Not many of us enjoy the act of cleaning, but a lot of us appreciate the rewards of a tidy home. Short of hiring a maid, that means doing a bit of that dreaded cleaning ourselves. What can we do to make that process as painless as possible? Get the most effective products! To that end, I did some combing through Amazon to see what cleaning products buyers liked most, and which ones sold the best. Here's what I came up with.

This carpet cleaner is specially designed to tackle pet hair and stains, and more than 35,000 Amazon buyers rate it 4.5 stars. That means there's a good chance you'll love it. (I know I want one.) This pack of 50 microfiber cleaning cloths earns 4.7-star ratings on more than 32,000 purchases. They're super absorbent and don't leave behind lint or scratches. That makes them the perfect everyday cleaning tool. (I already have them, or I'd be buying these too.) No matter what sort of cleaning you need to do, I found something that'll help make it easier, faster or more effective. Check out my list of 37 recommended products!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Spray Cleaner Destroys Urine Stains and Odors, and It's Safe Around Pets and Kids

Whether you've got a poodle who has occasional accidents or a baby with a leaky diaper, this spray-on Urine Destroyer will neutralize odors and fight long-term stains. Use it on carpet, fabric and hardwood floors. One Amazon reviewer calls this spray cleaner a "miraculous resolution to our cat pee saga."

This Cookware Cleanser & Polish Removes Rust Stains, Lime Buildup and Mineral Deposits

Quickly remove food, stains, hard water deposits and tarnish from cookware with this powder cleanser. It's safe for use on stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, copper, brass, chrome and aluminum. In the kitchen, it's great on stainless steel pots and pans, glass casserole dishes, baking sheets, oven doors and tough stains on cooking surfaces. In the bathroom, it conquers rust stains and mineral deposits.

These Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Are 4X Stronger Than Bleach Spray, Earning 4.7-Star Reviews

People swear by Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, and this extra-strength variety with Durafoam has that much more cleaning power. No cleaning solution needed. Just use water to activate these scrubbers, which can remove permanent marker, crayon stains, scuff marks and more.

This Featherweight Stick Vacuum Is Bagless and Converts to a Handheld Device

At $39.99, the price of this lightweight stick vacuum is unbelievable for what you get. It works on hard floors and carpet. Plus, it converts to a handheld device so you can use it on furniture and in the car. It even has a crevice tool for getting in those tricky spots. And you can add the floor nozzle to the handheld vacuum for use on stairs and other small spaces. Just empty the small canister when it's full, and it's ready to use again.

Use This Four-Gallon Caddy to Store and Carry Your Cleaning Supplies

This caddy for cleaning supplies is just the right size to hold small and large canisters of cleaning solutions, as well as sponges, rags, gloves and lots more. Choose from black, gray or clear. For more storage space, pair it with the compatible four-gallon bucket. It nests neatly in the upper portion of the bucket, giving you additional storage space down below.

This Roller Removes Pet Hair From Furniture Better Than You Ever Dreamed

After reading the reviews and seeing the user photos for this pet fur remover, I know I need to order one. More than 53,000 buyers rate it 4.6 stars. Just use short back-and-forth strokes with this roller and it collects pet hair and lint. Pop open the receptacle at the back to remove the collected waste, then it's ready to use again.

Clean Even Those Far-Off Spots With This 12-Foot Pole & Three Cleaning Attachments

You can clean everything from your chandelier to your eaves with this 12-foot pole and its cleaning attachments, which together give you up to 20 feet of reach. You get a cobweb duster, a microfiber feather duster, and a chenille microfiber flex-and-stay ceiling fan duster. The lightweight aluminum pole extends from 5-12 feet and has a 180-degree hinge tip. Other attachments are available for purchase, including ones for changing lightbulbs, cleaning windows and more.

Get in All Those Tile Crevices With This Scrub Brush for Grout

This scrub brush is specially designed with stiff nylon bristles packed into a narrow strip to get in those tile seams. The brush has a sturdy plastic handle, and the bristles extend around one side to aid in reaching tough corners. The manufacturer also makes an add-on handle for use with this brush.

This Carpet Cleaner Is Specially Designed to Tackle Pet Hair & Stains

Almost 35,000 Amazon buyers rate this carpet cleaner 4.5 stars. It's lightweight, so you won't find yourself dreading carpet cleaning day. It's got a powerful spinning pet brush with antimicrobial protection, and it uses special Heatforce technology for faster drying.

This Naturally-Derived Cleaning Spray Kills 99.99% of Viruses & Bacteria, Without Bleach

For the amazing price of $3.74, this Power & Shine antibacterial spray cleans and disinfects all your household surfaces. Made without bleach, using naturally-derived ingredients, this cleaning spray comes in a fresh, 100% biodegradable fragrance. And the bottle is refillable!

This Portable Carpet & Upholstery Stain Cleaner Is Powerful and Easy to Use

Easily clean carpets, upholstery, stairs, area rugs, car interiors and more with the Little Green ProHeat. Using patented technology, this machine gives you heated cleaning. And by dispensing deep-stain formula where needed, it removes the toughest stains. A bestseller in floor cleaners, the Little Green ProHeat earns 4.5 stars.

This Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit Gives You Heavy-Duty Wet and Dry Cleaning Abilities

The Swiffer wet and dry sweeping kit is the perfect starter package, or a great additional tool for those of us trying to keep a tidy house. You get the Swiffer sweeper device -- and if you don't have one yet, you definitely need one -- and two dry heavy-duty refills, one wet heavy-duty pad, five dry sweeping cloths and two wet mopping pads. It's a true variety pack, giving you the chance to sample all the options before ordering the refills you like best.

Protect Your Hands While Doing Cleaning Chores With This Two-Pair Set of Non-Slip Rubber Gloves

I hate using cleaning products that are rough on my skin, like bleach-based cleansers. That's where a heavy-duty pair of rubber gloves like these comes in handy. They've got a non-slip grip and are thick enough to protect your hands even while doing rugged work like scrubbing the floors.

Kill 99.9% of Bacteria and Germs on Your Floors With This Powerful Steam Mop

A steam mop can make such a difference in the cleanliness of your floors. Not only will they look cleaner than when you use a traditional mop, but the steam heat will kill bacteria and germs. This steam mop has three steam level settings, and a slot for inserting fragrance discs to leave your house smelling fresh and lovely. Buyers rate this steam mop 4.6 stars!

Buyers Swear by This 50-Pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for All Their Household Cleaning Needs

I bought a big set of Amazon microfiber cleaning cloths like these, and I use them for everything. They're super absorbent and don't leave behind lint or scratches. They don't even leave streaks behind when you use them to wipe down a mirror. And with a hefty set of 50 cloths, you'll have plenty to spare while the others are in the laundry.

Use This 12-Pack of Stainless Steel Scouring Pads for Heavy-Duty Pots, Pans & Grills

These little stainless steel scouring balls tackle that super tough grime that's hard to remove with your everyday dish scrubber. Use them on gritty buildup in pots, pans and grills. Just make sure not to use them on non-stick surfaces, as they will scratch the coating.

Unclog Your Drains Using This Five-Pack of Easy-to-Use Drain Snakes

I just ordered another set of these babies for myself! These drain snakes come in so handy for removing hair that's collected in the shower or sink drain. Just slide one into the drain and the little spikes on it will grab onto the hair and other debris, allowing you to pull it out. Warning: Be prepared to see some truly repulsive gunk!

Buyers Love This Compact Brush & Dustpan Set, Rating It 4.7 Stars!

This small brush and dustpan set are a simple idea that gets big results. More than 13,000 buyers rate the set 4.7 stars. Use it to sweep up spilled coffee grounds, bread crumbs or spilled cereal. It's an easy way to clean your table or countertop without busting out the cleaning spray and towel.

Keep Windows, Mirrors and Shower Doors Clean & Streak-Free With This Squeegee

I've got one of these hanging in my shower, and I use it to clear the glass doors every time I get out. This one comes with a suction cup holder that makes it easy to hang wherever you want. More than 28,000 buyers rate this bestselling squeegee 4.6 stars.

This Scrubbing-Head Kit Turns Your Own Drill Into a Power Cleaning Device

This bestselling scrubber cleaning kit includes three bush heads to attach to your standard household drill, giving you powerful scrub brush action. The medium-stiff nylon bristles on the brushes will not scratch tubs, sinks, baseboards, showers or porcelain. Choose from several fun colors: yellow, blue, green, red, white or black.

Get All Those Hard-to-Reach Areas in the Tub and Shower With This Extendable Tub & Tile Scrubber

The rod on this tub and shower scrubber extends from 26 inches to 42 inches long with a quick twist. The scrubber has an antimicrobial head that's abrasive for deep cleaning, and a unique shape that gets easily into corners. When the cleaning head wears out, just pop it off and replace it.

This Battery-Operated Power Scrubber With Oscillating Head Cleans All The Nooks & Crannies

This handheld power scrubber looks just like an electric toothbrush. It's water-resistant and works great for getting into those difficult-to-reach spots around the faucet, drain and other pesky areas. Buy refill kits with several different heads, like a microfiber polishing head, a velcro head or an extra-large brush head.

This Bestselling Broom-and-Dustpan Combo Stands Upright and Has a Long Handle

Having the right broom and dustpan on hand can make housekeeping so much easier! I love the fact that this dustpan has a built-in comb that you can run the broom through to remove those pesky hairs and other debris that cling to the bristles. And the broom handle comes with an extension pole that you can attach to reach those far-off spaces, or to simply sweep in comfort if you're tall and a typical broom length is too short.

Just Stamp This Little Gel Cleaning Disc Inside Your Toilet Bowl and It'll Stay Fresh for Up to 12 Days

Prevent stains from building up and keep your toilet smelling fresh with these toilet-cleaning stamps. They're activated with every flush and last up to 12 days. Choose from three scents: rainshower, fresh mountain morning or citrus.

Light, Affordable and Easy-to-Use, This Swiffer Duster With an Extendable Handle Is a Must-Have

I used to just ignore the dust in areas that are hard to reach. Until I found it hard to breathe in my apartment because of the hidden allergens. That's where a duster like this comes in handy. This Swiffer duster has an extendable handle, so you can reach all those tricky spots like the blades of the ceiling fan and the top of the refrigerator. When the duster head is dirty, just slip it off, toss it in the trash, and pop on a new one.

This Miracle Cleaning Paste Is All the Rage on TikTok

Buyers say this miracle cleaning paste works on just about everything. (But they caution to use it carefully, because it does have a bit of a gritty texture that could cause slight scratches.) More than 28,000 buyers rate this 4.4 stars, saying it's "amazing" and "fabulous." Reviewer Michael says, "I haven't found anything yet that it can't clean."

Clean & Polish Glass and Ceramic Cooktops With This Heavy-Duty Formula

This glass cooktop cleaner and polish is both heavy duty and gentle at once. Buyers swear by it, giving it 4.6 stars on more than 12,000 reviews. Use this cleaner to remove burnt-on food, grease, oil and stains. It's a scratch-free formula that's safe for all major glass and ceramic cooktops.

Keep Your Tile & Hardwood Floors Sparkling With This Spray Mop With Reusable Microfiber Pads

Just add water and/or your favorite cleaning solution to the tank on this spray mop and you'll be able to pull the trigger to wet the floor for easy mopping. The mop head rotates 360 degrees, and the microfiber pads you mop with are washable and replaceable. What's more, you get an additional attachment for washing windows! Just swap out the mop head for the window cleaning head, which allows you to spray glass cleaner onto the window and wipe it away with a microfiber cloth and squeegee.

Tackle Your Floors With This Spin Mop & Bucket System With Microfiber Mop

This spin mop is made of microfiber strands, which absorb and remove tough dirt and grime. Just dip the mop into the spinner to soak and clean it, then step on the pedal to wring it out. Mop handle is adjustable in length from 83 to 130 cm, and mop head it triangle-shaped for easy use in corners.

Fight Mildew and Mold in Your Washing Machine With These Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

I hate the musty smell that develops over time in the washing machine. With all the residue of detergent, grime and hard water, the machine can start smelling like something that will contaminate your clothes rather than clean them. This box of 15 washing machine cleaning tablets aims to solve that problem and get your washing machine back in prime condition. Just pop the recommended number of tablets in the machine once a month for deep cleaning and decontamination.

These Three Scrub Brushes Work Great for Cleaning Grout, Tile and Other Challenging Spots

These three scrub brushes are tough, tackling the biggest household cleaning challenges. Use them on tile, grout, ceramic, wood and more. There's a grout brush for narrow spaces, a power scrub brush for tough stains, and a small scrub brush for quick cleanups. They have ergonomic handles with hanging holes in them, and strong brush fibers made from recycled material.

Clean Glass, Ceramic and Gas Cooktops With These Scrubbing Pads

Tackle that burned-on residue safely and effectively with these non-abrasive scrubbing pads. They're designed for all major glass and ceramic cooktop ranges. You can also use them on sinks, tubs, showers and more.

This Bestselling Wood Polish & Conditioner Will Make Your Furniture Look Like New

All wood looses its luster over time. It's important to clean and condition it to keep it looking fresh. Feed-N-Wax to the rescue! It prevents drying and deterioration of wood finishes, and lets you restore your wood furniture to its natural beauty.

This Cordless Sweeper Is a Quick and Easy Way to Pick up Crumbs, Pet Hair and More

Sometimes you don't feel like getting out the vacuum cleaner, but a standard broom doesn't quite seem right for the job either. That's where a cordless sweeper like this comes in handy. Lightweight and compact, it's easy to grab and use without any effort. Just run it over hard floors or carpets and the rotating brushes scoop up debris and collect it in a reservoir, which you then empty into the trash.

Eliminate Fingerprints, Smudges and Smears on Your Stainless Steel Appliances With This Specially Formulated Cleaner Spray

Don't you hate it when your refrigerator looks like a crime scene just dusted for fingerprints? This stainless steel spray cleaner gets those fingerprints and other stains off the surface, leaving it clean and shiny. More than 17,000 buyers rate this spray 4.7 stars!

The Stiff Bristles of This Broom Make It Perfect for Scrubbing the Deck and Around the Pool

This sturdy scrub brush has a long handle and stiff bristles for tackling tough stains with water, cleanser or dry. It also has a wide scraper attached for removing sewage after washing the patio, deck or any floor.

Your Silver Jewelry & Tableware Will Shine With This Bestselling Silver Cream

I have this silver cream and I swear by it! I'm an amateur jewelry maker, and nothing keeps my silver pieces sparkling like this silver cream. Check out the Amazon reviewer photos for some amazing results on silver vases, pitchers, stemware and more. Plus, it works on items that are silver plated, as well as those that are gold, brass, copper or aluminum.