37 Gift Ideas They've Never Seen Before Under $20

Holiday shopping can be so stressful because there are SO many gift choices out there your recipient might already have, and you definitely don't want yours to end up in the re-gift pile. Problem solved - we tracked down 37 gift ideas they've never seen before and they're all under $20, so go crazy!

Whether you need a spot-on gift for Star Wars fans or a hard-to-buy-for teen gift, we've got unique present ideas for everyone you need to buy for.

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This Dog Mug Keeps Fido Hydrated

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Sharing your own water bottle on long walks or hikes with your pup is less than hygienic - get him this dog mug so he has his own water supply! Simply squeeze water from the bottle up into the drinking funnel so pup can easily get a drink and cool off. It comes with a removable velcro strap you can use to handily attach it to your backpack so it's easy to tote along. Perfect gift for the pet-lovers on your list, too!

This Slim Wallet Holds The Essentials

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If a huge wallet is the bane of their existence, try this minimalist slim wallet instead. The sleek metal design holds cash and cards in an RFID-blocking case that easily fits into pockets or small purses. It's the James Bond of wallets - it packs a lot of style and coolness into a compact case!

This Gummy Candy Maker Is Great For Adults And Kids Alike

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Obviously this gummy candy maker is a great gift for candy obsessed kids. But adults will get a lot of use out of it too when they find out they can easily add CBD oil and make their own relaxing, pain-relieving gummies! It makes bears, worms, and fish shapes and comes with a recipe book for delicious results.

These Baking Mats Will Spice Up Their Kitchen

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Avid cooks and bakers will love these festive baking sheet liners. They add a splash of color to make cooking more fun, and protect the pan from grease or food residue so clean-up's easier, too!

This Cat Groomer Is Fun To Use

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Your feline friend's going to love this cat grooming arch that'll give her a good scratch while defurring so your house isn't covered in hair. It has nearly 2,700 reviews from happy humans so kitty's bound to like it!

These Wine Sippy Cups Are So Unique

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Need a gift for adult beverage enthusiasts that they're guaranteed not to own yet? Try these wine glasses with a built-in glass straw. They're incredibly fun and look amazing for cocktails, wine spritzers, or whatever's their poison of choice. (They're pretty delicate since they're glass, so not recommended for kids!)

This Universal Travel Plug Works Worldwide

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If you've got an avid business or leisure traveler to buy for, this universal travel plug is a sure bet. It works in tons of countries all over the world and is compact enough that it's not a pain to pack. It gets incredible reviews for high-quality construction and performance!

This Apple Watch Charger Is Retro-Cool

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If your technophile gets sentimental for the "old" days, give them this Apple watch charger that hearkens back to the 1st gen iPods. The retro design will give them the warm fuzzies while the modern technology will keep their watch charged and handily displayed as a bedside clock.

This Waffle Stick Maker Makes Breakfast Fun Again

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This cute waffle stick maker is a great family gift for creating fun weekend or holiday memories. Kids will love dipping their waffle sticks in syrup or hot cocoa! They can also use it to make festive treats like chocolate dipped waffle sticks with sprinkles for extra yummy holiday or birthday treats.

This Puffy Sticker Maker Is On Every Kid's List

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Children of the 80s know how cool puffy stickers were, now they can pass that love onto their children with this DIY puffy sticker maker kit! It includes the maker gadget, material to make 60 stickers, and a detailed instruction book. It also gets great reviews from happy gifters!

This Cell Phone Jail Is Perfect For Pre-Teen Parents

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Cell phone grounding is the new actual grounding it seems, so help parents enforce the house rules with this smartphone jail that keeps phones quarantined until you set them free! Also good for tech-free weekends so no one's tempted to cheat.

These Light Saber Chopsticks Are So Fun

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What's better than a cozy takeout dinner at home? One livened up with these light-up light saber chopsticks! Brings new meaning to the term food fight. Perfect for your favorite Star Wars fans.

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Make Life So Much Easier

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I have and love this set of magnetic measuring spoons because they keep my kitchen drawer so much more organized! I can always find the spoon I need without having to take them all off an annoying ring, and they all stick together effortlessly in the drawer. I love the double end for measuring both liquid and dry ingredients. Get this for the cook in your life, they will love you for it!

These Popsicle Molds Are Monstrously Fun

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My kids LOVE these popsicle molds that make fun monsters out of your homemade pop mix. They're easy to hold and the silicone design means they come out cleanly without breaking in half. So easy to use and so cute - also in dinosaur, sword, tiki, penguin and zombie for even more fun.

This Animal Multitool Is Incredibly Useful

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This animal multitool proves that practical gifts don't have to be boring! This little guy packs seven tools into one cute package, including a flathead screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, wire stripper, file, hole punch, bottle opener and utility knife so it's great for outdoorsy peeps or anyone that needs a MacGuyver trick up their sleeve in a pinch.

This Instant Pot Cheat Sheet Is Magnetic

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They'll never lose this Instant Pot cooking time cheat sheet since it sticks magnetically right onto the side of the gadget! It includes cooking time and liquid ratio for over 90 common foods so they'll never have to frantically Google that info when they're just trying to get dinner on the table.

This Self Massaging Stick Is Cheaper Than The Spa

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If they've got gym-related or everyday aches and pains, they're going to love this self massage stick that hurts so good. It gives a deep tissue massage to problem areas easily and costs a whole lot less than a trip to a professional masseuse!

This Lego Mug Is Interactive Fun

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This might be the most perfect gift for grown-up LEGO fans that need a little fun on their coffee breaks. This cool LEGO mug lets them change things up on a whim and even comes with a little bag of LEGOS so they can get a jumpstart on their build. It's a mug and stress-relieving toy in one!

This Wine Decanter Doubles As Modern Art

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Wine lovers will enjoy their favorite beverage even more once it's properly aerated in this 100% crystal wine decanter. This hand-made beauty makes a stunning bar accessory and conversation piece - I can't believe it's under $21!

These Tea Drops Are A Thoughtful Gift

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These innovative Tea Drops combine finely ground tea and a little sugar to create an instant cup of tea, no tea bags, or sweeteners required! Perfect for home, office or travel, these compact tea shapes are easy to use and delicious.

This Water Doodle Mat Is Mess-Free Fun

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I love when my kids get art gifts, but I don't love the mess they make with paints, markers, and whatnot. This mess-free water doodle mat solves that problem - they can draw, stamp, and stencil to their hearts' content without any kind of cleanup required! It's big enough for two kids to share, so a perfect combination gift for siblings.

This Essential Oil Bracelet Is So Pretty

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If you have an essential oil enthusiast in your life, you know they love to tote those delicious smelling potions everywhere. Make it easier for them to take those good smells on the go with this essential oil bracelet. They simply drop their signature blend or favorite oil onto the scent pad then enjoy the fragrance all day right at their fingertips!

This 3D Star Wars Nightlight Is So Cool

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Kids and adults alike will fall in love with this 3D Star Wars nightlight that projects the dead star, Millennium Falcon and R2-D2 in seven colors for a custom experience. It has almost 250 five-star reviews so it's sure to be a hit!

These Sneaker Socks Are Made For Athleisure Queens

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If all of her outfits incorporate some kind of performance fabric or fleece, she's going to love these sneaker socks to further express her love of athleisure style. They come in a set of five, so they'd be a great squad gift, too.

This Jeff Goldblum Shower Curtain Is...Unexpected

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What to get the person who has everything? How about this delightful shower curtain featuring Jeff Goldblum? It'll make the most unexpected gift they'll receive this year, guaranteed.

This Personalized Starbucks Mug Will Blow Them Away

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Are the baristas at your local Starbucks on a first name basis with your coworker or highly-caffeinated friend? Save them the trouble of writing her name on disposible cups when you gift her with her own reusable personalized Starbucks travel mug. You can customize the name and phrase to reflect her personality or an inside joke for a gift she'll love.

This Ice Stick Maker Is Perfect For Water Bottles

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Insulated bottles definitely keep drinks cold for so much longer, but sometimes they need a lil' boost. Enter this ice cube tray that makes sticks instead of cubes so they're easy to pop in narrow-top bottles. You can even fill them with iced tea or coffee so you don't dilute your caffeinated bevvie! Perfect for the gym and everyday use.

These Custom Socks Are A Surefire Hit

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These custom socks are unbelievably awesome. You can get basically any image on them, from kids to pets to your favorite person. I'm thinking of getting my dad some with his chihuahua on them. These are sure to be a hit whatever image you choose - custom gifts show you put some effort into gift-giving!

These Unicorn Makeup Brushes Are Incredibly Amazing

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You might think these unicorn makeup brushes can coast by on looks alone, but you should know they get rave reviews for high-quality performance, too! This cute set is perfect for the teen just starting to get into makeup or the one that already has a rabid Insta following for her video tutorials.

This Tea Infuser Is So Sweet

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If your friend loves making a comforting cup of tea, make the experience a little sweeter with this lollipop tea infuser. It's easy to fill with looseleaf tea and easy to clean when brewing's done. Not to mention incredibly fun to swirl around the mug while it's brewing!

This Cookie Dipping Spoon Is Out Of Control

via: Amazon / Lindsay

This cookie-dipping spoon is outrageous in the best way possible. It keeps their fingers from getting soggy as they dunk sandwich cookies in coffee, milk or tea. One kind friend gifted it to her Oreo-loving pal and reported amazing results!

This Travel Pillow Does It All

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Whether they travel by bus, train, or plane, your traveler's going to love this comfy cozy convertible travel pillow. It converts into a neck hugging pillow, a regular pillow, and a screen holder so they can catch up on their latest Netflix binge on the go.

These Sleep Headphones Are Great For Insomniacs

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I have trouble falling asleep in general, but especially during travel on loud planes. These sleep headphones would make an amazing gift for fellow insomniacs, since they can listen to soothing music or boring podcasts while blocking out light for a perfectly sensory-limiting experience that'll help them tune out and get some rest.

This Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack Is Hilarious

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Fans of irreverent humor will ROFL over this Crabs Adjust Humidity expansion pack for the popular game. These additions are definitely NSFW, maybe even NSFL so adults only, please! You can see from the pic what I'm talkin' bout.

This Professional LED Magnetic Light Lends A Helping Hand

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DIY enthusiasts, auto mechanics, and general handy people will so appreciate this professional LED light that magnetically attaches right where they need it to see what they're doing! This thing is LIT, literally - the high-output, wide-angle, intensely bright light illuminates even the lowest light situations, like under the sink or under the hood.

This Luggage Cupholder Frees Up Your Hands

via: Amazon / Nick

It's important to stay hydrated during air travel, but a person only has so many hands to hold luggage, purses, snacks, etc. This luggage cupholder comes to their rescue as it snaps onto the handles of rolling luggage and handily keeps their hot coffee or cold beverage safe. Frequent fliers will appreciate this thoughtful gift!

This Water Enhancer Brews A Perfect Cup Of Joe

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Coffee lovers will go nuts for this coffee brewing water that makes an amazing cup of joe. They simply add the minerally enhanced powder to plain water, then brew a cup of their favorite coffee. The calcium creates a balanced body, and magnesium adds sweetness and combined with additional minerals, it enhances the "flavor profile" of your brew. A must-have for caffeine-fiends or the friend who has everything!