Working from home gives me mixed emotions; happy for the obvious reason that I am at home with my family working at flexible hours and sad because the list of household chores seems never ending. I am a homemaker and I love to look after the cleaning of my house to give it that freshly cleaned look. Sounds like an impossible task, right? I can assure you I have some help in achieving clean look. So without much ado, I wanted to share with you my list of magical home gadgets that transformed my routine and helped me cut the time I invest in keeping the house relatively tidy the whole week through.
I have also included some gadgets that help me cut time in the kitchen. This vegetable slicer that helps me slice and cook faster than ever. And other helpful items that I have added to my home office like these hem incense sticks which infuse the air with calming lavender and help me maintain my cool when the internet link fails me. Now, I know this is technically not a gadget but I cannot live without my dark roast coffee beans which are a kick starter for me every morning when I feel like I am not quite awake yet. I hope you find something on here which also saves you time, money and some sanity. Enjoy!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Vegetable Food Chopper Is A Head Chef In Itself


Cutting and chopping take most of the time in the kitchen. When I started using this vegetable chopper and slicer it reduced my prep time and helps me ensure my meals stay healthy. It even chops hard veggies like carrots and nothing gets stuck in between. What a time-saver.

This Five Blade Utensil Will Mash, Mix, Blend And Smash


This contraption is built for breaking up minced meat. However, I have used this kitchen utensil for mashing potatoes, cake mixture and mixing fruits. I don't have to struggle with spoons in the mixing bowl anymore. This masher is not only satisfying to use but is also my savior when my meal prep requires some muscle.

Store Your Food In Air-Flow Containers To Keep Them Fresh For Longer


Literally, these storage containers are the best thing I've got this year. I store all my fruit and vegetables in them when I get home from the store and they keep their freshness throughout the week. This means we are enjoying every bit of freshness with our meals. No moisture, no spoilage! They have reduced our household food wasted and definitely saved me money.

These Hair Claw Clips Tie Up Your Hair Stylishly With Zero Fuss


These clips are my go to's for every time I don't have time to style my hair and need to do a stylish up do without fussy. I keep one in my car, handbag and the shower to hold my hair in place. They neither slip out nor tangle my hair and I simply love using them as a time saver when I need to get my hair up and away from my face.

This Spiral Slicer Makes Salads And Vege Pasta With No Fuss In Seconds


Having a vegetable slicer is one thing and getting five different shapes of chopped veggies is completely a new world for me. I prefer eating a bowl of vegetable salad in the afternoon during my virtual meetings, and this slicer has made my job just so much easier. When I'm watching my carb intake in the evening I use zucchini as a pasta substitute and this gadget whips it up in seconds.

This Pooper Scooper Is A Must-Have For Pets' Poop Pick Up


Picking up my dog's poop is a task for me. We have five dogs and the back garden is full of surprises. We got this amazing pooper scooper to clean up after them with ease. As bending down every time you find a treat can be super uncomfortable. The bin rotates and you attach the bag so the poop gets scooped up in a flash. So much better!

This Can Rack Organizes Your Pantry and Easy Access in an Instant


This perfectly designed can organizer not only gives your pantry a facelift it will stop you from spending a minute trying to find a can of that coconut cream stored right at the back. This can rack is super efficient in keeping all my cans ready to go: no mess, no fuss. I can also see everything I have easily when I am doing the food shopping list.

This Microfibre Spray Mop Is So Much More Efficient Than A Normal Mop


This guy is a whizz for your floors. Mopping the floors have never been easier for me. This microfiber spray mop allows me to cut through the dirt on my floors and the best part is that the pad has two sides so I can get through the whole lounge and kitchen area without having to change the pad. Then I simply put it in the washer and it's read to reuse. A home gadget which is also environmentally friendly is always a bonus for me.

This Hand Cream Will Transform Your Super Dry Sanitized Hands

Using sanitizer and washing hands regularly have left my hands with that tight feeling when they get dry. The creases in my hands are now cracking from so much alcohol on my hands. So I had to find a heavy duty cream that not only smelt divine but was heavy duty enough to repair my hands. This almond and milk hand cream will literally work miracles on your dry hands.

These Multi-Use Hot Pads Will Save Your Kitchen Surfaces From Damage


I have felt the pain of burning my countertop when I accidentally put, what I thought was not that hot, pan on the counter. And it was that day and today that I tracked down these multi-utilitarian hot pads for protecting my surfaces. They are also great for keeping hot utensils, peeling garlic and opening jars.

These Lavender Incense Sticks Will Fill Your Room With The Most Amazing Scent


My home office, kitchen, bathroom and every corner of the house have these lavender incense sticks. They smell wonderful and are great to have around whenever you are doing meditation, cooking, yoga, exercise or to mask the smell of fur babies who maybe need to get to the groomers for a long-overdue bath.

This Squeegee Will Leave No Water Droplets Behind


So in an effort to save time. I have trained my family to use this squeegee on the shower door after they use it. It keeps the glass from staining with the calcium build up in the water and also cuts down on my cleaning time. It is also helpful when I need to give the windows a good clean.

These Trash Bags Don't Break And Have Drawstrings So Your Trash Doesn't Fall Out


If you are sick of buying trash bags which break on your way to the take the trash out. Look no further as these guys are super durable and they have a handy drawstring for when you need to seal the bag shut for it's journey to your trash can.

These Ring Spun Cotton Dish Towels Feel So Soft To Touch

I need my dish towels to perform. I love these because they are super absorbent and also are made from ring spun cotton which means they are soft to the touch. They also come in a variety of colors to suit every decor. I have also stopped using paper towel to cut down on the cost of buying them because we were just overusing them on jobs these washable ones can easily do but better.

This USB Hub Is Perfect For A Busy Home or Your WFH Desk


I have one of these in my kitchen so everyone can charge their phones without World War Three breaking out. I have also got one on my WFH desk as the USB Splitter enables easy charging of my MacBook, Bluetooth speaker and phones all at once. The best part is that it also cuts down on the clutter because of it's slick design. That is what they call a win-win.

These Microfibre Sheet Sets Have Over 200K Positive Reviews on Amazon

These microfibre sheets are on every bed in my house. I'm obsessed. Not only is the price point perfect for the quality. These bed sheets are the most popular light-weight sheets on the Amazon platform amazing a ridiculous cult following of over 200K plus positive reviews. The patterns are modern and fresh so you don't have to compromise on style.

This Beverage Can Dispenser With A Stackable And Slim Design To Save Space


Nothing upsets me more than boxes of soda ripped apart with random cans rolling all over the floor. I sorted out my soup cans and I didn't stop at the soda either. This beverage can organizer is sturdy and easily stackable and the genius is that once you take a can out the next one comes forward automatically. I'm smiling on the inside at how genius this is.

This Food Thermometer Will Ensure You Don't Give The Family Salmonella


I once gave my family salmonella because I didn't cook some chicken right through. This cooking food thermometer takes the temperature reading any meat or fish I'm cooking for the family. The accurate reading ensures that I'm cooking food right through and I have found it brings me more compliments at the dinner table. My husband loves it for BBQ'ing meat as well.

These Handy Clips Are Designed for Use Outdoors No Matter the Temperature


I installed some amazing lights in my garden which I wanted to hang with an effortless look. I managed this successfully with the help of these outdoor clips. They did a fantastic job; I was literally impressed. Now the lights are held up in a sturdy position and there is no risk of even seeing them falling down. And they have survived both the summer heat and the extreme winter.

This Toilet Bowl Brush Has A Gorgeous Design


I like having antique pieces for my bathroom and when I found this toilet brush matching my curtains, I was simply delighted. It cleans the bowl perfectly, has no rust on the hand, and powers effectively through cleaning the bowl.

These Silicone Reusable Bags Are Ace for Food Storage And Cut Your Plastic Use


These silicone bags are great because I am always looking for ways to reduce single use solutions in our house. I love them because they are effective at storing in the freezer cut up bananas, strawberries and mangoes for smoothies. I even store pre-made meals in them for whenever the kids want to grab something healthy to reheat. They simply pick a bag and heat the meal up with ease.

This Griddle Prepares Delicious Food Quickly


I really love this griddle to the frying pan for cooking pancakes and heating up delicious panini's. It is certainly a healthier way to cook but this griddle does it all for me. He is my all-in-one buddy and I love that the cooking plates are removable so it is so easy to clean afterwards.

This Rotating Oven Is Perfect For Pizza Parties


We have Friday night pizza nights at our house. We have found that making pizza at home is a healthier option but we all really enjoy the process of tailor making our own pizzas so we get exactly what we want as toppings. Once we are done picking our toppings we pop them under this pizza oven that bakes from both top and bottom surfaces.

These Bamboo Toaster Tongs Are A Must-Have For Your Fingers


Every member of my family burns their fingers while taking out the bread slices from the toaster. That was until I bought the house these bamboo toaster tongs. They are made from eco-friendly material and also have multi-uses particularly during the busy breakfast period when we are preparing everything from pancakes to bacon slices.

Put On Your Rings On These Adorable Jewelry Holders


Now I just don't lose my rings. These ring holders are perfect for my bathroom, bedroom and my WFH desk, where I tend to take off my rings off at points during the day. I have even gifted it to my friends and they simply loved the adorable design.

This Meal Planning Notepad Will Keep You Organized for Your Food Shopping


This What To Eat notepad allows me to plan the weekly meals ahead of time and I never get stuck buying more than I need when at the store which ultimately helps me save money. Planning meals for a family is not easy and does require a lot of though if you have to be efficient with money. I plan everything on Saturday night and put it up on the fridge so the family knows what we are eating. Even though I will be asked a thousand times a day. "What's for dinner?".

With Over 24K Positive Reviews My Morning Coffee Routine Needs This Milk Frother


Morning coffee taste so much more delicious after using this milk frother. It mixes the milk with efficency and froths it like a professional barista. This guy does an amazing job for the price tag of $20 and over 24K positive reviewers also agree with me.

These Plant Food Spikes Keep Your Green Friends Thriving


I love having orchids in my home office and when I realized that the growth or flowering has stagnated, I thought of using these food spikes. Brilliant results, I am just so amazed to see my orchids flowering and blooming with this super easy solution.

This Chic Lined Notebook Is Durable And Stylish


This is my go to notebook because it's perfect for note taking during meetings and creating my to do lists. Some people prefer computer note taking but for me I find I won't forget a thing if I write it down. This size is also super portable and easy to fit in your handbag. People often compliment me on it's chic and slick design, therefore they must assume it's expensive, but rest assured it's at the right price point.

Clean Your House With This iRobot Vacuum With 38K Positive Reviews


So this product is a huge investment right but I cannot tell you how much it has worked wonders in our house. This iRobot vacuum navigates through narrow spaces and walks over the carpets smoothly to clean effectively. I used to have to clean the wooden floors more regularly but this amazing gadget gives us clean floors for longer. Absolutely amazing. If you don't believe me then check out the 38K plus positive reviewers who have had the same experience as me.

Keep The Kids Connected With These Durable Easy To Use Walkie Talkies

I recently bought these for my nephews who love to play outdoor activities and especially enjoy camping and hiking. These walkie talkies are super efficient and provide a bit of fun for the kids when they are outdoors and using their imaginations.

Write With These Stylus Pens For Easy And Precision


I have now befriended stylus pens to use during my video calls for explaining anything by writing. These pens help me write clearly, easily and smoothly on any of the touch screen devices. I am so glad I have it in my arsenal of accessories.

Kick Start Your Day With Some Horse Power With These Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Start your day right with this amazing Kicking Horse dark roast coffee. With over 10K positive reviews on Amazon these blends taste super velvety and now my go to bean to start my day right. I love a dark roast myself and it needs to be strong like European coffee but Kicking Horse make a variety of blends from light to medium which suit all tastes.

Attend Zoom Calls Looking Like A Model With This HD Webcam


I start my day with virtual meetings and end my day by video calling my family members living abroad. One thing that has enhanced my appearance, apart from the handy Zoom filter, is none other than this HD webcam. It is super easy to mount on your monitor screen for no fuss installation. No need to thank me.

This Travel Mug Is Essential For My Coffee On-The-Go

Travel mugs are a must-have in the house and this one is my favorite. It is well designed for carrying both hot and cold beverages, taking a sip of them all day long happily. I have my favorite color already, what about you?

These Mr Magic Cleaning Sheets Clean Heavily Soiled Surfaces In An Instant


I sparingly use these little wonders but what they are perfect for is if you have a heavily soiled surface that has some tough to remove stains or build up. These cleaning sheets are ok to use in the refrigerator, burnt spots on the gas stove, counter tops and even walls. I never experienced such effective cleaning results with such a tiny product. Extremely effective. And 9K positive reviews also agree.

This Touchless Soap Dispenser Must Be In Every Home During A Pandemic


At the beginning of Covid-19, I installed this touchless soap dispenser in our kitchen and bathrooms because I wanted something that the multiple hands using it wouldn't spread germs. I feel confident we have a more hygienic way to clean hands at a busy sink.