleanser. The light citrus scent isn't overpowering, and it's designed to work with both natural as well as synthetic brushes. "This works very well to get my makeup brushes completely clean, even when it's been a while between cleanings," one reviewer raved. "They are clean really quickly, and they don't stay wet after use so there's no delay between cleaning and use."

This Contour Palette With All The Shades You Need

Contouring your face is a great way to make your cheekbones pop, and this palette comes with all the shades you'll need. You also get one contour brush with each order, and you're not limited to just contouring your face — got a plunging neckline you'd like to show off? Check out a few YouTube tutorials, then add some contouring to your chest for a dramatic look.

A Set Of Makeup Brushes That Comes With Its Own Case

I know what you're thinking — "Do I really need 32 makeup brushes?" To which I'd reply, "Probably not! But you're getting 32 for just $18, whereas buying one brush by itself is at least $5, if not $8." So while you might not even use 28 out of the 32 brushes, this set is still cheaper than buying those four brushes separately. Each order also comes with a travel case, and the brushes are great for everything from eyeliner to foundation.

A Jade Roller That Helps Fight Inflammation

I always thought jade rollers were gimmicks for people who are too cheap for botox — but then I tried this one. And while I can't say it got rid of any wrinkles, it definitely does help reduce any puffiness in my face or underneath my eyes after a night of funky sleep. I like to leave mine in the fridge, as laying on the couch rolling it all over my head is a great, albeit lazy way to cool down after a long day.

A Vitamin C Serum That Can Help Get Rid Of Dark Circles

No matter whether you have dark circles, sun damage, or even dry skin, this vitamin C serum can help give your complexion a refresh. The collagen in the formula helps improve your skin's elasticity, while the hyaluronic acid is great for helping to soothe away blemishes and reduce inflammation. Simply put, this serum can really do a little bit of everything — and it's even safe for sensitive skin.

Oily Skin Is No Match For This Cleanser

If your skin leans to the oily side, or if your complexion could use some balancing, be sure to try out this facial cleanser. It's completely oil- and soap-free since it relies on zinc pidolate to get rid of grease, plus it won't go too far — if you're worried about your skin becoming flaky and chapped from over-drying, this cleanser is a great choice.

A Moisturizing Hand Cream Made With Shea Butter

Not only does it contain 20% shea butter, but this moisturizing hand cream is also formulated with honey and almond extracts to leave your skin feeling so, so soft. A little goes a long way since the texture is incredibly rich, plus it absorbs into your skin quickly. "My hands were falling apart before I bought this," one reviewer explained. "My hands feel so much better now. The red pile of ash is reforming into human hands as I write this, and I know it was the Shea Butter's white magic."

This Serum That Makes Lashes Longer And Thicker

Formulated with vitamin peptides and amino acids, this lash-enhancing serum is an affordable option for anyone wanting thicker lashes. You only need to use it for about four weeks before you start to see results, with complete results are visible after about three months. I was lucky enough to get a free sample of it, so I can personally confirm — if you have the patience, this stuff works.

This Liquid Eyeliner That Lasts All Day Long

Available in more than 10 rich shades, this liquid eyeliner has a waterproof formula that helps it stay stuck to your lids all day long. The fine tip glides over your skin without any skipping or pulling, plus the liquid dries quickly to help prevent any accidental smudges. And if you're not familiar with liquid eyeliner, don't worry — many reviewers wrote about how easy it is to apply!

This Vibrating Facial Brush That You Can Use In The Shower

Every now and then I like to give my pores an extra-deep clean with this vibrating facial brush. There are three vibration modes to choose from depending on how thorough of a cleanse you're looking for, plus each order comes with three brush heads: sensitive, deep-cleansing, and silicone. The built-in timer ensures that you scrub your face long enough to get every nook and cranny (similar to a toothbrush timer), and the waterproof exterior means you can safely use it in the shower.

Cut Down On The Time It Takes To Blow-Dry Your Hair With This Spray

Does it take forever to blow-dry your hair? Not with this spray. Just spritz it evenly overtop your damp hair, then blow dry like you normally would — not only will it detangle, smooth, and soften your strands, but it can also help reduce drying time by up to 50%. The best part? It also doubles as a heat protectant.

This Shampoo And Conditioner Set That Remove Brassy Tones From Your Hair

Bleached blonde hair can wind up with brassy or yellow tones, and in order to get rid of them it takes a purple shampoo/conditioner like the ones in this set. The bio-advanced peptide complex helps protect your hair against fading so that it stays vibrant, plus reviewers absolutely love it — "I just recently went ice-blonde, and this stuff does AMAZINGLY to keep my hair color nice and cool," one wrote. "I let it sit while I do shower things, like shave, exfoliate, dance party, etc. Then I rinse and repeat with the conditioner (more dancing and singing). By the time I'm done, I have had plenty of time, and the purple toner has done it's thang."

A Body Lotion With A Lightweight Floral Scent

You can't use the same lotion that goes on your face on the rest of your body, so make sure to pick up this lotion from L'Occitane. It's formulated with hydrating shea butter that absorbs quickly into your skin (ever walk around with slick lotion legs? It's not pleasant), and the lightweight, fruity scent is refreshing. I got it because I was tired of the usual drugstore brands, and I've gone on to buy three more bottles.

Everybody Needs A Good Flat Iron

You get what you pay for when it comes to flat irons, which is why I shelled out for this professional hair straightener instead of buying the usual $30-50 brand at the drugstore. And let me tell you, does it make a difference  — not only does it tame frizz while infusing shine, but I only need to run it over my strands once to get them pin-straight. Plus with 50 heat settings to choose from, it's also safe for all types of hair.

This Nail Top Coat That You Can Use With Or Without Polish

It doesn't matter whether your nails are painted or bare — you can still apply this top coat to add a protective shine. It dries extra-quickly so you're not stuck waiting around for your wet nails, and you only need to apply it every two days in order to help extend the life of your manicure. Unlike other top coats, you only need to apply one layer for it to be effective.

This Leave-In Conditioner That Hydrates Dry, Frizzy Hair

Just add a quarter-sized amount to your palms, rub them together, then run your hands through your hair to distribute this leave-in conditioner throughout. It's great for straight or wavy hairstyles where moisture is more important than hold, plus the formula is completely vegan as well as cruelty-free. This is one brand that only certain salons carry — you won't be able to find it in stores.

A Facial Peel Made With Hyaluronic Acid

I like to use this facial peel once or twice a week to help "reset" my complexion, no matter whether it means reducing the appearance of my pores or exfoliating away dead skin. While some reviewers said it hurts (no beauty without pain, etc.), you only need to wear it on your skin for about 1 minute before it's time to wash it off. From personal experience, I don't think it hurts at all – as someone who has the pain tolerance of a toddler, that's really saying something. And because it's made with hyaluronic acid, it won't leave your skin dry and chapped.

An Under-Eye Cream That Helps Get Rid Of Puffiness

I've always had bags underneath my eyes due to genetics, and this under-eye cream from Mario Badescu definitely helps reduce how noticeable they are. Formulated with hydrating aloe and hyaluronic acid, not only is it safe for all types of skin, but a little goes a long way — for less than $20, it's my opinion that this cream can't be beat.

This Pack Of Under-Eye Gels That Can Help Firm Up Your Skin

You only need to wear these cooling under-eye gels for about 10 minutes, and the hexapeptides in the formula can help reduce the appearance of fine lines while reducing puffiness. They also contain Icelandic glacial water that's chock-full of essential minerals to help detoxify your pores, plus many reviewers with sensitive skin reported zero irritation after use.

An All-In-One Kit With Everything You Need To Make Your Own Clay Mask

Clay masks are great for absorbing excess oil from pores, and this kit not only comes with a whole pound of clay, but you also get apple cider vinegar, a mixing bowl, as well as a scoop, brush, and tote bag. You only need to wear it once a week to see the full benefits, and one Amazon reviewer even noticed it helped control her acne — "I’ve only used it twice since receiving it Saturday and I’ve already noticed that my breakouts are decreasing, they’re not painful like they were and they’re decreasing in size."

You Can't Go Wrong With A Set Of Beauty Blenders

Made without any latex, these beauty blenders come in a ton of different shapes and sizes so that you can use them to smooth contour, shape the corners around your eyes, and more. You can use them wet or dry depending on the look you're going for, and the bright colors make them easy to clean when they're dirty.

This Toiletry Bag That Can Go The Extra Mile

What do I mean by "go the extra mile"? For starters, this toiletry bag is water-resistant so that you don't have to worry about it getting wet, plus the handles and seams are double-sewn for added durability. You can hang it up in your hotel bathroom while traveling to help save space, and the elastic bands on the inside hold your makeup brushes so that the bristles don't get crushed. Really — can any other toiletry bag "go the extra mile" and do all that? I don't think so.

These Glass Nail Files That Last Way Longer Than The Cardboard Version

Regular cardboard nail files wear themselves dull after just a few uses, whereas these glass nail files are wear-resistant. Made from premium Czech glass, they won't corrode, rust, or rot like other nail files, plus they're water-resistant so that you can clean and use them multiple times. Each order comes with five — and at less than $20, I didn't even hesitate when adding them to my cart.

These Pillow Cases That Help Prevent Frizz

Even though I'm not sure I'd qualify these satin pillow cases as beauty products, they do help prevent frizzy hair when you wake up in the morning — so in my book, they still count. They're available in more than 15 rich shades to match your sheets, and since they absorb less moisture than regular cotton, they're also great for anyone with dry, brittle strands.

This Hairbrush That Massages Your Scalp

I've owned this hairbrush for more than five years now, and it's my absolute go-to whenever I'm straightening my hair, or even detangling it in the shower. It has a slight curve to it that makes it feel like it's massaging your scalp as you run it through your hair, and I'm not exaggerating — this brush feels good enough that I've had multiple people ask me where I got it.

This Eyelash Shaper That Gets Rid Of Clumps

If your mascara leaves your eyelashes looking clumped and pointy, be sure to comb out all the blobs with this shaper tool. The eyebrow brush on the opposite end is great for making sure that all your hairs are pointing in the same direction, plus the bristles on both ends are firm so that you don't have to worry about them losing their shape over time.

This Makeup Brush That You Can Use With Liquids And Powders

If you didn't go for the entire set of makeup brushes, then this kabuki-style one will cover most of the bases for you. While you can't use it for your eyes, it's great for evenly applying foundation, setting powder, and more. The bristles are lightweight and flexible so that they glide over your skin, yet dense enough that you can still use them to buff foundation into your skin.

This Face Lotion That Helps Brighten Your Complexion

Not only is it 98.9% natural, but this brightening face cream is also made with daisy extract to help get rid of any stubborn dark spots. If you're wondering whether it really brightens your complexion, I'd say yes — my skin just looks happier after I've rubbed it in. But if that's not enough for you, 80% of women were able to see a noticeable reduction in the appearance of their dark spots after just two months of use.