37 Inventions That'll Make Your Car Vastly Better

The automobile may be the single most important invention since the wheel, which coincidentally also appears on most automobiles. It’s the thing we use to get around, to get to work, to the store, to soccer practice, and to our sister’s place in Bumbleflip, Texas. It’s our second home (or third home, if you’re one of THOSE folks) and as such it deserves all the pimping we can give it.

Fortunately, Amazon has our car-loving backs with the latest hacks, lighting tracks, and odor-eating sacks that not-too-much-money can buy. Here is a modest list of 37 of the finest inventions your ride could ask for, from a mobile Alexa that will actually let your ride ask you for stuff, to a portable espresso maker for those caffeine emergencies that crop up when you’re on the go-go-go.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

For Anyone Who Has Ever Dropped Their Phone Between The Seats Comes The Car Seat Gap Filler.

Fishing for your dropped phone while hurtling down the interstate at 65 mph because it was giving you directions is the definition of a waking nightmare. You know you’re going to miss your exit, have to travel 20 miles up the highway to turn around, and then even when you find it it will have a petrified french fry embedded in the charge port. No more with the simple but effective Drop Stop gap filler. It does what it says. On the down side, you’ll not be able to harvest Taco Bell change from underneath your seats anymore.

Want A Backup Camera, Plus HD Front And Rear Recording But Don’t Want To Pay For The $5K Tech Package?

This sweet little deal covers all the camera bases with a monitor/mirror that slides over your existing rearview to give you full HD viewing and recording from the front and rear of your car. Makes backing up a breeze, and the recording capability comes in handy for everything from traffic court to car theft to capturing the moment that UFO vacuumed up all those cows from that field right there. DID YOU SEE THAT? Yes. Because you recorded it and posted it to YouTube.

With All The Stuff They Cram Into Cars These Days You’d Think There’d Be More Hooks.

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Not as high-tech as the crazy mirror camera thingie, these handy headrest hooks are no less important to the overall usefulness of your car. They slip right onto the headrest poles and even fold in when not in use to keep that sleek aesthetic you love about your interior. Perfect for purses, umbrellas, grocery bags and anything else with a hangy spot that you don’t want on your floor. No pets, please.

Pets, Please. This Car Seat Cover Was Made With Fido In Mind.

Yes, we all love our pets. But we don’t love what they do to our cars’ beautiful upholstery. This Doggie World seat cover installs quickly and easily to give your pet a worry-free post-walk car zone. Keeps water, mud, claws, and… other stuff Rover might have on his paws off of the Corinthian leather in your Maserati. Or the cloth in your Kia. Whatever. When soiled, simply put it in the washing machine. Preferably someone else’s.

This Scan Tool Can Save You Trips To The Mechanic As Well As The Stress Of Wondering If Your Car Is About To Explode.

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This unassuming little tool plugs right into your car’s Whatsitcalled port and reads the onboard computer’s error codes. Using the associated app you can then check the status of the error and even clear the Check Engine light. You can also have alerts sent to your phone for scheduled maintenance like tune-ups or oil changes. Like having a mechanic in your pocket, but way less weird.

Never Let Mr. Cuervo Sneak Up On You Again With This Personal Breathalyzer.

DOT and NHTSA approved, the BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer boasts professional-grade accuracy for those times when you have to be confident in your sobriety. Like, any time you consider getting behind the wheel of a 2-ton mobile WMD. Super easy to use and hyper-accurate to the third decimal place, this tool is a little pricier than most things in this list, but considering the stakes it’s well worth it. Fun at parties, and you might just save a life.

Add A Futuristic HUD To Your Ride And Keep Your Eyes Up Here Where They Belong.

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Sure Knight Rider was awful, but KITT was the bomb. He probably didn’t even have one of these Heads Up Displays because that car drove itself, but your car doesn’t. Yet. Choose what information you want displayed on your lower windshield, such as speed or travel miles, as well as get alerts when you’re going too fast or your car is overheating. One more way to increase your safety factor by keeping your eyes where they belong: on the road.

Your Office Just Became Mobile With This 150W Power Inverter.

Boasting 4 USB ports with varying amp ratings, plus a three-prong outlet for things like laptops, the MoKo power inverter fits right into a cupholder of your choosing. The built-in cooling fan keeps things from getting too heated, and it’s even got a slot for keeping credit cards or driver’s licenses. Now there’s no excuse not to take that work to the beach. I mean, other than your boss’ preference for having you in the office. Jerk.

Travel In Comfort With All Your Junk Secure And Dry In This Rooftop Cargo Bag.

Road trips are a blast. Unless they’re not. Make sure they are by keeping things inside the car tidy and spacious. This waterproof rooftop cargo bag allows you to keep 15-20 cubic feet of luggage, toys, souvenirs, or whatever out of your way and but still out of the elements. Just don’t forget to leave space for Aunt Edna up there.

Yes, This Alexa Device Can Turn Your Not-Quite-Smart Car Into A Genius.

Get directions, play music, listen to Audible audio books, shop, or just have a weird conversation with Alexa with this smart car charger from the folks at Anker. Dual high-speed charging ports round out the features on this nifty little gadget that plugs into your car’s lighter port to give you the convenience of a high-end automobile in whatever car you find yourself in. As long as it’s got a lighter port, of course.

Never Fail To Fulfil Your Caffeine Cravings With This Portable Espresso Maker In Your Arsenal.

Who hasn’t needed a jolt of caffeine on a long road trip? Something to get the juices flowing and the wheels turning again? Next time you’re hunting for the nearest service station’s cup of swill, don’t. Just pull over and make yourself a mean cup with the Nanopresso portable espresso machine, which actually outperforms most home espresso machines and looks cool doing it.

This Seatback Organizer Will Make You Appear To Have Your Shiznit Together.

There’s nothing like a nicely organized space to make you feel like you’re adulting. Well, this classic leather number will organize the heck out of your heretofore hopelessly cluttered automobile. With spots for small tablets, cellphones, bottles, facial tissues, umbrellas and more you can really up your game and impress your friends, all while kicking the class-factor up a notch in whatever ride you’re stylin’ in these days.

Take That Show On The Road With This Steering Wheel Desktop.

Great for getting ahead on that project while waiting in the school pickup line, this steering wheel mounted laptop desk is a must for anyone whose car doubles as a mobile office. Also comes in pretty handy when you’re trying to eat that Chinese take-out without getting General Tso’s all over your so-and-sos or your pantyhose.

Being Prepared Isn’t Always Easy, But This First Aid Kit Checks All The Boxes.

You’ll never regret having the plethora of tools this kit affords you at your beck and call. Sure, it has bandages. Eyewash? Yep. Emergency blanket? Of course. But it also has a fire starter rod, a paracord, a compass and a wire saw. So even if you were never really on top of things in the past this truly amazing kit will make you look like a freakin’ boy scout the next time things get hairy. Bonus for weaklings: it all weighs in at only a pound.

These Are Not Your Father’s Flares.

Remember the old roadside flares that looked like a stick of dynamite and would only work if you spoke really nicely to them? Those are not these. This emergency kit packs three battery powered LED beacon discs into a small zipper bag for easy storage and access. Non-scratch magnetic backing allows deployment directly onto your car, or set them in the road to create a safety perimeter. This is a must-have 5-star product you should have in every vehicle you own. Comes with a bonus seat belt cutting tool.

This Is The Only Phone Mount You’ll Ever Need In Your Car.

The one touch lock release on this swivel mount allows you to attach it to any suitable surface in a flash. The oversized cradle is suitable for virtually every phone on the market, and the telescoping rotating arm makes it easy to position your device exactly where you want it for optimal viewing and access.

So Your Next Car Will Be A Tesla, But You Want Clean Air Now?

It’s not Bioweapon Defense Mode, but it’s the next best thing for those of us who admire Teslas from afar. After all, even us plebeians deserve air clean of pollen, pollutants, and putrefaction, and the Enoch Car Air Purifier delivers it. Through some sort of witchcraft (or negative ionization), this little baby puts the Oh! back in your oxygen. And it comes complete with - you guessed it - two USB power/charge ports for your convenience.

Give Your Ride A Hint Of Luxury With This Stunning Leather Steering Wheel Cover.

So you won’t be jet-setting this weekend with some undeservedly famous Insta-whoever, but your hands will be caressing this sleek and sporty padded leather steering wheel cover, so who cares? I used to be a skeptic about such things, but this thing really does make it easier to grip the wheel, and in the heat of summer you won’t be risking third degree burns just to zip over to the Stop N Go.

Time To Pimp That Ride With These Smart Color LED Strips.

Xzibit ain’t got nothing on you now that you’re sporting these jacked up LED strips in your ride. You can choose the color, set the mood, lose the dude, and pump some crude for that all girls road trip to Vegas, or set the lights to chill in hopes that little child will go TF to sleep back there already. The possibilities are endless, as long as they rely on a change of color inside your car. The remote control makes changing your mind and your colors quick and easy, and you can even set the lights to pulse in time to your jams.

Shine On With This Waterless Wash And Wax For The Whole Car.

Great for detailing or for broad cleaning, this wonder product can be used on paint, wheels, windows… basically everything you need to polish up to impress that date, your mother-in-law, your Uber passengers, or whoever. Or maybe you just like your car baby to look nice and feel loved. If so, this is the stuff for you. Cleans bird poop, brake dust and everything in between.

For The Perfectionist, This All-In-One ArmorAll Kit Has A Lot Of “A"s.

As in, A+ for cleaning and detailing every square inch of the interior and exterior of your vehicular pride and joy. Sure, you could just do the wash and wax like most folks, but that would make your car feel like most folks’ cars, and that’s unacceptable. Your car is a primadonna, a diva, a prince among cars, and you’re dang sure going to clean and protect it like one. So do it with the able-bodied assistance of this all-inclusive kit of ArmorAll goodies and top it off with one of the included air fresheners, you stinky thing.

Finally A “Trunk Organizer" That’s Not Just Code For A Diet.

Tired of hearing about how organized everyone else’s “trunks" are? And you’re like, well, your rear looks pretty good, but I don’t know if it’s ALL THAT. Well, now you can have a spiffy back end as well, with this Patent Pending (!) organizer. It’s got all the goodies you expect, like tie-down straps, mesh sides, slots for larger items, as well as rigid plates to keep everything just so. Here’s one tip: this big boy ain’t just for trunks anymore. You can use it up front as well, just configure it to Front Seat Mode and you’ll be commuting in well-sorted style.

For All The Times You Wanted To Reach Into That Crevice But Didn’t Have The Guts, It's The Car Vac.

This nifty car vacuum has the attachments you need to clean those “no way am I putting my hands down there" spots in your ride. With two included HEPA filters, a metal turbine that increases suction, and an easy to use filter cleaning brush your days of just averting your eyes from the mountains of debris and accumulated Cheezit dust are over.

This Ain’t No Ordinary Window Sun Shade.

It’s an eco-friendly, breeze facilitating, sunblocking, one-size fits most slip on window covering for the whole family. Just slide it over the open door until the window is covered, and close the door. Boom. That’s it. Now you’ve got a private screened porch in your backseat. Blocks harmful UV rays, allows breeze in and out, keeps flying pests at bay, and functions as window tinting to keep prying eyes from your valuables - both animate and inanimate.

In The Wetter Months Your Car Is Like A Gym Locker Without These Bamboo Thingies.

Bamboo charcoal, to be exact, will pull moisture, allergens. bacteria and stink out of the air, wrap them up in microscopic dumpling-shaped ion clusters, and ship them to the nearest panda colony free of charge. None of that last part is accurate, but it does get rid of all that junk, and who really cares how it does it as long as it’s bio-friendly and non-toxic, both of which these things are. Buy a bunch. They keep running out. Seriously.

Keep Rover From Roving In Your Car With This Doggie Seatbelt.

We all love taking the dog for a drive. He’s so happy to have his face and jowls flapping in the breeze, and… now he’s on your lap, trying to drive the frickin’ car. NO! Bad dog. Well, that hurts his feelings, and isn’t really fair. If you were a dog you’d want to drive too. Save his feelings and perhaps much more than that by having him properly secured with a seatbelt designed just for dogs. He’ll still have a blast, but won’t be causing any accidents. When you get to your destination, simply unhook the belt and it doubles as a leash. Doggone, that’s neat.

Never Take Another Trip Without This Portable Air Compressor.

In the Old Days when one had a tire that was low on air we would just pull into the nearest service station and fill that bad boy up. For free. Then some opportunistic folks decided to start charging a quarter for the privilege. Okay. It’s only a quarter. I guess I’ll pass on the candy bar in favor of making my car safer. Now, it’s like a dollar plus your firstborn. Well, screw those guys. Make your own dang air with this awesomely powerful but compact compressor. Set it to the PSI you desire and it shuts off automatically. Also works on bike tires, basketballs, and your ego - anything that needs inflated. Bonus emergency LED light helps you see what TF you’re doing.

No More Screwing With 50 Feet Of Cables With This Portable Jump Starter.

Mom always said you had to have jumper cables in your trunk. She was right. Get stranded someplace dumb in the middle of the night once and you learned that lesson. But jumper cables are large, greasy (after the first use), and inefficient. Get the same benefits in a tidy little package with this 600a booster and always have a backup USB device charger at the ready to boot. For some reason the LCD screen also boasts a compass. Just in case you get dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a jump starter, I guess.

Stay On The Right Side Of The Law With This Hands Free Bluetooth Kit.

You shouldn’t be on the phone while you drive, and many states are making that official via legislation. But if you need to use the phone, the safest way to do so is via a hands-free bluetooth setup. Your slightly older or not exactly top of the line ride does not have this feature, you say? Fret no more. Hook up with this aftermarket upgrade and make and receive calls via voice activation, stream high quality tunes, and get a taste of the Jetsons life you’ve been missing.

This Seat Cushion Is Your Back’s (And Your Backside’s) New Best Friend.

In these fun new unpredictable climate times a midwestern spring day can gift you with freezing buns and a sweaty back all in one glorious effed up day. Woohoo! Well, take back control of your posterior comfort with this way cool (get it?) seat cushion. The cooling mode has four fans and three cooling options, while the heat is delivered through two separate pads to your back and your buns and has two levels of toasty warmness to choose from.

So It’s Not Just Your Buns You’d Like Cooled, You Say? Enter The Car Fridge.

This Chefman Mini Fridge has a four liter capacity (in Americanese, that’s space for a six pack) and it’s cute AF. No freon means it’s eco-friendly, and with the flick of a switch you can change it to a warming fridge instead. That would be an un-refrigerator I guess. Good for keeping your cools cool and your warms warm. And did I mention it’s cute AF?

The Perfect Place To Stash Keys, Cash, Or Your Stash, This Hitch Safe Is Brilliant.

My favorite product in this list, the HitchSafe HS7000 Key Vault hits all the right notes. It’s convenient, inconspicuous, and useful in so many ways. Keep extra keys for emergencies, or just the keys you don’t feel like taking on that hike or losing at that festival. Keep extra cash, meds, or an emergency cell phone (a small one) right there, accessible by you and only you even if your car is broken into. It’s the necessity that I didn’t realize I needed until I saw it on Amazon. Thanks, Amazon. And HitchSafe.

This Truck Tent Turns Your Truck Into An Elevated Camp In The Blink Of An Eye.

Okay, in the blink of an eye and a few minutes of setup. Probably a few blinks. Stop being such a stickler for accuracy. To anyone who has ever slept in a tent on the ground in a wind and/or rainstorm, this truck bed tent is the holy grail. No critters, no roots, rocks, or mystery bumps, and the sides of the truck bed give you a solid wall to buffer you from the elements.

These Fuzzy Dice Are The Retro Decoration Your Car’s Been Begging For.

You’ve seen them in your parents’ photo albums, in all their faded disco days glory. The Fuzzy Dice of myth and legend can now be yours for only $7. Add an air of mystery and intrigue to your wheels without the hassle of installing shag carpet. I won’t lie - these things are completely useless other than for decoration, but WHAT A DECORATION. They absolutely scream “I’M COOLER THAN YOU!" or “I THINK I’M COOLER THAN YOU!" depending on how cool you actually are. Individual results will vary.

Stay Awake On Boring Drives With This Driver Alertness System.

If you’re a trucker you’ve probably already got one of these, but if you aren’t… what are you waiting for? We’ve all been there, nodding off while driving only to have a mild coronary once you realize you’ve come out of a turn you don’t remember going into. This little lifesaver senses sleep coming on and wakes you up with an impossible to ignore tone in your ear. Not the most pleasant experience, but it beats letting Jesus take the wheel only to discover that He doesn’t know how to drive.