37 Impossibly Clever Products Under $20 That Might Be Genius

Yup. I said genius. Not Einstein genius, but these products are the kind of things that make our everyday lives a little more of something. Maybe it's more convenient, or productive, or fun, but any gadget that changes your life for the better is worth having in my book. At least they're worth writing about, because maybe something that I just think is cool would totally transform your existence from mundane plebe to rockstar… rock star. That's a thing now. Shower thought: has anyone ever said “That's so rockstar" to a rock star?

Speaking of shower thoughts, maybe you could use one of these fancy drill brush kits to give yours a good scrub. It's a dirty job, but someone (you) has to do it. And then it's time for some grooming. Not you, but your furry little four footed friend Fido, which will be a total breeze with these grippy grooming gloves. So get on in here and find that thing that you didn't know you needed! And at these prices, why not buy two?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Sleep Science LED Bulb Brings The Sandman To The Yard.

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You have trouble sleeping, but the white noise machine just isn’t cutting it anymore, and there’s no way on Earth you’re going to a sleep doctor. Well, this LED bulb is the bright idea you’ve been waiting for. It even comes in handy “I have an idea" light bulb shape. Originally developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station, this bulb allows the body's melatonin to reach optimal levels for excellent sleep and function of the circadian rhythm. So when you're ready to sleep, your body is too. Sounds… zzzzz.

Tired Of Slicing Off Your Fingers When You’re Just Trying To Make A Dang Salad Already? These Cut Resistant Gloves Are The Answer To Your Prayers.

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Who hasn’t lost a digit or two to rambunctious carrot slicing? No more, not with these food-grade cut-resistant gloves on what’s left of your hands! Handy gadget indeed, it’s more like a fingery gadget. 100% food safe and machine washable, these things will also save your fingertips when grating cheese.

Sometimes Grooming Is A Hairy Situation, But Not With This Hair Removal Coil.

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So your parents cursed you with an unwanted girl-stache. Or perhaps your bane is that uni-brow that keeps trying to bridge the straits between your eyebrows. Maybe you just have stray neck hairs. Or stray… whatever hairs. This lo-tech epilator (hair removal) coil will make short work of those fastidious follicles. It’s quick, it’s easy, it won’t damage your skin, and it’s inexpensive. Oh, and the results last for up to six weeks!

Hone Your Barista Skills In The Comfort Of Home With This Milk Frother.

via: Amazon - Nashville Nannie

It’s the frosting on the coffee - that frothy foam on top makes it seem so worth the exorbitant price, especially when the barista has swizzled you a personal milk foam piece of ethereal art. Whip up your own foam, and then whip up your own mini Mona Lisa with this cordless handheld milk frother from the kids at Powerlix.

Your Average Intelligence Plugs Will Be Jealous, But This Smart Plug Two Pack Is The Bee’s Knees.

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No hub required to operate these super handy smart plugs. Just insert into the dumb plugs you’re currently using, connect them to the WiFi and you can now control that outlet from anywhere. Maybe you just want to be able to turn lights on and off while you’re away. Maybe you like playing jokes on your dad while he’s trying to watch his stories. Whatever the case, these are the plugs for you. You can also link these to whichever disembodied digital assistant you favor in order to enable voice controls.

Because Tying Shoes Is For Chumps, These Lock Laces Will De-Chumpify You Instantly.

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As a person who spends a lot of time around children it never ceases to amaze me that parents are still buying these little heathens shoes that need to be TIED. Give me a break. Even I have progressed past this antiquated form of securing my shoes to my feet. These lock laces replace the low tech versions that most shoes still come with, turning all your kicks into slip-ons. Boom. Also, no more having to gingerly tie some kid’s shoelaces who just came out of the public restroom and HEY! Why are these laces wet?? I’ll give you a hint. It starts with “P" and rhymes with “P."

Speaking Of Pee Hands, You’ll Be Needing This One Hand Soap Dispenser.

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Perfect for halting the spread of salmonella in your home, as well as the aforementioned pee hands that you got from tying that child’s dumb ol’ public restroom pee floor shoelaces, this one-hand soap pump puts the “simple" in “ways to avoid herpes simplex."

Because Power Strips Are So 1990s, This Smart Wall Swivel Plug Thing.

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The original power strip/surge protector was a great idea poorly executed. Yes, that foot long behemoth allows you to plug several things into the same outlet, provided that all the plugs are standard, but man is it ever inconvenient in every other way. This smart power block has three side mount outlets, three swivel mount outlets and two USB outlets so you can plug and charge anything at any angle. That’s smart.

Also Smart? This Smart Thermometer That Even Works In Your… Armpit.

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This digital thermometer works orally, armpitally, or rectally to give you fast and accurate results. If you use the app it will also tell you what your fever means, whether you should take medicine or go the doctor, and what color shoes go with that dress. JK. You’ll need another app for that last thing. It even has Bubble Mode and Sesame Street Mode to keep those fidgety kids occupied while the thermometer does its thing.

To Get A Clean Grill You’ll Have To Go Back To The Scrubbing Stone Age.

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Grilled food is one of my favorite things about summer, but cleaning the grill grates? No thanks. The wire brushes don’t work well and they sometimes leave behind little wire surprises that don’t go well with food or mouths. Enter the scrubbing stone, a natural and easy way to get that thang clean. With apologies to Hank Hill, it’s saving me a lot of propane as well, as I no longer feel I need to bake the leftover food residue off before attempting to wire scrub.

This Dish Squeegee Will Make You Love Doing Dishes.

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Nothing will make you love doing dishes, but maybe you can sell your kids on that idea. Still, this nifty rubberized hand-spatula will take a lot of the work (and the nasty) out of doing them. It will also keep your disposal and your dishwasher and your pipes from getting clogged with all the junk you used to just leave on the dishes. Great for wiping down wet countertops and dirty sinks as well.

Mosquitoes Are Dumb, So Wear These Bracelets And They’ll Bother Someone Else.

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No one likes mosquitoes. No one. So stop dealing with them and pawn them off on the nearest shlub who isn’t sporting one of these sporty bracelets. They're infused with all-natural repellents, they're non-toxic, and also 100% satisfaction guaranteed. So get yours today, unless you’re big into West Nile, Zika, and Malaria. In that case, nevermind.

Get The Most Out Of Your Bottles Of Stuff With These Smart Funnels.

via: Amazon - doppelganger

I have wanted something like this so much I designed my own (and never built it) several years ago. Simply attach your mostly empty bottle to the funnel, put the other end in the new bottle, set it and forget it. No more wasting time trying to get the last ounce of shampoo out of the bottle, or clinking around in the mustard in a futile attempt to muster up the last of the mustard. Get the 2 pack so you can have one for food items and one for everything else. Easily pays for itself.

I Wish I’d Had These Spill Stopper Lids Last Week And So Does My Stovetop.

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I cannot count the number of times I’ve looked away for a second and promptly heard the sounds of my pot boiling over. It’s maddening. And ceramic cooktops are a bear to clean after a nice milky boil-over. No more! No more, I say. Non-toxic silicone pan toppers keep the goods inside the cookware, and they double as a veggie steamer.

This Hang Dryer Is Great For The Environment, And Great For Your Cramped Laundry Room.

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The problem with hanging things to dry is that crap takes up soooooo much room. What’s a space-challenged person to do? This hang dryer has a tiny footprint but allows you to hang up to 18 items at once. The stainless steel clips mean no vinyl to flake off, no rust stains, and no splintering clothes pins. Hangs on any standard closet rod, wire, or hook and collapses flat when stored.

Looking For The Perfect Prank? This Liquid Ass Fart Spray Is The Nastiest, No Ifs Ands Or Butts.

via: Amazon - Star_enilnO

Farts. They never really go out of style. What was funny/gross in second grade is still so today, though slightly more gross and maybe a little less funny. Still, when you need a quick prank, this sewage in a spray bottle should do the trick. Judging by some of the reviews this stuff is truly rancid, so buyer beware, and use sparingly.

Your Old Mouse Is Garbage So Replace It With This Gaming Mouse.

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You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the smoother action, more ergonomic design and cooler construction of a gamer mouse. This little number has looks to kill and performance to match, plus silent click technology that lets you go mad on the buttons without making everyone near you plain mad.

These LED Gloves Could Save Your Life Someday.

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Imagine the trouble you could get yourself into if you don’t have a pair of these multi-color LED light-up gloves handy the next time you’re trying to do jazz hands in the dark. No one will even see your bad dance moves, and they’ll just assume your hands aren’t even doing anything cool. On another note, if Michael Jackson had these for that Pepsi commercial he could have nixed the fireworks, thereby saving his hair and his otherwise untampered with skin from devastating burns and himself from countless jokes. Comes with a spare set of batteries!

With This Digital Bank You’ll Always Know If You’ve Got Enough For A Taco Run.

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Every coin you put in this nifty bank is tabulated, and the total is updated on the digital readout. For paper money there’s a plus/minus button so you can keep the running total accurate. It’s a great way to teach the kids about money and savings, and will save you mucho time-o on counting change whenever you feel a late night craving for a burrito or four.

For When You Need To Chop Down Tiny Trees, This All-Purpose Multi-Tool.

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If the only axe in your house comes in a can and smells like a house of ill repute, then this little multi-tool is for you. In addition to a hatchet, it also has pliers, wire cutters, a hammer, knives, a phillips screwdriver, a saw, a serrated knife, a flat head screwdriver, a file, a bottle opener and more. So it’s perfect for carrying in your pack on a hike, camping, or in your car for emergencies. And it’s probably better at attracting the opposite sex than the aforementioned pungent body spray.

Save Yourself Countless Hours In The Kitchen With This Slicer Dicer Chopper Spiralizer Julienner.

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If you’re anything like me you’ve spent somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.2 million hours chopping and slicing vegetables the old fashioned way - with a razor sharp knife on a state-of-the-art cutting board. Sounds great, but this slicer dicer thing does the same (actually better) job in a fraction of the time. I swore years ago, during my thousandth viewing of the Ginsu steak knives infomercial, that I would never buy some dopey slicing gadget because who cares. But this one changed my tune. It’s the best. Seriously, read the product details and some reviews, then get ready to pony up $20.

Tidy Up That Nasty Ol’ Garage With This Broom And Rake Organizer.

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Your garage would have more room for that giant SUV if the floor weren’t littered with rakes and brooms and shovels and whatever other long-handled tools you can’t get to stay in their assigned location leaning up against the wall. Furreals, you can’t clean a space if the implements that help you clean it are part of the clutter. So get to it already and get one or two of these attractively designed and perfectly useful racks. It also sports hooks for smaller things like garden spades or grill tools.

Should This Universal Socket Have Been Named The Socket-To-Me? You Decide.

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That name would really bring the room together, as Lebowski would say. Alas, all you get instead is a socket that will fit any bolt or nut between 7mm and 19mm. That’s most of them, in case you were wondering. Its 54 individual hardened steel pins work like one of those pin sculpture things, except instead of an imprint of your face you get a very useful universal socket that molds itself around your fastener like… one of those pin sculpure things. Great for anyone who doesn’t want to own a 2000 piece socket set.

I Bought This Quesadilla Maker Because It Makes Quesadillas And I Love Quesadillas.

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In fairness I did manage to make quesadillas before I bought this quesadilla maker, but I bought it because it makes them so much better. My family loves the nice and neat little sections of yum that this churns out, and so do I. It’s okay with whatever you want to put in your tortillas, too. So sometimes I just make little pizza pockets, and sometimes I make little grilled cheeses, but they always turn out perfectly, and it’s easy to clean as well. What more could you ask for?

These Pet Grooming Gloves Are The Cat’s Pajamas.

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What if you could groom your pet as you pet your pet? With these grooming gloves, that is now a thing you can do. Little silicone nubs cover these machine washable grooming gloves, and those nubs are where it’s at. Pet hair sticks to these things like poop sticks to butt fur. And then you just clean the gloves off and away you go. Clean and brushed, you may now take your pets out in the world without fear of judgy side eyes directed at you and your unkempt spaniel.

Camping Without This Lantern Fan Is Almost As Crazy As My Ex.

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Who doesn’t love spending some time in the great outdoors? And then it gets dark, and it’s hot, and you just want to see stuff and not be hot. But there’s no relief because you made the odd choice of leaving your comfortable home and going to spend time in the formerly great but now not-so-great outdoors. And then your camping mates pull this lantern fan out and you are again one with the world and all living things. It’s bright as all get-out, the fan actually cools, and it’s versatility makes it indispensable, plus it runs for up to 20 hours on just a couple of D batteries.

Stop Where You Are And Buy This Magnetic Wristband Or Never Try To Fix Anything Ever Again.

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This is no lie: just today my spouse was helping his dad fix his lawnmower when all the screws he had just removed from said mower went flying into the flower bed. I won’t mention how this happened (he may have stepped on the dish he was keeping them in), but it wouldn’t have happened if he’d been wearing one of these nifty magnetic wristbands. Embedded with 15 strong magnets, it’s suitable for screws, bolts, nails, sewing needles, scissors, wrenches… okay, I think you get the picture.

It’s Time To Clean This Town Up, Or At Least This Bathtub, Thanks To This Drill Brush Kit.

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The non-abrasive nylon bristles on these drill-mounted brushes means you can clean with confidence, or rather your drill can clean, because it’s going to be doing all the work. The three brush heads are different sizes and shapes and make cleaning a breeze. Quick change shafts mean that swapping heads is as easy as… something easy. So get cleaning already because your bathroom is ewww.

This Kitchen Starter Kit Is The Perfect Gift For Anyone With A Kitchen Or Soon To Have A Kitchen.

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That person could be you, even if you, like me, have spent years accumulating every kitchen utensil known to man. Because this groovy set checks all the boxes, and it all matches, which for someone with mild(ish) OCD is pretty enticing. You’ll get spatulas, spoons, peelers, whisks, measuring cups and spoons, tongs, ladles, a pizza cutter, and a bunch of other stuff to boot. Or to cook with. Whatever.

So You Got A GoPro And A Ton Of Accessories But Now You Want To Actually Do Stuff With It? Then Snap Up This GoPro Carrying Case.

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This kit gives you a place to store and carry your GoPro, extra batteries, handles, cords, SD cards - you name it. Makes organizing your accessories easy. So now you can take your GoPro on the go, like a pro. Comes in many attractive patterns, so choose one that fits your style.

With These BBQ Baking Mats You Can Finally Make Fajitas On The Grill.

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Assuming you can already make fajitas, that is. This set of five mats makes cooking pretty much anything on the grill possible, though results will still depend on whether you’re any good at cooking things. Bummer, but such is life. Non-stick, dishwasher safe, viable up to 500 degrees, and even trimmable to fit your cooking surface, these mats greatly expand the usefulness of the outdoor oven you used to only use for ribs and burgers. Imagine your family’s* delight when you roll them out of bed at o-dark-thirty, herd them out to the patio and present them with a hearty grilled breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon. *Family not included with purchase.

After Your Grilled Breakfast You Can Relax In This Two Person Hammock While The Kids Do The Dishes LOLOL.

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Backyard living has never been so comfortable or convenient as when you own one of these fantastic two person (as long as your combined weight is under 660 lbs) hammocks. Made from lightweight but strong AF parachute nylon, the carabiners mean it’s easy to put up and take down, and if you’re feeling really generous you can even grab one for the kids to enjoy once they’re through with all those chores. Breaks down easily to fit into the compact duffle case.

These Pill Case Keychains Are A Perfect Place To Keep Your Prescriptions At The Ready.

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What’s the one thing you have with you whenever you travel in your car? Your keys. So, if you must have your pills and you forget things a lot or just hate carrying a pill case around in your purse or pocket, then these keychain pill containers are for you. They come in packs of five, and sport different colors for easy organization. So you don’t take pills? They’re still perfect for things like weed AS LONG AS IT’S LEGAL WHERE YOU ARE AND WHERE YOU’RE GOING, very small snacks, gold dust, tiny sips of water - you name it.

If You Work Out Or Even Pretend To Then You Need This Phone Armband In Your Life.

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These armbands are great for holding your phone while you’re otherwise occupied with exercise, housework, WWP (walking without pockets), or just because your enormous phone no longer fits in any of the pockets you do have. I for one love it because I’ve not yet made the leap to the new-fangled wireless earbuds, and this armband allows me to have my headphones plugged in while I pitter-patter around all day. The newest version even has two slots added specifically for headphone plugs.

Gamers Rejoice Because Now You Can Hang Your Headsets Up In Style With This Portable Hook.

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Someone in my home plays video games a lot, and I’m guessing the same is true of a lot of people. If it is then you know that a ludicrously extravagant headset is now part of the gear that accompanies said addiction...er, past time. It only takes one fall off a desk, one ill-timed and unfortunately placed step in the dark to render those things busted and useless. For that, and for the neatness and convenience factors, this portable headset hook is a necessity. Easy to attach and detach, it also sports a cable loop to keep things even more ship shape.

These Versatile USB Lamps Really Shed Light On The Situation.

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These amazingly bright LED lamps plug directly into any USB port to give you light where you need it most. The flexible arm makes it easy to bend the light to the desired angle for easier keyboard viewing. Plug them into phone chargers for a makeshift flashlight, or do as I do and use them for bright low-energy nightlights in USB wall plugs. Ships as a package of five different colors.

Kick Your Ninja Training Into High Gear With This Agility Trainer Headband Ball.

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The ball circles, bobs and weaves like the lightsaber trainer ball in Star Wars to help hone your hand-eye coordination and agility. The one size fits all headband attaches to one of two balls - a light kids/beginners ball, and a heavier ball for the advanced ninja wannabe - plus a bonus jump rope to help you recreate the Rocky montages. Side of beef sold separately.