37 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon

I've searched Amazon and found some of the most incredibly handy, dandy, darned useful products ever. These amazing products to help you clean small spaces, cook with less fuss, organize the strangest of items, and more. Seriously, after you read this article you'll ask yourself how you've lived this long without these genius products.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Magnetic Paper Clip Holder is Practical and Adorable

I'm one of those weird contradictions who can be both a total slop and a type A perfectionist clean freak at the same time. I like my work space to be spotless, which means not even a paper clip is allowed to be stray. The cleanliness level of my bedroom, on the other hand.. That's why I love this magnetic paper clip holder. It keeps paper clips nice-and-neat, just the way you like them. 

This Dishwasher Magnet Will Keep You From Having to Guess Clean or Dirty?

You always think you'll remember if the dishes are clean or not... but you won't. Trust me, I know this for a fact. There was one time where I got halfway through unloading the dishwasher before I realized it hadn't even been run. Good thing I noticed!This Clean/Dirty dishwasher magnet means you'll never have to wonder again. What a simple yet ingenious idea!

This Insanely Clever Lamp Has Its Own USB Port

Always looking for a plug? I know I am. My husband and I recently moved into a 100 year old house with roughly 1 outlet per 1,00 square feet. It makes using electronics pretty difficult and I'm constantly worrying about blowing a fuse.  It's no way to live.Luckily, I can always find one in this clever lamp which has its very own USB port in the base.

This Ingenious Pill Organizer Has Reminder Alarms

Did you take that pill, or not? It's a question we've probably all asked ourselves at one point or another, and it can be downright nerve wracking if it's a particularly important pill.But here's some good news: You no longer have to worry, thanks to this one-step-ahead-of-you pill organizer. It knows exactly what pills you should take and when, and even has alarms you can set for added remembering.

Your Pet Will Be So Much Safer When Wearing This LED Dog Collar

My dog is a pretty impressive escape artist. One minute she's by my side, and the next she's bolted away chasing after a squirrel or a rabbit. When it happens at night, it can be pretty terrifying. This LED dog collar makes it easy to track your dog at night, and it comes in multiple sizes for a perfect fit for fido every time. For my pup, it's a must-have.

This Paint Brush is Perfect for Corners and Other Hard-to-Reach Spots

Anyone who's ever painted a room knows one thing for sure: It's a pretty miserable job. It's messy, it takes forever, and trying to evenly paint all those hard-to-reach areas is almost impossible. But all the annoying parts of painting disappear with this game-changing paint brush.  The adjustable handle means that instead of thinking *^$@ when you see corners or tight spaces, you can think happy, zen, "I love to painting" thoughts instead.

This Nail Polish Holder is Just What You Need for Home Manicures

Who has the time or money to go to the salon every three weeks? Most people are forced to paint their nails themselves, and it's always awkward to try not to smear the polish or knock over the bottle. That's why this product is both too adorable and too clever. Just pop this nail polish holder on like the fabulous ring it is and effortlessly paint your nails.

This Garlic Peeler is So Easy to Use

I put garlic in pretty much everything. Pasta, stir fry, ice cream sundaes....okay, not really. But I'd consider it. My hands constantly reek of garlic and it can get pretty annoying having to peel clove after clove. That's why this little gadget has changed my life. Just place garlic in this garlic peeler and roll back and forth to quickly and easily remove the skin, all while keeping your hands free of garlic odor.

This Strawberry Huller is a Must-Have for Your Kitchen

This ingenious strawberry huller makes it easy to insert, scoop and discard in one simple motion. Honestly, this thing is so fun to use that I find myself buying strawberries in bulk just so I can use it. And at just under $7, this tiny gadget is a must-have addition to your kitchen drawers. Just ask one of the nearly 3,000 people who gave it a stellar review!

Keep Valuables Safe in This Book-That's-Really-A-Safe

Looking for a sneaky way to hide your valuables while also appearing extremely well read? Have I got the product for you.No one will think to look inside the book! This ingenious book with the built-in safe will keep your valuables safe from burglars, and even your nosy sister.  Pro tip: Be sure to take off the book jacket that pretty much says that this book is actually a hidden safe. Otherwise, it probably won't be of much help.

This Back Seat Organizer is Just What Your Car Needs

My car is, in a word, disgusting. While I try to keep my house relatively clean, for some reason my car is constantly a giant dumpster on wheels. That's why I need this back seat organizer so badly. And while I don't have kids, I can see why this thing would be a must-have for parents. This clever product will finally corral your clutter, and with two handles, it's easy to transport anywhere.

This Wine Saver Means You No Longer Have an Excuse to Finish the Bottle

I love wine. In fact, I probably love it a little too much. But the one thing I don't love about wine is how I feel like I'm wasting half the bottle if I somehow don't manage to finish the entire bottle in one sitting. This wine saver means you no longer will feel the pressure to finish the bottle, which I guess is both a good thing and a bad thing -- but mostly a good thing.

These Silicone Stretch Lids Are Perfect for Food Storage

When was the last time you cut up an ENTIRE watermelon and ate the whole thing in one sitting? Or a pineapple, or that matter? A cantaloupe? Honey dew? It rarely happens, and in my house that means that the other half ends up going to waste. But these Silicone Stretch Lids stretch to fit any type of fruit or vegetable AND work great to cover Tupperware contains that no longer have lids. (Like all of my Tupperware containers.)

This Bath Toy Organizer Will Keep Your Bathroom Clean

No more tripping over squeaky elephants and leaky boats! This bath toy organizer fits on the tub and will hold all the toys kids love to play with, but parents hate constantly picking-up. The expandable design means it's guaranteed to fit your tub, and the minuscule $9.99 price tag is a breath of fresh air for parents who are used to spending an arm and a leg for anything kid-related.

Your Closet Will Thank You for Getting This Awesome Scarf Holder Hanger

Fall is here, which means it's time to bust out all your favorite scarves! If you're anything like me, you have way too many scarves, and they've pretty much taken over your dresser drawers. Save your drawer space by using this handy-dandy scarf holder hanger to keep all your scarves hanging neatly in one place. Plus, the adorable flower design adds a major dose of cuteness to your otherwise boring closet. No offense. My closet is boring, too.

Your Place is About to Get So Much Cleaner With This Groove Cleaning Tool

Think about your house for a minute and consider all the nooks and crannies that you've never cleaned before simply because you just couldn't reach them. Well, I've got some good news for you! now you can! This amazing groove cleaning tool can get into the bottom of the window or the cracks in the radiator and all those other places you know you never, ever clean.

This Shower Foot Scrubber is a Truly Genius Idea

Let's face it: Cleaning your feet is the worst part of taking a shower. You have to bend over, it's slippery so you're always afraid of falling and breaking a hip, and you can never tell how clean your feet actually are when you're done. The solution to how to clean the bottom of your feet has arrived with the shower foot scrubber. Just step on and the bristles will remove grime and dirt, while also exfoliating and massaging your feet.

This Wireless Charger Pad Will Have You Saying Goodbye to the Low Battery Warning

Is there anything more nerve wracking than driving somewhere you've never been before and, as you're using your GPS, see the "low battery" warning flashing on your phone? It's happened to me before, and it did not turn out well. I got so lost that I missed half of my sister-in-law's baby shower. Keep your devices charged with this wireless charger pad that pretty much keeps everything on your desk at 100% at all times.

This Cordless Kettle is the Answer to Making Delicious Tea and Coffee

I recently switched from coffee to tea in an effort to consume less caffeine. Let me tell you...it has not gone well. I'm pretty cranky 99% of the time. One thing I'm PARTICULARLY cranky about? Waiting forever for my tea kettle. So when a friend told me about this super fancy electric version, I was sold. This fancy kettle heats water to a rolling boil within 7 minutes or less.

These Whiskey Stones Are Way Better Than Ice Cubes

My husband is a huge whiskey snob, and he spends obscene amounts of money on fancy bottles of scotch. I bought him these whiskey stones for Christmas last year and he's used them pretty much every weekend ever since. Why water down a drink with ice cubes, when these whiskey stones will keep it just as cold? Just freeze the stones, put them in your drink, and enjoy the icy coldness.

These Cut-Resistant Gloves are Your New Culinary Lifesaver

Calling all clumsy people! Do you worry about cutting off one of your fingers every time you cut into a ham, meatloaf, birthday cake etc? These gloves were made for you. Protecting your hands from just about any kitchen mishap, every home chef needs a pair of these cut-resistant gloves. The durable design offers supreme protection, while the lightweight material means your hands won't be weighed down while cooking.

This Car Seat Unbuckler Just Saved You From Breaking at Least 328 Fingernails

My friend has twin toddlers, and her life is basically one big jumble of screaming children, cleaning up poop, and trying not to lose her sanity. One of the things that helps her do that is this product. You may not think you need this car seat unbuckler, but once you try it you'll realize this clever invention is the easiest way to get little ones in and out of their car seats.

These Reusable Bottle Caps Will Save Your Beer

I'm one of those people who has a hard time finishing an entire beer in one sitting. I know, I know. It's lame. But before a friend got me this product I wasted too many good beers. And it was a terrible shame. Put an end to beer, soda, and seltzer waste with these reusable bottle caps. Comes in a set of 56 caps so you can save all your drinks.

This Headband Flashlight is Ridiculously Useful

At first I wasn't really sure if I would use this headband flashlight, but as it turns out, it's useful for SO many things. I strap it on before nighttime dog-walking, reading in bed, and it's a lifesaver when the power goes out. The adjustable band fits any head size, and the super bright LED light also has an SOS/strobe mode in case you run into a dangerous situation and need to call for help.

You Are Going to Wonder Why You Didn't Get This Universal Remote Sooner

I'm going to admit something pretty embarrassing: I am not technologically savvy at ALL. My husband is always the one that has to figure out anything that has to do with our electronics. That's why this universal remote brings peace and calm to my life. It replaces up to 8 remotes, has one-touch activity buttons like "Watch a DVD," and it's compatible with more than 5,000 brands.

Cleaning Eyeglasses and Jewelry is Suddenly So Easy

Have you ever cleaned your jewelry? Has the thought ever even occurred to you that maybe you should clean the stuff you wear every single day? If you're like me, the answer is no. Clean your jewelry and eyeglasses all by yourself with this home cleaner. Just put the item to be cleaned into the jewelry cleaner, push a button, and wait for its sparkly awesomeness to be revealed.

The Negg Egg Peeler is the Most Fun You'll Ever Have Shelling an Egg

"Oh my gosh, I just can't wait to peel these eggs! It's so much fun!" said no one ever. But with this product, those words might actually come out of your mouth. Because it finally IS fun! Peeling eggs is a snap with this clever egg peeler. Just insert an egg, some water, and shake until the egg is ready to slip out of its shell.

This Travel Pillow Just Made Your Next Trip 100 Times More Comfortable

Before I bought this product, the thought of being able to fall asleep while traveling was laughable. There just wasn't a good way to get comfortable, and if you did fall asleep your neck would inevitably be incredibly sore upon waking up. This ingenious travel pillow with chin support means you can sleep on the train (or bus or subway) and not wake-up with the sore neck.

This is the Pizza Cutter of the Future... and the Future is Now

I rarely write reviews, but after buying this product I felt compelled to give it a 5-star review immediately. Because it's THAT GOOD. This pizza cutter slices so incredibly well you will seriously wonder how you ever lived without it. And it's not just pizza it's great at cutting - it works on cheese, bread, fruit and so much more, too. But I mainly use it on pizza.

This Credit Card Wallet Tool Can Do All the Things

Life can get scary sometimes. Wouldn't it make you feel so much better to know that you're pretty much prepared for any dangerous situation? This credit card wallet tool is amazing and has everything you could need from a knife to a toothpick. Plus, it's so small that it fits in your wallet! And at just under $13, there's no reason NOT to get it.

This Plastic Wrap Dispenser Will Give You a Clean Cut Every Time

This refillable plastic wrap dispenser is so simple and yet so ingenious. Just put plastic wrap inside and watch how this dispenser makes a nice clean cut instead of the mangled mess you're used to getting every time you try to rip off a piece. Because there are few things more annoying that struggling to rip off a piece of plastic wrap. It's enough to ruin your whole day.

This Lekue Cooking Mesh is as Cool as it Looks

This product doesn't just look awesome. It actually completely changes the way you cook your favorite meals and makes your life way easier in the process. This Lekue cooking mesh makes it easy to blanch vegetables, boil pasta, and so much more. Never blanched anything before because you have no idea how to do it? Now it's fool-proof. But yes, it does look super cool.

This Lekue Bread Maker Means You Can Actually Make Your Own Homemade Bread

I'm not one of those people who make their own bread. Or, rather, I wasn't before I bought this product. It just seemed like way too much work, especially since I could easily buy delicious bread at the store. But I seriously can't believe how clever this Lekue bread maker is. Just plop in the dough, cinch the top, bake and wait for your perfectly-made bread.

These Silicone Scrubbers Can Clean Anything

Looking for a way to get just about everything clean in your kitchen? Try these silicone scrubbers. They come in a pack of three so you can clean all the things, and the silicone design means they won't sit in your sink and smell awful after a few hours. There are few things worse than coming home from work only to realize that you entire house smells like a moldy wet sponge.

These Duvet Dots Are Just What Your Bed Needs

My husband has always refused to buy a duvet cover because of that annoying thing that happens when the comforter shifts and the cover bunches up. It's uncomfortable, and it looks terrible. But this product means no more bunching-up! These duvet dots are the ingenious way to keep your comforter just where it should be inside its duvet cover. They use super strong magnets so they won't budge all night long.

This Lekue Bagel Maker is the Best Thing to Happen to Brunch Since Bellinis

Brunch at your place just went up several notches with this Lekue bagel maker that makes it possible to boil homemade bagels in your own home. Ever tasted a freshly boiled bagel? It'll change your life forever. Plus, it's so easy to use that you can basically turn your house into a Brueggers Bagels. (But no, we don't recommend charging for them. That's basically asking for a lawsuit.)

This Turtle Business Card Holder is Just What Your Desk Needs

For most people, working in an office can be downright depressing. The lighting is terrible, the colors are bland, and you're surrounded by coworkers who eat microwaved fish for lunch. That's why this turtle business card holder will be your new favorite thing. Use it to hold business cards, to-do lists, post-it notes, or anything else you don't want to lose. Oh, and brighten up your desk!

Using These Dirt Cheap Drain Snakes Will Both Disgust And Fascinate You

I have a LOT of hair, so the drains in our house are constantly clogged. That's why buying these things was such a necessity. \"Find\n"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">When you first snake your drain, you might gag. Then you're gonna be so happy you spent $5 instead of calling in a plumber. Then you still might gag. Then you'll move right on to the next drain and won't stop until every drain in your house is running smoothly. 

These Harperton Nail Clippers Will Be The Last Ones You Ever Buy

If you haven't tried a REAL pair of nail clippers, trust me, you need to. It's a completely different (and far superior) experience from those $2 clippers you can pick up at the drug store. These babies give you the exact same experience you'd get in a high end salon, but without the $100 price tag. Plus, these things will last you for WAY longer than their cheaper alternatives.

This ECHOGEAR Outlet Shelf That You'll Want In Every Room

This is one of those products that, after learning about it, I kicked myself for not thinking it up myself. Because it's so simple and so brilliant at the same time. Plus, it's sturdy enough to hold electronics up to 10 pounds and as easy to install as it is to replace the outlet cover. Which means I can install them all by myself! \"Find"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">Why don't all outlets have shelves?!

This Compact Plug-in Air Sanitizer Cleans Your Air With Zero Footprint

Clean, fresh, germ-free air is as easy as plugging in an air freshener. This sanitizer is so powerful that you'll want one in every room of your house. \"Find"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">It kills germs, mold, freshens air and wipes out odors, all while staying nice and small on your wall. It uses UV-C light technology that works with Titanium Dioxide to eliminate bacteria. Oh, and it's a steal at just over $30. 

These Big Wool Spheres Will Replace Dryer Sheets

I saw these weird things at my brother's house last time I was in town and was very confused. "Just try them," he said. And which I usually try not to listen to him when he's being bossy, he was totally right. For once. \"Find"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">Throw out those dryer sheets and fabric softener. These solid wool balls are a wildly popular solution to soft and static-free clothes. 

This Tiny Gadget Not Only Charges Your Devices, But Also Adds Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

Feel like taking that 20th century car into the 21st? Bluetooth amazingness is just a ROAV adapter away.  This wonder tool has a build-in car locator, duel USB ports, and easy-to-use hands free calling so you can still answer your phone without compromising your driving. Plus, the Bluetooth and FM connection lets you stream music straight from your phone to your sound system. Road trips just got a MAJOR upgrade.

These Moso Purifying Bags Apparently Have Odor-Killing Superpowers

I hate to break it to you, but your shoes stink. But don't feel bad about it. My shoes stink too. That's why we could all use a few of these handy deodorizers. \"\"Find\""}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">Thousands of reviewers tout the powers of these bags of activated charcoal, specifically highlighting their abilities to freshen truly nasty old shoes, or even drink up the odorrific remnants of spoiled milk inside a minivan.

This Bed Band That Prevent The Dreaded Sheet Slip

Who can get any sleep when your sheets are constantly slipping off? I know I sure can't! And I'm one of those people who tosses and turns for hours until I'm finally comfortable enough to sleep, which only leads to the fitted sheet slipping off even more often. It drives me and my husband crazy.\"Find"}">These brilliant "bed bands" eliminate that problem so you can finally catch some Z's. 

This $8 Invention Adds An Invaluable Footrest To Your Shower

I recently moved into a house where the shower is just a stall, meaning there's not a tub for me to put my foot on when shaving. And honestly, if it weren't for this footrest, I probably would be forced to rock hairy legs all summer long. \"Find\n\n"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">Much like cupholders, I don't understand why more everyday things don't have built-in footrests. This one has a super strong suction cup to keep it in place.

These Wildly Popular Baking Mats Will Keep You From Scrubbing Stuck-On Messes

Are you one of those people who buys baked goods from the grocery store instead of making them yourself? Me too! Well, I WAS anyways. Now I'm a regular Betty Crocker thanks to these baking mats! \"Find"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">Use these handy silicone liners to create a nonstick layer on your baking sheets. They're great for cookies, candies, cakes, biscuits — anything you want to bake in the oven. And they're dishwasher-safe!

With This Gap Cleaning Brush You'll Have The Cleanest Window Tracks On The Block

There is literally decades of dust living in the crevices of my windows right now, awaiting attack by the Trycooling Brush.

The Car Mount That's a Must for Road Trips

Magnets are a wonderful thing. Especially when they allow you to do hands-free calling and keep your phone right at arm's reach without having to take your hands off the wheel. This TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent Magnetic Universal Car Mount is a must for road trips or whenever you're driving someplace you've never been and need to use GPS. Because who wants to be stuck trying to look at their phone when they're horribly lost?!

These Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws That Will Help You Save the Environment

There's something about drinking a beverage out of a straw that just makes it taste 100% better. \"Find"}" data-sheets-userformat="{"2":513,"3":[null,0],"12":0}">But the sad truth is that plastic straws are terrible for the environment. Luckily, f you love drinking out of straws (like I do), all hope is not lost! These stainless steel straws are perfect replacements. And they come with their very own cleaner brush! Mother Earth will thank you. 

People Swear By This Wildly Popular Acupressure Mat

Why pay $100 for a painful and uncomfortable acupuncture session when you can lay on this cozy mat for only $19.99? The acupressure design naturally relieves aches and pains simply by laying down for 10 to 30 minutes per day. The built-in pillow is also covered in acupressure points to ensure your neck and head are targeted as well. See? Acupuncture doesn't have to be scary!

Stop Resenting Your Pets: Clean Up Their Hair From Anywhere For Under $20

The all-rubber construction of the FURremover Broom not only lends to its long-term durability, but also its multi-use utility as a fur-gathering sweeper, and a pee-pushing squeegee. It'll keep your carpets fur-free and your hardwood unstained, so you can love your pets in all their messy glory without (too much) resentment. There is dog hair covering every inch of my house 24/7, so I can't wait to try this thing.

This Chef'n Slicester Cheese Slicer That's a Must for Cheese Nuts

Man, now I want some cheese.

These Moso Purifying Bags Are The Only Kind Of Charcoal You'll Actually WANT In Your Stocking

Moso's cornered the activated charcoal market, and for good reason. Their simple, top-quality bags veritably drink in odors of all kinds, from nasty feet, to spoiled chicken. And all through the power of activated charcoal.

This Tomorrow's Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean(er)

Because there's a better place to put that sauce-covered spoon than your previously clean countertop.

This Ultra-Popular Steamer Makes Laborious Ironing A Thing Of The Past

Once relegated to dry-cleaners and high-end hotels, steamers are now smaller and cheaper than ever. Just fire up the PurSteam and run it over your clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away. It’s easier than ironing, and cheaper than running the shower on high for an hour.

The Tubshroom Will Catch All The Hair You Shed Before It Clogs Your Pipes

A $12 piece of silicone that'll save you hundreds in plumbing bills.

This Ultra-Cheap Can Colander Just Makes So Much Sense

Why did I just discover this?

Keep Your Headphones in This Handy and Stylish Organizer

https://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B01F3HVWZQ/aughandy-20/ref=nosim/No more tangled cords! Just wrap them around this stylish leather organizer and put them in your pocket. Next time you need them, simply unwrap and go!

The Mighty Handle Triples Your Lifting Power

Anything that minimizes my grocery-carrying trips between the car anhttps://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B00DF30FYU/aughandy-20/ref=nosim/d the house, I'm on board for.

These Cheap and Effective Cable Clips

Stick these little bad boys on your desk at home or at work and your life will instantly transform. No more getting down on the ground scrounging around for your charger.

This Industrial-Strength Lightning Cable Will Charge Your Phone Forever

Lightning cables don't HAVE to constantly destroy themselves.

This Handy Magnetic Wristband

There's nothing worse than stopping a project to search for that crucial screw or nail. Well, with the MagnoGrip, you'll have all your necessary hardware close at hand (er, wrist).

The Popular Tivolo Pancake Pen Will Upgrade Your Pancake Game Immediately

Now THIS is how you pancake.

This Blind Cleaner Is the Best Tool for Your Dusty Blinds

The microfiber sleeves are perfectly shaped to capture dust and dirt that gets trapped on your blinds. You can also use this tool to clean your A/C vents (both in your house and in your car). https://amazon.com/o/ASIN/B01N0TQS61/aughandy-20/ref=nosim/

This Section of Chain Mail Will Keep Your Cast Iron Spotless

Yep, chain mail is the best way to keep your cast iron clean.