37 Interesting And Unique Amazon Products You Don't See Often

I love scouring Amazon for the latest and greatest products so I can find unique items you don't see often. From expandable garden hoses to solar windchimes to a self-cleaning toilet system, I've tracked down cool products that deserve much more attention. But don't worry - these have been fully vetted by thousands of glowing reviews, no lemons in this bunch!

Want a way to turn your succulents and air plants into instant wall decor, or a kitty litter mat that basically cleans itself? I've got you covered! What about a lunch bag that stores all your meal prep containers or a xylophone for your chickens that keeps everyone entertained for hours? From the practical to the off-the-wall, you'll find dozens of new-to-you products on this list that just might solve a problem you didn't know you had!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Twist Ties Organize Your Life


If you've got cable management problems, these twist ties are going to become your new best friend. But don't stop there - these little guys can organize tons of other things, too, from shoring up plant stems to bundling hair elastics so you don't lose them all over the house! They come in five lengths for all your organizing jobs, small to large.

These Silicone Lids Do It All


These silicone lids are about to become your new best friend in the kitchen. They're extremely useful, from covering your bowl or plate while you microwave, covering pots and pans while you boil or fry on the stovetop, or acting as lids so you can stack bowls in the refrigerator. You'll get a set of five various sizes for all your kitchen jobs.

This Shower Head Filters Your Water


Not only does this innovative showerhead have three blissful water settings from rainfall to massage to jet, but it also filters your water while you're under the spray! It uses multi-layer filter protection to remove excess impurities and soften hard water, giving you improved hair and skin cleanliness. And its high-pressure design gives you increased water pressure while saving up to 30% of water - smart!

This Self-Cleaning Toilet System Is A Dream Come True


Cleaning toilets has to be one of the worst chores to do around the house. Good news for you (and me!) - this self-cleaning toilet system does the dirty work for you! Powerful bleach cleaners deodorize and whiten with every flush, so your toilet stays sparkling just by using it. And each cartridge lasts up to three months, and it's super easy to pop in a replacement one.

These Shower Curtain Rings Changed My Life


We just got these shower curtain rings after seeing them on multiple must-have Amazon shopping lists, and I have to say they totally live up to the hype. Now it's so easy to remove the inner liner or the shower curtain for washing, whereas before I had to take both the liner and the curtain off if I wanted to wash one or the other. And they're super affordable for a product that makes such a big impact!

This Battery Organizer Is Genius


You probably don't think much about your battery organization, but trust - you'll want to after seeing this product. This battery organizer holds all your stuff, from AAA to 9 volts so they're not floating randomly around your house. And it includes a battery tester so you're never left with duds - genius!

These Oven Rack Guards Saved My Arms


I'm not the most careful person around, add in a little klutziness, and that all adds up to getting burned whenever I try to use the oven! But no longer, since I got these oven rack covers that protect my hands, wrists, and arms from getting singed when I get too close by accident. They're silicone, so they can stand the heat up to 450 degrees F with no chance of melting!

This Waterproof Notebook Is Great For Outdoorsy Types


My eldest is a very outdoorsy girl and she's obsessed with this waterproof notebook. You can use it in any weather condition to take notes, make sketches or just doodle if you're camping, hiking, or on a nature walk. If you're the type who gets your best ideas in the shower, keep this handy and never miss out on the next genius brainstorm!

This Star Projector Nightlight is Magical


This star projector nightlight is pure magic for kids or the young at heart! Since it can be powered by USB or a power bank, you can take it to go whether you use it in your room, for parties, or even in your car for some mood lighting! And you can rotate through various star patterns easily to keep things interesting.

This Color Changing Smart Bulb is the Ultimate Mood Lighting


How cool is this color-changing smart bulb you can control with Alexa or Google Home? It can display 16 million colors plus warm or cool white, and you can set the bulb to match natural light patterns from dawn to dusk - what?! You can also control the light from anywhere using the free app, so you can set your lights to turn on and off when you're away for extra security.

This Wall Planter Lets You Have a Garden Anywhere


If you're short on space, or just want an interesting feature as wall decor, try these wall planters. You'll get a set of two, and they come in various sizes so you can customize your space! These are great for displaying your succulent and air plant collections!

This Kitty Litter Mat Basically Clean Itself


Tired of cleaning up after kitty every time they exit the litterbox? Try this genius kitty litter pad that filters out the litter with its unique honeycomb design. All you have to do is empty the pad when it gets full, no more constant cleaning!

These Ice Packs are Just Plain Fun


We use ice packs on the daily for summer camp and school lunches for the kids, but I've never seen any as cute as these! They come in pineapple or rocketship shapes and keep their cool all day long, according to satisfied parents and kids. You'll get a set of four assorted colors so you'll always have one on hand to do double duty to soothe bumps and bruises.

This Magnetic Key Holder is a Cute Cloud

Amazon / Makenah

Want a place to keep your keys so you'll likely never lose them again? Go for this cute cloud-shaped magnetic key holder that adorably keeps your keys in one place! And don't worry about your keychain falling off - the magnets are super strong and can hold up to 220 grams of weight.

These Coasters are Beyond Cute


I'm always after the kids to use a napkin or something underneath their drinks so they don't ruin the furniture, but they rarely remember. I'm hoping with these adorable, brightly-colored fruit drink coasters they'll start remembering! You'll get a set of six, so they're great for get-togethers, pool parties, or dinner parties, too.

This Solar-Powered Windchime Changes Colors


How pretty is this solar-powered hummingbird wind chime that changes colors once the sun goes down? It gets great reviews for being bright, colorful, and very durable because it's plastic instead of glass. Just hang it in a sunny spot during the day and watch the show come nightfall!

This Veggie Chopper is a Kitchen Must-Have


No matter how many YouTube videos I watch about how to perfectly cut an onion, mine slip slides all over the place and I get uneven cuts and chunks. No more with this veggie chopping tool! It can perfectly dice onions, julienne carrots, dice potatoes, thinly slice cucumber, and much more! This is going to become one of your most reached-for kitchen tools.

This Lid Organizer Saves Your Sanity


If your Tupperware cabinet looks anything like mine, you're going to want to check this lid organizer out. It neatly and tidily keeps all your food storage lids in order so you're not scrambling to find the matching lid for a specific container, you can just grab and go. And it fits nicely into drawers or cabinets so you won't have to move heaven and earth to fit it into your space.

These Command Hook Shelves Level Up Your Decor

Amazon / Kara J

You know when you want a display shelf but don't want to put holes in the wall? Try these Command Hook Shelves that go up anywhere and stay secure thanks to 3M technology! Use a bunch to display a large collection, or just a few as extra storage in the bathroom, kitchen, or any place else you desire.

These Kitchen Scissors are So Handy


I love these handy kitchen scissors for small chopping jobs like veggies and fresh herbs. You don't even need the cutting board since these have a little "shelf" for holding whatever you're cutting! I love anything that makes meal prep go faster, and these are definitely one of my new fave kitchen tools.

This Couch Coaster Prevents Spills


If you don't have an end table or coffee table at hand, use one of these couch coasters to hold your beverage without spilling. Simply drape it over the arm of the couch and pop your drink in! This one even has a cut-out for coffee cup handles.

These Salad Dressing Containers Never Leak


Taking a salad for lunch is a healthy option, but spilling salad dressing all over your lunch bag is one of the worst food mishaps. It's nearly impossible to remove the smell and the stain lasts forever! Try these stainless steel salad dressing containers with no-leak silicone lids instead for transporting dressings, dipping sauces, or other condiments.

This Silicone Spoon Rest Keeps Kitchens Cleaner


I'm always at a loss as to where to place my cooking spoons when I'm at the stove - if I put them on the counter, then I have a mess to clean up, but if I try to balance them on the edge of the pot or pan I'm cooking in, they'll inevitably fall onto the stove, creating yet another mess. My kitchen's been so much cleaner since I started using this handy silicone spoon rest that can hold up to four spoons or ladles at a time! And the spoon rest itself couldn't be easier to clean, just rinse and go.

This Dog Doorbell is Genius


This easily-installed dog doorbell is maybe the smartest (and cutest) thing I've come across lately. It's a pain waiting outside in the cold for Fido to do his business, now you don't have to! The pup can just ring the bell when he's ready to come in. So genius.

This Double-Decker Egg Cooker is So Fast


If you want up to 12 hard or soft-boiled eggs in a jiffy, try this double-decker egg cooker that produces rapid, reliable results. It's easier than boiling water and even comes with a tray that makes a two-egg omelet! For perfect eggs in five minutes, it's well worth the affordable cost, say many satisfied reviewers.

This Meal Prep Lunch Bag Lets You Tote It All


If you're on the meal prep train, you're going to want to bring all your stuff at once so you don't have to remember to pack a lunch every day. This jumbo-sized lunch bag lets you tote three food containers plus a bunch of snacks or drinks! It's great for those working shifts or who just like to keep their meals in order while on the go.

This Cooling Mattress Pad Levels Up Your Bed


I've always been a hot sleeper, and often wake up in a puddle of sweat while my husband is cool as a cucumber beside me. I'm adding this cooling mattress pad to my cart immediately after seeing the over 9,000 glowing reviews! The Nanotex fabric technology dries 100% faster than cotton, and it's well-cushioned to make your bed even comfier.

This Glow-In-The-Dark Blanket is So Rad


Both my kids are terrified of the dark and freak out every time we lose power and their multiple nightlights go out, so I think this glow-in-the-dark blanket is going to be next on my shopping list. It comes in a couple of patterns and is sized just right for a kids' throw blanket. Heck, I wish they made these in adult sizes, they're so cool!

This Bucket Tool Holder is So Smart

Amazon / Jake Brown

This Bucket Boss tool holder is genius because you can turn any old bucket into a toolbox that goes everywhere easily. Just drape the heavy-duty canvas over the top of the bucket, then easily access all your tools instead of digging through an overstuffed toolbox! This thing's got over 6,000 stellar reviews that total five perfect stars because it's that good.

These Rug Gripper Pads Keep Rugs From Sliding


I hate when my rugs slide all over the place, but I also don't like the huge rug pads you need to put under area rugs since they get all bunched up and don't do a great job. These rug gripper pads are an amazing alternative since you just stick them to the corners of the rug, no need for a bulky pad. According to the nearly 16,000 glowing reviews, these things really work well!

This Mini Food Chopper is Great for Small Jobs

Amazon / LeoTGD

I often need to chop small amounts of foods like garlic or herbs for recipes, but my full-size food processor is useless for those jobs. This mini food chopper, however, is purpose-made just for what I need! It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but has powerful blades that do an excellent job cutting up anything from veggies to herbs to eggs for a single-serve egg salad.

This Sock Dock Keeps Pairs Together


There's a growing pile of singleton socks on my dresser, and it seems to get bigger with every load of laundry I do. What I need is this Sock Dock which conveniently keeps pairs together so they don't get eaten by the washer or dryer. You'll get a set of two sock holders, and each one can store nine pairs of socks so there's room for the whole fam's laundry!

These Acupressure Rings are a Fidgeter's Delight


Move over, fidget spinners. These acupressure rings are the new stress-buster, and they're much more discreet to use for kids in class or adults in meetings. They come in a pack of ten so you'll always have one handy when you need it!

This Expandable Garden Hose Grows Three Times Its Length


Watering the plants is an essential task around here if I want my yard to look nice, but I hate having to lug the heavy hose around then wrap it back up when I'm done using it. But this expandable garden hose makes it easy to do that chore since it shrinks down to only 17 feet then expands to 50 feet long once you turn the water on! No more unwieldy, huge hose to wrangle, just a compact, easy-to-handle size.

This Wine Bottle Chiller Ensures the Perfect Temp

Your rosé can be the perfect temp all day with this easy-to-use wine bottle chiller. Just fill with water, freeze, then pop out the round ice cubes to fill up the holder and pop your bottle in. It'll stay chilled for hours, and the chiller is easy to tote to picnics, the beach, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and more.

These Collapsible Travel Cups are Great for Camping


Yes, these collapsible travel cups are great for camping, but you can also take them to the beach or use them poolside when glass isn't a great option. I love them for the kids since they go through so many cups every day; with these, they can choose a color then stick with the same one all day and not make a ton of dirty dishes!

This Compact Power Strip Is Both Good-Looking and Functional


I'm not a fan of the bulky, beige power strips that are necessary but hideous. So instead, I have a couple of these Compact Power Strips, which not only provide plenty of charging options but also look great on my desk and nightstand. They're also conveniently sized for travel!