37 Handy Gadgets On Amazon That I Can't Live Without

How did any of us survive before Amazon? For me, it seems like it was a blur of big box stores and never quite finding everything I needed ... at least all in one place, anyway. Along came Amazon, and anything my heart desired was accessible with just a few clicks and on my doorstep in a matter of days. Along the way, I've found some can't-live-without-it products, from charcoal tooth powder to pimple patches to that last hard-to-find spice to complete my homemade poké bowl experience.

This list is a smattering of my favorite picks from the mega online retailer. Looking for the coziest cardigan for winter? I've found it. Are you a fan of unique kitchen gadgets like an all-in-one spoon-spatula-turner-slicer? It's below. On the hunt for the itty-bittiest microphone for at-home karaoke nights? You are now. Read on for 37 life-changing gadgets you need to make room in your life for.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
“We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page."

The Eyes Have It With This Cult-Favorite Mascara

via: Amazon / Carrie E Miller

I don't know if you've noticed but, um, we're all wearing masks covering the lower halves of our faces, rendering makeup products from blush to lipstick virtually useless. The one focal point, though, is the eyes, and this cult-favorite mascara from essence will blow your mind. If you're a review reader, the first thing you'll notice is that it has more than 67,000 (yes, that's the right number of zeroes) reviews. The next thing that'll catch your eye (snicker) is the price: $4.99. At that price, you can't afford not to try it.

You'll Take This Genius Silicone Straw Lid Everywhere

via: Amazon

I tote a drink with me just about everywhere I go; ask anyone who knows me and they'll confirm it's true. Whether it's cold brew or flavored water (my latest beverage of choice, thank you diet), I'm never far from grabbing a swig of something. This product is genius and I don't throw the word "genius" around all willy-nilly, I swear, but this one deserves it. This silicone straw lid works to cover a variety of cups, tumblers, and mugs, thanks to its serious stretchiness. With a small or large reusable straw, you've got a no-spill solution for the car, work, or gym.

Tidy Up On The Go With A Waterproof Car Trash Can

via: Amazon / Harm

If your whole car has been mistaken for a trash can by your friends, you might want to run, not walk, over to Amazon and grab this waterproof car trash can with lid. (You know who you are.) At two gallons capacity, it'll give you plenty of room to keep your car clean and decluttered on the go, with an added waterproof lining to ensure no spills will leak out. Hey, you might even want to give this as a gift to your favorite dumpster driver on wheels. Passive-aggressive? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Cute For Cozy With This Adorable Faux Fur Cardigan

via: Amazon

It always seems like there are two cold-weather options: Cute, but impractical or practical, but ugly. I'm here to tell you I've seen the promised land and you can, in fact, have both. This faux fur cardigan coat with hood is a gamechanger. Available in nearly 20 colors and styles, this dolman-sleeved jacket is both warm and darling. It won't cost you an arm and a leg, either; the most expensive version hovers around 40 bucks.

Get Mouthy With This Mini-Mic For Mobile Devices

via: Amazon / Alyssa Issler

I dare you to find a smaller, but still functional, microphone than this mini mic for mobile devices. (Go on, I'm waiting.) Satisfied I've found the itty-bittiest out there? Good. Aside from how adorable it is, this thing really works! Connect it to your phone (Apple or Android) or almost any other tablet, laptop, or computer. I particularly love it as a prop for The Elf on the Shelf who's always dreamed of a career in music. (Yes, it's that small!)

Relieve Pain In Your Neck And Your Back With This Acupuncture Massage Ball

via: Amazon

This thing looks like a medieval tool of torture, doesn't it? The funny thing is, it actually works to make you feel better. Equipped with more than 600 needles, this massage ball is designed to deliver relief through the art of acupuncture. What does that mean? I'm glad you asked. Acupuncture, as a discipline, relies on small needles (check) inserted into targeted points on the body to deliver pain relief (check). This ball is small enough to take with you anywhere.

Simplify Household Chores With A Lightweight Stick Vac

via: Amazon

It's featherweight! It's lightweight! Make no mistake: The folks at Bissell want you to know that its stick vac is both featherweight and lightweight, which means you can make vacuuming (my least favorite chore) a snap. The Bissell stick vac has been around for ages — and has nearly 25,000 Amazon reviews to prove it. Grab this in black if you're boring or jazz up your cleaning routine with purple, lime, or blue.

Slice, Turn And Cut With This Kitchen Uni-tool

via: Amazon

It turns, it slices, it spatulas! Wait, that's not a verb. Anyway, it does all of those things and more. I'm talking about this five-in-one kitchen gadget that functions as a slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool. I should really follow my own advice and consolidate some kitchen paraphernalia and this is as good a place to start as easy. If you're short on space, you'll want to throw this $19 item in your cart.

Keep Your Thoughts Handy With This Wear-And-Write Board

via: Amazon

File this one under "Why didn't I think of that?" Wouldn't it be handy to have a dry erase board you could carry around with you anywhere? I'm thinking of doctors, nurses, handymen, the possibilities are endless. This wear-and-write board features an elastic band and an attached marker so you can jot down numbers, measurements, and thoughts at the very moment they strike. Don't worry about it getting in your way either; its low-profile design means you can still move with ease.

Try A Better Butter Storage System

via: Amazon

Be ready to have your mind blown. Did you know you can store butter outside the refrigerator? I know, I know, it took me a while to come to terms with it also. But, it's true and this butter bell crock is living proof. All you have to do is add cold water to the base, pack with your favorite book, and affix the lid. It's perfect for your favorite butter or making your own ... in case you live in the 18th century.

Let This Set Of Purse Hooks Hold The Bag

via: Amazon / TexasRose

Ladies, you'll understand this one. You head to a restaurant for brunch and they seat you at a cute two-top. There's barely enough room for your French toast and mimosa, let alone your oversized bag. Have no fear: This handy four-pack of purse hooks is here. Throw one of these in each of your purses; then, whip it out and use it to keep your purse off the ground.

Loose The Goop With This Clear Soap Dish

via: Amazon

What do you get when you cross a soap stand with a soap handle? A SoapStandle, obvi, from the looks of this Amazon find. This easy-drain holder eliminates the goo that takes over your sink and shower by allowing your soap to dry faster. Yeah, OK, that's it for the stand part, but the handle? Get this: You can insert the tines of the "standle" into the bar and use it just like that! No more dropping the soap in the shower, butterfingers.

Light Up Your Wallet Like The Fourth Of July With This Pocket Light Bulb

via: Amazon

OK, you got me. It's not really a light bulb, but it is a small flashlight shaped like a light bulb. And, it's pretty useful if you're in a low-light area and need to pull out an ID or a credit card or, let's say, unlock your front door. You get not one, not two, but 10 of these bad boys so not only can you light up your life, but someone else's as well.

Throw This Chic Pack On Your Back

via: Amazon

I've bought more handbags from Amazon than I care to admit and I've never been disappointed with a single one. The next gem on my hit list might be this chic leather backpack. Available in a ton of fun colors like wine, mint, and taro purple, it also includes a long canvas shoulder strap. The best part? All the pockets, clearly, both interior and exterior.

Enhance Your Skin While You Sleep With This Collagen Pack

via: Amazon

Most people would tell you I'm a multitasker and yes, I've heard all the arguments against it (but I still do it anyway). I like multitasking beauty products, too, like this overnight leave-in treatment for your skin. Slather it on before you go to bed and wake up to more hydrated skin, thanks to the moisturizing layer this cream provides. My morning face needs all the extra help it can get.

Banish Panty Lines With These Seamless Cotton Undies

via: Amazon

Let's talk panties. They're too big, they're too small, the waistband rolls down or frays, or worse yet, everyone can see the outline of them under your clothes. But, they're a necessary evil...I guess. Let's not make this weird. This Amazon listing will get you a pack of four or six in a variety of colors. All of them are breathable, seamless, and comfy.

Treat Your Feet With This Callus Remover Gel

via: Amazon

You've probably seen all the ads for "baby feet" floating around Amazon, social media, and the internet over the past few months. If not, what rock have you been under? This callus remover gel will do the same thing, without the weird plastic bags on your feet. Soak your feet, apply the gel, and slough off years of callus buildup and dead skin in minutes.

Brighten And Tone Your Face With A Seven-Vitamin-Complex Mask

via: Amazon

You know the ads: A twenty-something with skin that almost glows it's so healthy and bright. Side note: Of course, a twenty-year-old has healthy and bright skin...they're 20, after all. The rest of us have to rely on beauty "tech" like the kind found inside this C-Toning mask. Packed with a seven-vitamin complex, reviewers have remarked about their skin glowing and their makeup being easier to apply. It's also easy on the wallet at less than $20 a pop.

This Bed Sheet Tucker Is Like Having An Extra Set Of Hands

via: Amazon

My mom just bought the heaviest mattress I think I've ever seen. Not only it is super firm, but I'm convinced it's loaded with cement blocks. I'm considering buying her this bedsheet tucker to put in her stocking. I honestly don't know how she changes the sheets which, by the way, she does more frequently than a normal person. Shew. This flat little gadget promises to help save your nails, back, and time, and that's good enough for me.

Wow Your Waffles With This Mini Maker

via: Amazon

I have a love-love relationship with waffles: Breakfast waffles, savory waffles, even the keto-favorite chaffles (those are made primarily with cheese, in case you didn't know). Waffles are even easier with my Dash mini-waffle maker. Mine is just a boring ol' solid color, but you can really get creative with these choices which include pineapples, rainbows, and skulls, among others.

Liven Up A Lonely Corner With A Non-Skid Runner

via: Amazon

I just loved the stylish look of the runner in this photo, and as it turns out, there are several other colors (gold!) to choose from as well. For me, rugs and runners are appropriate just about anywhere. I have rugs in front of all my doors to the outside world and a runner that jazzes up my kitchen. These are nicely-priced as well because if you've ever shopped for rugs, you know the cost can add up quickly.

You'll Want To Take This Flameless Lighter Everywhere

via: Amazon / David 2020

Gone are the days of the Bic lighters and the clunky slide-that-thingy-while-pushing down the button torches. This, this is the lighter of the future. This sleek, flameless electric lighter has so much sex appeal, it almost makes me want to start smoking. (Kidding, Mom!) But, I could use it for a host of other things like, say, lighting all my candles. More than 5,000 reviewers are equally as smitten by it, giving it 4.5 out of 5 possible stars.

Give Any Space A Sparkle With Solar-Powered String Lights

via: Amazon

I keep lights up year-round (Yes, I'm that person), but I promise they aren't colored or themed or anything like that. Just straight-up white lights like these solar-powered string lights from Amazon. These would be darling around a pool area or hot tub or even a screened porch or lanai. They come in a variety of colors, are easy to shape thanks to flexible copper wiring, and are easier on the environment than traditional lights.

Work From Home In Style With A Modern Workstation

via: Amazon

One of the things I've really learned the value of over the past six or so months is a quality workspace. Since I've been working from home, I've organized and reorganized and organized again to try to get my desk to the most desirable set-up for performance and productivity. I love this modern workstation with built-in shelving, which allows you to be both creative and organized. It's available in black or walnut to match any decor.

Sleep Train Your Night Owl With A Mella Sleep Gadget

via: Amazon

Stop me if you've heard this one before: You put your night owl to bed only to see them streaking past your bedroom door 10 minutes later. Or, you're aiming to sleep until 7 a.m., but your early riser is up and ready to roll at 5. Two tricky scenarios. Both could be helped by this Mella sleep trainer. Mella glows different colors for sleep and wake times and features a built-in nightlight for your superhero who still needs a little reassurance.

Say "Yes" To A Pet Dinosaur With This Prehistoric 3D Night Light

via: Amazon / Ashley

This is one of the cooler things I've encountered among my — ahem — numerous Amazon purchases. Call it a night light or call it a table lamp. I just call it awesome. This 3D LED light projection manifests as one of two dinosaurs or a panda in up to seven different colors. For the dinosaur lover in your life, you can't go wrong with their very own acrocanthosaurus. Say that three times fast.

This Bitty Blanket Is Perfect For the Beach Or The Woods

via: Amazon

What do going to the beach and going on a hike have in common? They both seem to require an awful lot of gear. This ultralight mini-blanket will transform your packing due to its miniature — and I mean, miniature — size. When folded, it's not much bigger than a deck of playing cards. When unleashed, it can accommodate two people sitting side by side. Now, to get it back in the package ...

This Power Strip Tower Will Get You Charged

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

'Tis the season to plug in all the things! Actually, that's any season lately, thanks to a plethora of gadgets and gizmos we all likely have in our homes. This power strip tower will give you plenty of space to charge 'til your heart's content. It has 12 outlets (surge-protected!) and eight USB ports for things like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. Your only dilemma will be whether to purchase one or two.

Stack This Set Of Graters, Grinders, Cutters and Openers

via: Amazon

We're headed back to the kitchen with this latest find because I can't get enough of the crazy cooking gadgets. And, it's another five-piece set with multiple uses. From PortoFino for less than $24, you can get your hands on a grater, grinder, pizza cutter, bottle opener, and vegetable peeler in a space-saving design. In fact, when laid flat, they'll easily fit in a standard cutlery tray. Bonus: They're dishwasher-safe.

Try On This Stylish Spinner Ring

via: Amazon / Blockhead77

Hidden in this beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory for those of us who deal with stress and anxiety. (And, if I'm not mistaken, that's a majority of us lately.) This sterling silver, flower-embossed ring pairs a statement jewelry piece with a spinning band for those moments when you just need something to do with your hands. I love the chunky size and boho vibes I'm getting from this piece, as well as the wide range of available sizes.

The Tidy Cup Solution For Buying In Bulk

via: Amazon

Buying in bulk is smart and the cost savings are real. But, when you buy those giant jugs of laundry detergent, how are you supposed to manage them without making a mess? Someone had a genius idea with these tidy cups. They easily snap onto economy-sized detergent containers to make it simpler to dispense liquid and stop drips. Grab a pair for your detergent and fabric softener.

Keep Germs At Bay With This Touchless Soap Dispenser

via: Amazon

We're all just a little more aware of germs lately, aren't we? This handy gadget solves two germy problems: Washing your hands and doing so without touching any extra in the process. A touchless soap dispenser is a perfect addition to any bathroom, at home, or work. This one comes in three styles and takes only four AA batteries to operate.

Take A Tako Clarifying Stick To The Face

via: Amazon

I've never seen a cuter method of cleansing your skin than Tako, from the imagination of the folks at TONYMOLY. Tako is a complexion-clarifying stick that contains a blend of marine plant extracts, black mud, and charcoal. The result? Cleaner, clearer skin, and fewer clogged pores. Reviewers praise this stick as "cute, functional, unique, and effective." The lid makes for easy portability.

You'll Want To Wear These Four-Way Stretch Yoga Pants All The Time

via: Amazon

I know I probably don't have to do much convincing about the glory of yoga pants, so I won't belabor the point. These four-way stretch yoga pants have an inner pocket (a pocket!), a bootleg flare, and plenty of control in the tummy region. Black is always a logical choice, but there are other cool options too including lilac, burgundy, and khaki. My favorite feature is the mini-hidden pocket inside where you can stash a credit card, keys, or a cell phone.

You'll Be A Wrap Star With This Premium Gifting Organizer

via: Amazon

The timing is just about right for this one, a premium wrap organizer for stashing gift bags and wrapping paper safely. Don't be like me. I have wrapping paper stuffed in a coat closet and by the time I need it again, it's wrinkled and torn and generally just disgusting. Once filled, this 14-by-40 soft-sided, tear-resistant container can be safely stored on a shelf or in the attic. When you need to wrap a gift, you'll be able to pull it out and have everything you need — neatly organized.

Press Eight Patties At Once With This Innovative Burger Press

via: Amazon

No "grillmaster" title is complete without this in their arsenal. Marketed as a shape-and-store burger press, you can prepare up to eight burgers at once in this container and keep them covered until it's time to fire up the grill. Thanks to its smart design, the burgers won't stick together and the entire thing can easily be transferred to the freezer for use at a later date. It's also dishwasher safe. Grab it for yourself or the griller in your life who fancies him (or her) self as a grilling legend.

Look At This Classy Glassy Plant Waterer

via: Amazon

Plants need water. You like pretty things to look at. Kill two birds (no pun intended) with one stone with this blown-glass plant waterer. Each plant waterer holds enough water to "feed" your plants for up to two weeks; its clear glass design lets you see exactly when you need to refill it. The delicate bird design adds an element of whimsy to your decor. Just fill, insert into your pre-made hole in the soil, and enjoy the beauty of nature all the time.