37 Gifts For The Teens and Tweens In Your Life Who Hate Everything

How do I know that every teen on the planet hates everything? I was one.

Look, teens (and even tweens) are hard to please, and that's okay. Remember when you were 15 and pretty much everything in the world forced an emphatic eye roll out of you? I definitely do.

While I may not have any teens or tweens in my life (at least, for now), I can at least sympathize with the parents out there who have to shop for their hard-to-please kids. Hey, it wasn't so long ago that I was terrorizing my own parents with my crazy teen drama, so, like, I get it.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Thankfully, Amazon even has your moody teenagers covered. There are tons of amazing goodies on this website that even the most dramatic adolescent would love.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This X-Wing Lego Set That Is Just Like Poe Dameron's

Star Wars has been around for a while, so all generations can definitely get into this fun little gift that is practically two gifts in one. First, pretty much all Lego gifts are like puzzles, and second, it's a cool toy that Star Wars fans, both young and old, can enjoy. “View

This Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch That's Hours Of Fun

Like many people during the pandemic, your teens and tweens probably got into the Nintendo Switch in a big way. Honestly, if your kid has one of these babies, you're pretty much set, shopping-wise, because there are so many games to choose from. You honestly can't go wrong with a little Mario Kart under the tree. “View

This Tiny Panda Speaker That Looks Adorable Anywhere In Their Room

It's been a while since I was a teen, yes, but I know that something really never change. And one of those things is that teens are all about hanging in their rooms and listening to music (at all volumes). One thing I like about this little speaker, other than it being so cute, is that it's small enough to sit on a desk while they do homework and likely doesn't get loud enough for mom and dad to complain about. Win-win. “View

This Phone Dock Printer That Lets Them Print Their Favorite Instas

Sure, your teen can scroll through Instagram whenever they want to, but even they'll admit that some pics are just too special to not want to hold in your hands. Printing out their favorite snaps is easier than ever with this phone dock printer, too. Now they can make photo collages, decorate their dorms, or just put them in a scrapbook to look at when they're older. “View

This Light Up Keyboard That's A Gamer's Dream

I'm not a gamer but I am related to one. And yes, he was a moody teen, too. Honestly, if this colorful keyboard existed when we were kids, I know he'd be all over it. Not only is it useful for late-night playing games with their friends over the internet, this keyboard just plain looks cool on their desk. And looking cool is half the battle when it comes to teens, right? “View

This 3D Printer Pen That Lets Them Make Impressive Art Projects

It's a pen and a 3D printer all in one. How can you resist? As an artistic kid, I would have absolutely loved having this thing. It allows you to "draw" stuff in such a unique way, by using plastic filaments to create small objects in real-time. Who doesn't love wasting time with technology, anyway? “View

This Inflatable Lounger That Is Perfect For Beach Days

Honestly, you don't have to be a teen to enjoy this gift, but teens can especially enjoy taking it wherever they go. This inflatable lounger doesn't need a pump or a person with a big lung capacity to fill up, so it's super portable too. They can use it at the beach, at the park, on the quad, or wherever they can do some outdoor lounging. It's even big enough for two people. “View

This Drawing Book That Helps Them Level Up Their Skills

If there's anything a teen likes, it's being able to express themselves. This book shows them how to draw all kinds of things, as well as the basics of art drawing, including shading, lines, and depth. There are actually a few books in this series. Now they can spend hours drawing their innermost angst, and who knows, maybe your teen will find a new passion? “View

This Watercolor Set That Every Young Artist Should Own

If your teen is already on their way to becoming the next great artist, all you have to do is feed their passion. One way to do that? Lots and lots of art supplies. This watercolor set has rave reviews on Amazon from other artistic customers, so it's a lot more than just your average paint palette. Plus it comes with a brush and watercolor paper too. “View

This Balloon Dog Toy That Is Just Silly And Fun

This balloon-dog toy might be the weirdest and most random toy on the internet, but that's probably what will be the most appealing to your tween or teen. Your kid can feed it, teach it tricks, pop it (it is a "balloon" after all), and he can even pee and fart –– if that's something that appeals to you. “View

This Phone Dock That Keeps Everything They Need

It's 2020, so you probably have a tech-obsessed teen that's constantly texting, scrolling, and TikToking 24/7. But all that screen time means that their tech is going to lose its power once in a while, no matter how good the battery life gets. Keep their tech stuff safe and fully charged with this phone dock, which has a place for a phone charger, Apple Watch charger, and Airpods charger. “View

This Paint Pour Kit That Lets Them Create Trippy Art

Paint pouring is a fun and easy way to create interesting pieces of art. It basically requires little skills, other than mixing paint, so it's perfect for tweens and teens who just want to make something special (without a ton of effort). Not only are the results crazy and psychedelic, watching that colorful paint pour is strangely satisfying. “View

This Target Game That They Can Play With Their Younger Siblings

Give the gift of family bonding over toys, that's my motto. This Nerf gun toy is basically a target practice game that can be enjoyed by teens, tweens, or even their slightly younger siblings. When they open this gift, you know they're going to want to open it immediately and start playing. Sure, you'll have Nerf bits little all over the house, but your moody teen might actually smile! “View

This Warm Beanie That Doubles As Wireless Headphones

Walking to school in the cold, cold weather just got a little more bearable for your teen. This beanie may look like just your average winter hat, but inside it actually has headphones that nest perfectly on their head, so they can zone out to their favorite music while waiting for the bus. Plus, it's probably less likely to be lost than an expensive Airpod or earbud –– so that's good for you and them. “View

This Pizza Blanket That Combines A Teen's Two Favorite Things

What are a teen's two favorite things, you may ask? Junk food and naps, obviously. Teen years are for enjoying whimsical and weird stuff, so I guarantee your kid will love this blanket. It's big and cozy and looks like their favorite food, so what's not to love? You'll probably never see them get this excited over a blanket again, honestly. “View

This Wireless Speaker That Delivers Impressive Sound

I'm not a teen, but I actually have this Bose wireless speaker and I love it. It feels high-quality and durable, while also delivering amazing, clear sound. If your teen is anything like I was, they'll jump at the chance to listen to more music, so why not get them something that will come in clear as a bell? Yes, you'll probably need earplugs because you know they'll be blasting their Spotify playlist morning, noon, and night. “View

This Dart Blaster That Is A Replica Of The One In Fortnite

Playing Fortnite isn't just for gaming consoles anymore. This toy blaster is a replica of the same one that's in the video game, so your tween or teen can feel like they're actually inside the game itself. It also comes with eight little Nerf darts and llamas to use as target practice. If they're feeling particularly generous, maybe they'll even share the fun with their siblings, too. “View

This Disco Speaker That's A Concert And A Light Show In One

What's better than a good wireless speaker? A wireless speaker that also puts on a dazzling light show in your teen's room. This disco ball-like speaker has lots of colorful lights that project everywhere in the room while your teen is listening to their favorite playlist. Just be warned that they might not want to come out of their room with this thing. “View

This Giant Jenga Game That Will Encourage Them To Actually Spend Time With The Family

It may seem like a line, but giant Jenga is truly fun for the whole family. This game is basically like regular Jenga, except it's several feet tall and makes an even louder and bigger crash if you make the wrong move. Your teen can play it with their friends, of course, but it's a great way to enjoy time with the whole family, too. “View

This Robot Ball That Will Actually Teach Them Something (Without Them Knowing It)

This little robot ball looks like a toy, but it actually has a little secret that might teach your teen how to code. The little ball is programmable using your teen's phone so they can teach it to knock over pins or dodge mini traffic cones and drive in a particular pattern, all while they're learning basic code, including JavaScript and Swift. “View

This Personalized Bar Necklace That Looks Cute With Any Outfit

Sometimes your moody teen just wants something pretty and makes them feel special. This minimalist bar necklace is totally customizable, so you can print their name on it, or their favorite phrase, or whatever you think they'll enjoy. It also comes in three finishes: gold, silver, and rose gold. Plus, it's so simple and nice that they can actually use it to accessorize any outfit. “View

This Makeup Mirror That's Perfectly Locker-Sized

Like everyone else, teens are pretty obsessed with their appearance. Maybe it's the hormones or the acne breakouts, but I know I was constantly checking mirrors to make sure I looked okay –– because nothing was more mortifying than having my makeup smeared or have something on my face. Teen years are embarrassing enough. This simple light-up mirror can go anywhere, from their backpack to their locker. “View

This Card Game That Pits Taco Against Burrito

This game is literally for kids, by kids, but it's great for the whole family. Created by a 7-year-old (yes, really), this unpredictable card game challenges players to create their craziest, wildest meal using the "ingredient" cards. It's easy to learn (for the little kids in your life), fast to play (for some quick family time), and has lots of twists and turns that tweens and teens will love. “View

These Pusheen Slippers That Are So Comfy And Warm

I can't tell you how much I love Pusheen. This pudgy, gray cat started as a graphic character on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms thanks to the internet cat craze. Who else can appreciate an internet cat more than your teen? This undeniably cute cat has a huge array of merchandise, including these plushy slippers that sport her adorable, little face. “View

These Globe Lights That They'll Love To Hang In Their Room

I love fairy lights. Always have, always will. I think that's why I love Christmastime because you can see these twinkly lights everywhere. But it doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy their lovely glow. Let your teen decorate their room with these little globe lights, and you're basically making their room a private oasis that they can truly relax in. “View

This Water Bottle That Helps Them Hydrate All Day

Okay, this one might get you an eye-roll if your teen isn't into athletics or wellness in general. But, as a teen, I remember those indestructible, gigantic Nalgene bottles in bright colors as pretty much the one status symbol everyone had. But Nalgenes are big, heavy, and pretty much don't help you track what you're drinking. These bottles do. Not only are they a great size for a teen's backpack, but they also have times and ounces marked on the bottle so your teen can keep their hydration on track throughout the day. “View

This Smart Notebook That Is Perfect For Journaling (Or Homework)

Back when I was a teen (which I swear, wasn't that long ago), I used to carry my journal around everywhere. I wrote down my angstiest thoughts, poems, jokes, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Maybe a plain, nice journal is enough to make your teen happy, but it's 2020 –– why not bring their journaling into the 21st century. This smart notebook lets them write inside and then convert their page to a document or PDF in an instant. It's also great for classrooms that don't allow laptops or tablets, just saying. “View

These Phone Lenses That Are Perfect For Burgeoning Photographers

One thing that's amazing about having a smartphone, especially for beginner photographers, is that you have an excellent camera in your pocket at all times. But even that has its limits. This lens set fits perfectly over a phone camera lens to let your teen experiment with macro photography, fish-eye, wide lens, telephoto, and more. Teens who have very active Instagram accounts can surely appreciate this little kit. “View

This Chia Pet That Looks Like A Cute Emoji

Chia pets aren't the trendiest thing in the world anymore, but they seem to have a retro or nostalgic appeal for teens and tweens. This Chia pet is inspired by an emoji to bring it into the 21st century. It's a happy and delightful decoration for your kid's room, plus it might teach them how to care for plants in the future. “View

This Flamingo Light That Is Perfect Teen-Room Decor

Your teen's room is a sacred space. Not even exaggerating. This is where they do homework, talk to their friends, dream about the future, write, draw, listen to music, and so on. So one thing your teen can always appreciate is something cool that can decorate their space the way they want it. This flamingo light is fun, quirky, and great for party lighting when your teen has a friend over. “View

These Sloth Picture Hangers That Let Them Save Their Best Memories

Now that your teen has a way of printing out their photos (see above), it's time to give them some supplies for displaying them. Picture frames are, frankly, very boring. But these cute sloth clips are perfect for creating a unique display for photos. They're also good as regular paper clips or bookmarks too if your teen needs some good desk supplies that are a little less basic. “View

This Caster Board That They'll Basically Be Skating On 24/7

This razor caster board is a little more than just a skateboard. First of all, it only has two wheels that are on 360-degree casters and a top that pivots with your movement, so it has a different type of balance and maneuverability. This interesting design is more like surfing or snowboarding than skateboarding, and it's a fun way for your teen to get around. “View

This Slingbag That's Great For School And After-School Alike

Everyone needs a good bag, even your teen. This sling bag is comfortable and an excellent size for different things. They can take it hiking, camping, shopping or to the beach. Or, they can use it as their schoolbag (if they don't have a million books to carry that is). It also comes in lots of colors and patterns for your teen to express themselves with. “View

These Headphones That Block Out The World

One thing every teen needs: good headphones that block out noise and distractions. These Bluetooth wireless headphones have a slightly better sound quality than earbuds because they go fully over the ear and stop outside noises from messing with their music. What teen doesn't want to put on their headphones and just tune out? “View

These Nail Art Stencils Let Them Create Insta-Worthy Nails

These fun stencils are more than just a way to paint their nails. They come in cool patterns so your teen can design any kind of manicure they want. There are stripes, fish scales (or scallops), hearts, a Moroccan design, or a whole pack of different ones to choose from. Plus, it's a pretty good price point if you're looking for something fun to put in your teen's stocking. “View

These Wireless Earbuds That Are Just The Right Size For Their Backpack

You've probably noticed by now that music is a big draw for teen gifts. One benefit of giving them a good set of headphones that seems to be left unsaid is that if they have those in their ears, they don't have to blast their tunes over the house. Good for you, good for them. This set from Bose comes with a good carrying case and a cord that attaches around the neck, so they can keep track of them at any time. “View

This Airpod Case That Doubles As A Bag Charm

Airpods are cool, but Airpod cases are, well, a bit boring. If there's one thing I remember about being a teen, it's that I was always jumping at the chance to make my stuff personal and unique to me. After all, your kid needs a good case for their expensive earbuds, so why not give them something awesome and individual as they are. This case is made from silicone (for shock absorption) and comes in cool colors –– as well as a charm attached to the key ring. It's the perfect stocking stuffer, obviously. “View