37 Gifts Under $10 That Would Make Anyone Smile

For me, there's no greater gift-giving satisfaction than when you hand that gift over to a person, they open it, and they give a big smile.

I pride myself on giving excellent gifts. I like to online window-shop constantly, so when I see something that might make for a great gift for someone in my life, I save it to my wishlist or buy it right then and there! I also like to be observant and listen to any clues as to what to get my friends and family for holidays –– even if they aren't deliberately dropping hints.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

And yes, you want to make someone smile, but you also don't need to go over budget to do it. It's not about the price tag, after all. Amazon luckily has a ton of awesome gifts that are as little as under $10. Whether you need something under the tree or an extra thing to stuff a stocking, this list has you covered.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Ice Ball Maker That Belongs In Any Mixologist's Stocking

I'm personally working on a classy, grown-up bar cart in my apartment, but there are a few things that don't go on display that make a huge difference during cocktail hour. This ice mold makes those huge ice balls that you find in fancy cocktail lounges. They're bigger and more solid, so they melt slower and don't dilute your drink. Since my partner is a bit of a Scotch snob, they're a must-have. “View

This Colorful Keyboard That Customizes Your Laptop (But Not Permanently)

Confession: I bought this keyboard cover months ago as a sort of "treat yo'self" type of gift, from me to me. Not only am I grateful for the silicone cover (I tend to eat while I work, and, you know, crumbs), but it also comes in tons of colors and designs that I just love. I chose a rose-quartz pink, but they also have blues, purples, and even rainbow-colored designs too. “View

This Makeup Bag That Comes In Some Fun Prints

I'll never frown when there's a llama around. This makeup bag is perfect for travel. And I do mean perfect. You can fit your basic makeup haul in it and it slips perfectly in your carry-on. Plus, it comes in lots of patterns. I prefer the llamas, but you can also choose from flowers, leopard print, geometric, sloths, flamingos, and more. “View

This Insulated Wine Tumbler That Works For Both Cold And Hot Drinks

I have an insulated wine tumbler and I have to say, I don't know if I could have survived summer without it. I'll explain: Since it's insulated, it keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. And it's not just for wine. In the summer, it keeps the ice in my iced tea from melting too fast. Or, in the winter, you can load it up with hot chocolate (boozy or not boozy) and take a walk in the brisk air. “View

This Chalkboard Mug That Sends A Message With Your Cup Of Coffee

I love those gifts that have a little extra twist. This mug is, obviously, a perfectly functional (and actually quite pretty) mug that is perfect for your coffees and teas. But also, you can use a bit of chalk to draw a fun doodle, mark your mug with your name, or write a special message to someone when you give them their drink in the morning. You can always wash it and start again the next day, so the possibilities are endless. “View

This Massage Roller That Eases Any Tension

Who doesn't smile at the idea of getting a massage? Pretty much everyone I know carries their tension in their back and shoulders, as well as other parts of their body, so this manual roller is just what they need to help them relax. They can even use it themselves or give it to someone to use in harder-to-reach places. “View

These Nerdy Socks That Are Too Delightful Not To Love

I love a good statement sock. I have a few male friends who swear by them as a way to jazz up their outfits –– because traditional men's fashion is a bit, well, boring. These socks are especially good for the book nerd in your life because they come with a special message on the soles that reads, "So many books, so little time." Yes, they're good for an outfit, but they're also a cozy accessory for days you just want to sit and read. “View

These Chopsticks That Are Beautiful And Durable

This set of chopsticks is any foodie's dream. I learned as a kid how to properly use a chopstick, which is something I realized later isn't the most common thing to learn, and now I won't eat sushi or takeout without them. If you're a chopstick user like me, a good set of sticks is as essential as a set of flatware and customers rave that these chopsticks are beautiful but also very durable and well made. “View

These Conversation Starts That Are Good For All Couples

Whether you're a new couple or have been together for years and years, there's always something new to learn about your partner. Just think about it: We all live such full lives before our partners walk into them –– there are bound to be some details or stories that you may have never mentioned. But if you don't know where to start, these conversation cards make for some excellent inspiration. “View

This Shampoo Brush That Feels So Good To Use

I have this shampoo brush and frankly, it's the best shower-related purchase I've made in a while. I've been striving to make my bathroom more like a spa, especially since now I'm home all the time, and turning off "work mode" is more difficult than ever. This shampoo brush feels like a head massage you'd get at the salon while also whisking away dandruff on your scalp, so you're relaxed and have the cleanest hair ever. “View

This Pop Socket That Comes In Lots Of Designs

People can't resist smiling at unique gifts, and Pop Sockets are so customizable and come in so many colors and patterns, there's one for every phone user out there. There have actually been studies about how we hold our phones and how they can damage our hands, so Pop Sockets is a solution to this new-age problem. Simply pop on the back of your phone, pull it open, and use it as a comfortable handle while you scroll for hours and hours. “View

This Tiny Cornhole Set That Is The Ultimate Desk Toy

I'm a big fan of regular, ol' backyard cornhole, so you can bet that I got a little giddy when I saw that it came in a miniature size. And not just smaller, this is like what Barbie would have in her backyard. It's such a cute, little desk toy that it is 100 percent guaranteed to get a smile out of the person you're shopping for. Not to mention, it's also an awesome stocking stuffer. You honestly can't go wrong with cornhole. “View

These Travel Bags That Are Perfect For Any Suitcase

Who doesn't smile at the thought of traveling to some far off destination? I certainly do. While travel is a bit dicey right now, that doesn't mean getting on a plane will be forbidden forever. Eventually, it'll be safe to travel again and when that happens, the person you're shopping for will need some good luggage. These travel bags are perfect for keeping their suitcase neat, tidy, and well packed so I can bring everything they need. “View

This Phone Purse That's Cute And Functional

Yes, I have quite a collection of bags, and one of the styles that I'm particularly into these days are small, light, and easy to carry crossbody bags that hole just enough stuff for a short trip. I use a bag like this everywhere. I take it on shopping trips, I can slip it into a carry-on when I travel, and I even ride my bike with this thing. It may be small, but it's also very useful –– and cute. “View

These Fine Point Pens That Are Excellent For Bullet Journals

My brother and I are big bullet journalers. He usually doesn't do a lot of design-y layouts or lettering like I do, but like me, he is particular about the type of pens he uses. Since a bullet journal has limited space, fine-tip pens like these are perfect for everyday use. They also come in tons of beautiful colors if you're feeling adventurous. And for someone who is all about color-coding (c'est moi), they're a must-have. “View

This Trinket Tray That Adds A Little Color To Your Vanity

I have a big jewelry box, but honestly, I usually just wear the same pieces every day, and it's not enough to warrant organizing them in my box every time I take them off. So, I use a trinket dish by my bedside, like this one, to keep track of my everyday jewelry. Believe me, I've lost several tiny earring studs in my time, but it's much easier to keep my stuff safe when they have a designated place to rest. “View

This Beard Brush Kit That Keeps His Facial Hair In Check

So many men in my life are beard and mustache wearers, which means I've become well-versed in the world of men's grooming. How can I not, when it basically works as a go-to gift for any occasion. Men like to take care of themselves just as much as women do, after all. One thing my facial-haired loved ones are all about is conditioning their hairs and brushing them out, so their hair looks nice, neat, and feels soft. “View

This Set Of Coasters That Doubles As Decor

I'm honestly obsessed with this coaster set. It's so clever. I generally don't like leaving coasters around the house (not all my furniture is that expensive), so this set is a great way to keep them around without taking up a lot of surface area. Simply stack them into this cactus formation when you're not using them, and take out a coaster when you need it. Either way, you have a lovely piece of decor. “View

This Set Of Coasters That Is Perfect For Any Audiophile

Normally, I wouldn't put two sets of coasters into one list, because who loves coasters that much? But I couldn't resist this set. It's made to look like classic vinyl records, which makes it perfect for the music lover in your life. They also have a cute, vintage feel to them, so you can definitely keep this set out on the coffee table when you're not using them. “View

This Phone Ring That Is Also A Stand

As much as I like Pop Sockets (see above), I have to admit, they make the back of my phone pretty bulky. And since I have tiny, useless girl-pockets on all my clothing (thanks, fashion industry), I can't afford the extra bulk. But I have to admit, I really prefer to have something to help me hold my phone properly so I don't get a hand cramp. Enter: the phone ring. This slimmer version of a Pop Socket comes in nice, metallic finishes and can even be used as a phone stand. “View

This Tea Infuser That Looks Like A Sloth

You've probably seen this tea infuser everywhere. So have I. But that doesn't make me any less obsessed with it. I personally love loose-leaf tea (I'm a tea snob, what can I say), so having a good infuser is essential. I have lots of types of infusers from novelty ones, like this slot, to plain tea balls or fillable tea bags. I prefer this sloth infuser though because it makes tea time more of a treat. “View

This Water Bottle That Can Go On The Road With You

Hydration is so important. I haven't always been the best water-drinker, so I've been trying to get into the habit. One way I do that is to make water as enjoyable as possible, including having a water bottle that's easy to use and nice to have with me at all times. These metal bottles are especially popular because they're so sturdy, as well as come in a lot of fun colors and patterns. This one is slim and portable, and it basically looks like a S'well bottle. “View

These Drink Charms That Look Like A Twist Of Citrus

Obviously, we haven't had a lot of occasions to party in 2020, but when it's safe to gather again, you can bet I'm throwing a shindig (even if it's a small one). These drink charms are a fun way to make sure no one loses track of their drink. Plus, they look like little slices of citrus fruit, so they're basically begging to be used for your next backyard barbecue. “View

This Sushi Making Kit That Turns You Into A Chef

Sushi is one of those cuisines that I actually haven't tried making at home. It just looks so precise and complicated to do right, so I've been a little nervous about trying for myself. But a kit like this makes it easy, since it comes with all the basic tools you need, including a pad to roll your sushi tightly without a big mess. The home chef in your life is sure to appreciate it. “View

This Doggie Ice Mold That Is Too Cute To Pass Up

Novelty ice molds are excellent for making your drink a little more festive, and I can't get enough of this dachshund-shaped mold. Frankly, I can't resist anything dog-shaped. Not only is it perfect for ice (of course), but it's also a handy mold for making candies, homemade fruit snacks, or, perhaps the most fitting, dog treats. “View

This Magnet Set That Is Inspired By An Internet Cat

Cute, little Pusheen is back, and this time, she's on your fridge. While this cartoon cat got her start on the internet, she has a huge flock of fans and tons of merchandise so you can see her cute, fuzzy face every day. This magnet set has lots of accessories for Pusheen, so you can play with her look every time you open your fridge. “View

This Sleep Mask That Is Comfortable All Night Long

A good night's sleep can make anyone smile, though it's not always easy to get. This sleep mask helps you block out annoying light that can keep you up at night, and it even comes with a special bag and a set of earplugs so you can really tune out the world. People who live in loud cities or just don't have light-blocking curtains will be ecstatic to find this in their stocking. “View

These Avocado Socks That Are Perfect For The Hipster Millennial In Your Life

It's a bit of a cliche, but I have to admit that I am a Millennial who loves avocados and avocado toast. I can see why they've achieved cult-like status amongst my friends. These socks are comfy, soft, and pay homage to this miracle fruit (yep, it's a fruit) in the most fashionable way. I might even gift them to myself during the holidays. “View

This Simple Necklace That Looks Like A Mountain Range

Who doesn't love getting jewelry in their stocking? I've lived in the mountains, and now that I live in the city there are still times when I miss those beautiful vistas. This necklace isn't really a replacement, but it is an adorable design that reminds me of the Rockies. And, it's minimal enough that it goes with basically any outfit, even if you're just hanging out in your pajamas. “View

This Paper Clip Set That's Almost Too Beautiful For Your Desk

Since I set up my home office, I've been obsessed with good desk accessories. After all, if you actually like being at your desk, you might actually enjoy working a little. I personally love these marble paperclip holders (equipped with gold paperclips), because it's small, minimal, but also high design and beautiful. It's perfect for making your desk feel like a retreat. “View

This Phone Case That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Everyone needs a good phone case. I'm personally not into bulky novelty cases. Technology is so beautiful on its own, there's no need to cover it up. But, I also don't want to break my screen or scratch the finish on my phone, so a case is a highly necessary accessory. I love this silicone case because it absorbs shock (in case you drop it), but it's also very thin and comes in a ton of colors. “View

This Passport Holder That Keeps Your Documents Safe (And Pretty)

Don't you hate rummaging through your bag to find your passport, meanwhile people in the security line behind you are getting more and more annoyed? Well, this used to be me pretty much any time I went to the airport. I didn't realize how necessary a passport holder is until I got one –– it literally keeps everything in place so I just need to grab it and go. Besides, why pass up an opportunity to help the person you're shopping for accessorize? “View

This Fit Bit Band That Lets Your Customize Your Step Tracker

This band is made for the popular FitBit Charge 4, Charge 3, and the Charge 3 SE, so if the person your shopping for has one of these models (or even better, is getting one for the holidays), putting a customized band in their favorite color or finish is sure to get a smile. Plus, it'll be easier to use their step tracker if they also like the look of it. “View

This Shark Coolie That Keeps Your Drink Cool For The Summer

You're going to want to buy a full set of these because everyone is going to want their own next time you plan on going to the beach with your friends or throw a backyard barbecue. This coolie may look like Jaws but it's soft and plushy. It'll keep your cans or bottles cool even on the hottest of days, and it'll surely start a conversation. “View

These Cactus Pens That Has Bright And Sunny Sayings On Its Tops

I'm a big pen nerd so I'm always happy when I get a set of pens in my stocking. This set is especially cheerful and cute, so they're begging to be put in your desk's pen cup. Inside, they have a ballpoint pen, so they're great for your friend's or relative's office writing, note-taking, journaling, or, dare I say, writing a thank you note to you for getting them such a great gift. “View

This Reusable Wine Bottle Cork That Looks Like An Adorable Pup

It's a cork. It's a Corgi. It's a Corki. This cute stopper is made to keep your wine fresh, but I also like to think that it's just a fun way to make your bar cart a little more whimsical. It's made to fit in any standard-sized wine bottle, and it can even help keep the fizz in your favorite sparkling wine, too. “View

This Cereal Bowl That Keeps Your Breakfast Crunchy

I love that first bite of cereal. The milk is still cold from the fridge and the cereal itself is still crunchy and delicious. If only every bite felt like that. Oh wait, it can! This specialty bowl keeps your cereal and milk separate until you're ready to bite, so breakfast stays crunchy. It's also particularly good for chips and dips, too. “View