37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon

Life is full of inconveniences, big and small. Wouldn't it be great to alleviate some of those small, pesky ones? A few well conceived, clever gadgets can make all the little every day things you do a bit more convenient. From cleaning products to storage solutions to kitchen gadgets, a little innovation can go a long way towards making your life easier.

A virtual shopping trip can't make your entire life easier, but it definitely can help! At the very least, shopping is a fun distraction from your other problems. To that end, here are 37 of the handiest gadgets on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Keep Your Brown Sugar Soft and Fresh With a Brown Sugar Bear

On the spectrum of life's potential problems, hardened brown sugar isn't a major one. But it's inconvenient and frustrating, so why not make it go away? This ridiculously adorable Brown Sugar Bear lives right in the sugar, keeping it soft, fresh, and usable. The way I see it, eradicate all the small annoyances and you'll always be less annoyed. This little bear is a win.

The FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Makes it Look Like Someone is in Your House, Watching TV

Would be thieves generally target homes where they can get in and out easily without encountering a homeowner. If it looks like you're home, they'll pick a different house. Make your home a less attractive mark with a FakeTV Burglar Deterrent. Simply set the timer before heading out of town, and it will look like you're home catching up on Netflix even if you're off on some fabulous vacation. The flashing color lights mimic a TV screen surprisingly well.

Have a Place to Rest Your Taco With These Dino Taco Holders

In the grand scheme of things, having a taco in your hand is not a terrible situation. But wouldn't it be nice to be able to put your taco down, without all the fillings falling out? These Dino Taco Holders are not only awesome because they're dino taco holders, but they're super handy if you'd like to use your hands for other things in the middle of Taco Tuesday.

Kitchen Related Burns Can Be a Thing of the Past With These Heat Resistant Gloves

When you're juggling a bunch of pots and pans on your stove and in the oven, or busy being the grill master for your friends and neighbors, it's so easy to carelessly grab onto something hot and burn yourself. Dish towels and pot holders can slip. Your best bet is a pair of Heat Resistant Gloves. These gloves have non-slip grip and can withstand temperatures up to 932°F!

Take Charge of Your Cupboards With This Expandable Stackable Shelf Organizer

We might be limited by the space in our cupboards, closets, pantries and on our countertops, but we don't have to accept those limitations. The incredibly versatile Expandable Stackable Shelf Organizer seems to magically make all those spaces bigger and more usable. If you have your dishes and cups, cans and boxes, pots and pans all stacked up and piled, making everything difficult to see and manage, this shelf will change your whole world.

This Mini Travel Steam Iron Can Be Tucked Into Your Luggage so You Always Look Put Together

There is no question that traveling is hard on your clothes. But, just because you're away from home doesn't mean you should look like a wrinkled, rumpled mess. This Mini Travel Steam Iron weighs in at under a pound, won't take up much room in your suitcase, and heats up in 15 seconds flat. Look your best at your out of town events, on your business trips, and on your vacations.

These are Easily the Best Looking Mop and Broom Holder Racks Ever

Ah, when form and function meet, it's a beautiful thing. No one would think that Mop and Broom Holder Racks could be a thing of beauty. But these babies have a nearly perfect 4.9 star rating on Amazon. And it's easy to see why. Not only to they affix to any wall and securely hold your mops and brooms in place, but they look great while doing it.

Fit All Your Plugs With This Surge Protector with Rotating Outlets and USB Ports

We all have surge protectors and power strips that are only half full because of the large plugs that don't fit in next to one another. Well, some genius thought of this Surge Protector with Rotating Outlets and USB Ports. Not only does it have handy USB ports, saving your adapters for elsewhere, but the rotating outlets means that those giant plugs don't have to take up two outlets.

Always Make the Right Amount With This I Could Eat a Horse Pasta Measurer

Sometimes it's spaghetti for one or linguini for two, and other times you're feeding a crowd, or you're so hungry you could eat a horse. Whichever pasta scenario you find yourself in, you will always be sure to prepare the right amount with the adorable and handy I Could Eat a Horse Pasta Measurer. I can't imagine anyone could use this and not smile. And why not have a handy kitchen tool that also makes you smile?

Switch Out Your Switch Plate For an Outlet Shelf and Create More Counter Space Out of Thin Air

Once you see an Outlet Shelf you begin to wonder why no one thought of this before. These days we all have a million and one gadgets and devices that need to be plugged in and need a place to live. This shelf is perfectly sized for a small speaker, baby monitor, or smart home device like an Echo. Save your counter space for other things.

You'll Wonder How You Lived Without This Pop-Up Trash Can

Some items are so useful and handy, that it's amazing you ever lived without them. This Pop-Up Trash Can is one of those products. Line it with a garbage bag and use it for campsite, BBQ, or picnic trash. Or use it for yard leaf and debris collection. Store winter coats or blankets in it. With a lid that zips fully closed, a mesh pocket on the side for labeling, or extra garbage bag storage, and grommets along the bottom to stake it to the ground, this pop up container has it all.

Keepons are a Simple Fix For a Common Problem

If you wear glasses then you know the annoying slip that happens constantly. You can tighten the arms so they squeeze uncomfortably, or you can adjust your glasses ten thousand times per day. It's a small annoyance which calls for a small solution. Keepons are stretchy little hook things that slide onto your frames and keep them right where you want them. Keepons come in both clear and black, and virtually disappear once you have your glasses on.

Ditch Your Bulky Gym/Beach Towel For This Microfiber Towel Set

Super absorbent, compact, and fast drying, microfiber is definitely the way to go when it comes to a towel you take on the go. This Microfiber Towel Set comes with a large towel that's perfect for a travel bath or beach towel and a small towel that's perfect for the gym. If you have a pool, try switching out your cotton towels for these microfiber ones which take up a fraction of the space, and dry so much faster.

The Flexilight Might Just be the Best Reading in Bed Book Light

With a bright led reading light and a super flexible "neck," the Flexilight has an awful lot going for it already. But add to that the fact that it's also a bookmark, it's slim, compact, and lightweight, and you've got yourself the best little reading light out there. I'm not saying that the Flexilight can save a relationship, but if you've got someone else in the room with you at night who doesn't appreciate you keeping all the lights on in order to read, it might just help.

The DRIVE Bin is a Garbage Can For Your Car so Your Whole Car Doesn't Have to be a Garbage Can

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who keep their cars spotlessly clean at all times, and the rest of us who drive around in embarrassing motorized trash cans. The DRIVE Bin is for the second set, because we all know the first set of people don't allow food in their car anyway, so they don't have the problem of accumulated wrappers, straws, coffee cups, etc.

Always Grab and Tear Just One With This Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder

Designed with a spring loaded arm that holds your paper towel roll firmly enough that you can grab and tear just one sheet, with just one hand, the attractive Simply Tear Paper Towel Holder solves a problem you might not have realized you had. The kitchen is a great place to eliminate small inconveniences with products designed to make your life just that much simpler.

All Soap Dispensers Should be Automatic Soap Dispensers

Let's say you're preparing dinner and you've just coated a bunch of chicken breasts in flour (like a boss). You're ready for the next step in your fabulous meal creation but your hands are currently coated in a thick layer of floury salmonella. You try to extract soap from your countertop dispenser with your elbows, but your elbows are super uncoordinated and the soap dispenser slips and crashes into your wine glass which falls and shatters and now you have red wine splashed up all your cupboards and shards of glass everywhere. Don't be this person. Get yourself a Automatic Soap Dispenser so you can wash your hands without having to use your elbows.

This Personal Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater is Perfect to Keep on Your Desk to Keep the Chill at Bay

What's six inches tall and will keep you toasty warm? This adorably helpful Personal Ceramic Portable-Mini Heater. If you're one of those people who is always just a little colder than everyone else, make yourself comfortable without sacrificing space. This little guy can stand on your desk, or under it - hello, warm feet! - and it won't make much noise or do anything else annoying. But it will keep you cozy and warm and make everyone else in the office jealous.

Pack Like a Pro With These Travel Shoe Storage Bags

These Travel Shoe Storage Bags are for more than just travel. Sure, they will protect your clothes in your suitcase by keeping your dirty shoes off of them, but they can be used at home as well. Store your out of season shoes in these protective bags and when summer rolls around again your shoes will be dust free and ready. In the meantime, your closet will be free of clutter and nicely organized without a bunch of sandals laying around mocking your winter self with their summery strappiness.

With the Car Health Monitor You Can Take Charge of Your Car's Diagnostics

Ever feel like your mechanic is making stuff up, talking down to you, or overcharging you? We've always been at the mercy of their expertise. But this handy Car Health Monitor changes all of that! Fixd plugs into any model car (post 1996) and monitors all the things that can potentially go wrong. You'll be alerted if a problem is detected and when you're due for maintenance. Never wonder why your check engine light is on again!

This Large Breathable Fresh Herb Keeper Will Keep Your Greens Greener Longer

Large enough to store asparagus and celery, the Breathable Fresh Herb Keeper promises to make your herbs and veggies last up to four times longer! You can finally stop throwing out your fresh herbs before you have a chance to use them all. Simply pour water into the glass container, place your herbs or vegetables in the inner cup, and lower the cup into the glass. The whole thing then goes into the fridge where it allows just the right amount of air to circulate.

Create Professional Looking Panoramas With the Camalapse 4

This handy gadget is a perfect gift for that person who has everything. Bet they don't have an auto-rotating tripod! The Camalapse 4 attaches to your smart phone, GoPro, or camera and slowly rotates up to a full 360º, capturing a perfect panoramic image or panning time lapse videos. You can set it for up to 360º in 60 minutes, or for shorter intervals.

The QuickPull Food Chopper Makes Short Work of Chopping Veggies

Make homemade salsa in a matter of seconds with a fraction of the mess with the QuickPull Food Chopper. A few quick pulls and you have a rough chop, perfect for salsa. More pulls and you have a saucier blend, perfect for pesto. You can use it to chop things like onions or garlic to save on tears and sticky, smelly messes. Chop bunches of fresh herbs without a mess and without crushing them. You might just find yourself reaching for this chopper every day.

This Trash Bag Hanger Makes Use of All Those Plastic Shopping Bags

Sometimes a job creates more trash than usual. Whether it's food prep, outside grilling or picnicking, camping, cleaning out your car, or some task in your work room or craft room, having a handy garbage bin is super helpful. This Trash Bag Hanger is quick and easy to install and remove, making it a great temporary garbage can for those times you need it. Best of all, it's made to fit all those plastic shopping bags we all accumulate.

Create More Space Where You Need it With These Pantry Organizers

Does anyone have enough storage space? These handy Over the Door Hanging Pantry Organizers can be used anywhere to create convenient storage. How about in your pantry to keep easy to grab after school snacks for the kids? Or in your bathroom to clear your sink top of all that clutter? Use it in your coat closet for hats and gloves or in your mudroom for shoes. Luckily, this comes as a two pack so you don't have to pick just one.

Make Fresh Bagels at Home With This Bagel Maker

These silicone molds can go straight from boiling water into the oven, helping you create perfectly shaped bagels right at home. Fresh, hot bagels? Yes, please! The Bagel Maker comes with some recipes for bagel beginners, but you can use any bagel recipe. The silicone stays cool to the touch for easy handling, and it's dishwasher safe. Add some fun to your weekends with the unexpected treat of homemade bagels!

This 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer is Great for Organization and Displays

If your cupboards are cluttered and it's hard to find what you're looking for, it's time to try some handy organizational products like this 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer. It's perfectly sized for kitchen cupboards and for organizing items like cans or spices, but its potential uses go far beyond the kitchen. Impress your guests at your next party with a professional looking cupcake display. Organize your workbench or kid's homework area with jars for nails, screws, pencils, markers.

Take Pizza Night to the Next Level With This Pizza Crisper Pan

Whether you're making homemade pies, baking frozen ones, or reheating last night's restaurant pizza, this Pizza Crisper Pan gives you a perfectly crisp crust every time. Made of non-stick carbon steel, it heats up quickly, distributes heat evenly, and your pizza slides right off. The perforated bottom ensures air circulation and a crispy crust. I like my pizza piping hot and extra crispy, so even fresh delivery goes into the oven for a quick refresh.

This Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush is the Easiest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Knives (and Cutlery)

First of all, this Knife and Cutlery Cleaner Brush looks like a smiling green toothed monster, which could be reason enough to buy it. But the fact that one swipe through this monster's teeth effectively cleans any cutlery makes it even better. This is especially convenient for your knives that don't go through the dishwasher.

Measuring Just 3.35 Inches, These Pocket Sized Pens Can Fit in Your Wallet

There is perhaps no gadget more handy than a pen. But, if you're like me, you never have one on hand. This set of two Pocket Sized Pens is perfect for carrying in your purse, or even in your wallet! These were designed to fit unobtrusively in a bifold or trifold wallet. The twist to open design, and all metal construction means that these pens will hold up to the daily rigors of going everywhere with you.

Lock Down All Your Belongings With Grid-It

The Grid-It organizer is perfect to keep all your belongings neat and tidy in your backpack, briefcase, messenger bag, computer bag or suitcase. This "object retention system" is endlessly adaptable to whatever objects you happen to want to retain. Ideal for electronics and their various parts, components, and cords, the Grid-It might just take your daily bag from a tangled mass of charging cables to a wonder of tidiness.

This Versatile Drink Caddy Can Go Anywhere You Go

This is not your average Drink Caddy. Equipped with sturdy, reposition-able and collapsible legs, this caddy can go from couch to car to bed to anywhere else you want to safe place to put your drink. With fold out arms, this caddy can even accommodate wine glasses! Take it to the beach or an outdoor concert. Use it for the kids in the back of the car. Or keep your cup of coffee or glass of wine within arm's reach while you relax on the sofa or in bed.

The EZSTAX Interlocking Shirt Organizer is a Dream Come True if You Like Your Stuff Perfectly Neat and Tidy

The EZSTAX Interlocking Shirt Organizer is enough to make your average neat freak faint. This brilliant system of easily interlocking shelves creates neat and tidy piles out of chaos. T-shirts look great all folded and stacked up, until you decide you want to wear one from the middle of the pile. Unless you have your shirts stacked on EZSTAX, you're going to make a mess. Keep your closets, drawers, and even your desk and suitcase perfectly neat, tidy, and organized.

The Ringer s a Must For Anyone Who Cooks With Cast Iron

Cast iron is terrific if you know how to care for it. A properly seasoned cast iron pan is hard to beat when it comes to searing, stove to oven cooking, durability, and non-stick-ness. Properly taking care of your cast iron is not complicated, you just need the right tools. Instead of a soapy sponge, your cast iron should be scrubbed clean with just water and, ideally, The Ringer. Go ahead and cook anything in your cast iron skillet. No mess can stand up to The Ringer.

This Curved Foot File Makes Short Work of Sloughing Your Feet

If you like to keep your feet baby soft and open shoe presentable, then regular serious exfoliation is in order. This handy Foot File hangs in your shower and has two scrubbing surfaces - one for the toughest areas of your feet, and one for the more tender bits. The curved shape fits around your heel, allowing you to get the job done in a fraction of the time. Because, really, who wants to spend more time scrubbing heels?

Prevent Hand Strain and Fatigue With These Hand Exercisers

We demand a lot from our hands, and sometimes they need a little TLC. If your hands fatigue from typing, you're probably familiar with various exercises and strengtheners. Great for strengthening, conditioning, and rehab, these Hand Exercisers come with three levels of tension. The lightest is best for beginners and rehab. Medium for building strength, and the heaviest tension is perfect for rock climbers or similar.

If You Love All Things Creepy and Halloweeny, You'll Love This Fire Pit Skull

You know those fake logs in electric fireplaces that help give the fire a realistic look? Well, this is just like those, except 100% creepier. Perfect for Halloween, this Fire Pit Skull is the size of a real human skull, and will definitely make your autumn fires stand out from the rest. Watch in horror as the flames flicker around the skull, and through its various openings.

This Bedside Shelf That Holds Your Nighttime Essentials

Don't have a ton of space in your bedroom for an end table? Or, do you not feel like spending a ton of money on more furniture but long for a place to put a glass of water, book, and (if you're like me) a stash of chocolate for a midnight snack? This Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf is for you. It's easy to assemble and under 30 bucks. Score!

These Food Storage Containers That Save Your Product

I go through these healthy eating kicks where I fill my crisper drawer with fresh fruits and veggies until, just a few days later, become more "funky" than "fresh". But these Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Containers are designed to change all that. This two-piece set weeks food tasting like new for days longer, and the dishwasher-safe design means they're easy to clean. Healthy eating, here I come!

These Fancy Gloves That Prevent Cuts

I'm going to admit something rather embarrassing: I'm clumsy. Really, really clumsy. I've cut myself while cooking so many times that my hands look like they've been through a wood chipper. Most people know this about me, so my husband bought me these NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves to try to prevent future injuries. And let me tell you, they work. You'll have to take my word for it, but I'm using all ten fingers to type right now because of these gloves.

This Toilet Light That Prevents Late Night Accidents

Speaking of being clumsy, I can't even count the number of times I've gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom only to completely wipe out after tripping over a pair of shoes, a laundry basket or my dog. That's why this Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light has been such a life-saver. It has 16 different color options and is motion-activated so it turns on before you trip.

This Luggage Scale That's a Must for Travelers

I travel a lot, and I also happen to be a pretty serious over-packer. I'm always worried that I'll need to change my clothes about ten days per day, and if I don't bring six pairs of shoes my entire vacation will be completely ruined. Sadly, this usually results in a ridiculously heavy bag and staggering fees at the airport. But not anymore! This Camry 110 Lbs Luggage Scale helps keep me in check.

This Popcorn Popper That Upgrades Movie Night

I consider popcorn to be the perfect snack. It's crunchy, salty, and so delicious that you can easily eat an entire bag full without even realizing it. And sure, those microwavable bags are okay, but wouldn't it be amazing to have concessions-quality popcorn right from your own microwave? That's what this Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper is for! It's specially designed to cook evenly and prevent burned kernels.

This Stitck-On Lighting That's Insanely Convenient

Take a moment to think about your house right now. There are probably lots of parts of it that could use a bit of extra light, right? Like your closet, for example? Drawers? Stairs? Think it'd be a huge hassle and expense to install custom-fit lighting? Think again!

This OxyLED T-02US 36 LED Sensing, USB Rechargeable Lightening is crazy easy to install (just stick it on!) and provides some much-needed illumination where you need it most.

This Mini Griddle That Makes Cooking for One a Snap

My husband travels a lot for work, and it can be hard trying to cook enough for myself without totally overdoing it and wasting food. That's why this Dash DMS001WH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle is so perfect for my situation. If I want to fry just one egg or make one cookie, I can! And if I want to use it over and over again to make LOTS of cookies, I can do that too!

This Hair Clip That's WAY More Than a Hair Clip

I have a drawer filled with hair clips that can only do one thing: Keep my hair out of my face. That's it. Boring, right? What would you say if I told you there was a hair clip out there that could tighten screws, measure something, open a bottle, file your fingernails or pop open a soda? This Mini Multitool Clip does all that and more.

These Baggy Racks That Make Things Less Messy

Have you ever tried filling a plastic baggy with leftovers? It's not easy. Or fun. Whenever I try to store my leftover spaghetti sauce I usually end up getting sauce all over my counter because it keeps flopping over and spilling its contents everywhere. Then I get mad and end up just throwing my leftovers away out of frustration. These Baggy Racks save my food and my sanity.

This Cutting Board Comes With Built-In Storage

While I'm not a great cook, I do really enjoy cooking. I also have a rather bad habit of buying any kitchen gadget that I find clever or cool, so my cabinets are pretty much overflowing at this point. And they're about to get even more overflowing, since I'll now be buying this insanely nifty cutting boards. The built-in trays make food prep a breeze.

This Drying Rack That Eliminates That Mildew Smell

After running a load of dishes, I tend to let my dishes sit in the dishwasher for days at a time. By the time I finally remember to unload my dishes they all seem to have that horrible mildew-y smell that makes eating and drinking out of them pretty unpleasant. This HaloVa Cup Drying Rack Stand eliminates that problem. Plus, it look cool sitting on my kitchen counter!

This Cord Winder That Keeps Your Space Organized

I work from home, and if my office space is even slightly messy or disorganized I have a pretty hard time getting work done. For some reason it causes me to get way more distracted and I usually find myself shopping for patio furniture in December instead of working. That's why I try to keep my desk as un-cluttered as possible. That's why this The Side Winder Original MacBook Charger Winder has been so helpful.

This Mirror That Illuminates Imperfections

I tend to be pretty lazy with my beauty routine. It's also made worse from the fact that I work from home, so I barely feel the need to put on pants let along put on any makeup most days. But, on the days I DO end up leaving the house, I like to look my best. This lighted makeup mirror gives me a clear view of my face and conveniently sticks right to my bathroom mirror.

This Scrubber That Does The Dirty Work For You

Here's an opinion that I'm guessing most people would agree with: Cleaning the bathroom is the worst job. I usually put it off WAY longer than I should, and by the time I get to it it's usually so disgusting that I have to wear a hazmat suit just to get through it. This OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber makes this terrible job much more tolerable.

This Outlet Stand That You'll Want in Every Room

People are raving about these handy dandy shelves that click right onto your outlets. Over 300 people, in fact. And for good reason. If you think about it, there are countless uses to them: a mini speaker, an electric toothbrush, hair clippers, facial brush, a curling iron. You'll find yourself wanting one for every single one of your outlets. I know I sure do!

These Door Bumpers That Eliminate Slammed Doors

I live in an old, drafty house, and whenever the windows are open my husband and I are constantly being startled by the slamming of doors. That is, before we got these bumpers, of course. The sticky back means they won't budge, no matter how hard the wind blows. And, at just $4.50 for a pack of 100, you can put them all over your house.

These Earbuds That Eliminate Annoying Wires

Is there anything more annoying than trying to pull your headphones out of your purse only to find them so tangled up that you have to spend an hour untangling them until you slowly lose your mind? Or when you're listening to your favorite song when suddenly something gets caught on a wire and your earbuds are ruthless ripped out? These wireless headphones make those annoying problems a thing of the past.

This Cleaning Product That Freshens Your Disposal

A few weeks ago, there was a smell in my kitchen that almost made me gag. I searched for the cause of the smell for hours, and even cleaned out my fridge to try to remove it. Suddenly, I realized the truth: It was my garbage disposal. It reeked, and I had no idea how to clean it. This Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Cleaner eliminates bad smells and cleanses with no scrubbing required.

These Hooks That Add Storage to Your Car

I just can't resist a product that utilizes space that was otherwise completely unused, and these ChiTronic Car SUV Seat Back Headrest Hanger Hooks do exactly that. They click right onto the headrest, and you can hang your bags on them after a trip to the grocery store to prevent spillage, or place your purse on them to keep it handy. They're also great for parents to keep kid's stuff off the floor of the car.

This Wireless Charger That's Seriously Futuristic

Okay, so this product is just plain cool. It's one of those things that would look right at home in a futuristic movie filled with fancy technological advancements. Want to charge your phone? Simply place it on this charger, and....that's it! It doesn't even need to be plugged in to charge. It also charges devices in a fraction of the time. How cool is that?

These Dryer Balls That Are Great For Your Clothes and Your Wallet

It seems like there's an endless list of stuff to get for the house every time I go to the store. Paper towels, toilet paper, dishwasher pods, dryer sheets...the list goes on and on. But these wool dryer balls helped me cross one of those things off my list permanently. The reusable design means I've stopped wasting money on box after box of dryer sheets. Plus, they make my clothes crazy soft!

This Lipstick Holder That Clears Up Cabinet Space

I buy a LOT of lipstick. In fact, whenever a beauty blogger tells me about a new lipstick that they simply can't live without, I decide that I just can't live without it either. Needless to say, there is an entire drawer in my bathroom devoted to countless loose tubes. This lipstick organizer has brought major organization to my bathroom. Plus, it still has a few open spots! Time to go shopping!

This incredibly useful Portable Tablet Stand

I have a bedtime routine that I do every single night: After getting ready for bed, I always like to read my tablet for an hour or two before drifting off to sleep. The only trouble is, by that point I'm so tired that holding up my tablet can be a huge pain. This universal stand fits any brand of electronic and keeps me from dropping my tablet on my face.

This Jar Opener That Makes You Feel Like The Hulk

Here's another embarrassing thing to admit: I have zero arm strength. None. In fact, whenever there's a jar that's even slightly stuck I have to ask my husband to open it for me, and it makes me feel like a complete wimp. That's why I can't wait to get one of these EZ Off Jar Openers. Now I won't need my husband at all! Well, not for this, anyways.

This Ingenious Snap-On Strainer

Looking for your new favorite gadget? File this product under "How did I not invent this amazing product myself?!" and "How did I live my entire life without this product making every meal easier?" Over 1,600 positive reviews agree that this is one of those kitchen gadgets that will change the way you cook forever. Plus, the sturdy silicone construction means it'll practically last forever.

This Moldable Glue That Keeps Your Treasures Out of the Trash

Remember what I said about being clumsy? It also means that I break stuff. A lot. In fact, I can't even remember how many prized possessions I've had to thrown away over the years because of my own clumsiness. That's why I wish I'd known about this Sugru Moldable Glue earlier. It's completely pliable when molding it, but overnight it dried into a strong silicone rubber.

These Shower Curtain Hooks That Won't Drive You Crazy

You know those small annoyances in life that may seem trivial but can completely ruin your day? Having your shower curtain hooks get stuck on the bar is one of them. In fact, it's enough to make me swear up a storm and nearly rip off my curtain and throw it onto the bathroom floor. These Maytex Metal Double Roller Glide Shower Curtain Ring/Hooks eliminate that little annoyance. 

This Luggage Organizer That Keeps You Looking Sharp

Before buying this product, my husband was constantly smashing his dress shirts when he would travel for work. He would be running late for a meeting with clients, open his suitcase to out on his professional clothes, and find a wrinkled and dented shirt, creased tie and no time to iron them. This PackTidy Shirt & Tie Commuter Travel Luggage Organizer has been a total game-changer. 

These Drain Snakes That Keep Your Pipes Running Smoothly

I have a lot of hair. It's all over my house, and although I never seem to actually see it falling into my drains, the sluggish way they drain is enough to clue me in on the wasp's nest-sized clump of hair that is probably hiding withing every pipe in my house. Luckily, these barred snakes pulls them out with ease and they're disgustingly satisfying to use.

These High-Quality Nail Clippers

Okay, so this product isn't really something you would call "clever". It's not the type of gadget that will revolutionize the way you get ready in the morning, and you won't be shouting its brilliance from the rooftops any time soon. It's just a set of extremely high-quality nail clippers that do exactly what they claim to do. And more than FIVE THOUSAND satisfied customers can't rave about them enough.

This Overflow Cover That Turns Your Bathtub into a Spa

I'm a pretty high-stress person, and I like to do everything I can to try to relax and recharge at the end of the night. Taking long, leisurely baths is one of my favorite ways to recharge, and this SlipX Solutions Bottomless Bath Overflow Drain Cover adds inches of water so it's even more of an indulgence. It fits over most overflow drains so you can be completely immersed in hot, soothing water.

These Baking Mats That Save Your Baked Goods

Remember what I said about not being a great cook? That may have been an understatement. I'm a terrible cook. I tend to get distracted and forget to put in key ingredients or neglect to prep certain things, for example, greasing a cookie sheet. But with these silicone baking mats, my cookies slide off my sheets without being burned or under done. They make me look like I actually know what I'm doing in the kitchen!

This Ear Wax Cleaner That Protects Your Eardrums

I recently learned that you're not actually supposed to put Q-Tips into your ears. Apparently they can be slid too far inside and do major damage to your eardrum. This was slightly concerning, since I've been using them to clean out my ears every night for the last 20 or so years. I guess it's time to upgrade to this Ototek Loop Ear Wax Removal tool.

These Scrubbing Brushes That Make Your Shower Sparkle

Do you ever take a shower and realize to your own horror how incredibly dirty your shower is? Does it ever occur to you that trying to get clean in an insanely dirty space seems like an impossible task? The very same things occurred to be during a shower a few weeks ago, but I've since cleaned it with these OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brushes. 

This Cord Organizer That Fits In Your Purse

Few things make me more frustrated than tangled cords. In fact, every time my earbud cords get jumbled into one giant tangle I'm about ready to throw them away and simply buy new ones. Okay, so I don't actually do that, but I'm definitely temped. That's why I need one of these TOPHOME Cord Organizer Earbud Holders so badly. It'll not only save me money, but my patience as well.