37 Ingenious Things on Amazon That Actually Make Grown Up Life Easier

I'm always on the hunt for new products to improve my life. Between my house, job, kids, and dog, I have a lot to manage! That means I need the right tools to solve problems and streamline my daily tasks. I bet you do, too. That's why today, I'm sharing 37 of my favorite products that make adult life easier!

I've got every category covered. In the kitchen, you can jump on the bread-baking craze, or try this tortilla gadget for making restaurant-style tostada bowls. Upgrade your bedroom with this headboard lamp, or baby your indoor plants with Joyful Dirt. Scroll on down to see products for every corner of your life--I bet you'll discover something you can't live without!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Bamboo Tea Box Organizes Tea Bags Beautifully

Make your daily cup of tea a more elegant experience with this bamboo tea box. It's lovely enough to display on a countertop, but also handy for tucking into a cabinet. When it's time for tea, lift the acrylic lid to access five compartments perfectly sized for teabags. As a bonus, it keeps unwrapped teabags clean and fresh.

This Bowl Scraper Doubles as a Food Chopper

I love to bake, but for some mysterious reason I went a long time without using a bowl scraper. I thought a spatula was enough. Then, someone gifted me this bowl scraper/chopper, and I have no idea how I ever lived without it! Mostly I use it to get every last drop of batter out of mixing bowls (SO much easier than with a spatula), but it's also handy for frosting cakes, slicing baked goods, and chopping veggies.

This Bread Proofing Set for Picture-Perfect Round Loaves

If you've jumped on the bread-baking wagon, it's time to upgrade with this bread proofing set. The natural rattan basket holds 1.5 pounds of dough during the proofing stage, leaving the dough with a beautiful, ringed imprint. When the dough is ready, transfer it into a Dutch oven to bake a perfect, round loaf worth bragging about.

This Car Air Freshener Eliminates Odors With No Annoying Fragrance

I have three kids and a dog, so I know a thing or two about stinky cars. Last year, my youngest spilled a milkshake in the back of the minivan, and no matter how many times I scrubbed the floor mats, it smelled bad. The only thing that helped was this air freshener. Filled with activated charcoal, it filters the air to eliminate odors, without adding any fragrance. Truly a life-changing product for parents!

This Ceramic Planter Is Just So Pretty

Indoor plants are my favorite type of home decor. They're inexpensive, add a pop of color, and freshen the look of any room. To truly elevate the style, treat your next plant to this gorgeous ceramic planter. It comes in three sizes and two colors, and looks more expensive than it is.

This Cheese Holder Keeps Grubby Hands Off Your Cheese

Next time you arrange a cheese board, add this handy gadget to encourage cleanliness! This stainless steel cheese holder is designed to hold a block of hard cheese in place while cutting a slice. It not only looks elegant, but also keeps the cheese free from contamination!

This Clip-On Pot Strainer Drains Pasta Perfectly

For years, I used a colander to drain pasta. It certainly worked well enough, but my smart friend Amanda finally convinced me to give this clip-on pot strainer a try, promising me I would love it. She was soooo right! This silicone strainer slides onto the pot and clips in place for hands-free draining. This is especially useful when I'm draining a really heavy pot that needs both hands!

This Customizable Photo Collage With Built-In Letter Board

Showcase favorite photos and create an affordable piece of wall art with this customizable photo collage. Displaying framed photos may be timeless, but this unique frame gives the look a fresh update with the trendy, built-in letter board. Use the included 144 letters to spell out the theme of the photos, an inspirational message, or an inside joke for your loved ones to appreciate. The frame comes in three finishes: white, gray, or distressed black. This would also make an amazing gift!

This Cold and Flu Drink Is Ridiculously Effective

A nasty bug can knock you off your feet for days, and when you have a lot going on in your personal and professional life (who doesn't?), it can be a serious inconvenience. Nip your next cold or flu in the bud with these drink packets. Simply combine with hot water and sip your symptoms away.

These Transparent Sticky Notes Are SUCH a Good Idea

When you're adding notes to a printed document, map, or drawing, sticky notes are handy but often obscure what you're trying to make a note about. Solve that nuisance with these transparent sticky notes. Each sticky note is sheer, so whatever's beneath shows through, letting you highlight it, draw on top of it, or add notes--while the original still shines through.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

This Dutch Oven by Amazon Basics Is an Excellent Value

For years, whenever a recipe called for a Dutch oven, I either passed or used my big stockpot and hoped for the best. But then: a pandemic led to sheltering at home, which led to more cooking, which led to finally shopping for a real Dutch oven. At first, I had sticker shock--they sure don't give these things away! Luckily, I discovered this Dutch oven by Amazon Basics at a much more affordable price. I've been using mine for a few weeks now, and I'm here to assure you that the quality is top-notch, and my recipes are turning out delicious. I love the fun colors, too!

This Flower Arranger Makes It SO EASY to Create Beautiful Bouquets

How many times have you channeled your inner Martha Stewart while buying flowers or picking blossoms, only to plop them in a vase, watch them slump to one side, and realize you're no Martha? Personally, I had just about given up on turning grocery store flowers into anything special when I learned about this flower arranging gadget. So. Simple. Yet. So. Genius. The set includes bendable wire grids in three sizes, from 4 to 6 inches in diameter. Secure one over the top of a vase, then push flower stems through the openings. The result is a flawless arrangement that shows off the flowers and looks like something that came from the florist. Take that, Martha!

This Moisturizer Specifically Made For Dry Skin

Thirsty skin is no match for this bio-complex moisturizer! The blend of squalane, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin gives it a silky feeling as it glides onto your skin, locking in moisture for hours — and a little even goes a long way. Plus, it's made without any parabens, fragrances, or sulfates.

This Glass Washer Suctions to the Sink for the Easiest Way to Hand-Wash Glasses

Where has this glass washing gadget been all my life?! This is the best method I've found to hand wash my nice wine glasses and other glassware. The scrubber suction cups to the sink to stay firmly in place while you swirl each glass in the double-brushes. Wine stains, lip prints, and residue disappear, and the glasses come out sparkling and spot-free!

This Melatonin Sends You Off To Dreamland

If you have trouble falling asleep like I do, you've probably tried everything from OTC to prescription meds. I take both, but the thing that's really helped me is this melatonin. It's gentler than most sleep aids but really does the job of getting you to sleep fast without being habit-forming.

These Grocery Cart Bags Are a Cleaner, More Efficient Option

The moment I laid eyes on these grocery cart bags, I was in love. They pull together many of my favorite things: shopping, reusable bags, cleanliness, and efficiency! The set includes two basic bags, one insulated cooler bag, and a compartmented bag with spaces for eggs and wine bottles. Your groceries never touch the cart, and frozen foods stay cool while you shop. The bags are machine washable and designed to be used hundreds of times.

This Reading Lamp Hooks Onto Headboards With No Installation Required

Elegant and practical, this headboard lamp shines light over your shoulder, just where you need it for reading in bed. No installation required! It slips over a headboard on two sturdy, coated wires. A pull cord dangles down to make it super-easy to switch on and off. Takes up to a 40-watt bulb (not included).

Show Your Houseplants Some Love With a Sprinkle of Joyful Dirt

You water your plants and point them toward the sun, but is that enough? Sprinkle some love on your leafy friends with a bottle of Joyful Dirt, a concentrated blend of organic plant food and fertilizer. It encourages new growth, revives drooping leaves, and helps plants resist disease.

This Laundry Soap Station Makes It Easier to Use Giant Detergent Bottles

If you're buying the BIG detergent bottles, you NEED this laundry soap station. The design is simple but smart, consisting of a stair-step plastic platform at a very slight angle so the bottle never needs to be lifted or tipped. Fits on top of the washer, on a shelf, or inside a cabinet.

This Magnetic Phone Holder Keeps Your Phone Handy in the Car

I've been on the prowl for a better phone dock for my car, and I've finally found it! Instead of a clunky plastic holder, this one uses sleek magnets for a low-profile solution. Attach a flat, metal plate to the back of your phone or case, then secure the magnetic base to your car's dash. Docking your phone is as easy as setting it against the magnetic base.

This Flexible Misting Stand Keeps You Cool

Picture warm summer days, lounging in your yard or patio with a fresh-water mist to keep you cool. This affordable, flexible misting stand sets up in seconds and provides a gentle mist that lowers the air's temperature by up to 20 degrees. Works with any standard 3/4-inch outdoor water faucet, and includes three misting nozzles so you can get the spray just how you want it.

This Padded Floor Chair for Comfortable Seating Options

I wish I'd had this padded floor chair when my kids were babies! Use it to sit comfortably on the floor with back support--perfect for playing with little ones, meditation, working at a low table, or video gaming. It's also handy for stadium seating and other outdoor events when you want a little extra comfort.

These Plant Clips Support Stems, Stalks, and Vines in Your Garden

If your garden is growing, you need these plant clips! Use them to gently support drooping stems, stalks, and vines so they stay upright and grow in the right direction. Home gardeners especially recommend them for climbing roses, tomato plants, and orchids.

These Produce Savers Keep Veggies and Fruit Fresher, Longer

I try to do all my grocery shopping once a week, which means I buy a lot of food at once and need it to stay fresh. That can be tricky with finicky produce like berries and lettuce, which is why I invested in this set of produce savers. The plastic containers are specially designed with a crisp tray on the bottom to keep moisture away, and the lids have vents that regulate the flow of air. Bonus: They're dishwasher-safe!

This Puzzle Mat for Easy Storage

Puzzles have made a big comeback in the age of lockdowns. They're fun to build and bring the family together, but they can get in the way before they're done. Enter this puzzle mat! The black felt surface is ideal for constructing puzzles, and you can roll it up to tuck it away when you need the table free for other activities.

These Reading Glasses Are Always There When You Need Them

Keep a pair of reading glasses close at hand with this cleverly designed pair of reading glasses on a keychain. They're ultra-thin and flexible, with no arms! Instead, they perch on the bridge of your nose, which reviewers assure is comfortable. When you're done, fold them back into the case and hang it from your keychain or tuck it in your pocket.

This Safety Cutter Opens the Dreaded Clamshell Packages

Better than an ordinary box cutter, this safety cutter is a must-have in your home (it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a spare for your office, too!). The cutter has a ceramic blade that will never rust, and the handle is magnetic and has a hole in case you want to hang it on a keychain or hook. Use it to open boxes, trim paper, and even slice into clamshell packages.

This Light Ring Makes You Look Better on Zoom

Lighting is everything when it comes to video chats. Make yourself look better and give your friends and colleagues a clearer view of your face with this light ring. Charge it up with a USB cord, then clip it onto your phone or monitor. It has three levels of brightness so you can get your desired effect. Works great for selfies, too!

This Serving Tray Is Equally Beautiful and Functional

Subtly stylish, this versatile serving tray works in a variety of places in your home. Use it to serve drinks, display small items, or as a catch-all in the bathroom or office. The modern look blends well with other decor, and it comes in eight colors.

This Petite Side Table Is Surprisingly Affordable

Need an accent table to round out your room? This small metal side table is well-designed and well-priced. The round top measures 16.9 inches in diameter, and has a raised edge to keep items safely contained. Note that it's just 16.9 inches tall as well, so it works well as a low bedside table, a plant stand, or small accent piece.

This Sourdough Bread Starter Is a Shortcut to Delicious Home-Baked Bread

It seems like everyone I know is either baking bread, talking about baking bread, or nervously feeding flour to a sourdough starter. If you want to give homemade bread a try but don't want to deal with the science experiment required to grow your own yeast, this sourdough bread starter is just the thing! It comes from Breadtopia, an Iowa-based bakery dedicated to feeding people, body and soul.

These Spice Holders Make the Most of Crowded Cabinets

Organize your spice bottles and create storage space out of thin air with these spice storage strips. The set includes three strips, each measuring 8.75 inches long, with space for four bottles. The strips can also be trimmed to fit your space if needed. Use the included adhesive to attach the strips to the inside of a cabinet door or just about any other surface.

This Supoon Is the World's Best Cooking Spoon

The makers of the Supoon claim it's the world's best cooking spoon, a claim so bold that I decided I had to try it. This silicone tool is sturdy at the tip but flexible on the sides. It includes measuring marks so you can use it add ingredients directly to the pan without dirtying another spoon. It also has a bent handle so it sits up off the counter, making one less spot I have to clean. So, yeah, I agree it's the world's best cooking spoon, or at least the best one I've tried!

This Surprise Cake Stand Pops Up a Hidden Gift!

Make your next birthday party way more special with the amazing Surprise Cake Stand. It looks like a regular white cake stand, until you turn the handle and a secret cylinder pops out of the top of the cake! Put a special gift, candy, or other fun surprise inside ahead of time to delight everyone at the party.

This Tear-By-Hand Packing Tape Is a Game Changer

There's so much to love about this product. Tear-by-hand packing tape means you don't need a clunky plastic holder. You don't have to stretch the tape with two hands and then wish you had a third hand available for cutting. Instead, you can easily tear the tape with your own hands, the way nature intended! I'm so happy I discovered Tear-By-Hand Packing Tape, and I hope you find it just as life-changing!

This Vintage-Style Tin Sign Will Be Cute in Your Kitchen (And Might Inspire Some Dirty Dancing)

Want a bit of affordable wall art for your kitchen or dining room? This vintage-style tin sign measures 13 X 10 inches and features a lovely illustration of thyme along with a cheeky caption that might remind you of that time Johnny rescued Baby from the corner. Or maybe that's just me? Anyway, this sign is super cute and I never felt this way before. I swear, it's the truth, and I owe it all to you!

This Tortilla Shaper for Making Tostadas at Home

I always order the same thing at my favorite Mexican restaurant: a vegetarian tostada. My favorite part is the crispy, edible bowl, a feat of culinary magic I never expected to be able to replicate. Until I found this tortilla shaper! The set of two nonstick pans makes it easy and fun to make your own tortilla bowls. Just coat with cooking spray, then press a 10-inch tortilla into the pan and bake until crisp. Check out the user reviews for delicious suggestions and recipe ideas!

This Turtle Statue Has a Secret Hiding Place

Why hide a spare key in a plain rock, when you can use this adorable turtle instead? Made from cast iron and measuring 6 inches long, this little turtle is sturdy, weighty, and contains a secret compartment just the right size for a house key or other small object. One 5-star reviewer says, "I love this! It’s so subtle and cute that walking up to my house you would think it’s nothing more than a decoration."

This Wrap-It Storage Strap Holds Extensions Cords and More

Every once in a while, my husband gets inspired to clean out the garage. I encourage this by providing cold drinks, compliments, and storage gadgets like the Wrap-It Storage Strap. This handy strap wraps securely around a coiled extension cord, rope, or hose to keep it neatly bundled. The strap includes a metal grommet to make it easy to hang on a hook or pegboard.

This Yeti Mug Is Over-Engineered to Keep Coffee Hot for Two Hours

I prefer my coffee hot, so I've been known to microwave the same cup multiple times. What I really need is a good-quality insulated mug, and I don't think I can do any better than this Yeti stainless steel mug with lid. The Yeti is sturdy, stylish, available in an array of fun colors, and best of all, keeps coffee really, truly hot for up to two hours. People love it for camping and boating and other outdoor pursuits, but honestly, it's just as handy for long weekday work sessions on the couch!