37 of the Handiest Sub-$25 Gadgets on Amazon You've Never Seen Before

Sometimes we can get in the habit of doing things the hard way, even when a little searching would yield an easier option. I've discovered that there's usually a gadget for any problem. I don't know about you, but I don't want to spend forever on a chore when I don't have to! So I'm more than happy to pick up a helpful product here and there, especially when they're cost-effective.

Luckily, you need to look no further than Amazon for all the handy tools that will make life easier. From products that will keep your house spotless (with minimal effort on your part) to others that'll give you the most self-indulgent bath experience ever, the possibilities are endless. So check out these awesome gadgets and find something perfect for you!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Handheld Bag Sealer Can Keep All Your Food Fresh

With this cool little tool, you can re-seal pretty much anything. No need to buy freezer bags or chip clips; you can just reuse the packaging that's already there! So you can save money in the long run, and keep your food fresh for longer. Plus, you'll never have to take a disappointing bite of stale cracker ever again. Hallelujah!

Keep Kids Cool With This Nifty Popsicle Tray

This particular popsicle tray comes with easy to use handles and it's absolutely perfect for kids. Not that you have to be a kid to enjoy a nice frozen pop! Just fill up the tray with any kind of fruit or veggie juice you want, and stick it in the freezer. It's the best summer snack there is.

Make Typing Easy With a Wireless Keyboard For Every Occasion

Texting with your phone can be a pain--and I can't be the only one who hates writing stuff out one button at a time on the PlayStation 4! But with this mini wireless keyboard, you can connect it to your phones, tablets, or consoles and type away. Plus, the keys are backlit for dark environments and it has a built-in touchpad.

Never Miss a Spot Again With This Dusty Brush For Vacuums

Generally, vacuums will pick up the dirt around your house. But what about tight corners? Furniture? Keyboards? Those are a little bit harder to get. This Dusty Brush can attach to any vacuum, and get into any crevice you need. I know seeing those little bits of leftover dust can be maddening, but it'll be gone for good after this!

These Unconventional Flashlight Gloves Will Illuminate Any Task

'Flashlight gloves' might sound strange, but they're basically your built-in helping hand. Any time you're navigating a dark space, or trying to repair something, all you need to do is turn on the LED lights inside these gloves and proceed! And don't worry about hand sizes--the stretchy material and adjustable velcro can fit most hands.

This Playing Card Holder Is Simple Yet Genius

Keeping our playing cards organized is an issue we really don't think about...until we see a solution, that is. Once I saw these card holders, I suddenly flashed back to all those times someone had to stop and say, "Hey, your cards are showing!" And now, we won't even have to hold our cards if we're not feeling it. All in all, that sounds pretty nice!

You Don't Need a Whole Ironing Station With This Handy Mat

An ironing mat is absolutely the perfect thing for travel, small apartments, college dorms...or just people tired of storing a big old ironing board in their houses. It's portable, it saves space, and it lets you iron clothes pretty much wherever you've got a stable surface! I honestly can't wait to grab one for my own home.

This Milk Frother Will Make You Feel Like a Master Barista

We've all wished we could do that fancy stuff with coffee at one time or another--usually when we're trying to impress the brunch crew, TBH. Turns out, there are plenty of tools that can save you a trip to Starbucks and make a positively gorgeous cup of coffee. So grab yourself a frother, and take your cappuccino game to the professional level!

With These Computer Glasses You Can Go Nuts On Your Computer Without Straining Your Eyes

Ever heard someone say, "Don't stare at your computer for too long; you'll melt your brain!" While that's not necessarily true, you can damage your eyes from all the harmful blue light they take in. So if you're someone who uses your computer all day long--and that's totally fair, some of our jobs depend on it--you might wanna pick up a pair. It doesn't hurt that you can get these glasses in some super cute styles!

The Tub Shroom Will Keep You From Sabotaging Your Own Bathtub Drain

Is there anything more embarrassing than having to call the plumber over a 'broken' drain, and then they just end up pulling clumps of your hair out of there? Not to mention the fees that come with calling the plumber in the first place. Instead, just use this handy little gadget, and it'll neatly catch all the hair and dirt that would normally stick right in your shower drain.

This White Noise Machine Will Give You The Amazing Night's Sleep You Need

I'm one of those people who needs just the right amount of noise to fall asleep. It can't be absolutely quiet, but if the TV is on or something like that? Also not good. I'd much rather listen to the soothing sounds of rainfall or the ocean. And that's exactly what this cute little white noise machine will do for you! I'm definitely picking one of these up for my room.

This LED Backlight Will Make Your TV the Go-To For Movie Nights

First of all, a multi-colored backlight around my TV just sounds really cool. But did you also know that even though the TV itself is bright, it actually strains your eyes more when you're watching in the dark? Not only can you pick a fun color for your backlight, but it'll also make sharper images and help your eyes adjust to the setting!

These Cooling Cups Will Make Your Glass of Wine Even Better

There's nothing like a nice glass of chilled wine after a long day. And even if there's no room for wine bottles in your fridge (or you just forgot), that's no reason to miss out. Just pop these into the freezer and pull them out when you're ready for that drink. There's even a grip around it so you don't freeze your mitts off!

This Special Water Bottle Will Keep You The Perfect Level of Hydrated

Technically, we're supposed to be drinking about 2 liters of water every day, or half a gallon. But between work and life in general, that's easier said than done. So instead, just get a water bottle that'll do most of the work for you! It contains exactly as much water as you need, and its time markers will set little goals throughout the day. All you've got to do is drink.

Give Your House an Awesome High-Tech Upgrade With This Motion Sensor Light

These make the perfect nightlights, closet lights, or even wall lights for smaller rooms. If you tend to be forgetful about turning your lights off when you leave, then these are perfect for you. After 15-30 minutes of inactivity, they'll switch off on their own!

This Mini Camera Will Give You the Foolproof Security You Need

Not only is this little camera totally inconspicuous wherever you place it, but it's also great for use outdoors. All the footage can go right to your computer or phone, and it's high-resolution too.

This Page Holder Will Make Your Inner Bookworm So Happy

There's nothing quite like cracking open a crisp new book...except when you have to wrestle the pages open. But this special page holder will do the wrestling for you, and it's super easy to hold. You can actually read a book without needing both hands to keep it open. This is the perfect accessory for book-lovers, whether that's you or someone you know!

With this Wireless Locator You'll Never Lose Your Important Possessions Again

I won't lie: losing track of my keys or phone is a pretty habitual thing. It's not like I lose them completely; they're in the house somewhere. But it takes some searching to find them! We've all got little things like that, and with a little color-coded locator attached, they'll never get lost at all.

Treat Yourself to the Most Self-Indulgent Bath With This Wineglass Cup Holder

There's a reason we always associate bubble baths and wine with luxury; they're both just nice. And together, they're even better. Of course, bringing a glass of wine into the bath with you can get a little iffy, because bathtub rims aren't the steadiest surfaces. With this easy little cupholder, your wine is secure and bathtime is that much more relaxing.

This Outlet Shelf Makes Charging Electronics Insanely Convenient

With a space-saving shelf above your power outlet, you can easily find a home for other gadgets: WiFi, smart speakers, phones--whatever is convenient. Heck, it's also a place you can just toss your keys or glasses when you're not using them! It's a shelf, you're allowed to use your imagination here.

This Steam Cleaner Is The Most Hilarious Cleaning Tool

I don't know who thought of this, but I honestly salute their weird, inventive brain. Because this is like all those times mom yelled at you to do your chores, except she still does this one for you! Let's be real; microwaves can get really gross, and they're no fun to clean. At least this way you can have a chuckle while you do it! And, you know, it'll also just be way easier after Angry Mama softens everything up.

These Reusable Filter Cups Make Owning a Keurig So Much Better

Look, I like Keurig coffee makers. You can make exactly as much coffee as you want without wasting any, and it's less mess to clean later. But I always felt bad about how much plastic I used, and those dang cups can get expensive. Reusable K-cups take care of all that! Plus, you can make drinks you'd never find in a pre-made K-cup. The sky (or the grocery store) is the limit!

This Tea Kit Is An Absolute Must-Have For Matcha-Lovers

Sick of paying five bucks for every matcha latte at Starbucks? Me too. But with one of these Japanese matcha tea sets, you don't even have to leave home. And there's just something so satisfying about learning to do something yourself!

With Moldable Glue You Can Fix That Cord That's Driving You Crazy

Or anything else, really. This moldable glue honestly puts 'Krazy glue' to shame. It'll bond to almost any material, and it'll basically make you the Queen or King of DIY. That computer cord with torn rubber and visible wires? You can fix that. Your favorite sneakers with a tragically damaged sole? Yep, you can fix that too. And it hardens into flexible silicone rubber, so you'll never crack the glue by bending it too far!

Be Your Own Perfect Masseuse With This Deep Tissue Massager

There's no denying that massages can really help with muscle pain. But they have drawbacks too: they can be expensive, they make another place you've got to drive to during your already busy day, and for some of us, they can feel a little invasive. For all you who don't mind undressing and being massaged by another person, more power to ya! It's not for everyone, though. That's why a massager like this one is so great. You can get all those pains and tricky spots yourself, without having to pay a fee or go anywhere!

Never Get Stuck Trying to Open a Bottle Again With This Automatic Bottle Opener

Wrestling with bottle caps can be anything from a little sore on your fingers, to just plain demoralizing if you have to give up and ask someone else for help. If prying open bottles with your bare hands isn't for you, then you might just need a hefty magnet instead! And that's pretty much what this clever little gadget is.

This Baggy Rack Is a Total Lifesaver In the Kitchen

The bag rack is another super niche yet really helpful gadget. It's just a little rack that holds open your various Ziploc accouterments. But that means there's no mess with whatever food you're transferring. Plus, the rack is adjustable, so you don't need to stop buying those gigantic freezer bags or tiny sandwich baggies either.

This Straightening Brush Will Tame Your Hair Without Burning It

A hair straightener is definitely one of my must-haves. The only issue is that you've got to be careful; make it too hot or linger too long and your hair gets more damaged than straightened. So then you go and buy all this protection spray...when you could just pick up a hair-straightening brush. The entirety of the awesome brush is designed to smooth your hair in the healthiest possible way.

Whatever Problem You Have, This 37-In-1 Multitool Can Probably Fix It

Seriously, whoever invented this just crammed as many useful tools into one card that could fit in a wallet. That might sound like a lot, but it really does work! So you've got a screwdriver, a ruler, wrenches, a fruit peeler, a can opener...and 32 other things, also. That definitely sounds like something worth having in your back pocket.

With This Sphynx Razor You Can Literally Shave Anywhere

Not that you'd necessarily want to shave anywhere, but we've all had those days. You leave the house and kick yourself because you've forgotten to do it, and now you're wearing capris and feeling like a cactus. So just throw one of these handy razors in your bag. It's got its own water spritzer and moisturizer, so you'll still get a clean (painless) shave even though you're not in the shower!

Don't Let Keyboard Dust Drive You Nuts With This Special Cleaning Gel

Seriously, accumulated keyboard filth is the worst. It's so hard to reach that all you can really do is try to get it and end up just spreading it around instead. So throwing a glob of neon yellow jelly onto your keyboard might seem weird, but it's actually the perfect thing. This cleaning gel won't be sticky on your hand and it's got a nice fresh lemon scent, so all you've got to do is press it into the surface you're cleaning and then pull it away!

With this Sombrero Juicer, Fancy Citrus Water is Easy to Make

Water is great and all, but sometimes it needs some extra pizzazz. And that's where this little sombrero juicer comes in. It's got an interesting name, but the perfect design for catching the citrus as you squeeze and draining it right into your water. You don't need to buy fruity water at the store; you just need this plastic 'sombrero'!

This WiFi Extender Will Stop You From Tearing Your Hair Out Over Slow Internet

When you sit down to stream a movie, the last thing you want to deal with is a video that keeps on freezing and buffering. It ruins the whole experience and basically makes you want to chuck your WiFi out the window. So set up one of these easy-to-use WiFi extenders, and watch as all the dead zones and weak signal spots in your house disappear!

This Silicone Pan Guard Will Keep Your Oil In the Pan Where It Belongs

Cooking with oil is a pretty common thing, but there's always that risk of hot oil splashing out of the pan and burning the cook! With this guard to place over the pan, that won't happen. Bonus: it's also a delightfully multipurpose gadget. With this, you've got a splash guard, a strainer, a cooling mat, and heat insulation.

This Back Seat Hanger Will Stop Your Groceries From Spilling Everywhere

We've all had those days. You're driving home from the grocery store with your bags in the back seat, there's a loud THUNK...and those are your eggs that just fell to the floor. It's a pain that we just don't need in our lives. So instead, you can install these handy hooks onto the back of your car seats and keep your bags exactly where they should be.

No More Obnoxious Tangles With This Earphone Wrap

Constantly tangling up your earbuds is a slippery slope. One day they're just tangled, then the next day they're really tangled, then before you know it a wire gets bent the wrong way and you need to buy more earbuds. Honestly, it's a lot easier (and more cost-effective) to keep your earphones neatly wrapped up in one of these cool little holders!

This Spider Grip Holder Can Secure Your Phone Pretty Much Anywhere

It's like a pop-socket and one of those car holders combined! This eight-legged contraption can hold any kind of phone, and it's universally usable. Whether you need it indoors or outdoors, in a car or a bike, the spider grip is good to go. And its outside is soft enough that you won't have to worry about scratching up your phone.