37 Inventions That'll Make You Want to Clean Everything. You. Own.

Whenever I post a selfie from inside my car, people don't compliment my cuteness; they ask, "How is your car so clean?!" I get asked for cleaning tips all the time thanks to my obsessively clean house, car, you-name-it. The bad news is, my biggest tip is to clean your space daily (sorry; there's no escaping this truth!). The good news is, there are lots of genius products that will save time and trouble while you clean.

This bathroom scrubber is not only a bestseller, but a tub and tile cleaning miracle! Got pet hair problems? ChomChom is the solution. Don't think I've forgotten the small details; you're going to want this hairbrush tool and shoe cleaning kit, too. Read on for even more inventions that will inspire you to clean!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Sonic Scrubber Is Like an Electric Toothbrush for Your Sink

via: Amazon

My mom used to save old toothbrushes for tricky cleaning jobs like kitchen faucets and sinks. The Sonic Scrubber is kind of the same idea, only WAY BETTER. The high-speed oscillating brush tackles built-up grime with the push of a button. Batteries included!

This Screen Cleaner Kit Vanishes Dust and Fingerprints

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Let's face it--your screens are dusty. If you have kids (or a Cheetoh-eating partner), those screens are downright filthy. Invest in this screen cleaning kit that works out to just 1 cent per spray, and you'll enjoy years of clean screens worthy of staring at.

This ToiletWand Is the Least-Gross Way to Clean Your Super-Gross Toilet

via: Amazon / Whitney

This ToiletWand by Clorox is an ingenious cleaning invention. The handle is short enough that you can stow it in a cabinet so you don't have to look at a toilet brush in the corner all the time. Then, just attach a pre-treated cleaning sponge to the handle, scrub the bowl, then dispose of the sponge. So easy, so effective!

This Window Blind Cleaner Has One Job and Does It Brilliantly

via: Amazon / Kelly

If you've ever tried to dust blinds or vents, you know how tricky and time-consuming it can be. This window blind cleaner is a true innovation that makes this particular cleaning job much easier. Try it on car vents, air conditioner intakes, and shutters, too!

This Retainer and Bite Guard Cleaner Dissolves Bacteria and Stains from Oral Appliances

via: Amazon / Lavian

Half the people I know have a retainer, Invisalign, night guard, or some other oral appliance. I'm here to tell you that rinsing or an occasional spritz of mouthwash is not enough to clean that thing. Instead, get these retainer cleaning tablets that truly clean and freshen mouth appliances.

This Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaner Makes Shoes Look New Again

via: Amazon

Protect your shoe investment and look sharper by cleaning your kicks on the regular! The Pink Miracle Shoe Cleaning Kit includes a brush and super-concentrated formula made with saddle soap, oils, and conditioners specially formulated to safely clean most shoes (including sneakers, canvas, suede, and leather).

This Power Scrubber Is Perfect for the Lazy Among Us

via: Amazon

For those of you who want a cleaning shortcut (or to encourage your partner to help more through gadget-bribery), I can heartily recommend this Power Scrubber. It's affordable, weirdly fun to use, and actually really effective on sinks, grout, and other grimy spots.

This Scouring Brick Gets Your Grill Ready for Barbecue Season

via: Amazon

Faster than a brush, more effective than a scraper, this Scouring Brick is the best way to clean barbecue grills, oven racks, and other steel or iron utensils. It looks and acts similar to pumice,  but the brick is actually made of specially-treated glass! It rubs away grease, grime, and bacteria, leaving a clean and hygienic cooking surface.

This Magnetic Window Cleaner Cleans Exterior Windows (With No Ladder-Climbing Required!)

Perfect for windows on upper stories, the magnetic window cleaner helps you safely and effectively clean both sides of windows at once. Five-star reviewers say that it's "well designed" and "definitely worth the purchase."

This Brush Spinner Cleans and Dries Makeup Brushes

via: Amazon / Andres Hernandez

Born as a Kickstarter project, the Luxe Brush Spinner is a new (and more effective) take on cleaning makeup brushes. Fill the spinner with water and soap, dunk in a brush, then activate the spinner to wash, rinse, and dry. Reviewers say it "works like a freaking charm" and is the "best product I've purchased in a while."

This Cleaning Gel Dissolves Mold and Mildew With No Scrubbing

via: Amazon

Highly effective in bathrooms, this cleaning gel kills mold and mildew with no scrubbing required. Simply apply a thin layer of gel, wait a few hours, then rinse clean with warm water.

These Moso Bags Purify Air and Eliminate Odors With the Natural Power of Charcoal

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Don't cover up odors with perfumey-sprays; eliminate them with odor- and moisture-absorbing Moso Bags. Each bag contains natural charcoal derived from bamboo, and lasts up to two years. Use in closets, bathrooms, storage spaces, and else anywhere you need to reduce moisture and odors.

This Easy-Off Spray Banishes Grime From Ovens, Grills, Pans

via: Amazon / / Nate Raymond / Judi

Fume-free and glove-free! This Easy-Off Spray is the ideal choice for cleaning your oven, metal racks, barbecue grill, and baking pans. Five-star reviewers call it "awesome," "witchcraft," and a "grease smackdown!"

This Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator Uses Enzymes to Eliminate Protein-Based Stains and Smells

via: Amazon / Melissa / AZ

If you have a pet, you need this stain and odor eliminator. Chlorine-free and safe for pets and kids, this spray uses enzymes to break down the stains and stink left behind by your beloved pets' pee and poop. One very satisfied reviewer says, "I have a worse cat pee problem than all of you combined and this was the only - the ONLY - product that worked."

This Magic Cleaning Sponge Makes It Possible to Coexist With Children

via: Amazon

When my daughter drew a smiley face on the wall, I was able to smile back because I knew my trusty Magic Cleaning Sponge could handle it. Sure enough, a few swipes was all it took to erase the stain. Stock up on these miracle-workers now.

This Krud Kutter Is Like a Cleaning Spray on Steroids

via: Amazon / Kathleen B

Degreaser, stain-fighter, and grime-buster, the Krud Kutter Spray is ready to take on the nastiest, most stubborn messes in your home. Amazon customers swear by it for bathtubs, gutters, vinyl floors, smoke damage, grout, and the list goes on and on.

This Cleaning Gel Lifts Dust and Crumbs Out of Keyboards

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Lemon-scented and super-sticky, this cleaning gel is the easiest and most effective way to clean computer keyboards, cameras, car vents, and any other device with nooks and crannies. One five-star reviewer says, "This stuff works and I highly recommend!"

This Jetted Bathtub Cleaner Removes Mold, Bacteria, and Grime from Spa Tubs

via: Amazon / Momof2greatboys

Clean your jetted tub or Jacuzzi where it counts: inside the jets and pipes where you can't scrub. This cleaning solution is low-foaming, has a mild scent, and works in less than 15 minutes.

This Hairbrush Cleaning Tool Snags Every Last Tangle From Your Brush

via: Amazon

Much more effective than just using your hands (which has always been my method), this hairbrush cleaning tool is specially designed to clean every last hair out of your brushes. Can also be used on vacuum cleaner brushes that get tangled up with hair.

This Gutter Getter Make Short Work of a Dirty Job

via: Amazon

Clearing the muck out of house gutters is no picnic, but the Gutter Getter makes it a whole lot easier. One five-star reviewer says, "If you have gutters and haven't checked them, they are likely caked with debris and you will need this to get them cleared out."

This FuRemover Broom Picks Up Pet Hair Like Magic

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A must-have for every pet owner, the FuRemover Broom removes pet hair from carpet, rugs, hardwood, and tile better than any other tool The secret is the 100% natural rubber, which attracts pet hair like a magnet. Cleaning up after your furry friend has never been easier!

This Deep Clean Brush Set Tackles a Bunch of Cleaning Jobs Around the House

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Affordable and versatile, this deep cleaning brush set consists of two small brushes designed to take on a wide variety of cleaning jobs. They're perfectly sized for scrubbing around bathroom fixtures, grout, shower door tracks, and other tight spots.

This Bestselling Scrubber Is Like a Power Tool for Your Bathroom

via: Amazon / MsMonica

Cleaning the bathroom will never be your favorite chore, but you can make it more fun (and faster!) by using this bestselling power scrubber. You need your own cordless drill to start with, then attach one of these brush heads for impressive scrubbing speed and power.

This Bottle Brush Means You Can Finally Clean Water Bottles and Travel Mugs

via: Amazon

If your current method of cleaning water bottles and other narrow containers is to swish with water and hope for the best, then it's high time you order a proper bottle brush like this one. The curved head, flexible bristles, and long handle mean you can easily clean even the narrowest of bottles.

This Dishwasher Booster Removes Residue and Leaves Dishes Cleaner

via: Amazon / G22

Got hard water build-up on your dishes? Then you need LemiShine Dishwasher Booster. Add a little bit to every wash cycle (in addition to your regular detergent) to break down minerals that hard water leaves behind. Dishes come out cleaner, clearer, and with a sparkle!

This MudBuster Cleans Your Doggo's Paws Way Better Than Just a Towel

via: Amazon / Daniel H

You can have a dog, or you have clean floors. It's hard to have both...unless you get a MudBuster paw cleaner! This ingenious product lets you safely and quickly clean muddy paws after every outdoor romp. Reviewers call it an "amazing product" that's "worth every penny."

This CarGuys Super Cleaner Makes Your Car Look New Again

via: Amazon

This Super Cleaner is truly a multi-purpose spray. Use it on upholstery, fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, bird poop, grease, tree sap, metals, and wood trim. Amazon customers call it "simply amazing" and say that "the results speak for themselves."

This Chainmail Scrubber Goes Heavy Metal on the Toughest Baked-On Grime

via: Amazon / Dickers

Baked-on grease, burnt cheese, and other cooking disasters are no match for this chainmail scrubber. The all-metal scrubber is much more durable than other types of cleaning tools including steel wool. Customers highly recommend it for cast iron pans and other hard-to-clean items.

This High-Traffic Doormat Traps a Pound of Dirt

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Keep your house cleaner by installing a better doormat at every entrance. This ingenious design traps and holds a pound of dirt, and is easily cleaned by spraying with a garden hose.

This Drain Snake Cleans the Hairy Clogs Out of Sinks and Showers

Affordable and oh-so-satisfying, these drain clog removers are a must-have, especially if you or your roomie has long hair. The flexible plastic snake has clever little barbs that hook all the soap-scummy tangles of hair and muck. You're left with cleaner pipes that drain faster.

The ChomChom Rolls Away Pet Hair With No Sticky Tapes or Batteries

via: Amazon / Stephanie

Eco-friendly and highly effective, the ChomChom Pet Hair Roller makes it a lot easier to clean up dog or cat fur from your home or car. The secret is a specially made, tightly-woven brush that attracts hair, and a receptacle that stores it. When finished, just empty the chamber and it's ready to use again!

This Coffee Grinder Brush Is Specially Designed to Maximize Performance (So You Get Better Tasting Coffee!)

via: Amazon / madeline audrey

If you're the type of person who grinds your own beans, you obviously prefer a superior tasting cup of coffee. So don't let last week's grounds make today's brew taste stale. Affordable and well-constructed from wood and natural fiber bristles, this coffee grinder brush is simply the best way to keep your grinder clean.

This Drinking Straw Brush Kit Cleans Reusable Straws

via: Amazon

If you've switched to reusable drinking straws, then I have two things to say. (1) The sea turtles and I thank you. (2) You need to clean those things properly or else...yuck. Get this straw brush kit and you won't have to worry about bacteria or grime backing up in your reusable straws!

This Fuginator Seriously De-Fugs the Nastiest Spots in the Bathroom

via: Amazon / Chandra

Tackle grout, shower door tracks, baseboards, and other tricky spots with the Fuginator Scrub Brush. Amazon customers love that the super-stiff bristles can take on even the toughest of scrubbing jobs. One five-star reviewer says, "This brush's VERY stiff bristles blew right through the grease. Excellent product."

These Coffee Machine Cleaning Packets Clear Residue for Better Tasting Coffee

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Think your coffee pot is clean? Try these cleaning packets for a true test. Simply brew a pot of coffee using the single-use packet of nontoxic, odorless cleaning powder. It breaks down limescale and lingering coffee residue to leave your machine and carafe sparkling clean. The result? Much fresher-tasting coffee!

This Air Purifier Removes 99% of Allergens, Dust, and Dander

via: Amazon / Patricia Schultz

Quiet, affordable, and compact enough for desks or bedside tables, this ionic HEPA purifier cleans air, reduces odors, and eliminates 99% of dust, dander, and allergens. Five-star reviewers say, "I'm very impressed with this machine" and "You hardly know it's there, but it's made a massive difference in my room. Easy to open, easy to operate."