37 Impossibly Clever Products Under $30 That Are Straight-Up GENIUS

It's no secret that I love shopping on Amazon. Have Prime, will order! My favorite products are not only smartly designed, but affordable enough to make me feel smart for buying them. Today, I've made a list of my top recommendations that cost under $30, yet pack a big dose of genius.

Let's start with this pocket microscope that lets you get a zoomed-in view of the tiniest things. I'm also loving this adorable birthday cake kit for dogs , because come on, a birthday party for your doggo is a must-do! I also have some super-practical buys like this triple-insulated coffee mug that keeps your drink hot for hours. Scroll down for more under-$30 picks!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Wireless Home Camera Livestreams to Your Phone (And Even Has Night Vision)

via: Amazon / Asirmans

For peace of mind that's both affordable and easy to use, this wireless home camera can't be beat. Set up the camera anywhere in your home, then livestream the feed to your phone or tablet. Thousands of 4- and 5-star reviews attest to its popularity.

This Wine Tasting Game Makes Your Party More Fun

via: Amazon

Just add wine! This party game includes wine bottle bags, glass markers, tasting tip sheets, and score cards. Reviewers say it was "absolutely perfect for our party" and "definitely a great gift."

These Wine Sleeves Chill Wine in 5 Minutes

via: Amazon

Skip the dripping ice and cool wine more effectively with these wine chilling sleeves . Just toss them in the freezer to prepare, then slide a bottle into the sleeve for rapid chilling. Keeps bottles cold for hours, too.

This Triple Insulated Travel Mug Keeps Drinks Hot/Cold for Hours

via: Amazon

For serious caffeine habits, a serious travel mug is an absolute necessity. Invest in a Corkcicle Triple-Insulated Mug that keeps hot drinks piping hot for three hours, or cold drinks cold literally all day. It even comes in a bunch of colors and patterns to choose from!

This Travel Coffee Tote Improves Your Office Coffee Run

via: Amazon

Ditch the wasteful, flimsy cardboard trays and upgrade to this insulated travel tote ! It safely carries up to four drinks at a time and keeps them at the right temperature.

This Modern Fruit Bowl Adds Affordable Style to Any Room

via: Amazon

Affordable and stylish, this Modern Fruit Bowl has an open design in a satin nickel finish that looks great with just about any decor. Fill with fruit, bread, or other bulky objects for a chic, minimalist centerpiece.

These Smart Plugs Let You Control Devices From Your Phone

via: Amazon

Designed for use with home assistants or an app, these smart plugs let you turn appliances or lights on and off by voice command or the swipe of a button. Reviewers say, "The set-up was extremely easy" and "These smart plugs are a great inexpensive option."

This SmartCharge Streams Audio From Your Phone Through Car Speakers

via: Amazon / C. Green

Upgrade your car with the SmartCharge , which plugs in to do four helpful things: provide a charging port, stream audio through your car speakers, drop a pin on a map so you know where you parked, and take hands-free calls while driving.

This Slim Cart Adds Storage to Tiny Spaces

via: Amazon

A genius solution for small homes, this slim storage cart is designed to add valuable storage space to very tight spots. Measuring just 5 inches wide, it fits in laundry rooms, bathrooms, pantries, and closets.

This Flexible Sink Caddy Means a Drier, Healthier Sponge

via: Amazon

This flexible sink caddy works with literally any sink. Just loop it over the faucet or handle for an instant holder for a sponge, brush, bar of soap, or other handy item.

This Silicone Utensil Rest Keeps Counters Clean While Cooking

via: Amazon

This new product answers the old question of where to put cooking utensils when not in use. Set this silicone holder next to the stove, and you'll have a handy spot to rest utensils and keep them (and counters!) clean.

These Adhesive Hooks Are Made of Real Wood

via: Amazon

For a natural, whimsical touch to any room, install these adhesive hooks made from real wood. The attach with sturdy 3M adhesive to hold up to 7 pounds each.

This Pocket Microscope Gives a New View on the World

via: Amazon / Mike Young

The power of a microscope can now fit in your pocket! This awesome little gadget has an LED light and magnifies tiny objects at 60x or 120x.

This Peel-Off Mask Add Sparkle to Skincare (Literally)

via: Amazon

This glitter mask does what any peel-off mask is supposed to do: unclog pores and leave skin clean and fresh. But this one does it with sparkles! It's good for your skin and also fun to use (and post to Instagram, if you're so inclined).

This Mini Humidifier Works With a Standard Water Bottle

via: Amazon / David

A genius solution for work, bedside, or travel, this mini humidifier uses any standard water bottle as its tank to give you a fine, cool mist. Runs on batteries (not included) or can be powered with a USB cable (included).

This Popcorn Popper Makes Healthier, Tastier Microwave Popcorn

via: Amazon

Single-serve microwave popcorn bags are wasteful and often packed with unhealthy ingredients. Take control of your snack with this microwave popcorn popper . Not only does the popcorn taste a LOT better, but it's healthier and much more economical.

This Build-On Mug Is for the LEGO Lover in Your Life

via: Amazon

This LEGO-style mug makes a unique and fun gift for kids, playful adults, or anyone who loves LEGO (isn't that just about everyone?!). Comes in six bright colors and includes a few bricks and figures to get you started.

Hulk Likes This Can Cooler

via: Amazon

Hulk thirsty. Hulk like cold drink. Hulk no smash. Hulk click "add to cart."

This Handwarmer Mug From Oregon Is Equal Parts Cozy and Functional

via: Amazon

Crafted by husband and wife potters in Oregon, these handwarmer mugs are beautiful to look at and feel good in the hands. It's no wonder they've earned hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon!

This Boldify Spray Makes Hair Thicker in 60 Seconds

via: Amazon

Designed for fine to medium hair, Boldify adds thickness, texture, and volume with a just a few sprays at the roots. Made with high-quality ingredients and smells great, too!

This Disposable Dog Potty Is Made From Real Grass!

via: Amazon

A Shark Tank success story, the Fresh Patch Dog Potty is a rectangle of real grass that dogs prefer over pee pads and other disposable options. Works great on balconies, patios, and even indoors. Lasts about two weeks for most dogs before needing to be replaced.

This Silicone Keyboard Is Foldable, Rollable, and Waterproof

via: Amazon

Handy for travel, this flexible silicone keyboard rolls up to about the size of a computer mouse. It's also waterproof, dust-proof, and has silent-click keys.

These Popsicle Molds Make Under-the-Sea Frozen Treats

via: Amazon

Pour juice, fruit punch, or yogurt into the silicone mold , freeze, then pop out frozen treats in six different under-the-sea shapes. They're a fun treat for kids or themed parties. Five-star reviewers say they are, "Great for portion control" and "Easy to clean."

This Microfiber Towel Is Ultra-Light and Fast-Drying

via: Amazon

These microfiber towels are so versatile and handy, you might want to order more than one. The soft, ultra-light fabric absorbs a lot of moisture, and then dries much faster than regular cotton towels. Excellent for the gym, sports, travel, and camping.

These Eco-Friendly Produce Bags Mean Less Plastic in the World

via: Amazon

If you're reducing your single-use plastic, these produce bags are an excellent tool for your save-the-world quest! The five bags are reusable, foldable, and machine washable.

This Drip-Free Glass Carafe Makes Every Drink Look More Appealing

via: Amazon

If you want to live like a sitcom family and serve milk and juice in glass carafes , then I have the perfect product for you. This 50-ounce container includes a stainless steel lid specially designed to prevent drips and leaks.

This Door Stop Alarm Is Instant Security for Any Room

via: Amazon

Perfect for dorms, hotels, AirBNBs, and anyone who wants a little extra peace of mind, these door stop alarms are an affordable, instant security measure. The door stop not only prevents a door from being opened, but also emits a loud alarm to alert you.

This Birthday Cake Kit Is for Good Dogs on Their Special Day

via: Amazon

Celebrate your pup's birthday or adoption day with a yummy cake! This birthday cake kit includes a silicone pan shaped like a bone, a peanut butter dog-safe cake mix, and candles.

This Cord Manager Wrangles Cables Into Tidy Submission

via: Amazon

If your desk or bedside table include a tangle of charging cables, you need the Cordies Cable Manager . The weighted base keeps it in place, while four rubber slots hug cords and keep them where they belong.

These Collapsible Cups Let You Hydrate on the Go

via: Amazon

Cut down on plastic water bottles by carrying these lightweight, collapsible silicone cups ! Perfect for travel, camping, and school, these cups flatten down and clip onto backpacks to provide a handy drinking cup whenever you need it.

This Sponge Holder Just Makes Me Laugh

via: Amazon

Every time I look at this Clean Dreams Sponge Holder , I laugh again. It's just a plastic, dishwasher-safe sponge holder that sits next to your kitchen sink. Comes with a sponge. Guaranteed to make you smile at least once a day.

These Charcoal Bags Absorb Moisture and Odors

via: Amazon

Made with activated charcoal derived from bamboo, these air purifying bags are an easy solution for bathrooms, closets, cabinets, and other tight spots. They absorb both moisture and odors and last up to two years.

This Caffeinated Shaving Cream Reduces Redness and Razor Burn

via: Amazon

To reduce redness and prevent razor burn, try this caffeinated shaving cream that works for both men and women. The idea is that caffeine causes vasoconstriction (blood vessels to tighten), thereby reducing redness and the chance of irritation. Worth a try!

This Bug Bite Suction Tool Removes Venon to Speed Healing

via: Amazon

What a genius idea! Use this bug bite suction tool to draw venom and saliva directly out of mosquito bites and bee stings. It reduces the allergic reaction and speeds healing.

This Glass Kettle Is BPA-Free for Cleaner Water

via: Amazon

For cleaner, purer hot water, use this electric glass kettle . It includes a reusable filter, and the glass is BPA-free, so you can be sure the product isn't adding anything harmful to your water.

These Bed Bands Keep Sheets in Place for a Better Night's Sleep

via: Amazon

These bed bands are like suspenders for your sheets! Attach them in a few seconds to have tighter, smoother sheets that feel comfortable all night long. You'll have a neater-looking bed and more restful nights of sleep.

This Acne Pen Is a Light Saber for Acne

via: Amazon

Use the Force to fight acne! This light therapy device looks kind of like a tiny light saber, and shines a special kind of light directly onto skin to speed healing and prevent future breakouts.