37 Health & Household Products Everyone Needs In Their Cabinet

It's hard to be prepared to anything! There's a household product for just about every situation out there, but how do you know which ones to get? Even on a site like Amazon: it has everything you need, but knowing which product is the best one for your money isn't so simple. Luckily for you, we've put together a lot of product lists, and we've identified the stuff the really has quality! So keep scrolling and check out the health and household products on Amazon that everyone absolutely needs in their cabinet. Do you need to switch to a new and better cleaner? Or do you need something to facilitate a good nights' sleep? From heating pads to pain relievers, multivitamins to handy gadgets for everyday use, you're sure to find something (or more likely several somethings) that you'll want to buy! After all, it pays to be prepared.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Once You Use This Toenail Clipper You Will Wonder Why You Didn't Own It Sooner

Ingrown toenails are the worst, and can crop up at any time. Save yourself a trip to urgent care or your doctor with these heavy-duty ingrown toenail clippers that get the job done easily and safely. These work especially well for trimming thick toenails, too.

This Breaast Lift Tape for Clothing You Just Cannot Wear a Bra With

Bras are the worst. I still contend they were developed as a means of torturing us. (Same with pantyhose and shapewear). This breast lift tape will give you a similar hold, shape, and lift without straps digging into your shoulders or elastic itching your back. It also tackles the "big four": Breathability, discreetness, sweatproof, and natural-looking hold.

Liquid Joint Pain Relief With All Natural Ingredients


Have you jumped on the turmeric bandwagon yet? There's a strong body of evidence out there that turmeric supplements can help with all sorts of things like reducing inflammation and improving your heart health. This turmeric liquid has high-potency down pat, with one reviewer saying: "We started taking this turmeric liquid and within less than 2 weeks my wife (near 60) exclaimed one morning 'I don't hurt anymore!'"

Get Your Stuff Lit Every Time With This Electric USB Lighter

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Speaking of goosenecks (how's that for a transition?), this electric candle lighter is the bee's knees. It features a windproof design with an electric arc ignition in a completely USB-rechargeable format. Worried about your kiddos getting their hands on this? Stop, because it also has a safety lock design for just that reason. There are no more empty lighters in your future with this bad boy.

This Lavender Scented Microwaveable Hamster Plushie is Soothing and Warm

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And he's so cute, you're almost guaranteed to fall in love with him. This little plushie meets all U.S. safety standards and is brilliant for when you need soothe sore tummies, colic relief or just a little stress relief. Filled with all-natural grain and dried French lavender it is the perfect all-natural way to provide a bit of soothing comfort and relief.

For Perfect Pedicures At Home, Get this Electric Foot Scrubber


Safely remove dead skin from your feet with the push of a button! The perfect home pedicure device that will have you feeling confident about your feet in no time. Features three speeds and multiple functions to detail hard, cracked, and dry skin.

The Teeth Whitening Strips That Give Results in Seven Days


Yes, they actually work! As an avid coffee drinker, I use these all the time and whenever I have an event, they are my go-to. In minutes, my teeth look whiter and cleaner without the sensitivity. A cult favorite that I will keep buying again and again - I can't recommend these enough.

Get All Your Vitamin D Needed to Feel Great in Just a Few Drops


Do we really need to discuss the benefits of vitamin D? I prefer to get mine outdoors, but not everyone has that luxury. This liquid vitamin D supplement steps in when nature can't — no chunky pills required. This reviewer did the research so you don't have to: "I spent a bunch of time online researching the proper portion of D3-K2 that's required and this was the closest that any other D3/K2 supplement on Amazon got to the recommended dosage."

This Classic Ice Bag Comes in Nine Fun Fabrics


After one too many drippy, messy Ziploc bags full of ice, I finally went on Amazon to find a more elegant solution. This Classic Ice Bag is leak-proof, the perfect size, and comes in nine cute fabrics to choose from. My favorite is the smiley-face print!

These Water Wipes Are the Purest Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin


These Water Wipes are the best, hands-down, in my opinion. My kids were super sensitive to the regular baby wipes that have that cloying baby powder smell, their skin always got so irritated. These are so gentle you won't have that problem, and they're also great for new-mom showers (dry shampoo and a couple swipes with a baby wipe!)

This Omeprazole Heartburn Medication Is a Low-Priced Dupe for Prilosec

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If you only have heartburn once in a while, this product isn't for you. But if acid indigestion is a daily problem, you should seriously consider trying this Omeprazole Heartburn Medication, a low-cost version of Prilosec OTC. You take a daily pill for two weeks, which is enough to eliminate heartburn long-term in most people!

This Portable Sound Machine Means Good Sleeping Anywhere

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Need a white noise sound machine for little ones for nap time or bedtime? The good news is someone invented this portable sound machine, that's small enough to clip onto strollers for on-the-go snoozes and easy to pack for travel should you be intrepid enough to attempt with an infant. Just because it's portable doesn't mean it's not powerful, you'll get the same white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf sounds as the full-size models.

Add Some Natural Assistance to Bedtime With This Luna Kids Sleep Aid


When the Adam Mansbach book, "Go the F**k to Sleep" no longer gets the job done, it's time to call in the big guns: Medicate. Before you report this post to CPS, I'm only talking about the all-natural melatonin gummies from Zarbee's Naturals. Available in grape or berry, this supplement promotes peaceful sleep in children from age three to older.

This Cleaning Vinegar Is People-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, And Wellness-Inspired

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The unfortunate downside to cleaning products is the fact that many of them have harmful chemicals and harsh odors–which makes for a very unpleasant cleaning process. This cleaning vinegar not only gets the job done, but it's also all-natural and non-toxic.

The Best Healing Ointment on the Market


If you don't have a jar of Aquaphor in your medicine cabinet or linen closet right now, are you even doing life right? Aquaphor Healing Ointment is everything for dry, chapped, or irritated skin and is even gentle enough to use on baby. No kidding, I have a large tub and have used it on everything from chapped lips to minor burns to diaper rash with flawless results.

This Big Bottle of Acetaminophen Is a Low-Cost Dupe for Tylenol

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I always keep Acetaminophen in the house. It's the same as Tylenol, one of the most commonly used medications for headaches, injuries, fevers, and other common ailments. These 500mg tablets are extra-strength and get the job done!

Please Do Yourself a Favor and Get Some Dude Wipes

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If you know about DUDE wipes, you probably didn't suffer from the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. If you're just finding out about them, sit back and let me educate you. These are fragrance-free and 25 percent larger than the average flushable wet wipe and they get you clean as a whistle. You'll never go back to toilet paper after trying these aloe- and vitamin E-infused cloths.

Clean Tough Baked-On Spills With This Oven & Grill Cleaner

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Looking for something to clean up your grill or oven? I know that mine is covered in burnt food that dropped while cooking. This oven & grill cleaner wipes the gunk off immediately–but beware, it's strong. You're going to want a mask and gloves for this one. But once you see how well it works, you'll understand why.

This Vibrating Mini Massager Can Ease Leg, Neck or Arm Tension


Soothe sore muscles with the pint-sized power of this Mini Massager. There's a lot to appreciate: It's brightly colored, priced super reasonably, and even includes batteries. Customers call it "small but effective" and "a great little massager."

Suck the Itch Away With Bite Away

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I dislike bugs because that means only one thing bug bites. With the Bite Away, you don't have to deal with the irritating itchiness. The chemical-free treatment offers a pulse of heat that reduces itching, pain, and swelling. And trust me, I promise it's not just a gimmick.

These Overnight Diaper Booster Pads Help Everyone Sleep Better

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Even the most robust nighttime diaper can't stand up to most kids for overnights. Until now - these overnight diaper booster pads keep babies and toddlers drier, longer, so they won't wake you up in the middle of the night when they inevitably soak through. Over 7.6K very happy and well-rested parents say these are a total game-changer.

This Fridababy Windi is Just the Thing for Colic


Is this Fridababy Windi a little undignified? Yes, but does it work when you're at your wit's end with non-stop colic screaming? Also a resounding yes. It simply and effectively helps baby pass gas that's causing discomfort and hours of hysterics.

No Pills, No Problem With This Liquid Multivitamin


If you have any issues with swallowing pills and I know a lot of people who do. Don't skimp on essential vitamins and minerals because you struggle with choking down those horse pills. You can still get the supplements you need in a tangy liquid format with MaryRuth's liquid morning multivitamin. Choose from raspberry, strawberry, or "fruit" flavorings to benefit your overall health and give you an immunity boost.

These PMS Sweets Provide Natural Relief for Your Cycle


When PMS strikes, I'll reach for anything that might provide relief. These PMS Sweets are worth a try! The individually wrapped lozenges contain B6, peppermint oil, and other natural ingredients for a sweet solution to cramps, bloating, and other annoyances.

These Parchment Sheets Up Your Baking Game

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These parchment sheets are so convenient since they're already cut to the perfect size, right out of the box. "I go through a lot of parchment paper. Every time I bake cookies, rolls, pizza, or anything at all, I grab a box of these. They fit perfectly inside a half sheet pan, and they keep the baked goods from sticking. For that alone, they are worth their weight in gold." - Marianne O. Schmidt

These Cold Therapy Packs Give a Dose of Cute Comfort

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I always keep a stack of these cute ice therapy packs in the freezer for everything from fevers, to toothaches to bumps and bruises. This set of four ice packs can be wiped clean and used over and over for cool relief. And the cute little faces and characters make it them a hit.

Trick Your Kids Into Taking Their Vitamins With Smarty Pants


Back in my day, we had chewable vitamins in the shape of the Flintstones cartoon characters. They were better than trying to swallow a pill but still didn't taste great. These gummy vitamins from SmartyPants are a step up from the olden days. Not only do they taste great, but they're packed with essential nutrients and premium ingredients like beta carotene, vitamin E, and omega-3s — all the good stuff they're not getting from that mac-n-cheese they insist upon for every meal.

These Probiotic Capsules Reset Your Gut for a Happier Tummy


I'm a big believer in taking Probiotics daily to keep my digestive tract feeling good. I appreciate that this bottle of capsules is high-quality, low-priced, and easy to order. It's highly rated, too, with customers writing, "this product works wonders" and "Works well, easy to swallow."

These Clorox Disinfecting Heads is the Hygienic Way to Clean Your Toilet

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I trust Clorox for their bathroom cleaning and disinfecting products because I know I'm guaranteed a high level of sanitization. Simply add the refill to the wand then swish and scrub, and the job is done. You then flush the refill so you don't have to touch a thing.

Instant Red-Eye Relief from Bausch + Lomb


Late night? Too much debauchery? Nothing I've ever seen eliminates red, tired-looking eyes like Lumify, developed by Bausch and Lomb. I bought some of these redness reliever eye drops shortly after they were introduced to the market, mainly because I'm a sucker for Facebook ads and new products. To my great surprise, these deliver in a matter of minutes.

This Magical Product Removes Finger Prints from Your Stainless Steel

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Love stainless steel appliances but hate fingerprints and splatters on said stainless steel appliances. It's a true love-hate relationship here. Thankfully, Weiman's stainless steel cleaner and polish work wonders. I especially love the wipes for convenience and always have a tub of them under my kitchen sink. If only I could keep people from touching the appliances at all. That won't work, will it?

A Set of Reusable Straws Made From Stainless Steel

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Since plastic straws are basically outlawed, you might as well snag this set of reusable ones while they're still on sale for less than $10. Each one is made from stainless steel that won't rust over time — and the smooth caps on the end give your lips a comfortable place to grip onto.

Get Your Man "Manscaped" With This New Kind of Weed Whacker

I had to snicker when I saw the name of this nose and ear hair trimmer: It's called the Weed Whacker. Hysterical, right? It's also a painless precision tool that can be used wet or dry and features a rechargeable battery and a hypoallergenic stainless steel replacement blade. And, let's be honest: You (or your man) are going to enjoy staying clean and trimmed a lot more with a tool called the Weed Whacker.

This is the Low Priced Version of Pepcid AC Heartburn Medication

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I never really understood heartburn until, while pregnant with my first child, I developed a fiery sensation that stretched from my throat to my stomach. Ouch! Luckily, this Famotidine Heartburn Medication--a low-priced version of Pepcid AC--works wonders.

Traditional Medicinals Literally Make a Tea for Everything


I swear by these Traditional Medicinal's tea's before bed or after a long day. I switched up my before bed routine to include the camomile with lavender and I've never looked back. I am also looking into the dandelion tea they recommend for liver support as I hear it's just as effective.

Say Goodbye to Stiffness and Tension With the Magic Bag


I think we can all agree: Massages are oh-so-good but they can get expensive fast. Relieve your muscle tension at home with this cult classic neck pillow from Canada. Pop it into the microwave for two minutes, put it around your neck and enjoy the relief it brings. Literally so good.

Let's Hear It For Heat Relief

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I'm just like my grandmother in that I enjoy a good heating pad. There's nothing like a little heat therapy at the end of a long day to just make you feel better. This extra-large heating pad from Mighty Bliss is a fan favorite with reviews raving about how comfortable it is, how thick it is and how machine washable it is. Sounds like three-for-three to me.