37 Gifts From Small Businesses You Can Find On Amazon

There's just something that gets me feelin' all warm and fuzzy whenever I buy from a small business on Amazon. Maybe it's because I feel good knowing that my money went directly to people who need it, or maybe it's got something to do with the fact that I've never, ever wound up with a cheap piece of crud when buying from a mom and pop shop. Either way, there are still tons of cool gifts you can buy from small businesses — and when they arrive with two-day Prime shipping? How are you not going to add at least a few to your cart?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Because let's face it — you're hooked on that lightning-fast shipping. Ordering from anywhere else feels like your stuff is being transported via horse and buggy. Waiting more than 48 hours for anything has become unbearable, and at least this way you're getting the best of both worlds.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Cheese Board For Classy Nights At Home

Your regular cutting board ain't got a thing on this cheese board, as the grooves along the side are the perfect spot for crackers, fruits, and of course — cheese. Each order also comes with four stainless steel serving knives, and the board is made from sleek bamboo.

A Miniature Fridge For Your Vanity

I love keeping my beauty serums and lotions in this miniature fridge — I mean just look at it. It's adorable. It's also large enough to fit a few cans of soda if you put it on your desktop, and it even comes with a dry-erase board in case you need to jot down any quick notes.

These Champagne Flutes That Are Oh-So Sleek

Let's be honest — these champagne flutes are way prettier than the traditional ones with stems. Each order comes with two, and they're perfect for mimosas, bellinis, or even just a simple glass of Moet on New Year's Eve. And since they're made from borosilicate glass, you won't have to worry about them chipping or cracking.

A Set Of Pots And Pans Infused With Copper

Know someone who loves cooking? You can't go wrong with this set of copper-infused pots and pans. The special coating helps evenly distribute the heat from your stove, and the non-stick ceramic coating is perfect for everything from pancakes to paella.

This Kit To Brew Kombucha At Home

Not only does your purchase help support a small business, but this kit comes with everything you need to make kombucha at home — including a 1-gallon jar made with extra-thick glass. Your first batch is guaranteed to ferment, and it has more than 3,000 positive four- and five-star reviews you really can't go wrong.

A Pair Of Stackable Shelves For Your Cabinets And Counters

You can quickly tidy up any space in your kitchen using these stackable shelves, but they're cute enough that you could even put them on top of your vanity or bathroom counter. They're made from solid bamboo with sturdy metal legs — each order comes with two.

An Indoor Garden For Deliciously Fresh Herbs

You can enjoy fresh herbs no matter what time of year it is with this indoor garden. The extra-large water tank means you only have to water it once every two weeks — perfect for anyone whose thumb is more black than green. And unlike other indoor gardens, this one works with regular seeds instead of hydroponic ones.

This Air Fryer That Doubles As A Rotisserie Oven

Don't waste your money on a regular air fryer when you can grab this deluxe version for just a few extra dollars. Not only does it air fry your food, but you can also use it to cook a rotisserie chicken, or even dehydrate veggie chips for a snack. But the best part? It's large enough to feed the whole family, and then some.

This Cutting Board Made From Premium Bamboo

Bamboo grows back once harvested, which means these cutting boards are an eco-friendly way to upgrade the cracked ones you've been using instead. Each order comes with three — one small, medium, and large —plus, there are grooves along the side to catch meat juices.

This Gift Set That's Perfect For Any Wine Lover

Whether you sip on red or chug white like I do, this wine gift set is a must-have. The electric opener can pop up to 30 bottles before it needs to be recharged — and it also comes with an aerator, foil cutter, as well as two bottle stoppers to keep your wine tasting fresh for later.

This Pour-Over Coffee Set Made With Borosilicate Glass

I'll admit that I'm cheap — why lie? It's the reason I got a pour-over coffee maker like this one (except this one is nicer than mine...awkward.) It's made with thick borosilicate glass that won't shatter when you pour in your hot water, and you can also use it to make cold brew. And since it's double-walled, you won't have to worry about any condensation on the outside.

This Mug Tree That Comes With 6 Colorful Mugs

Not only does this mug tree come with six colorful mugs, but each one is made from hand-glazed ceramic — without any lead. Many reviewers raved about how bright the colors are, as well as how they're great for everything from hot chocolate to apple cider. And don't worry — they're safe to put in the microwave as well as the dishwasher.

An Alcohol Infuser That Even Casual Drinkers Can Appreciate

No matter whether you're a professional mixologist or sitting at home with a can of beer, you can still appreciate this alcohol infuser. The stainless steel filter lets you add herbs, spices, fruit, or anything else you want to flavor your liquor with — and since it's made from borosilicate glass with a leakproof base, you can rest assured that this is a quality buy.

This Bedside Shelf That's Surprisingly Sturdy

Reviewers found this bedside shelf so sturdy that it can hold about 15 pounds' worth of stuff — and considering you don't need any tools to install it, that's seriously impressive. It's large enough to hold a laptop, book, or even a small lamp. Plus, it's great for bedrooms that are too small for a nightstand.

A Filter That You Simply Drop Into Your Water Bottle

I'm absolutely in love with this filter because it means I can continue to be lazy and not change the filter in my Brita. Just plop it into your water bottle, and the ionized electrolytes will have it clear of any heavy metals within minutes. But the best part? It's made to last for about three months, or 750 refills.

This High-Performance Blender That's Every Chef's Dream

When I say that this blender can do it all, I'm not exaggerating — use it to crush nuts to make your own almond milk, or whip up marinades, sauces — seriously, just throw something in and see if it blends. "This blender is half the price [of a Vitamix] and full of power," one reviewer raved. "I took a chance ordering this product and I definitely want to share that it is amazing!"

An Infinity Pillow That's Comfortable In Any Position

Leaning to the side of your chair on a plane? This infinity pillow will keep your neck supported so you don't flop over. Or maybe you're lying on the couch? Let this infinity pillow wrap you up in cozy comfort. And since it's made from breathable bamboo fibers, you won't have to worry about it making you hot and sweaty.

A Selfie Ring Light That Makes You Look Great In Photos

Take it from someone who looks terrible in most pictures — this selfie ring light really does make you look as good as you possibly can. There are three color modes to choose from (warm, cool, or daylight) depending on how bright your surroundings are, and the tripod stand is perfect for everything from video calls to TikTok videos.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Box Of Unstable Unicorns

When you're finally tired of your usual board and card games, bust out this box of Unstable Unicorns. The goal is simple — be the first person to gather seven unicorns into your stable. Players strategically use their magic, upgrade, and downgrade cards to slow down their opponents — plus, each round only takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

A Cute Lil' Kit That Lets You Grow A Cute Lil' Bonsai Tree

Not only does this kit come with four types of miniature bonsai tree seeds, but the seeds are also 100% non-GMO as well as harvested right here in the USA. It all comes packaged in a classy wooden box that you can repurpose to store the burlap sack bonsai pots, and many reviewers raved about how it's a "great gift."

These Balms For Your Pup's Paws, Snout, And Skin

Ever notice your pup's skin getting a little dry? These specially-formulated balms can be applied to their wrinkles, overall skin, paws, or snout to help heal any dry, cracked areas. Each one is made from plant-based organic ingredients — plus, they're even vet-recommended.

Enjoy Virtual Reality With This VR Headset

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get that fun VR experience — especially when this headset is available for just $50! Download VR apps to your iPhone or Android, then pop your phone inside the headset — you'll be able to explore the stars, run with dinosaurs, and more.

These Cat Shelves That Look Way Better Than A Tower

Be honest — that cat tower in the corner of your living room is objectively ugly. So why not upgrade to these cat shelves? They give your kitty a place to kick back and relax away from everybody, and you can hang them as high as you want (or as high as your cat can reach.)

These Smudge Candles That Smell Like Refreshing Sage

You can use these smudge candles to cleanse away negative energies in your home, or just light them for a refreshing sage scent. Each order comes with three, and they're made with natural soy wax — not paraffin. And if you've got doubts? One reviewer even raved that "I lit a candle in my home and one of my grandsons remarked how calm he felt and he could concentrate on his homework better."

A Wine Tumbler That Keeps Your Whites Chilled

I like to think I'm something of an expert when it comes to drinking wine, so trust me when I say that this insulated glass is a must-have. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel that won't alter the flavor of your reds or whites — and since the walls are insulated, the heat from your hands won't warm up your chilled drinks.

An Infusion Water Bottle That Comes In Tons Of Colors

Red, purple, teal, yellow, blue — with this infusion water bottle, you've got options when it comes to colors. Just add your favorite fruits to the infusion screen, then taste as they gradually seep into your water. And if you have trouble remembering to sip water throughout the day? There are also time markings on the side to help you stay on top of your hydration.

This Fort Building Kit That I'm Upset I'm Too Old To Use

Even though it's made for kids, I'm about .005 seconds away from ordering this fort kit for myself anyway. The boards seamlessly click into each other so that your only limitation is your imagination when it comes to building castles, houses, huts — anything. And while the boards may look small, there are enough to build over 20 square feet of fort!

These Food Dice To Help You Switch Up Your Meals

Can't figure out what to make for dinner? Just give these food dice a few rolls to come up with some ideas. Each order comes with five: one for protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herbs, as well as one bonus ingredient. They come with meat and vegetarian options — and with more than 180,000 combinations, you'll never run out of options.

A Kettle That's Sleek And Modern

Designed to work on any type of stovetop, this kettle is perfect for hot tea, chocolate, coffee, or even just hot water for a packet of ramen. The built-in temperature gauge helps keep the water from getting too hot so that it won't scald your coffee beans, while the stainless steel exterior provides exceptional heat distribution.

A Skincare Gift Set Made For Men

No matter how manly your guy is, he can still get behind this gift set that comes with all the must-haves for a post-have glow: one bottle of face wash, balm, as well as shaving oil. The formulas are all plant-based, and they're even made without any synthetic ingredients — including GMOs as well as parabens.

This Adult Card Game That Gets The Party Started

Every day I find myself surrounded by idiots, so you may as well have fun with it by breaking out this card game at your next party. There are more than 350 unique cards in the game so that no two games are alike, though two reviewers put it best: "If you have played Cards Against Humanity, you'll find this game easy to learn and lots of fun. It's basically like CAH, except the vulgar cards end up being about someone who is playing the game, which makes it a lot more fun! Also, there are opportunities to trade cards and stick your neighbor with your worst cards, which is another fun twist."

A Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Works With Alexa

I always thought a robot vacuum cleaner was a waste of money, especially in my small apartment — until my boyfriend ordered this one on a whim. Not only does it sweep up all the dog hair and dirt that gets tracked inside, but I can also control it using voice commands since it's paired with my Alexa. And unlike other cordless vacuums, this one can run for two hours straight — what's not to love?

This Doorbell Camera You Can Watch Through Your Phone

You never know who's standing at your front door. It could be a serial killer, or even worse — two serial killers. But if you had this doorbell camera, you'd be able to check the live video feed using your smartphone to see that, nope, nope you should not answer the door. There's no monthly subscription required either, as all videos are saved for up to three days with the included cloud storage.

This Tea Sampler Set

Don't know what to get someone? Just grab this box of assorted teas. Even if they don't like tea, they'll still be flattered that you think they're classy enough to drink it — and besides, it even looks more expensive than it is. Each box comes with 10 flavors: black currant, Earl Grey, green mango peach, jasmine green, and more.

A Soothing Diffuser Shaped Like A Cute Cactus

You don't even have to like cactuses to enjoy this diffuser, as it'll gently waft fresh floral scents of gypsum throughout any room in your home. One reviewer put it best — "This is literally heaven in a diffuser. I have it on my desk at work and once it is fully absorbed into the clay, it put off the most amazing smell. Not too strong and pungent but very light and sweet/flowery. And above all else, it’s cute as hell! Love it and will probably be getting more soon!"

Improve Your Grip Strength With This Fun Grip Toy

It may look silly but think of all the tight jars you'll be able to open after a few weeks of improving your grip strength with this hand strength toy. It's also great for helping to train the overall muscles in your arms — and since the outside is coated with soft silicone, it's moisture-resistant against sweaty palms. But the best part? You can even track your progress using the downloadable smartphone app.

This Hammock That Fits Two People

I got this exact same hammock at a music festival a few years ago, and it's come in handy way more times than I would've expected. Just loop the straps around any two trees, and you instantly have a comfy space for up to two people to lounge. Once you're ready to go, everything folds down neatly into a travel pack — it's small enough that I hardly notice it when clipped to my backpack.