The sun is officially shining and here to stay for a while. All these summer vibes have given me the itch to revamp my space and give it a little more style. But with lockdown still in full effect, comfy and functional pieces are a MUST. I've definitely fallen into the trap of putting money into the cutest accent pieces like stick-on mirrors, black-out curtains and storage baskets only to find that all they do is take up valuable space. Whoever thought that function and style shouldn't be a perfect balance clearly never lived through a lockdown.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Now that I've learnt my lesson the hard way, I hope to help everyone else learn the easy way. I have some suggestions that'll work in almost every space and are so cheap that you'll be able to remodel over and over until your heart's content. Best part is, I'm a total mess so all the products are useful and cozy af, like these slippers!

Calling All Minimalists! This Modern Wall Clock Sparks Joy


Ever since I discovered Marie Kondo, I've been trying to embrace minimalism and keep my apartment sleek and clutter-free. I can definitely say this clock sparks joy; it works perfectly, it's simple, and it looks great in every room of my home. It's even helped me break my late streak, it's so cute that now I actually check the time.

Make your Outdoor Space Super Comfy with these Waterproof Cushions

With the stay-at-home order still in full swing, I've realized the importance of having a perfect outdoor space. These pillows were definitely what my patio set was missing — they add an amazing pop of colour and they are oh so comfy for lounging on. Hurry, if you don't buy them quickly, I will!

These Plush Fleece Slippers are Having a Major Moment Right Now

Comfy is the new chic, and I can't think of anything comfier than a soft, fuzzy pair of slippers. These are perfect for lounging around the house, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't run a few errands in them … they're just too cozy to take off! Shoes are overrated anyway.

22K+ Reviews Say These Soy Candles Take Your Senses to Heaven

I've burned my fair share of candles, so I think I'm a pretty good judge when it comes to candle quality. This candle checks literally all my boxes. Amazing scent? Check. Long burn time? Check. Pretty packaging? Check. It's definitely one of my best purchases.

This Is *NOT* Your Ordinary TV Tray, It's Way Better


When I think of TV trays, I think of flimsy little folding tables that I want to fold up and hide as soon as I'm done using them. This one is a major upgrade; it's sturdy enough for me to use as a desk when I'm working on my sofa (or in bed tbh), but it's also compact and stylish.

These LED Lights are a Home Decor Must-Have

Just when I thought the LEDs in my room couldn't get any better, I found these babies. The music-sync feature really makes me feel like I'm back at the club (sigh). Highly considering buying another set for my backyard, since they are waterproof. Who needs to go out when you can party on your own, and don't try and lie to me, we both know it's way more fun anyway.

Hit the Lights! On Your Personal Paradise


This summer, I know I'm going to be spending TONS of time in my backyard, so I knew I needed to decorate it well. These lights were perfect for my patio area, and according to reviews, these stand up to Canadian winters. Totally worth it, a backyard that's my personal paradise is on its way.

This Hanging Planter Will Make Your Wall Super Instagrammable


I'm a die-hard plant mom, so I'm always looking for cute plant stands to put my babies in. These ones are so minimalist, and they fit any style. There's a reason why they're a #1 bestseller on Amazon — see for yourself. Pamper your plants like they deserve, plant moms everywhere, I think we can agree these stands are chic af.

Organization has Never Been this Cute with these Cotton Weave Baskets

If your counters get cluttered as quickly as mine do, you're probably looking for an easy way to tidy up and hide the mess. These baskets are a lifesaver; I still toss all my junk into them, but they make the mess cute. Tidying up doesn't have to be hard labour, a cute basket makes any mess a simple fix.

Turn Your Outdoor Space Into An Oasis


I love living in the city, but I do miss the grassy backyards of the suburbs. This mat makes my little outdoor space feel like a real backyard, without all the lawn mowing — a major bonus if you ask me. Who needs the real thing when this mat is so cute!

The One Piece Of Decor Your Wall Absolutely Needs


It's no secret that mirrors make a room look bigger, and my apartment could definitely use that illusion. These stick-on mirrors are super cute, easy to install, and just as easy to remove (so no need to worry about getting that security deposit back). Bonus: another mirror means another place where you can admire your gorgeous self!

These Are The Perfect Outdoor Lights


My pet peeve is getting home late at night, and it's so dark out that I can't even see my doorknob. These little lights are perfect for late summer nights; they are activated by motion, so you aren't stumbling back home in the dark after you drank a bottle of rosé in the park with your girls.

Add Some Charm to Your Space with this Multi-Use Wire Organizer

If your bedroom, living space, or office is looking a little drab, I guarantee this wall piece is sure to help spice things up. I have mine hanging in my office, and having all my papers, glasses and nick-nacks hanging on it keeps me extra organized. Plus, seeing my favourite people and my pets smiling at me all day keeps me super motivated.

Give Your Pet The Best Snooze Ever

We spend hundreds of dollars on our beds, mattresses, pillows, and so on… so it's only fair we spoil our pets when it comes to where they sleep, too! This pet bed is so soft, and my dog definitely approves, although I still can't seem to get him to stop stealing my spot on the couch.

Modern and Chic Storage That'll Make Your Bedroom Pop

Assuming you're like me, you probably have an overflow of things on your bedside table. Between the newest books, water bottles, lamps, and a journal, space gets tight real quick. In come these modern end tables. They have a grid design to give all the style, and a basket shelf to hold all your necessities. They even come in 12 colours to match any colour palette.

Don't Whine Over Spoiled Wine


Finishing a whole bottle of wine in one sitting is something me and my girlfriends aren't able to do virtually, so I was on the hunt for an item that would keep my wine good for a few days. This little stopper keeps my wine tasting great for days. Girls night part two is ready to go.

Functionality Meets Style with this Glass Kettle Perfect for Hot or Cold Tea


Clear kettles are all the rage right now, and this one is so cute. Even though it's a kettle, I use mine for so many other things; making infused iced tea, cold brew, and of course, making tea! It's that versatile, and nothing beats the satisfaction of a sleek minimalist design.

Keep Your Home Secure with this Waterproof, Wireless Outdoor Camera


I always get a little worried when I'm home alone, or when I'm leaving my home for a long period of time. This camera has made me feel so much more secure; knowing I can check on my home from anywhere is a weight off my shoulders. You can also find me watching to see what my crazy neighbours are doing outside.

You Need this Dried Pampas Grass on Your Mantle Now

Now, although I aspire to have one of those apartments filled to the brim with luscious plants and flowers, the reality is the four plants I already have are challenging my plant mom ability. Thank god dried pampas is super trendy right now. They are super cute and neutral in colour so they pretty much go anywhere and you can pop them in anything. Pro tip: fluff them up by leaving them in the sun. My IG has never looked more fab.

Stay Cool All Summer Long with this Eco-Friendly Turbo Fan


It's hot, it's humid, I'm sweating every time I step outside. The last thing I want is to be burning up in my apartment. This fan has saved me — it's tiny, but it has serious power. Plus, it's quiet, so there's no humming while I'm working from home all day. Dripping sweat on zoom is not cute, your hair gloriously blowing in the soft wind definitely is.

The Speaker You Didn't Know You Needed


This speaker is your new best friend (literally — you can talk to it!). If you told me 10 years ago that I'd be able to control my entire house or check the weather from a speaker, I would've thought you were crazy, but this speaker literally does it all. Also, it doesn't break the bank. Add to cart, please!

Your Shower Drain Will Thank You For This

If you've got long hair like me, you probably lose quite a few strands every time you lather up in the shower. You probably also have had to deal with a clogged drain at some point. This drain cover will catch all those strands, and it'll somehow look cute while it does it.

Make the Most Out of Your Outlets with this Surge Protector

This item really is an essential — never worry about having enough outlets to charge your phone, laptop, plug your lamp into, or whatever else you need! It even comes with a bonus safety cover, because electrical accidents are not the summer vibe we want.

Give Your Home a Major Upgrade with this High Grade Wallpaper


I was definitely skeptical of these films at first — would they be cute, or would they make my surfaces look tacky? I decided to take the risk, and I'm SO happy I did. These were so easy to apply and gave my tired and drab desktop the pop it needed.

Organize that Busy Schedule STAT with a Monthly Planner

My schedule is ALWAYS changing, so I need a calendar that I can change and update easily. This one is simple, and I can put it right on my fridge so I can always see it. I haven't missed a meeting or deadline since I got it, and that speaks volumes.

These Light Blocking Curtains Will Upgrade Your Sleep

Before I had these curtains, I'd wake up when the sun came up… and boy, was I cranky. These ones keep my room dark, and keep me asleep until my body is ready to wake up. They aren't the #1 bestseller in their category for nothing.

The Luscious Plants To Elevate Your Home Decor


I've got a dark spot where I cannot seem to make any plants grow. If you're anything like me, you have a huge green thumb. Add this luscious plant to your desk space or kitchen area - it's sure to elevate any aesthetic and get you into the warm weather spirit. Nothing says spring like new plants and greenery.

Okay, Yes, You Need this Laundry Hamper


Never again do you have to worry about separating you whites from your colours, this genius laundry hamper has you organized well ahead of time. I love the modern look and how sleek it looks in my bathroom. Trust me, you need this.

Control Humidity and Room Temperature With The Simple Touch Of A Button


Adjust the humidity with the press of a button; it's literally as easy as that. Trust me, this gadget makes life so much easier. Now, I can monitor the temperature of my room and get phone alerts when it's too hot or cold. Truly life-changing.

The Storage Baskets I Couldn't Live Without


These storage baskets are a major game-changer for me and have really upped my organization. Use these in your closet to store extra clothes or even to store towels in the bathroom. Guaranteed these storage baskets will come in use. And, even though you are dumping things in them, they look super chic.

This Rug Feels Heavenly Soft


If hearing your alarm clock in the morning makes you groan and hit "snooze", you need this fluffy rug in your life. This rug will enhance your room's aesthetic and makes stumbling out of bed in the morning that much easier and that much more pleasant. Trust me on this one, you won't regret it.

Whip Up The Belgian Waffles Of Your Dreams


My ideal lazy Sunday morning consists of sleeping in and whipping up the best homemade brunch. This Belgian waffle maker is great for when you're making a restaurant-style brunch. The perfect waffles every time - guaranteed everyone will be impressed with these when you post how perfect they look on IG.

Refresh Your Sofa with These Elegant Velvet and Leather Pillows


Although I'd never tell anyone they bought too many throw pillows, sometimes your wallet can't take the pressure. These throw pillow covers are the perfect solution. They're way cheaper than buying entirely new pillows but they give your room a revamp. These come in multiple colours and are made of ultra-soft velvet, perfect for your daily naps.

The Perfect Closet Hack


Ugh, there's nothing more annoying than when you're simply browsing through the dresses in your closet and another one slips off the hanger. Enter these black velvet hangers - they make my closet look so much more cohesive and items never fall off anymore. A must for any fashion lover.

Boho Lovers, Pay Attention


Macrame decor is super in style right now. The only problem is, it's so expensive! Problem solved with this cute wall decor. Live your best hippie life with this cute wall hanging. Use this simple and elegant pattern to make an accent wall that'll give your room a relaxed feeling.

The Affordable Frames Are In Everyone's Cart


The raving reviews say it all: These wooden photo frames will elegantly display your favourite photos. Plus, a little secret: you'd never know it by looking at them but they're actually super affordable. Take my advice and add these to your cart right now. What more could you want?

Mirror Decor That Will Totally Change Your Room


Three simple words, love, love, love these mirrors. An elegant, eye-catching piece that comes in three colours and doesn't dent my bank account, I'm floored. Anyone looking to make their rooms look brighter, larger, and more chic (and let's not kid, that's all of us) do yourself a favour and give these a chance.