37 Holiday Gifts From Amazon's (RED) Section

Yes, I love shopping but I love it more when it benefits a good cause! All the items in this list of 37 holiday gifts from Amazon's (RED) section dedicate a percentage of the purchase price to fighting two pandemics - COVID and HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Also, funds raised from the (RED) Shopathon will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, up to 1.5 million dollars! This section is amazing - it has products you'll love by black-owned businesses plus artisans in Africa who benefit directly from your purchases.

Whether you need a stylish new face mask or truffle-infused hot sauce, you'll find all the gifts you want in Amazon's (RED) section.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Beats Headphones Are Top-Rated

If you're looking for a new pair of wireless headphones, these Beats Solo3 headphones come highly, highly recommended. They have a 40 hour listening time and when you do run out of juice, a five-minute charge will give you three more hours of battery life with Fast Fuel! They're also foldable so can easily go wherever you do.

This TRUFF Hotter Sauce Is To Die For

Have you tried this truffle-infused hot sauce yet? If not, what are you waiting for! It's hotter than the original with jalapeno and red chili peppers, tempered with organic agave nectar for a tiny bit of sweetness. And it's got almost 2,000 glowing reviews right now for great flavor and the perfect amount of heat!

This Apple Watch Band Is Red-Hot

Your Apple watchband probably needs an update by now, and what better way to accessorize than with this fire-engine red strap! The silky-smooth sport band drapes nicely over your wrist and the adjustable strap means you get the perfect fit.

These Playing Cards Fight Disease

Now you can do good in the world even if you're just playing a game of cards with this playing card deck that fights disease. $1 from every sale of these cards goes to fighting AIDS in South Saharan Africa and COVID worldwide! In fact, every purchase can provide five days of life-saving HIV medication to people in need. Help save lives while having fun!

These Durex Promote Safe Sex

Who knew you could have so much fun while supporting a great charity? These Durex (RED) condoms not only promote safe sex for yourself, but every purchase contributes directly to The Global Fund to fight AIDS. You'll get 12 in this pack so you shouldn't be caught without one.

This Face Mask Is Triple-Layered

Doctors are recommending a filtered face mask when we're out in public, and this one goes above and beyond with triple-layer protection including a replaceable filter. The minimalist style looks good on everyone, and it comes in two sizes so it'll fit everyone. There's even a metal nose piece that helps you mold the mask to your face so you get a great seal.

This Mophie Case Keeps You Charged

Running out of battery sucks, especially if you're out and about, not near somewhere to recharge. Never experience a dead battery again with this Mophie Phone Case that has a built-in battery charger! It's compatible with wireless chargers, too, which makes it even more convenient. And the red color is sure to get you noticed!

This Love Bracelet Is Handmade In Kenya

How sweet is this beaded Love bracelet? It's handmade in Kenya, where every purchase goes towards meaningful, full-time employment there. It's made from leather and glass beads and is fully adjustable for all wrist sizes. Reviewers rave about how well-made it is!

This Echo Simplifies Smart Home

What can't this Echo do? From letting you "drop-in" on any room in the house to announce dinner's ready to playing the latest news, games, or your favorite music, it really simplifies smart home capabilities into one cute package! Plus, $10 from every purchase goes to support global health programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

This Is Your New Work From Home Shirt

Since we're all going to be doing it for some time to come, why not designate a shirt just for those "WFH" days? No more having to come up with a nice shirt to wear for Zoom meetings, just tell it like it is with this snazzy tee! It comes in men's or women's styles and three colors, plus over 40% of the purchase goes towards (RED)'s campaigns focused on raising awareness and funds to fight AIDS and COVID-19.

This Versatile Towel Pulls Triple Duty

This versatile towel's going to become a fast household fave since it can pull triple duty. You can use it as a hand towel, placemat, or napkin depending on your needs, and it's machine washable and dryable. 10% of this purchase goes towards a global COVID response and HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

This Dog Collar Is Too Cute

What can be more fun than matching with your doggo? This dog collar is the same Love design as the bracelet I listed earlier, with the same high-quality leather and glass bead design handmade in Maasai Mara, Kenya. Every purchase goes towards supporting meaningful, full-time work there.

These Napkins Are Gorgeous

If your table needs a graphic punch to liven things up, these napkins are a sure bet. The geometric design is inspired by traditional weaving techniques of the Kuba people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the gorgeous red color really makes these pop! The linen and cotton blend means these will wash up wonderfully and resist wrinkles.

This Moleskine Notebook Is Perfect For Jotting

I can't count how many notebooks I go through a year, from jotting grocery lists to brilliant ideas that I have to write down right away before they're lost forever! This Moleskine notebook is an affordable luxury that's so nice to write in. The durable cover and elastic closure are the little touches that make it a pleasure to use, whether you're writing class notes or bullet journaling.

This Fatboy Lounger Is Super Strong

I love these Fatboy loungers since they inflate in mere seconds and provide a cozy place to land whether you're camping or just hanging in the living room watching TV. This one's big enough to hold two people, and can hold up to 441 lbs, plus it has a waterproof coating so it's super durable. And 10% of the purchase price goes towards (RED)’s efforts to fight AIDS through the Global Fund.

This Lokai Bracelet Is So Special

This Lokai bracelet is incredibly special - look closely: the white bead carries water from Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth, as a reminder to stay humble and the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth, as a reminder to stay hopeful. $1 from the purchase of every Lokai bracelet goes towards medication that can end the mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

These Band-Aids Do More Than Patch Up Wounds

These cute Band-Aids are a great investment - for just a few dollars, you can provide a day's worth of life-saving HIV medication that helps prevent the transmission of the virus from a mother to her child. They come in a pack of 20 in assorted sizes and won't stick to small wounds or cuts. Plus the heart design is super cute!

This Bottle Opener Is Devilishly Handsome

I love anthropomorphic kitchen tools, and this devil bottle opener is a perfect example done very well. The ergonomic opener with "teeth" to help grip the bottle cap couldn't be cuter! Plus, 10% of the purchase price goes towards fighting AIDS.

These Espadrilles Are So Stylish

Every outfit needs a pop of color and what better way than these blazing red espadrille shoes? They're handmade in Kenya from leather, canvas, and jute with vulcanized rubber soles for durability. And 20% of each sale provides 95 days of life-saving HIV medication!

These Cowrie Shell Earrings Are Darling

Everyone needs a go-to pair of earrings that go with everything, and these cowrie shell beauties fit the bill perfectly. The delicate gold shells can easily be layered with hoops for people with multiple ear piercings. And 15% of the purchase price goes towards fighting AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

This PopSockets Wallet Is So Handy

I have a phone wallet, but it's so bulky to carry around everywhere. I'm upgrading to this PopSockets wallet that sticks right onto the back of my phone and holds just the essentials, a few cards, and cash. And 50% of every purchase will go to support the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response and critical HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

This PopSocket Is So Convenient

If you love the convenience of a PopSocket but don't need the whole wallet attachment, this one's for you! In a kicky red color that'll make your phone stand out, it's the perfect way to look good while supporting a worthy cause. 50% of this purchase, too, goes towards fighting AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.

This Graphic Beanie Is Super Stylish

Winter is here for most of us, which means our noggins need protection from those whipping winds! This Ames Bros graphic beanie is a cool way to stay warm, it'll look great on everyone and provides a pop of color on gray winter days. 10% of every purchase goes towards fighting HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa plus aiding the global COVID response.

This iPad Cover Protects Your Tech

With two kids set loose on my iPad, I need all the protection I can get. This iPad cover's constructed from a single piece of durable polyurethane to protect the front of your device from drops, bangs, or overenthusiastic kiddos. It automatically wakes up your device when opened and puts it to sleep when closed - so cool!

This Vespa Tee Just Pops

If you're a fan of the iconic Italian motorbikes, you're going to love this Vespa tee that'll show off your affinity for speed. The 100% cotton tee has printing on the front and back, and it'll wash up wonderfully. Plus 10% of the purchase will support (RED)’s efforts to fight COVID-19 and AIDS through the Global Fund.

This Batik Face Mask Is Gorgeous

If you like the masks that tie in back instead of having ear loops, check out this beautiful batik face mask made from cotton is grown, spun, and hand-batiked in Ghana. The mask includes thoughtful touches like a pocket to insert a replaceable filter. 10% of this purchase goes towards fighting COVID and HIV/AIDS, so you'll look great while supporting a good cause.

This Cowrie Shell Bracelet Will Become An Everyday Wardrobe Staple

This gorgeous gold cowrie shell bracelet will quickly become a wardrobe staple since it plays so nicely with others. Layer it with beaded bracelets or wear it on its own for a stunning look that'll have people asking where you found such a treasure. 15% of the purchase price goes towards fighting HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and COVID globally.

This Wine Tee Is Genius

If you know a wine aficionado, they're going to love this 100% cotton graphic wine tee. The design's super cool, I love the way the wine's filling up the guy as he empties the glass! 10% of the retail price from this product purchase will support (RED)’s efforts to fight AIDS through the Global Fund.

This Batik Face Mask Packs A Graphic Punch

If you like your face mask to make a statement, check out this graphic batik version with adjustable ear loops. The design's by Senegalese illustrator Baro Sarre, and the 100% cotton double-layered design will keep you cool but protected. 20% of this purchase goes towards the Global Fund, which helps provide life-saving services and mitigates the impact of COVID-19 on those living with HIV.

This Candle Smells Delicious

I love lighting citrusy candles when I'm working since the fragrance is so energizing. The next one I'm going to try is this Red Grapefruit candle from Mecca Candle Co. I can feel good about buying it since $8 from every purchase goes towards supporting the Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response and critical HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

This Christmas Ornament Is So Pretty

How lovely is this bell-shaped blown glass and porcelain Christmas ornament? It has a little glass bauble inside so it'll actually ring when you (gently) shake it! 5% of the purchase price goes towards fighting AIDS, so you can feel good about adding it to your ornament collection.

This Vespa Mug Is So Cheery

Red's definitely a "pick-me-up" color, which makes it perfect for a mug full of caffeine to perk you up. The Vespa (RED) logo design is sleek and modern, so this mug won't sit at the back of the cabinet for long! 10% of the retail price from this product purchase will support (RED)’s efforts to fight COVID-19 and AIDS through the Global Fund.

This iPhone Case Is A Rich Shade Of Red

I like to switch out my iPhone cases seasonally, and this kicky red case is just what's needed to combat those gray wintry days! This silicone one's lined with soft microfiber to further protect your phone from scratches and dings. And it has over 3,000 stellar reviews on Amazon right now!

This Apple Watch Is Amazingly Bright

If you've been very good this year, treat yourself to a new Apple watch! This series 6 version has an always-on retina display, measures your blood oxygen with an all-new sensor app (important in these COVID days), and it's 20 times faster than series 5. This one has GPS + cellular so you can talk, text, and get directions without having your phone nearby.

This Apron Is Just Right For Holiday Treats

This cheerful apron's just right for baking holiday treats or baking anytime, really. It's hand-painted in Ghana using the traditional West African Batik Technique and lined with recycled flour sacks. The front pocket's also great for holding recipes, utensils, and whatever else you might need!

This Hoodie Says It All

This "Stay (Ho-Ho) Home hoodie sweatshirt says every that needs to be said about Holiday 2020, in the nicest way possible! The poly-cotton blend will wash up nicely and look good forever. And over 25% of the purchase price goes toward (RED)'s campaigns focused on raising awareness and funds to fight AIDS and COVID-19!

This Batik Clutch Holds All Your Essentials

When I (used to, in the before times) go out, I don't like carrying a bulky purse when I really only need something to hold the essentials - my phone, lipstick, cards, and cash. This Batik clutch is the ideal solution since it's just the right size but also incredibly stylish. It's designed, hand-painted and handmade in Ghana, and 10% of the purchase price goes towards fighting HIV/AIDS and COVID in sub-Saharan Africa.