37 Discoveries Under $30 That Are Straight-Up Genius

You forget to water your plants during a busy work week. You constantly lose your socks doing laundry. Your reusable straw doesn’t fit in your pocket. There’s got to be an easier way to go through life! Fortunately, there's a host of brilliant gadgets out there on Amazon, and we've found 37 of the best.

Simplify your days with some of these affordable, incredible products and keep your plants alive, your socks together, and plastic out of your drinks!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Self-Watering Planter

That’s right, this planter has your back. A cool reservoir at the bottom slowly waters your plants and a monitor on the side lets you know at a glance when it’s time to pour a little more water into the pot. Yes, you still have to do a little work, but you only have to think about it every week or two instead of daily or multiple times a week.

This Plush Foot Massager

Let’s face it, so many foot massagers out there look like terrifying machines that will take your feet a la "Velvet Buzzsaw." This cuddly massager is nice and plush with a memory foam cushion underneath that soft fleece. The massager has two speeds for normal days and very hard days. It’s battery-operated, so you can take it with you when you travel.

This Detergent Guard for Laundry Day

Anyone who has ever bought one of those bulk-sized detergents or fabric softeners knows the familiar dread of spilling these liquids everywhere. This handy guard snaps onto the top of these bottles and catches any excess cleaning or softening liquid. They’re just as easy to take off to rinse as they are to put on!

This Portable Reusable Drinking Straw

Reusable straws are all the rage these days, but they tend to have a glaring flaw: they’re not that portable. This stainless steel straw is collapsible and comes with a container to keep it in your pocket or purse. Steel straws often get complaints about easily taking on the drink’s temperature or having a harsh mouthfeel. Both ends of this straw solve these issues by having silicone tips for comfortable sipping!

This Microwave Pasta Tray

Whether you’re low on pots, a stovetop, or time, the ability to microwave pasta is a modern miracle. This tray lets you prep, cook, strain, and serve up pasta from one small dish. There’s even an etched guide that helps you know how much spaghetti yields the right portions! In addition to not using as many dishes, this little guy is dishwasher-safe. Italian night just got easier (just don’t tell your nonna).

This Cool Wine Opener

While electric openers are fun, they can be comparatively pricey and take up more space. This twist on a mechanical opener involves zero twisting and it’s as compact as a waiter’s corkscrew. A needle pierces the cork and then you pump the handle a few times so the pressure slides the cork right out!

This Teaspoon and Tablespoon Set

Instead of flipping through those nesting teaspoons and tablespoons like a Rolodex, update your measuring. When you go through a recipe and need that ¼ tablespoon of cumin or ½ teaspoon of baking powder, get it with the flick of your thumb. The sliding cover changes the size of the compartments while revealing the measurement on the handle.

This Cold Brew Maker

If you’re the kind of person who loves iced coffee and hates how watery it gets, cold brew is the perfect version of coffee for you. Instead of spending several dollars a day, make this potent elixir at home with this pitcher. The mesh filter allows you to brew the coffee for as long as you want without burning the beans. You’re just a couple of clicks away from smooth, delicious coffee.

This Flatware Organizer

We’ve all used drawer organizers in our lives, but none are quite like this. The angled sections make it easier to grab your utensils while also allowing you to fit more of them in that weirdly small drawer. Don’t worry, there are little icons on the different sections so you don’t grab a knife when you need a spoon!

This Streaming Device

I love my Roku Express and you will too. I’ve always used Roku devices because it doesn’t lock you into an ecosystem that does battle with another company (like when you couldn’t use YouTube on Amazon devices or Netflix recently removing AirPlay from Apple devices). This little device works well and gives you access to all the major streaming platforms.

This Window Seat for Your Cat

Cats love to perch and be nosy, but not every home has the space for a cat tree. Keep your Kallax shelves where they are and suction this bad boy to a window or door. The suction is industrial-strength, not your average bathroom caddy suction cup, so it can hold up to 50 pounds. Treat your cat!

This Simple Bottle Opener

You probably already have a bottle opener. But have you ever considered it to be beautiful? This rustic opener has a bent nail on the end that does all the work. A magnet on one side keeps the cap from going flying and another allows you to put it on your fridge. But with such a good looking opener, you won’t mind leaving it out on the coffee table.

These Cozy House Slippers

Being a “shoes-off" household doesn’t mean you have to walk around on cold floors in your bare feet or sock. Slip on these soft flip flops when you’re cooking in the kitchen or getting out of the shower. The memory foam soles are a revelation to hard-working feet and the moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet dry.

These Really Clean Cutting Boards

Glass cutting boards are pretty spectacular. You get the hardness of a wooden board without the porosity of wood or plastic boards. Germs can’t get into the grooves and contaminate future meals. Non-slip pads on the bottoms of this cutting board set to prevent them from sliding around. The shatterproof glass can handle your knives and heat so you can also use the boards as trivets.

This Tiered Cheese Board

If you want something specific for your cheese and meat platters, you need this tiered board. The bottom level houses three different cheese knives while the other two levels hold your meats, cheeses, spreads, and bread. You can mix up your arrangement, have dedicated meat and cheese tiers, or have dedicated vegan and dairy cheese tiers.

These Diamond Glasses

Okay, so they’re not made out of diamonds; that’s a completely different list. These glasses are cut like diamonds so can rest them on tables at an angle. The resulting effect is very cool and actually much better for clumsy drinkers than you think!

This Bath Pillow

What good are your bath bombs, Epsom salts, and wine caddies if you’re stuck with hard porcelain on your back? This bath pillow suctions onto your tub and doesn’t just supply neck and shoulder support. The contoured pillow also provides a bit of lumbar support so you can have the most relaxing bath experience possible.

This Portable Jewelry Cleaner

From family heirlooms to that Forever 21 bracelet, this little pen can spruce up your jewelry. The brush and formula can clean up to 100 pieces, depending on their size. You can get a little extra sparkle before heading down the aisle, that big presentation, or just a night out on the town.

This Perfect Cooking Spoon

Shall I compare it to a summer’s day? The handle dips to create a stand for the spoon, for cleaner counters and spoon bases. The actual spoon has a flat tip that works with its flexible sides to get every last bit of batter or roux out. Two lines in the center of the bowl measure teaspoons and tablespoons for fast additions. Honestly, the spoon will probably balance your budget for you too.

This Garlic Peeler

You can finally peel garlic without getting garlic fingers! There are plenty of tricks out there for already peeled garlic, but you have to get under those layers somehow. Just place your garlic in the center of this tool and roll it around. Then, you can push clean garlic cloves out of a smaller opening on the other side. Voila! Garlic cloves. Clean hands. Can’t lose.

This Bacon Microwave Tray

Microwave trays are a dime a dozen, particularly for bacon, but this one cares about your heart. By draping bacon slices on the bars, it cooks the meat in the air instead of letting it stew in its own fat. The fat drips down into the tray for easy cleanup while also preventing those big, popping splatters.

This Microwave Panini Press

While we’re at the microwave, why not make a grilled cheese sandwich? It can have bacon on it too, now! This press sandwiches your sandwich so you get that nicely toasted look and feel. The plates clip together so the top won’t go flying off once the microwave plate starts spinning. You can also use one at a time to heat up food that needs crispiness like french fries or hot wings.

This Screen Cleaner

There’s something about that feeling when you wash your windshield at the gas station, each squeegee stroke leaving behind pristine glass. You can get that feeling when you clean your touchscreen devices. From your Switch to your iPhone to your laptop, this little roller can get rid of all those oily fingerprints. The bar uses a liquid-free technology that also sanitizes the screen while you wipe!

This Bubble Wrap Calendar

Who cares how late in the year it is? It’s bubble wrap! This fun, poster calendar covers each day in a plastic bubble that you can pop with satisfaction. The bubbles are big and heavy, so you don’t get any weak pops. Catching up will be the most fun part, but try not to get too carried away!

This Headphone Splitter Keyring

Maybe I’m showing my age here, but headphone splitters are a major nostalgia draw for me. With everything going wireless or USB-C, I’ve clung to my 3.5 mm headphones. In the futile hope that I find someone to share in the romance of a headphone splitter, this cute keyring is what I’d use. If you like nostalgia and sharing, find a color that suits you!

These Shoe Bags for Your Suitcase

Packing shoes is the absolute worst part of packing, especially if you wear heels. Beyond the obvious configuration issue, you also have to deal with dirty shoes being near your clean clothes. Put down the plastic bag and pick up this set of shoe bags. You get four, zippered bags that can hold anything from sneakers to stilettos. The waterproof bags are also a great addition to any gym bag you’d like to keep clean.

These Silicone Travel Bottles

Both you and the TSA will love these travel-sized bottles. The flexible silicone material makes them easy to squeeze while also freeing you from the rigidity of normal bottles when cramming these into your carry-on bag. A large opening under the cap makes refills a breeze and the caps are leak-proof, so all of your conditioner arrives at your final destination.

These Eyebrow Razors

When you need to clean up your brows and tweezers won’t cut it, these razors can help. This pack of six safety razors can refine your brow line and get rid of any rogue hairs trying to start a unibrow. You can also use these razors on unwanted facial hair or to smooth your entire face for easier makeup application.

This Cake Pop Maker

If you like the idea of cake pops and aren’t a fan of how sweet they are, this machine can help. Generally, cake pops a cake-frosting truffle dipped in more frosting (or candy or chocolate). This machine lets you bake little cake balls from the start and then just cover them as you see fit. The resulting pops have a significantly lower sugar content and you still get to eat cake on a stick!

This Desk Humidifier

I know you probably already have a humidifier or oil diffuser at your desk, but can it hold a plant?! No? Keep reading then. This quiet humidifier provides a gentle mist and a small container for a little desk plant. The humidifier will keep your plant lush while the plant will bring you joy and a small amount of air purification.

These Nose Wipes

These wipes are ideal for kids, but there’s no reason adults can’t enjoy them too. Saline in the wipes works to dissolve snot in any state. Aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E also fill each wipe so they’re comfortable to use and highly moisturizing. No more harsh tissues, just gentle, fragrance-free, wet wipes.

This Cool Beauty Sponge

Beautyblender-style sponges have become very popular over the years, but no one seems to really talk about how awkward they can be to hold. This soft, flocked sponge is rhombus-like and easier to maneuver. Makeup goes on smooth and washes out of the sponge without trouble for years to come.

This Heavy Cable Organizer

Unlike individual cord organizers that you have to stick in place or lightweight, bulk organizers, this holder stays put on its own. The silicone material prevents it from sliding around and the seven, differently sized openings hold onto your cables. You get three larger slots for heavy-hitters like ethernet and the remaining four hold smaller cables like your phone charger. Little cables fit in the larger slots just fine because the top opening is small enough to keep them secure.

This Baseball Cap Lights Your Way

This is a great hat to keep by your door for any nighttime, outdoor errands or activities. Whether you left the gate open, want to go for a jog, or just need to walk the dog, the little LED light in the cap’s brim is much more convenient than your phone. The battery-operated hat is breathable and comes in a few different colors, including camouflage for the hunters out there.

This Dual Massager

The Original Worm is two massagers in one! The four-ball design allows you to use it as a foam roller or massage balls. There are two sizes, but both are highly portable for tension relief when driving or after you hit the gym. This massager might leave you feeling so good that you’ll want to bust a move and do the worm!

This Sock Organizer

Help your socks mate for life with this cool organizer. This machine and dryer-safe hanger keeps your socks in pairs as they go through the wash. You can also use it as a hanger so your socks don’t get lost in your drawer or hamper. Now, the only time you’ll have mismatched socks will be when you’re making it fashion.

These Oven Liners

Whether you own your home or your landlord wants their oven back in one piece, we all learn that ovens are a pain to clean. Keep the bottom of yours from burning oil drippings and rogue cheese with these oven liners. They’re non-stick, so you can clean them and reuse them without setting off your smoke alarm. Again. Don’t be that neighbor; get some liners.