37 Loungewear Pieces That Look Surprisingly Polished

Lounging in style is harder than it sounds and it's easy to get stuck in a fashion rut when your wardrobe is full of old tracksuits. I decided to overhaul my loungewear collection this year and was pleasantly surprised with how many stylish options there are online. From this fuzzy three-piece lounge set to these stylish faux fur slippers, I can confidently say that I love my loungewear wardrobe now.

My friends keep asking me where I shop for all my new pieces, but the truth is I just found them all on Amazon. So, I've compiled a list of my favorite loungewear pieces that look surprisingly polished – all of which I've found on Amazon for an affordable price. A quick warning though… you might end up buying everything on this list like I did!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Fuzzy Three-Piece Sweatsuit Lounge Set Is a New Release


This fuzzy figure-hugging loungewear set is a number one new release on Amazon and has been an on-trend look for 2021.

Not only do you get the sherpa fleece sweatsuit set, including the crop top and palazzo pants, but you also get this coat which can be worn as outerwear too. So, whether you're hanging out at home, doing yoga, or traveling, this stylish set will be the perfect ensemble.

This Short Sleeve Set Is Athleisure-Chic


This casual two-piece set is comfortable enough to wear for a workout and polished enough for traveling or going shopping.

The stretchy fabric hugs every curve for a flattering and sophisticated casual daywear look, so no wonder it's an Amazon bestseller item. Now all you need is the right pair of shoes.

This Two-Piece Casual Jogger Set That Can Be Worn Inside and Out


This lightweight two-piece set is perfect to lounge around the house in, but it's sleek enough to wear out to run errands or meet friends for coffee.

The Spandex/cotton mix means this light fabric falls over every curve with a flattering effect. Therefore, it takes you from a casual tracksuit to day-wear fashion that can be dressed up or down.

This Tie Dye Printed Sleepwear Lounge Set Is So 2021


This super comfy pajama set can also double as daily loungewear when you're at home.

Tie dye fabrics have been on trend this past year and if that's not your style, then there are loads of other designs on Amazon. This stylish set is so versatile and the best part is the affordable price tag.

These Maternity Stretchy Lounge Pants for All Moms-To-Be


If you or someone close to you is pregnant, you know how hard it is to find comfortable, yet stylish maternity pants.

Look no further, because these stretchy lounge pants will be a dream come true. The size chart fits different abdominal measurements for comfort and the light fabric means they're flattering and versatile for each season. The elegant pants come in a variety of colors on Amazon – no wonder they're a best seller.

These Pull-On Skinny Jeans Come with A Slimming Waistband


If you're looking for a pair of jeans that are stylish, slimming, and super comfortable, then these are it.

These Levi Strauss & Co. slim-fit jeans will flatter your figure while being so comfortable that you'll be wearing them around the house when you're not dressing them up with heels. They're the number-one bestseller on Amazon and are very affordable.

This Hooded Sweatsuit Set That's Surprisingly Versatile


At first glance, this patterned sweatsuit set might look like an outfit only to slouch around the house in, but it's surprisingly versatile.

The super-soft fabric and cozy hoody make this loungewear set perfect for snuggling into the sofa for a movie night, but it's stylish enough to wear when you have friends over too. There is a range of fabric patterns on Amazon, but my personal favorite is the tie-dye set.

This Ribbed Crop Top Cami and Leggings Are Casually Glam


Whether you're lounging at home, doing yoga, or another sporty activity, this ribbed two-piece set is the perfect outfit.

The stretchy, soft fabric makes them comfortable enough to sleep in, but the on-trend design means they're also stylish enough to go to your weekly yoga class. And the most attractive part of this set is the price tag on Amazon.

This Cropped Hooded Yoga Top Will Be Your Go-To Look


This compression workout top with a trendy hood I found on Amazon is the perfect look for yoga, going for a juice with friends after class, or just lounging at home.

The stretchy fabric makes it a really comfortable workout top and the compression layer makes it extra flattering on a curvaceous figure.

These Printed Activewear Sweatpants Aren't Just for Sports


Even though these jogger pants are listed as activewear on Amazon, I found them so soft and stretchy that I wear them as loungewear too.

They take me from my daily errands to meeting friends for coffee to lounging around home, all while looking on-trend and stylish.

This Knit Puff-Sleeve Crop Top Set Is My Lazy Sunday Style


This has become one of my all-time favorite loungewear sets because of its cute puff sleeves with cuffs and drawstring matching shorts.

The fabric is so soft that the brand offers a 30-day money-back policy on Amazon, but I doubt anyone has utilized it because it's such a comfortable and stylish outfit. It comes in loads of different colors, and with the right pair of sneakers, it's the perfect ensemble to meet friends in on a lazy Sunday.

This Loose Pajama Nightgown That Doubles as A Dress


If you prefer sleeping in a nightgown rather than a two-piece set, then this sleepwear is for you.

The breathable fabric makes it heaven to sleep in, but the design of this classic loose dress means you can also wear it around home as loungewear while still looking sophisticated. It comes in a range of styles and colors on Amazon.

This Off-The-Shoulder Tracksuit Set Is Oh So Cool


This is no regular tracksuit set, it's a two-piece ensemble that is so stylish it can be worn as loungewear as well as on casual outings.

The off-the-shoulder long sleeve top adds a little extra style, while the drawstring soft pants are perfect for either lounging or being active. My favorite color is the classic black, but there's a variety of patterns and colors to choose from on Amazon.

This Ruffle Pajama Set That Doubles as Loungewear


If you're looking for something with the extra cute factor, these ruffled drawstring shorts will do the trick.

The matching buttoned-down top makes the perfect nightwear set to look adorable while you're lounging at home or in bed. It's also a great gift for your mom, sister, daughter, or girlfriend because of its great price on Amazon and there are loads of colors to choose from.

These Cozy-Yet-Stylish Fleece House Slippers


It is possible to find snuggly slippers that are also sophisticated, as these fleece slip-ons prove.

Not only do they keep your feet incredibly warm and feel beautifully soft, but they're also a glamorous slipper that comes in a range of different colors on Amazon. No wonder they're the number one bestseller for women's slippers.

This Fleece Hooded Bathrobe Makes You Feel Like You're at A Hotel


If you've ever tried to replicate a hotel-feel in your own home, this fleece hooded robe will do the job.

You'll feel like you're in a five-star resort when you slip on this super soft fluffy robe and will look surprisingly polished, even though you've just come out of the shower.

These Spa Slide House Shoes Are a Luxurious Treat


Not only do these fuzzy faux fur slippers feel like heaven on your feet, but they look as luxurious as they feel.

My favorite color is black, because they add a bit of glamor to my loungewear outfits, while also providing comfort and warmth. If black is not your look though, they also come in gray and pink.

These Men's Fleece Pants Are Practical and Flattering


Men love to wear track pants around the house and these ones will make him feel cozy, while also looking sleek.

The tapered leg creates a slimline fit, while the fleece interior is super soft on the skin. He'll find them so versatile that he'll even want to wear them to go out.

These Cropped Sweater Pants Are Stylish Enough to Wear Out


I bought these loose-fit pants to wear around the house, but once I tried them on, they became one of my favorite outfits to wear out.

I still lounge around in them, but if I'm meeting girlfriends for coffee, I'll often pair these pants with a slim-fit top for a casual yet stylish look.

This Sweater Mini Dress Creates a Sexy Loungewear Look


Who said loungewear has to be casual? This sweater-fabric mini dress breaks all the rules, by creating a sexy ensemble for home.

Of course, you could also wear it out with ankle boots, but it's just as cozy to wear around the house while looking stylish. It comes in a range of colors on Amazon, but my favorite look is in burgundy.

This Hoodie Dress with Pockets Transcends Seasons


Whether it's fall, spring, or a cool summer night, this hoodie dress is the perfect slip-on outfit to lounge in.

The one-piece item means you don't have to worry about other pieces that will match the trendy pattern. All you need is the right pair of slippers to finish the look.

This Furry Mini Dress Can Be Dressed Up or Down


Whether you're lounging around the house or casually going out, this furry mini dress is your go-to outfit.

The fabric is so soft to wear inside, but if you match it with knee-high boots or leggings, it is transformed into a chic ensemble. I mainly wear mine at home because I love snuggling up in the oversized sweater while keeping my legs bare.

This Shapewear Cami That Is Surprisingly Flattering


It's hard to find a flattering cami that also looks sleek enough to wear as a top, but this Maidenform item does just that.

The luxurious fabric is soft on the skin while also shaping the tummy and flatters the whole figure. I found it on Amazon because it's a best-selling item, and I've never looked back.

These Ribbed Sweater Shorts Take Comfort to The Next Level


If you're looking for a comfortable pair of shorts to lounge in while also looking stylish, then look no further.

These ribbed shorts from Amazon's The Drop encompass everything you need in loungewear while being versatile enough to wear if you want to do yoga at home or even sleep in them.

This Elegant Lace Camisole Adds A Bit of Glamor to Your Loungewear


Lace is the perfect addition to a camisole to add an air of elegance, and this top does just that.

Whatever color you prefer, Amazon has it in this design, and it matches jeans or leggings or even tracksuit joggers when you're lounging around the house or with friends. And the best part is the anti-wrinkle fabric while also being as soft as satin.

This Satin Camisole Pajama Set is Heaven to Sleep In


Not only is this camisole set luxurious to sleep in, but it's so stylish that you'll want to wear it around the house all evening.

It's a best-selling pajama set on Amazon, which is no surprise because it's a gorgeous ensemble for a fantastic price.

These Pure Silk Pajamas Are the Ultimate Taste of Luxury


Pure silk is a more expensive fabric than cotton or satin, but this luxurious pajama set is worth every penny.

Whether you want to spoil yourself, or are looking for gift ideas, this two-piece set is great for both. The set also comes with a wash bag and gift box, so if you are buying for someone else, the beautiful packaging is already included.

These High Waisted Leggings are More Than Just Yoga Pants


I'm one of those women who can always find a reason to wear leggings, and these are my favorite ones on Amazon.

The cool and soft leggings are so comfortable that I lounge in them almost daily, and they can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. Plus, they're extremely flattering because of their tummy control feature.

These Cotton Sweatpants Are Surprisingly Sleek


Sweatpants have a reputation for being extremely casual, but with the right pair, they can end up looking very polished.

These joggers on Amazon are the latter and have a comfortable drawstring closure to clinch in the waistline. Whether you're doing yoga, working from home, or just chilling out, these will be your go-to pants.

This Long Nightgown Doubles as A Summer Slip


This soft and stretchy cotton/Spandex slip doubles as both a nightgown and summer dress.

It's perfect for warm summer evenings around the house or when paired with the right sandals, becomes a casual ensemble. There are three kinds of hems to choose from on Amazon, so you can pick your own style.

This Loose Fit Tee Flatters Your Curves


Finding the right T-shirt that is both comfortable, flattering, and versatile enough to dress up and down can be hard.

This light-weight tee is my go-to for everyday casual elegance though because it's not too tight under the arms, hangs well over my curves, and is very affordable. I usually wear mine with a pair of black leggings.

This V Neck Romper Is Effortlessly Casual Yet Glamorous


The thing I love about rompers is that you don't need to worry about finishing off the outfit – because it is the outfit.

This loose yet fashionable one-piece clinches in at the waist with a drawstring and is perfect for chilling out at home, traveling in, or running errands.

This Kimono-Style Cardigan Is Anything but Basic


Who doesn't love an oversized cardigan to snuggle into on a cool evening?

This one will do just the trick, while still looking stylish over a pair of leggings, jeans, or shorts. The cable knit style is very on-trend and there is a range of colors on Amazon.

These Lounge Pants Are a Pajama Essential


These Amazon Essentials pants are lightweight, stylishly lounge-worthy, and super soft on the skin.

They'll become your favorite pajama pants as soon as you slip them on, but they're also trendy enough to wear around the house when you're not in bed too.

These Men's Linen Pants Are a European Fashion Classic


Linen pants on men are a classic European style that Americans have embraced too.

There's nothing more comfortable than relaxed-fit pants in pure cotton, to be worn when lounging in style. I bought these on Amazon for my boyfriend and he adopted the Euro-look right away.

This Men's Pajama Shorts Set Is Silky Soft


Finding the right super soft sleep set for men isn't easy, but this two-piece set from Amazon is just the right look and feel.

The V-neck T-Shirt and drawstring shorts are such a great look that my boyfriend wears them all day around the house too when he doesn't go out.

These Tapered Men's Sweatpants Exude Style


These slim-fit men's sweatpants are the exact right combination of style and comfort.

Not only are they cut to flatter his figure, but they have convenient zipper pockets to carry his wallet if he needs to go out. But he'll be so comfortable in these pants that he'll probably be lounging all day. And the best part is their affordable price tag on Amazon.