37 Inexpensive Inventions That Make Hard Things Look Easy

When you need to get something done right these days, there’s no shortage to the assistance available to you. From side hustlers to apps, there’s someone or something out there that can make your life easier. But if you have a DIY spirit without the full range of skills to back it up, you turn to inventions. Tons of cool products have popped up over the years that will make you look like a genius without breaking the bank.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Sleek Avocado Slicer

A few plastic and silicone tools exist to make getting into avocados much simpler, but they don’t look as good as this. The sturdy stainless steel construction will keep this gadget in your miscellaneous kitchen utensil drawer for years to come. You’ll be able to cut into an avocado without the danger of a knife, remove the pit, and scoop out the avocado in swift, professional chef movements. Users also love how well this slicer works on melons, squash, and mangoes.

These Nail Polish Stencils

People will never guess you did your nails yourself with these handy stencils. Each pack features 10 different sizes to fit around your particular nails. The stencils prevent you from getting paint all over your fingers, even when painting with your non-dominant hand! You can also secure french manicure strips and apply other nail art with less cleanup.

This Bagel Maker

Make your own bagels at home and become a breakfast hero with these helpful cones. You get six individual molds that make every step of the bagel-making process easier. The cones are a straightforward shape guideline and the tips stay cool to the touch when boiling and baking. Perforations at the bottoms strain water from the bagels and also allow for a crisper baking process. You’ll look like a bagel-creating wizard with this kit; all that’s missing is some New York tap water.

This Simple Spiralizer

Creating vegetable noodles is a breeze with this spiralizer. You’re only a few twists away from perfectly curled zoodles with this gadget. A handle attaches to the end of your vegetable of choice so you can keep your fingers safe as you twist closer to the stainless steel blade. Both the handle and body have grippy material to maintain a solid flow. No more sudden jerks to your process, just long, beautiful noodles!

This Electric Egg Cooker

Though this little machine can do a whole lot more to your eggs than boil them, that’s the feature that will impress your friends. Get perfectly soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs with the push of a button. The machine holds seven eggs and cooks them faster than you ever could by boiling them. In addition to having different color choices, you can choose how you want it to alert you: silently, with beeps, or a buzzer.

This Handbag Light Charges Your Phone

That’s right, solve two of the biggest problems on a big day or night out with one little device. This rechargeable, motion-activated light can hook onto a free loop on your bag and help you find exactly what you need in low lighting. The light also includes a 2000 mAh USB charger that can completely replenish an iPhone’s battery.

This Laundry Folding Board

Elevate your folding game and remove a little dread from laundry day with this board. Impress loved ones and Marie Kondo with a visual folding process. The different patterns on the board help you remember the order that yields perfect little shirt squares. You can also get this board in a few bright colors for an even more distinctive experience or to contrast the bulk of your shirt colors.

This Folding Cutting Board Is Also a Strainer

Speaking of folding boards, here’s a brilliant one for your kitchen. It can lay flat for all of your cutting needs and fold into a chute when adding ingredients to a pot or pan. The coolest part of this board is that it can also form a mini colander to strain out any excess water, saving you money on how much you need to pat dry without dirtying a whole colander.

This Batter Dispenser

Perfect your breakfasts and desserts with this batter dispenser. Pour your batter into the top and then squeeze the handle to release the perfect portion of batter from the bottom. Pristine pancakes, clean crepes, marvelous muffins, and more can be yours! No more rogue batter burning on tin or griddle edges, you get to enjoy all of the fruits of your labor.

These Egg-Poaching Cups

Gordon Ramsay can make poaching eggs look so easy, but anyone who’s actually attempted making them can tell you it’s no simple feat. Sure, you might get them perfectly one day, but every morning, pre-coffee? Get perfectly poached eggs with these cozy cups that can be used in boiling water, in an Instant Pot, and the microwave. They cradle the eggs to yield runny yolks and stiff whites. You can quickly remove the four cups with the included fork that slides under the handles.

This Mascara Comb

No matter how old you are, sometimes you have those days where you look like a 13 year old figuring out mascara for the first time. Enjoy clump-free days with this lash comb! It might look a bit intimidating, but it does a great job lifting and separating your lashes without adding any more product. The curved comb contours to your eye so you don’t have to worry about any twisting motions that can help your mascara ruin the rest of your makeup.

This Buildable Lens for Your Phone

Plenty of clip-on smartphone lenses exist, but this duo takes the cake. Instead of toting around other lenses, you can keep this on its wide angle lens. When you’re ready to take a macro shot, just twist off the top of the lens for breathtaking close-ups. As an added bonus, there’s a small ring light at the top of the lens with three brightness settings. Get all your friends into the selfie without a selfie stick and add a little light for a better quality photo. The light is also handy for main camera recording in dark environments!

This Brush Lays Edges

Forget toothbrushes and get a brush dedicated to helping you perfect all the swoops and swirls your edges were born to do! This affordable two-pack features ergonomic brushes that have fine-toothed combs on the other end for smoothing precision. For the price of a cheap toothbrush, you get two that were designed with your edges in mind!

This Dumpling Maker

Making anything from dumplings to empanadas can take all day, but these gizmos will shave off plenty of time. When opened flat, the bottom cuts uniform circles out of your dough. The top has a small well, so when you place your dough or wrapper on it, you can add the right amount of filling. Then, just clamp it closed for beautifully crimped edges. Three different sizes of the stainless steel press will make whatever dumpling or hand pie your heart desires.

This Winged Eyeliner Stamp

One side of your winged eyeliner always looks better than the other. Or maybe you do a great job on both sides, but they don’t match and trying to make them do so will turn you into a raccoon. Get identical wings in seconds with this two-pack of double-sided eyeliner pens. One side creates your regular liner look, while the other side holds an 8 or 10 mm stamp. Less guesswork, more glamor!

This Honest Notepad

Sometimes you need a side of tough love with your to-do lists. Anyone who has a job that throws a ton of curveballs their way will enjoy this notepad. You get to mark down how terrible the day is and separate your tasks based on their tear-out-your-hair-ability with an extra section for sudden assignments or forgotten deadlines.

This Omelet Maker

Yes, this is the third egg-making tool on this list, but not everyone is an egg-making savant! If omelets are your weakness, this griddle can help. It can hold two eggs, but if you’re heavy on the filling stick to one and you’ll have an omelet worthy of a chef’s kiss in five minutes. The narrow griddle press thrives in small kitchens and can also be stored upright, taking up even less real estate.

These De-Shedding Gloves

When shedding season strikes, no floor or piece of furniture in your home is safe. Make the grooming process easier on you and your furry friend with these gloves. Instead of brushes or combs that may frighten timid or rescued pets, these gloves are just a way to combine petting and grooming. The soft nodules can also help you get a deeper clean when giving your pet a bath. There are several sizes to choose from, so you can even get the kids in on the cleaning process.

This Drain Opener

Instead of a plunger, snakes, or chemicals, send clogs moving along with this pressurized can. The can works in the sink, shower, tub, and toilet drains to give clogs the push they need to get out of an S-bend. Whether it’s hair or something more nefarious, clogs are no match for a burst of lemon-scented air. Don’t worry, it’s completely safe for your pipes and one can yields up 15 uses!

This Brilliant Dustpan

Have your roommates or loved ones do a double take when you announce you’ve finished tidying up the floor in record time. Rubber bristles snag hair and fluff without getting them trapped in the pan brush which can also be used wet to scrub out stains like pasta sauce splatters. The other side of this brush has a squeegee edge to scoop fine debris into the pan.

This Peanut Butter Knife

You can now get every last dollop of peanut butter without switching utensils or getting your hands dirty. This uniquely shaped knife gets into all the crevices of your peanut butter jar. The curved tip scoops into the bottom grooves as well as that top curve right under the lid. Go ahead, enjoy that extra PB&J.

This Water Flosser

If you floss every day, feel free to enjoy that gold star from your dentist. For the rest of us, make the flossing experience less ominous by investing in a water pick. This inexpensive model includes seven different dental tips so the whole family can get a unique flossing experience. With 10 water pressure intensities to choose from, people with sensitive teeth or gums and those with braces can enjoy a gentler floss.

This Window Cleaner Kit

Have you ever wanted windows so clean that you can barely notice they’re there? You can have that, even big sliding glass doors without a ton of elbow grease. This flexible window cleaner extends to nearly 5 feet and bends in all the right places. The top end of the handle bends so you can scrub the tops of high windows and doors. The pivoting head includes a squeegee and a microfiber cloth so you can get 180 degrees of cleaning action.

This Magnetic Rack for Bottles

The BottleLoft installs on the top of your fridge’s interior and two strips hold six bottles by their powerful magnets. From beer to craft sodas, if it has a metal bottle cap, it can hang out in your fridge. In addition, to getting space beneath your bottles, you also limit the amount of clinking that occurs when loose bottles sit on the shelves.

This Vegetable and Onion Chopper

Knife skills, schmife skills! Get perfectly diced veggies with this specialty mandoline press. This chopper works especially well when dealing with onions or spicy peppers. The chopped onions fall straight into a container, so your eyes have less contact with the tear-inspiring chemicals released.

This Garment Steamer

Who really has the time and space to iron their finer clothes these days? Release those wrinkles with this handheld steamer! It only takes 90 seconds to heat up and then you’re ready to safely steam out any unwanted creases. The steamer is compact that you can take it with you when you travel to get any folds out of your clothes.

This Smart Power Strip

Smart power strips have tons of cool uses, but you’ll enjoy this one the most in your kitchen or living room. With four outlets and four USB ports, you can supply power to just about anything from your PS4 to your Echo Dot. You can control whatever you plug into each outlet via an app and set schedules so that everything runs without your constant supervision. Get your coffee brewing in the morning or have your entertainment system turn off while you’re at work.

This Cookie Shot Glass Tin

We’ve all seen the Pinterest photos of milk shots in chocolate chip cookie glasses and swooned. Create some of your own with this tin by coating it with cookie dough and creating a cavity with the included inserts. The cookie will bake its way to edible glass form and you’ll be the hero of any party. Keep it simple or get creative as the seasons change. Sugar cookie glasses and eggnog, anyone?

This Special Styling Tool

You deserve beachy waves without endless scrunching or overnight ordeals. This special curling iron has three settings to get you the waves you desire. Think of it as a gentler crimper that works on short or long hair to provide wavy body to your tresses that lasts all day long.

This Adjustable Blind Spot Mirror

This little mirror sticks to your side mirrors with a strong, waterproof adhesive. Unlike other mirrors that lay flat, this one can be pivoted around to get a better angle. In addition to parking like a pro, you’ll also have a wider field of vision, no matter how you orient the mirrors.

This Meatball Maker

Limit the amount of time you spend handling raw meat with this silicone helper. No more endless rolling that results in different sized (and ultimately differently cooked) meatballs. Just place your seasoned, breadcrumbed meat onto mold and press down on the lid for 32 uniformly shaped meatballs. You can still roll them if you really want to, but that hexagonal shape will round out when you cook them.

This Watermelon Slicer

What if I told you that you could get big, beautiful watermelon slices with just three cuts? Just create flat ends on the top and bottom of your watermelon then grab this tool. As you firmly push it downwards, you’ll create 12 identical slices. You could also just cut the watermelon in half if you want to double the slices. No matter what, you’re always three cuts away from chowing down.

This Burger Stuffer

It’s always fun when a burger has a secret compartment. Seal in cheese, peppers, and whatever else you can think of into the center of your burger patties with this press. This dishwasher-safe press is made of non-stick material so you always get a round burger; no random chunks left behind!

This Egg Separator

Again, eggs are hard, but this separator sure is adorable. Using suction, this silicone fish removes the yolk from the white. Other companies tend to go for more of a gross-out factor when it comes to egg separators, so this cute fish stands out. You can also get this dishwasher-safe tool in the form of a little frog or pig.

This Sushi Maker

Making your own sushi is as difficult as it is dangerous, but this small bazooka wants to change that. You place your rice and other ingredients in the open base and then, reunite the cylinder’s halves. The plunger pushes the roll out onto your laid out seaweed and you can use the included bamboo mat to tightly wrap the seaweed around your core. Now, just make sure you’ve prepped your fish well!

This Pineapple Corer

Pineapples are a serious pain. In addition to being a rare food that digests you right back (not kidding, there’s an enzyme that tries to breakdown your mouth), getting into a pineapple is cumbersome work. Use your knife less and get gorgeous spirals with this corer. Just cut off the top and then twist your way to the bottom with this tool.

This Spaghetti Measurer

Do you always make too much spaghetti or not nearly enough? Whether you’re on a diet, hate leftovers, or just need to improve your noodle to meatball ratio, this measuring tool can help. There are three sizes for men, women, and children, and then a fourth horse serving for four people or one carb-hungry person. No judgment.