37 Handy Gadgets Under $20 on Amazon That Might Be Genius

Some things are worth the splurge, like an epic flatscreen television or an air conditioner that will last you through a brutal heat wave. Then there are the items that you're not going to drop major cash on — but are still super helpful for minor tasks and annoyances you face in your daily life. Amazon is chock full of gadgets under $20, which can do everything from make flying on an airplane a far more comfortable experience to getting dinner on the table even faster. Whether you're in the market for a great herb chopping scissors, a rechargeable hand warmer, or some gel that cleans your keyboard, there's something on this list for everyone. Check out all the great items under $20 below!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Cleaning Gel For All Those Hard To Reach Spots

Sometimes it's just easier to have a snack at your desk, even if that means getting crumbs in your  hard-to-clean keyboard. This cleaning gel sticks to all those tiny particles, so you're free to munch away.

A Burger Press For A Uniform Barbecue

Molding meat by hand is a chore, and can often lead to too large or too small patties. This burger press is a real game changer and gets you perfectly even burgers every time — so no one has to fight over the bigger piece of meat.

A Phone Magnifier So You Don't Have To Struggle With A Small Screen

You may have the Netflix app on your phone, but it's not always fun to watch Stranger Things on a tiny screen. This phone magnifier gives you a much better view of all the drama, and is great for reading small text, too.

An Eyeglasses Cleaning Tool So Smudges Are A Thing Of The Past

Sometimes traditional microfiber wipes simply don't get your glasses clean enough. This nifty eyeglass cleaning tool really polishes up your specs, so you don't have to struggle with blurry spots.

A Bacon Grill For Ideal BLTs

Bacon, while delicious, can be tricky to make, thanks to all that grease. This bacon grill drips off extra grease while still locking in all the flavor. link src="https://amazon.com/gp/product/B00IQKES1I/?tag=aughandyu20-20" new_tab=true affiliate=true text="Find it on Amazon"]

An 8-In-1 Food Chopper For All Your Kitchen Needs

Why bust out a million tools in order to make a salad? This 8-in-1 kitchen chopper has all you need, from scissors to a fruit slicing tool. Oops! It looks like this item is temporarily sold out but you may be interested in this one which is a 6-in-1 food chopper.

An Inflatable Footrest You'll Want To Take Everywhere

Uncomfortable spaces, like airplanes and the backseat of a car, can be made a little cozier with this inflatable footrest. Enjoy stretching out, then deflate once you need to hop off the plane.

A Heated Facial Massager So You Can Feel Like It's A Spa Day

This heated facial massager is supposed to help with under eye bags, as well as tighten pores and smooth fine lines. One thing that's certain is that it's so very soothing.

A Mini Microphone For Your Rockstar Self

This tiny microphone can be plugged into your phone or computer for easier chatting and audio recording. Plus, it's just adorable, no? No judgments if you have a Zoom karaoke party.

A Game Of Thrones USB Because The North Remembers

This Game of Thrones-themed USB is ideal for anyone who is still living in Westeros.

This Grid Organizer Great For Travel

Toothpaste? Soap? Contact lens solution? Check, check, and check, thanks to this grid organizer that allows you to see everything you're carrying.

A Faucet Spout Perfect For Sink Drinkers

Turn your sink into a water fountain with this simple spout that makes drinking right from the faucet a breeze.

A Color-Changing Fountain Light To Jazz Up Your Bathroom

Does your sink faucet need to change colors? Nope, but at the same time, who doesn't think this faucet light — which comes in multiple colors — isn't kind of amazing?

This Dinosaur Lamp That's So Futuristic & Cool

You don't have to be Ross Geller to enjoy this cool 3D dinosaur lamp, which changes colors for whatever mood you're in.

This Guitar Ice Cube Tray For Music Lovers

You don't have to actually play guitar to enjoy this guitar ice cube tray, which creates very unique ice for your music-loving guests.

A Turtle Soap Dish

This cast iron turtle soap dish is a creative way to accessorize your bathroom, while also keeping your soap from sticking to the sink.

A Sloth Infuser That's As Sweet As It Is Useful

For tea lovers out there, give this happy sloth tea infuser a chance to infuse your hot water with chamomile and any other flavor of your liking.

Magnetic Blocks You & The Kids Will Love

Playing Tetris on your phone may be fun, but why not attempt to build the puzzle in real life with these cool magnetic blocks?

A Wrist Pouch That's Too Convenient

If your preferred exercise method is running, you may struggle with exactly where to keep your keys. Enter this wrist pouch, which holds the necessary without adding bulk to your run.

A Portable Phone Charger To Help You Avoid A Dead Battery

In a perfect world, we all remember to charge our phones before we leave the house. In the imperfect world we live in, this portable phone charger provides a lightweight, tiny solution we can tuck in our purse or back pocket. Phew!

This Rechargeable Hand Warmer So You're Never Without Warmth

Whether you use this rechargeable hand warmer for when you're running errands in the cold or need it to soothe hands that struggle with arthritis, this device is small enough to stash in your bag or keep on your desk.

A Headphone Stand With A Great Extra Feature

No need to throw your headphones wherever on your desk, leading to tangled wires and a messy workspace. This headphone stand gives you an organized place to keep them, while also providing a place to charge your phone.

A Grill Cleaning Brush So You Can Get Back To The Barbecue

Cleaning a grill is never the most fun part of summer, but with this 360-degree grill brush, it's a whole lot easier.

An Egg Cooker So You Don't Have To Struggle With Boiling Water

If you're like me, you always find a way to mess up hardboiled eggs. Fortunately, this electric egg cooker makes it super easy to have hardboiled eggs (and therefore make oodles of egg salad) whenever you want. No water, no mess.

A Pizza Cutting Wheel So You Can Get Back To What You Love: Pizza!

Trying to cut pizza with a knife is a total disaster. (Think of the cheese!) This pizza wheel allows you to slice all the way through the 'za, without having to lift the blade off and potentially ruin your delicious masterpiece.

A Mug Warmer So You Can Have Hot Coffee, All Day, Everyday

Is there anything better than a warm cup of coffee? This mug warmer keeps your coffee from getting to that gross lukewarm place.

A Goofy Lunch Box That May Startle Your Co-Workers

This human transplant lunch box may freak out your co-workers when they see it in the company fridge, but once you reveal all you have is a tuna sandwich in there, they should breathe a sigh of relief. Hey, at least no one will steal your snacks!

A Colorful Gaming Mouse

If you love gaming on your computer, do it in style with this sleek, colorful gaming mouse. 

A Plasma Lamp That You'll Want To Stare At For Hours

Want to really wow your friends? Show them this cool plasma lamp, which makes for a totally mesmerizing addition to your bedroom.

A Bluetooth Beanie For Easy Listening

This bluetooth beanie is pretty cool looking on its own, and the fact that it comes with buttons to adjust your music right on the hat is an extra bonus. It even has a built-in mic!

An Herb Cutter To Save You From Chopping

One of the most annoying parts of cooking is having to chop up fresh herbs. This herb cutting scissor makes that process a total breeze, which means you'll never toss out a recipe just because it calls for fresh dill.

An Infuser Water Bottle For When Plain H2O Is Too Boring

No need to buy a case of fancy sport drinks, just because you're so over water. This infuser water bottle allows you to toss fruit or herbs in its removable section so you always have a tastier beverage on hand.

A Lemon Juicer That's Also An Aquatic Creature

When life gives you lemonades, use this adorable octopus lemon juicer to make lemonade.

Pasta Monster Salad Servers That Just Made Spaghetti More Fun

Kids will love these monster salad servers, which turn a bowl of spaghetti into a very interesting looking creature.

A Deodorizing Penguin That Will Save You From Bad Smells

He may be small, but he is mighty. This penguin doesn't just look cute in your fridge: Add baking soda to his concealed compartment, and he'll help you remove any bad smells that may be lingering.

A Ravioli Maker For The Chef Who Needs Everything Homemade

One way to really impress your friends? Make homemade ravioli or dumplings from scratch! One part of the process that's a lot less stressful thanks to this stainless steel ravioli molder is perfectly shaping the pastas. Just press, squeeze, and you have a ravioli ready to boil!

A Mini Humidifier You Can Take Anywhere

You may not be able to recapture that "new car smell," but with this portable humidifier and essential oils diffuser, you can make your vehicle smell like everything from fresh lavender or bright citrus.