As people have adjusted their lifestyles and habits due to the pandemic and lockdown policies, so have their consumption of goods. Going through the bestseller lists, I came across some really cool products, such as a specialized breakfast sandwich maker. It's perfect for those of us who miss hitting the local Tim Horton's on the way to work. Or the ever-popular pimple stickers that keep pesky fingers from picking away at the skin, antsy to do something other than be stuck at home.

Another way to deal, of course, is through increasingly affordable and accessible forms of technology. There's a Shake-n-Egg in the list that's more useful than you might believe, as well as the classic Echo Dot that can act as your gateway device into smart homeownership. Regardless of what you might need, take a look and see if any of them hit your wants list. Then, treat yourself.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Ergonomic Mouse is the Perfect Addition for Anyone Working from Home


Let's face it, the pandemic is still going here and while we're closer to heading back to the office, working from home is still the norm. If you have yet to switch to an ergonomic mouse, I highly recommend making the change. This one works to encourage neutral 'handshake' wrist and arm positions, which reduces the chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. I've definitely noticed an increase in comfort and less pain in my arms.

This Egg Cooker Allows You to Make Easy Breakfasts in the Microwave


I love eggs, probably more than the average person. When I came across this on Amazon, I was pleasantly surprised by how popular it was and how high the ratings are. The device makes scrambled eggs in a way I never have the patience to do. Definitely a keeper.

These Basting Mops Let You Sauce Your Food Effectively and Efficiently


It's summer time, warm weather is steadily taking over, which means that it's officially barbecue season. Ever since I bought a silicone basting brush for the first time, I've been a convert. It's so much more effective at spreading sauces, glazes, or any other liquid than using a spoon. I bought this set of basting mops to use on the grill, for the long handles and fun, summer colours.

This Burger Press is a Nifty Device that Pairs Beautifully with Any Barbecue(r)


I love a homemade hamburger, especially now that even Canada has managed to wrangle some warm temps and allow us to grill outside. I use these burger presses to shape the patties. They're particularly great for making stuffed patties and are dishwasher friendly, making clean up a cinch.

These Reusable Filters are Awesome for Coffee and Climate


Since I started to be more selective in my choices to live in a way that was less wasteful and thinking more long term at sustainability, I've been finding more alternatives to everyday items and tools that are better for the environment. One switch I made was to these reusable coffee filters that work for drip coffee and pour overs alike. It's made of stainless steel, which is naturally antibacterial and super easy to keep clean.

These Platform Crocs are the Latest to Hit the Streetwear Walk

I really feel like we've come full circle when it comes to the trendiness of Crocs. A friend mentioned their platform Crocs to me the other day, and I was instantly intrigued. I picked up a pair off of Amazon, and let me tell you, they are so comfortable. I love the height that they give me, paired with the ease of slipping them on and off. It's 2021 and we're very excited about fashion Crocs. Who could have guessed?

These Adorable Graphic Tees for Your Dogs


My dogs are hairless, and as such, require clothing just like people. This pack of four graphic tee shirts are so adorable and great for dogs of any fur-length (or lack thereof). They're made of breathable cotton and protect my babies from the sun during the day, and give them a little coziness when it gets cooler in the evenings.

This Smart Speaker is Finding Itself in More Homes Everyday


More homes that I've been visiting, now that COVID is (hopefully) on the decline, have been transformed into smart homes. One of the most popular ones is the Echo Dot, which runs Alexa - who in turn runs your home. I use it to turn off my lights, play music, and even lock my doors; all with only my voice.

This Drain Protector is Super Popular for a Good Reason


I have a lot of hair and I also dye it pretty frequently. That means that the shower drain used to get clogged up fast and was frankly kind of gross to clean. I decided to grab a couple of these drain protectors, as they've long been popular and always have decent reviews. The way it catches hair and other debris makes it so much easier to keep the bathtub clean.

This Electric Toothbrush Makes it Oral Hygiene a Breeze


I've been loving my new electric smart toothbrush. It has five modes and a timer, and actually has made me not hate brushing my teeth as much as I used to. There are massage and polish modes and is fairly lightweight. Definitely has made me put away my old manual toothbrush.

This Dehydrator Makes Your Dried Fruit Hobby Dreams Come True


Like many others, I jumped on the sourdough bread train at the beginning of the pandemic. Now that we've officially been under lockdown for over a year, I've moved on to greater and greener pastures - specifically, fruit dehydration. I love dried fruits and I hate the cost of dried fruit. What better investment than this dehydrator that also works on veggies and meats (homemade beef jerky, anyone?). Also, most dried fruits that you buy at the market have some form of chemical used in the drying process. So this is in fact better for you.

This Electric Grill and Hotpot is the Perfect Year-Round Piece of Cookware


Growing up in an Asian household meant that having a hotpot in the house was a given. I recently decided to buy this grill and hotpot duo. It has an induction surface, making it smokeless - perfect for apartment living or anywhere that doesn't have a ventilator. I've really enjoyed making Korean BBQ at home and other delicious meals that remind me of my childhood.

This Husband Pillow is the Perfect Netflix Companion


My friend has a husband pillow, though I hesitate to use the name. I let it keep me company during a movie and wine girls' night. After that, I had to get one for myself. I chose this one from Amazon, because it comes with a back pocket for things such as the TV remote and magazines, as well as a side pocket to keep your phone in. This one also features a removable neck pillow that you can roll down for different levels of support.

These Smart Light Switches Let You Turn Off the Lights After You Get in Bed


I'm pretty sure everyone in the world, regardless of gender or age, suffers from the same ailment: getting comfortable in bed and then remembering that you still need to get the light. Mine is on the opposite side of the room, as well, so I had extra incentive to switch to a smart light switch. This one works with Alexa on your phone and comes with a timer functionality.

This Cute Kettle to Make the Best Pour Overs and Teas

Having ventured into the world of coffee, it was inevitable that I eventually find myself wading into the pool of pour over coffee brewing. This method involves pouring boiling water over a carafe, and employs a special kettle. This one had rave reviews and was cute and compact. It's made of stainless steel and comes with a rustic wooden lid.

This Specialized Pillow Gives Side Sleepers Additional Comfort


I'm one hundred percent a side sleeper and there is simply no other way that I can fall asleep. However, I also have bony knees, so coming across this specialized foam wedge pillow was a very exciting for me. It contours to my body and has alleviated some pain symptoms in my back and wrists. The pillow also comes with a 2-year guarantee, which is helpful as these sorts of things are not generally one-size-fits-all.

This Mechanical Keyboard is Best for Gamers and Typists Alike


Since I made the switch to a mechanical keyboard, I haven't looked back. It feels weird, in fact, to type on a non-mechanical one. Primarily popular with gamers, I find it more fun and stimulating to type on even just for writing and other, everyday computer tasks.

This Cooling Pillow Makes it Perfect for the Warmer Months Ahead


I'd always wanted a really good pillow as I tend to have trouble sleeping and usually wake up with a kink in my neck. I also run hot in my sleep, so finding this memory foam pillow with cooling gel to regulate temperature was really nice. It features a ventilated design and didn't come with any chemical smells. I've been sleeping much better since I started using it, so would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good pillow.

This Pet Hair Roller Keeps Your Clothes and Couches Clear of Fluff


While my dogs don't shed, the cats I live with definitely do. The amount of times I've walked into my room to see one or more of them lolling around all over my sheets and clothes has been enough that I needed to pick up one of these dedicated pet hair removal rollers. It's made de-furring my belongings very easy, and I love the self-cleaning functionality as well.

This Pour Over Carafe Makes the Best Bistro Coffees at Home


Any coffee lover worth their salt (beans?) will have a pour over carafe in their collection. Since I prefer espresso from my machine, I decided to get this carafe off of Amazon. It's affordable, stylish, and made of durable, quality glass. The slow-brew it makes is delicious and it's dishwasher safe on top of it.

These Reusable Sealed Food Storage Bags are the Environmentally Friendly Option

These reusable food storage bags are brilliant. Whether it's storing left overs or portioning my snacks and lunches for the next day, and these reusable bags have made it possible for me to do just that, whilst remaining kind to the environment.

This Smart Plug is a Great Way to Dive into Smart Home Living


I've been using these smart plugs to set timers for devices such as my lamps and humidifier. Now that the nights are getting warmer, I've also hooked up my fan, so that it doesn't end up blowing all night after I've fallen asleep and the temperatures have dropped. The plugs are able to connect to both Alexa and Google Assistant, so there's no reason not to try out a couple in your home and see if it works for you.

This Scalp Massager Gives Your Hair the Deepest Clean

I love a good head massage; it's the main reason I used to visit hair salons. Since that isn't possible at the moment, I've resorted to finding the best ways to achieve that level of relaxation at home. I purchased this silicone scalp massager that also works my shampoo in better than my fingers could. I've also used it while taking a bath or watching TV, and I like that it doesn't take a lot of hair with it as it goes.

This Vacuum Sealer is a New Way to Meal Prep and Keep Food Fresh


I've been using this vacuum sealer to freeze portions of meat and vegetables, and let me tell you, it's been a real champ at saving me space. Living with roommates means I don't have as much fridge and pantry room as I would like. Being able to vacuum seal it, instead of simply using plastic wrap or tupperware, has provided me a great solution to that. This one also works on non-food articles, such stationary, valuables, and clothing.

This Smart Remote Lets You Switch Streaming Services with Your Voice


I don't think there will ever come a time in my life when I won't lose the remote. It just isn't a realistic goal for me to work towards. That's why this voice-controlled remote now has a place in my home. Compatible with thousands of channels and popular streaming services and controlled with Alexa, it's made a huge difference in my quality of life. If only it also came with a Netflix subscription. A girl can dream.

This Set of 100 Markers from Crayola is the Perfect Companion for Your Creativity


Remember when adult colouring books first became popular? They're supposed to be great for destressing and calming the mind. It seems like that popularity is only rising, as we all try to get through this stressful time in the best ways we know how. I jumped on the colouring train too, and picked up this set of crayons. The markers are washable and have tips that let you draw thin or thick lines. I love the variety in colours and having so many also means they won't run out as fast.

This Pet Paw Cleaner Means Walks Don't Equal Dirty Paws Everywhere

The weather is warming up, and that means an increase in park time and walkies. Of course, Canadians know very well that summer being here merely signals an alternating schedule of rain and sprinklers. That and excited dogs are a combo that will leave you dealing with dirty, wet paws. This portable paw cleaner is one of my favourite little gadgets to combat that. The silicone bristles on the inside are gentle enough to scrape away dirt and debris. I can also carry it with me so that we can do the cleaning before we go back inside.

This WiFi Extender Will Make Sure No One Gets Left Out of the Signal Loop

Living in a multi-story house has taught me that WiFi range is nearly as important as the quality of the internet. After all, what's the point in having highspeed, Fibre internet if it won't reach the deepest, darkest corners of the small, second-floor bedroom? We bought a couple of these WiFi extenders, and the increase in speed was instantly noticeable. With it being a renter's market these days, sharing internet is pretty common, so it's no wonder these gadgets are popular at the moment.

This Dash Cam to Take With You on Road Trips into Nature this Summer

Though we haven't quite beat COVID up here in the Great White North, it does feel like we're approaching the beginning of the end (fingers crossed, no jinxies). One activity that has helped during this whole thing are car ride sing-alongs to nowhere, as well as driving to a nice hiking trail and getting out of the house. I decided to join the legions of buyers in getting one of these dash cams to increase safety and visibility. It features 1080p video and ultrawide angles to capture the most of a scene. Here's hoping I won't ever actually need it.

This Dungeon Master's Guide Will Improve Your D&D Play Sessions


Dungeons and Dragons has been gaining popularity steadily ever since Stranger Things made it into ... a not-so-strange thing. Anyway, I always have a lot of fun playing and recently decided to take a stab at DM'ing (that's being the storyteller/guide, to those of you less savvy). This handy guide to the latest edition of the game has been invaluable. It's taught me everything from how to invent monsters and keep players engaged through lulls. As lockdown continues, we're all looking for more fun ways to get through it together, and this is an excellent activity to do just that.

This Snowball Microphone Gives Its Bigger Counterpart a Run for its Money


While mics on headphones and earbuds are adequate for taking short calls, if you're constantly using your voice online, it's worth spending a bit on dedicated gear. I've used both the Yeti and this Snowball, which I keep at my secondary setup. I'm told the audio sounds much better and smoother, which is key for streaming, recording, and gaming. It's no wonder with everyone working from home and esports gaining notoriety that these cute, little mics are flying off the (metaphorical) shelves.

This Selfie Light Will Instantly Up Your Insta Game


Being in front of a camera every day really throws into sharp, digital relief all of your flaws; or, at least, the flaws in your room's lighting with its single bulb and occasional candlelight flicker. It also means you have to keep your socials up-to-date, and constantly walking around rooms to find the best angle of natural light was getting to be tiring. I sprang for this selfie light with a phone holder. It has different modes and my phone pics have never looked better.

This Air Fryer is Gaining Popularity as We Remain Home for Patio Season


I love my french fries and chicken wings, but I really dislike ordering it in - especially if I have the craving multiple times a week (did I say 'if'? I meant 'when'). This air fryer was one of the best cooking investments I've made possibly in my whole life. Not only is it possible to save money on fried goodies, it uses less oil and reduces the negative impacts on your health by (I'm assuming) a large amount. Talk about worth.

This Knife Set is Perfect for Cooking with the Kiddos


I still remember one of the first times I asked my parents if I could help make dinner. They let me wash the vegetables and put on an apron, but I distinctly recall wanting to do the fun part: the chopping. Of course, tiny fingers and sharp knives generally don't make the greatest combination. This kid's knife set, with three knives and a cutting board to help your children become independent, would have been great to have. At least I can gift it to my niece and watch her decide whether she'll grow up perfecting the julienne, or if she'd rather just make enough money for a personal chef.

This Indoor/Outdoor Security Cam Will Let You Sleep More Soundly


Having a little extra security is never a bad idea, in my opinion. It's especially useful if you live in a somewhat sketchy neighbourhood, like I do. I purchased this handy little security camera that captures video 25x better in low lighting and comes with free cloud storage. It's motion-activated, so sometimes it will pick up on a racoon or possum; still, better a false alarm than no alarm at all, am I right?

This Dremel Nail File Makes Grooming Your Pets at Home Easier


Another annoyance of living through a pandemic is the inability to take my dogs to the groomer's. Now, that might sound like a first-world problem (which it kind of is), but if your hands bore the claw and bite marks of an animal nine times greater than the actual size of my one dog, you might also cry at the news that groomers are a non-essential service. At some point, I decided to try this Dremel tool, which is much gentler on their nails. The process is slower but I find the low vibrations calm the dogs, and in turn, myself.

This Phone Holder for Your Bicycle Will Make All the Difference on Your Rides


I love bike rides in the summertime. There are no shortage of trails, parks, and lakes by where I live, so that's how I usually get my physical activity in warm weather. The unfortunate caveat to this is that I am terrible with directions and rely heavily on a GPS to just go to the corner shop. Before I got this phone holder for bikes, I'd have to stop and check my phone every couple minutes just to make sure I was on the right track. Having it in front of me the whole time has been life-changing, as well as freeing up my pockets for other things.