37 Handy Gadgets That Everyone Should Have

I love discovering new gadgets to solve all my problems, and Amazon seems to be the best place to do that! I've scrolled through hundreds of reviews to find handy gadgets everyone should own and packaged them all up nicely for you here. My wallet's going to be a lil' angry at me for a while, so fair warning here. These products are all totally worth it though, they'll keep you sane and you'll use them in your everyday life so often they'll pay for themselves pretty quickly anyway!

Whether you need better products to keep things clean, things that'll do annoying chores for you, or ways to adult better, you're gonna find it on this list.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Laundry Detergent Drip Catchers Stop Messes

I have a love/hate relationship with the spouts on huge laundry detergent containers: I love the convenience of not having to lift the whole thing to pour every time I wash a load, but I hate how they drip! These laundry detergent drip catchers are the answer to my prayers. Simply attach onto the spout, and they'll even hold the detergent measuring cup for you, as well as catch any drips that might fall when you're done dispensing! This is great for keeping my laundry room (closet) cleaner with no annoying detergent spots to wipe up.

This Meal Planner Helps You Adult

Meal planning, how I loathe thee. It's seriously like medieval torture to sit down and chart out a week's worth of meals, but this meal planning pad makes it a little less of a chore because it's so useful. It has space for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for all seven days, and on the side is a tear-off shopping list so you can just grab it and go once you've done the planning. It's also magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge and jot things down when the mood strikes.

This Seat Belt Cover Makes Road Trips More Comfy

This padded seat belt cover makes long road trips or everyday driving more comfortable since it cushions the place the belt cuts across your shoulder so there's no rubbing or chafing. They just attach with velcro, so they're easy to adjust to fit any seatbelt, plus you can use them on purse straps, diaper bags, luggage, golf bags, anywhere you need a little extra padding! They come in black or gray so they'll subtly blend in with your belt or strap.

This Back Shaver Is Great For Independence

If I had a hairy back, I would get tired of asking a (very close) friend to help me shave it. This self back shaver seems like a much less embarrassing and more convenient option. The 5+ in safety razor blade's attached to a long stick that's adjustable from 14 to 21 inches, so you can quickly and easily reach all the spots that need shaving. The blade's easy to refill too, plus it comes with three replacement blades to keep you smooth as a baby's butt for a long time to come.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

This Beer Cap Saves Your Growlers

A friend of ours loves craft beers, but they often come in growler sizes that are too big to finish in one sitting (unless you want a big hangover). This beer cap is just the thing to help save those expensive beers, just pop it on and it'll keep your brew fresh. It's also great for kids who don't finish sodas or other beverages in one go. They come in packs of 6 or 54, so they're awesome for gift-giving to other craft beer fans, too.

This Jewelry Organizer Holds It All

I have a few jewelry holders spread out over my dresser top, but mostly it just looks like a jumbled mess. I love this streamlined yet rustic jewelry organizer that hangs on the wall and can handle my collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings with ease! It has a bar at the top for bracelets, 15 necklace hangers, and a multitude of places to hang earrings on the wire mesh covering the middle of wood box. It even has a little shelf to hold rings, essential oil, tiny plants or other knick knacks. Plus, it doubles as wall decor so it's a two-fer!

This Pet Hair Remover Fits In Your Pocket

This pet hair remover might be tiny but it's also mighty, according to the nearly 6,000 extremely happy reviewers! You can clean carpets, upholstery, clothes, bedding, and more with ease and without fear of damaging anything. The best part? You just rinse it with soap and water when you're done removing pet hair! The before and after pics of this little guy's handiwork are nothing short of amazing. It gets out even the hairs that have embedded themselves into the fabric with ease. Unless you love pet hair coating everything you own, get this tiny gadget and declare yourself fuzz-free!

This Sunshade Is A Lifesaver

My little daughter always seems to be stuck on the sunny side of the car, getting overheated and blinded when you're trapped in a car seat is no fun at all. Poor thing also happens to be a pale redhead, so I had to act to protect her from the sun's death rays, fast. What I found was this sunshade, which sticks on your window with static cling, so it's beyond easy to use. It's a lot bigger than the ones they sell for babies, too, so it'll cover most of the window and keep the sun's rays off the kids. Some of the over 7,000 stellar reviews also say it works great for grownups, too, since there's probably not anyone who enjoys the searing rays right in their eyes. I wish I could stick one on the windshield, too, but that's probs illegal.

This Soap Dish Isn't A Dish At All

There's a time and place to use bar soap, but I hate the soggy, gooey mess it turns into when it's sitting in its own puddle of water. I also don't like soap dishes, because they usually are ugly and bulky, also trapping water and soap goo. Then I came across this Soap Standle, which eliminates all the problems associated with bar soap! It's a soap stand that you press into the bottom of your bar that keeps it out of standing water and also lets it drain properly. Genius, I tell you.

These Moth Traps Really Work

We live in an old farmhouse in a suburban area that borders on rural, so we've got a big moth problem over here. I was sick of them chewing through my wool clothes and cashmere sweaters, so I got some of these moth traps to hang in the closet. They're sticky paper on the inside, so they attract moths with pheromones (completely odorless to humans) and stick them there until they, well, bite the dust. It's disgusting, but I get a little thrill of pleasure whenever I check one and see it filled with those little clothes-eating monsters. If you have moths anywhere in your house, you're gonna need these traps. They also work in the pantry if that's your problem area.

This Car Trash Bag Keeps Things Tidy

With two messy kids in the backseat, my car looks like a war zone on the best days. We use little plastic bags from the grocery store as trash bags, but they just end up in the sea of junk on the floor. No bueno. This car trash can attaches to the back of a seat (and a bunch of other places, thanks to the handy strap) so it keeps garbage off the floor and in its place! It also has pockets for hand sanitizer, tissues or whatever else you might need to store. I wouldn't necessarily get the bubblegum pink one, but it's fun for sure - it also comes in black or gray if you want something a little more subtle!

These Shower Curtain Rings Are Genius

You know when you want to wash the shower curtain, you have to first take down the liner so you can access the curtain? Pain in the you-know-what. But with these shower curtain rings, there's a separate prong for the liner and the curtain, so you can take down either with ease for washing or switching them out! My second favorite part is that you don't have to clip and unclip the rings, they're freestanding, which makes them so much easier to use than the kind I currently have. *Adds to cart*

This Mini Waffle Maker Is Adorable

Waffles are already awesome, but what makes them even better is this mini waffle iron that makes shapes like this adorable pumpkin! Waffles cook up in seconds and the iron's easy enough for kids to use on their own. They also come in heart and pineapple shapes, plus the iron itself comes in a ton of colors and patterns so it'll look cute whenever it's out on your counter for special occasions or everyday use. Guess how many rave reviews this little waffle maker has...I'll wait. Ok, I couldn't wait, because it's over 43 THOUSAND - so exciting! I love when products are backed up by thousands of happy reviews so I know I'm getting something good.

This Watering Globe Keeps Your Plants Alive

If you've got a brown thumb, worry no more about killing one of your new plant babies. This bird-shaped globe waterer takes care of the plant for you - just fill it with water, stick it in your plant, and go on with your life! The water slowly trickles down into the plant, keeping it consistently moist, happy and healthy. Of course you have to refill the globe every so often, but it's so much easier than remembering to water every single day.

This Car Upholstery Cleaner Is Magic

I've mentioned before that my car is a mess on wheels thanks to my kids, but this car upholstery cleaning brush gives me hope. Its stiff bristles promise to grab everything from dried-on spilled ice cream (check) to pet and human hair that seems to get all over everything (check). The tough bristles remove dirt and grime from upholstery and carpets, so it's a must-have for mud and dirt season, too. I wonder if it'll also remove beach sand or if that's too much to ask...

This Egg Poacher Is So Easy To Use

If you're an egg lover, you're going to want to get this egg poacher to make effortless breakfasts in minutes. These silicone gadgets have funnels to guide the egg into hot water without breaking the yolk, so it mimics the traditional water bath poaching method but it's about 1,000x easier to do! The holes allow water to circulate freely around the entire egg, ensuring even cooking. Plus it just looks cool! You can make fancy breakfast sandwiches or lunchtime salads with ease since all you have to do is boil water and break an egg. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This Hemp Coffee Filter Is Ultra Eco-Friendly

Even people who think they're being eco-friendly by making coffee at home and avoiding creating waste from take-out containers still might be using disposable paper coffee filters. These organic hemp coffee filters are washable and reusable, so they're truly better for the environment than anything disposable! They're for use with pour-over coffee makers, like Chemex, but they'll fit basically any setup since they're standard size. Hemp's naturally mildew and bacteria resistant, so it's easy to clean without it getting gross after a few uses. Just rinse it in hot water after each use, then hang it up to dry. These make it so much easier to be kind to the earth while still getting your daily caffeine fix!

This Brownie Pan Ups Your Dessert Game

Regular brownies - yawn. This brownie pan is divided, so it lets you make as many flavors as you want without mixing the batters or toppings together! This is great for holiday baking or church or school bake sales, where you want to impress people but don't want to put an insane amount of effort into it. This little pan makes 18 three by two inch brownies at a time, and conceivably you could do 18 flavors and make people think you were up all night baking! You can also use it for rice krispie treats, blondies, lemon bars - whatever you can dream up in bar form, you can do it in this pan.

These Nail Clippers Have A Handy Secret

My youngest likes to clip her toenails and fingernails over her bed, no matter how much I plead with her to do it over the trash can. (She claims she can't feel them in her sheets. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little.) Well, these nail clippers with a handy storage secret can help my little one with her gross habits, since they have a built-in compartment that catches nail trimmings so they don't fly all over the place! Reviewers give major points for the sharpness of the blades and ease of use.

This Toilet Cleaner Does Your Dirty Work

Cleaning the toilet might be the worst household chore, ever. I loathe it with every fiber of my being, but love when the toilet's clean. What to do? Get this toilet cleaner that attaches inside your toilet's water tank and bleaches the toilet every flush, is what! It comes in blue (so you can see it's working I suppose) or bleach types, and it sends a little bit of cleaning solution every time someone uses the toilet to keep it sparkling fresh. You probably have to scrub really stubborn stains (gag), but for everyday freshness, I'm getting this asap.

This Blind Spot Mirror Helps You Avoid Accidents

Just the other day we nearly got sideswiped trying to merge onto the highway from a speeding car that snuck up on us since it was in the blind spot. So dangerous! These blind spot mirrors make driving safer, so you can always see who and what are around you. These are also handy for tight parking lots where you've gotta make a 15-point turn to get out so you don't accidentally bump into anyone.

These Pop Up Water Bottles Fit Easily In Your Bag

I love having a water bottle handy whenever I'm out and about (kids are always thirsty, it seems), but I don't like how much room a big, bulky bottle takes up in my bag. These cool-looking compressible water bottles are a much better option - they squish down into basically nothing when they're empty, then you just pop them up to fill. They come in a ton of bright, cheerful colors, too!

These Eco-Friendly Plates Are A Great Alternative To Plastic

My kids are ready to graduate from their divided toddler plates, but I still don't completely trust 'em with breakable ones. These eco-friendly plates are a great option for kids or outdoor settings - instead of plastic, they're made with wheat straw, which is a renewable resource! They come in three pretty, nature-inspired colors and are dishwasher and microwave-safe, unlike many melamine or plastic versions.

This Bonding Tool Fixes Everything

Broken eyeglasses arm? Cracked plate? Fractured wineglass? This Bondic bonding system can fix all of those in seconds! This would be so handy to have around the house to fix frayed charging cords, jewelry and toys that are constantly breaking. You just apply this magical liquid adhesive, then cure it with the UV light and voila, a super durable fix that's not budging! You can use it on tons of materials from leather to metal, plastic, wood and more. I never thought anything would be better than superglue but this little gadget proved me wrong.

This Wine Decanter Keeps it Fresh

If you're like my husband, you like to drink a glass of wine with dinner but not down the whole bottle by yourself, especially if your spouse doesn't drink it. This wine decanter lets you save the leftover wine and keeps it fresh until you're ready to drink it. It's made from BPA-free plastic so it's durable, and odor and taste-free so it keeps your wine tasting great. To keep wine fresh, simply insert the sealing air stopper then close the lid to keep out oxygen that could spoil your precious vino!

These Kitchen Scissors Do It All

I love when a kitchen tool is multipurpose so there's less to store in my already full drawers and cabinets. These heavy-duty kitchen shears are my latest favorite score - they incorporate a bottle opener, nut cracker, fish descaler and super sharp scissors for cutting through poultry bones or huge stalks of broccoli with ease. And they have almost 2,000 that rave about their sturdiness, ease of use and blade sharpness!

This Dog Drying Towel Sops Up All The Water

We're getting a puppy soon, and one of the things my kids are looking forward to is giving it a first bath. Unclear whether the puppy will be as excited about that, but the good news is that he'll love drying-off time with his very own dog towel! It's made of super absorbent microfiber fabric and has a pocket at each end so you can get a good grip on your wiggly pup. Bonus points that the towel's machine washable and quick drying, so no stinky breeding grounds for bacteria in sight.

This Baby Bottle Holder Gives You A Hand

When my youngest was a baby, her then 3.5 year old sister needed "help" or attention every time I sat down to feed her sibling. I really could've used an extra hand (or three), and this baby bottle holder frees up one of your hands for helping older brothers and sisters, reading, having your own drink or actually getting to eat something in peace while the baby eats! Simply sling it over your shoulder and pop the bottle in. It looks like it'd be good for teaching older babies how to hold the bottle themselves, too.

These Scrubbers Are All Natural

I don't use sponges in my kitchen because ew, germs, but I do miss their scouring power that the dish brush just can't replicate. I think I found the solution - these all natural "spaghetti" dish scrubbers made from corn cobs and peach pits don't harbor bacteria since they're so airy and dry super fast. You can use the peach ones on dishware, plastic and glass, but the yellow corn ones are better for scrubbing stubborn grime on pots and pans since they're coarser. And they're made from food waste - how cool is that?!

These Chair Socks Are Saving My Kitchen Floors

We have wood floors in the kitchen and stools pulled up to our island where the kids eat 90% of their meals. The kids are wiggly and climb on and off the stools, meaning a lot of scraping across the wooden floor. We have the little plastic protectors on the stool legs, but they collect so much dirt and dust it looks like the stools are wearing fuzzy slippers. A much better solution are these chair socks, which just slip over the chair or stool legs and glide across the floor, no scratching! They come in a few colors to blend in with wood tones, but I think they look cute when in contrast, too.

These Bag Clips Are So Handy

Whenever I open a bag of rice or some food item in a small bag, it's so annoying to have to go find a clip and then when it comes time to pour some of the product out, it's a mess. I found a gadget that solves both those problems - it's a bag clip with a pourer incorporated! You can seal the food securely and pour it easily without spilling. This thing's great for stuff like pancake mix, cereal, oats, nuts- anything that you definitely want to keep from getting stale if air gets in.

This Bread Slicer Is For Home Bakers

If you're one of those people who jumped on the bread baking trend during quarantine (guilty), you're going to love this bread slicer. It's perfect for those homemade loaves you worked so hard on! It'll hold bread 6.5 inches or 7.5 inches wide while you make store-bought perfect slices for delicious homemade sandwiches. Plus, it's made from bamboo, so it's eco-friendly, but the best part is it's foldable so it won't take up huge amounts of storage space in your kitchen.

These Book Shelves Double As Decoration

My daughter just re-did her room in a Harry Potter theme, and these floating bookshelves are the perfect thing to make it look like she's in Hogwarts! She doesn't have enough room next to her bed for a nightstand, so we're improvising with a stack of books on the wall. They're also great for non-Potter themed rooms, too. Just attach the bracket to a wall then stack with some books for instant wall decor.

This Keyboard Cover Is Saving My Computer

My computer is constantly in use by the kids or me, so it gets pretty filthy quickly. One area that's sparkling clean is the keyboard, and there's no way I could say that if I didn't use this keyboard cover. It keeps away dust, food particles and sticky fingerprints, and when it gets dirty, I can just run it under some soapy water and it's just like new. I've tried other kinds that slide around the keyboard and make it a pain to type on, but this one fits like a glove and adds a little color and personalized touch to my laptop.

These Earring Risers Are Great For Heavy Earrings

I keep trying to wear statement earrings but they're always way too heavy and hang off my ear or feel like they're stretching the piercing out. I ran across these earring risers on the internets and immediately ordered some. They hold the earring up so all its weight isn't directly on your ear piercing so it looks better and doesn't stretch our your lobes. My statement earring collection that's been collecting dust is about to get a whole new lease on life!

This Retainer Case Isn't Just For Teens

I grind my teeth at night (hello, stress puppy), so I have to wear a very attractive nightguard when sleeping. I lost the case for it ages ago so it kinda just sits on the bathroom counter, which isn't pretty or sanitary. These retainer cases caught my eye and they'd be a great storage option for not only nightguards but aligners, too. It has ventilation holes behind the back hinge so your mouthpiece won't get all funky, and it comes in eight really cool marbled designs.

This Condiment Container Is The Perfect Size

Remember packing school lunches for kids so long ago in the before-virus times? Their lunchbags are pretty small, so it's hard to fit another container to hold dipping sauce, sunbutter, ketchup or what have you in with the actual lunchbox. Unless you're using these super slim food containers that hold just the right amount of condiment for lunch or snacks! My daughter loves apples with school-safe sunbutter, and this is such a better set-up than chucking the whole snack into a plastic container and hoping for the best. You could also use them to hold small amounts of makeup, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer or whatever for trips, too.