37 Inexpensive Household Items to Add to Your Cart

Bargain shopping is life, there's no doubt about it. But what makes it even better is actually purchasing things that are so useful you'd have to buy them again and another to give to someone. Enter our list of inexpensive household items to add to your cart from Amazon. I find this list extra exciting because as I mentioned, I love a good bargain, and then buying an inexpensive item that I'll actually use, and use frequently, is the bee's knees.

I've used quite a few of these Amazon items and still have many somewhere in my home, either in our medicine cabinet, kitchen, car, purse, you name it. As you scroll through this list, you'll notice how many of these products are just good to have on hand. And the best part is, they are inexpensive and we made the guesswork easy for you by listing as many as we can right here.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Step Into the Future with This Plasma Arc Lighter

electric plasma lightervia Amazon

This flame-free plasma lighter is a wonderful upgrade from the traditional Bic or barbecue lighter. Simply charge the battery and get 600-800 lights on a single charge. Fun to use and futuristic — this electric plasma lighter on Amazon's secret bargain section is a great deal for under $10.

This Cetaphil Baby Wash Smells Heavenly

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This Cetaphil baby wash and shampoo are not only incredibly gentle, it smells so heavenly. It has organic calendula to soothe, moisturize and soften skin and the light scent is amazing. I continue to buy it even after my kids grew out of the baby stage because I love it so much for myself!

Shortcuts At Your Fingertips

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The older I get, the more Mac shortcuts I forget. This Mac shortcut sticker is a must-have if you want to speed up your productivity without having to Google the simplest way to complete tasks on your computer. This clear vinyl decal is created to be compatible with any MacBook Air Pro. Just Command + C and then Command + V and get it in your Amazon cart ASAP.

These Waterproof Bandages Come in a Variety of Cool Prints for Kids

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My kids seem to get scrapes and cuts on the areas that get frequent washing, like their hands, so it's near impossible to keep bandages on. Until I found these "bravery badges"! These stay on so well and are actually waterproof, so they protect the wound from moisture wonderfully.

A Pack of No-Rinse Bathing Wipes for the Gym, Camping and Children

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These Bathing Wipes are kinda brilliant. Add a splash of water to the dry wipe, and it produces a lightly-scented lather you can use to wash up. Best of all, no rinsing needed! It leaves skin clean and refreshed, with no residue.

Scale Back Your Weight

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Are you still trying to lose your COVID 19? A lot of us have dealt with weight gain over the past few months, especially since we've all spent more time indoors, likely on the couch with our hands in a giant bag of Doritos. (Hey, I'm not judging.) This smart scale won't break the bank but is packed with features like body fat monitor, BMI, muscle mass, body water, and more.

These Silicone Heel Cups Make Your Feet Feel So Good


Treat your feet to these Silicone Heel Cups to absorb pressure and prevent pain. One customer gave them five stars and wrote, "They feel strange at first, but they cushion the heel great! I've worn them at the gym, all night at work, and after only a few days, I've noticed a huge difference. My pain is almost completely gone!"

This Cortisone Cream Soothes Itchy, Irritated Skin


Muffin Amazon Customer

I can't tell you how many tubes of this Cortisone Cream I've bought from Amazon, but it's a lot! My family relies on it for relief from bug bites, rashes, and other skin problems. It banishes itchiness, soothes skin, and reduces kids' complaining.

These Stackable Jars Are Handy in the Bathroom

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I was using a glass jar to hold q-tips in the bathroom, but I knocked it over and broke it recently, I swore that my next solution would be made of nice, safe plastic. I was happy to find this set of Stackable Acrylic Jars, which are perfectly designed for q-tips and cotton pads.

Prevent Water Marks With This Shower Squeegee

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Growing up, my mom always told me to squeegee the glass shower doors every time I was finished showering, but I never understood why until I was an adult. It helps prevent hard water spots and soap scum, which keeps your shower looking clean as heck. You can also use it for wall tiles, mirrors, even your car windshield.

These Cold Therapy Packs Give a Dose of Cute Comfort for Fevers and Teething

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When my kids were little, I always kept a stack of these cute ice therapy packs in the freezer for everything from fevers, to toothaches to bumps and bruises. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief.

This Portable Handheld Fan to Keep Cool

via Amazon

When I need to keep cool on the go, this is my go-to portable handheld fan. It's perfect for having on you all day because it lasts for six to 15 hours before needing to be recharged.

So, whether you're doing outdoor activities or need to cool down at work in your office, I would highly recommend this fan. Plus, it's been ranked an Amazon's Choice product.

These Stomach Settle Drops for Gentle, Natural Tummy Relief

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Be ready for morning sickness, motion sickness, or other sources of nausea with a bag of these Stomach Settle Drops. Each individually wrapped drop includes four ingredients to fight nausea naturally: B6, ginger, lemon, and spearmint. Customers report they are "amazing for nausea and bloating" and have a "very nice honey-lemon flavor."

Let's Hear It For Heat Relief

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I'm just like my grandmother in that I enjoy a good heating pad. There's nothing like a little heat therapy at the end of a long day to just make you feel better. This extra-large heating pad from Mighty Bliss is a fan favorite with reviews raving about how comfortable it is, how thick it is and how machine washable it is. Sounds like three-for-three to me.

A Duster That Extends Really, Really Far


Able to extend out to a whopping 100 inches, this duster is a must-have for dirty fan blades — especially if it's been a few months since you've turned your fan on. The duster fibers are made from microfiber that attracts dirt, and you can even bend it to fit overtop awkward spots.

These Hair, Skin & Nails Multivitamins to Revitalize Your Glow

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Living through a global pandemic has wreaked havoc on our bodies, and one way I've revitalized my hair, skin, and nails is with this Argan Oil-infused supplement.

It's an Amazon's Choice product because it's such a great multivitamin at a great price, and it contains biotin, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid for rejuvenating results. They come in liquid soft gel form as well, so they're easy to swallow.

These Cleaning Brushes Do Your Dirty Work

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This set of five cleaning brushes will basically take care of any mess around the house and then some. You'll get a mini brush and dustpan, a 3-in-1 grout brush, and a groove cleaning brush to get into every crevice, among others. The opposite ends of most of the brushes have a handy scraper you can use for things like loosening up stuck-on food on the stove, which is so helpful.

This Multi-Charging Power Strip will Take Less Space on your Work Desk


I've recently replaced some of my power boards for these multi-charging stations. Unlike other charging boards which take a lot of space, this one power strip comes with both USB ports and AC outlets. With its slick design, this device cuts back on bulky charging stations that I don't want on all the surfaces in my home.

Red-Eye Relief

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Late night? Too much debauchery? Nothing I've ever seen eliminates red, tired-looking eyes like Lumify, developed by Bausch and Lomb. I bought some of these redness reliever eye drops shortly after they were introduced to the market, mainly because I'm a sucker for Facebook ads and new products. To my great surprise, these deliver in a matter of minutes.

This Oxi Clean Revives Your Whites

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My husband wears a white tee under all his button-down "work shirts" pretty much every day, and boy, do they get discolored fast. The only thing I've found to work are these Oxi Clean Power Paks, which brighten whites up to 40 times better than chlorine bleach! Just pop a pack in the washing machine and watch the magic happen.

The Teeth Whitening Product that Actually Works

via Amazon

Yes, they actually work! As an avid coffee drinker, I use these all the time and whenever I have an event, they are my go-to. In minutes, my teeth look whiter and cleaner without the sensitivity. A cult favorite that I will keep buying again and again - I can't recommend these enough.

This Fridababy Windi Helps Colic Immensely

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Is this Fridababy Windi a little undignified? Yes, but does it work when you're at your wit's end with non-stop colic screaming? Also a resounding yes. It simply and effectively helps the baby pass gas that's causing discomfort and hours of hysterics.

This Popsicle Maker Set for DIY Ice Treats

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Nothing says summer like the taste of sweet frozen popsicles and these high-quality silicone molds will allow you to make your own at home. I've been making a huge variety of flavors and so far, they've all been delicious.

They're easy to use and all you have to do is add fruit juice and pop them in the freezer for an ideal snack.

These Calming Teas Are The Key To Better Sleep

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There's nothing I love more than sipping on a hot cup of tea as I'm unwinding and getting ready for bed. This chamomile lavender tea is my new favorite and I seriously swear by it for better sleep and relaxation. The glowing reviews say it all: This is a product you don't want to miss out on.

Sock It To Plantar Fasciitis

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If you've never experienced plantar fasciitis pain, let me just liken it to thousands of tiny needles pressing on your foot every time you try to walk. Good, good times. If you have experienced this, you know you'd try just about anything to stop it. These compression sleeve socks are designed to ease the pain and discomfort associated with this condition and can easily be worn under socks all day.

This Portable Sound Machine Means Good Sleeping Anywhere

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When my kids were little, one of my biggest fears was being somewhere without our white noise sound machine when it was naptime or bedtime. The good news is someone invented this portable sound machine, that's small enough to clip onto strollers for on-the-go snoozes and easy to pack for travel should you be intrepid enough to attempt with an infant. Just because it's portable doesn't mean it's not powerful, you'll get the same white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf sounds as the full-size models.

A Must-Have Box Of Bandages

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Bandages. Dressings. Booboo covers. Whatever you call them, it's imperative that you have adhesive bandages on hand (and likely within reach, if you have kids) at all times. There's nothing worse than needing a bandage and not having one. You can add this box of adhesive bandages (all one size) to your existing Amazon shopping cart for just a few bucks, so they'll always be convenient.

These Overnight Diaper Booster Pads Help Everyone Sleep Better

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Even the most robust nighttime diaper can't stand up to most kids for overnights. Until now - these overnight diaper booster pads keep babies and toddlers drier, longer, so they won't wake you up in the middle of the night when they inevitably soak through. Over 7,000 very happy and well-rested parents say these are a total game-changer.

Keep Your Necklaces Detangled With These Slide Clasps

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Layering necklaces is super in right now, and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon. But there's nothing worse than your necklaces getting tangled together and having to spend hours with a magnifying lens trying to unknot each chain. Avoid the headache with these slide clasps. They allow you to wear multiple necklaces at once without having to worry about a tangled mess.

The Best Healing Ointment

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If you don't have a jar of Aquaphor in your medicine cabinet or linen closet right now, are you even doing life right? Aquaphor Healing Ointment is everything for dry, chapped, or irritated skin and is even gentle enough to use on a baby. No kidding, I have a large tub and have used it on everything from chapped lips to minor burns to diaper rash with flawless results.

These Bee Pollen Supplements Which Are High in Antioxidants

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Bee pollen is packed full of antioxidants to protect you from free radicals and chronic diseases, as well as fighting infections and inflammation.

So, I've been using this natural bee pollen supplement, which is super affordable on Amazon and has great reviews. It's a great natural defense by taking a couple of capsules per day.

Shut Off The Noise With These Ear Plugs

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I never said the life these products might save would be your own. These sleep earplugs might save the life of your significant other. If you've ever slept next to a snorer, you know exactly what I mean. Anyway, this set offers interchangeable memory foam tips that sit comfortably in your ears.

Ice, Ice, Bento

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I love the look of bento boxes for lunchtime, but how do you keep anything cold in those things? Enter these slim ice packs that work as well for lunch boxes as they do bento boxes. Oh, you say you're not into carrying dino ice packs into the office? Fine, party pooper. These also come in pineapple and rocket ship designs for yourself or your little ones who'll be too cool for school.

Support Your Wrists For Cheap

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Wrist injuries are no fun. Trying to function with a wrist injury is even less fun. This adjustable wrist support from Amazon's own line, Solimo, will provide support and relief for weak, injured, stiff, sore, or sprained wrists. It works for either wrist and is designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day. One reviewer stated: "If you wake up a lot with numb or tingling hands, wearing this to bed can fix that."

Finally A Place for Your Hats

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I'm not big into hats, but if you are, I'm sure you've struggled with finding a practical way to organize them that doesn't take up tons of space. These hangers are custom made for hats: just clip each cap in, and they're instantly organized.

These Disposable Drink Pouches Are Handy for Smoothies and So Much More


I was shopping for paper cups when I came across these Disposable Drink Pouches, and wow! These things are incredibly handy! The set includes 50 high-quality plastic drink containers, colorful straws, and a funnel. Use them for parties, trips, or batch-preparing smoothies.

Nip Heartburn In The Bud

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Heartburn's pretty much the worst and can strike at any time the older I get, so I keep this antacid stocked in my medicine cabinet. I love that they're chewable instead of a thick, gross liquid you have to force down your throat! The box contains a 14-day treatment course for frequent heartburn that'll cool things right down.