37 Genius Inventions You've Never Seen Before

This isn’t your first rodeo. You know and love every cool gadget and gizmo that hits that market to the point where these guides no longer impress you. Well, prepare to be amazed because you’ve never seen products like this before.

Inventors continue to create incredible innovations to make your life better, and we continue to dive into Amazon to serve up the best ones to you. Scroll your way to love and solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Cozy Heel Cups

Spend a lot of time on your feet? Whether you use them for work or sports, these heavy-duty gel cups really take the edge off. The waffle design helps promote better balance while absorbing the shocks your feet usually take. The cushioning gel provides instant relief for those already experiencing pain and slightly elevates your feet for better athletic performance. With three sizes to choose from, your Goldilocks heel protectors are just a few clicks away.

This Magnetic Finger Glove

By the end of every home improvement project, there’s a graveyard of dropped screws and bolts in a hard-to-reach crevice. Now, you can hold on tight with this little finger sleeve. A powerful magnet in the tip provides more precise control when screwing and unscrewing anything in an awkward corner.

This Retro Apple Watch Stand

Charging your Apple Watch is about to get much cooler. This stand fits all versions of the watch and is made of a scratch-free silicone, so you don’t have to worry about any damage. A neat slot fits snugly around your charging cable and then you’ll have some GameBoy nostalgia on your nightstand. There are even different colors so you can match your old device (or your watch)!

This Water-Powered Brush for All of Your Wheels

From your car to your bike, wheels get pretty gross from time to time. Get your rims sparkling like brand new ones with this garden hose attachment. This brush uses water pressure to spin fast enough to get the gunk out without being so fast that you make a huge mess. This handy tool is also great for cleaning patio furniture and grills, so you can get ready for those summer barbecues.

This Unstoppable Pen for Outdoorsy Types

When you’re out hiking, camping, rock climbing, or whatever muck-magnet activity you love, you’ve probably needed to write something down in an inconvenient place. This pen writes through water, mud, and likely anything else you might get into while in the great outdoors. This all-weather pen can be used underwater, at any angle, and in below freezing temperatures.

This Trash Bag Holder for Your Scraps

When you’re cooking a big meal and getting everything prepped, scraps keep you walking back and forth to the trash bin. And who among us hasn’t dropped some on the floor in the process? Keep your scraps in one place until your done and then you can transfer them to the bigger bin or your compost heap. The holder is designed for those produce bags at the supermarket, so you can finally put them to good use!

This Handbag Organizer

Do you ever feel like Mary Poppins would tell you your bag is full of too much stuff? Organize your handheld junk bucket and finally know where everything is with this felt insert. The material allows it to fit easily whether the bag’s open or closed and the handles make switching bags easier than ever. Three different size options hold 10 to 11 pockets for all your phone, makeup, charger, portable speaker, water bottle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, complete encyclopedia, and that spoonful of sugar.

This Mug-Stacking Shelf

Unlike the literal shelves that provide more cabinet space, think of these as wondrous inserts for everyone with different sized mugs. This set of six “shelves" adjusts to fit any size mug and helps you avoid the chipping that comes with conventional stacking. There’s more security with same-sized cups thanks to the locking mechanism, but if you use larger mugs or glasses at the bottom, your smaller cups can rest on top!

This Space-Saving Shoe Holder

Whether you keep your shoes on a rack or somewhere in your closet, these storage solutions will brighten up your system. The adjustable rack can be angled to hold heels and tennis shoes alike. From the front and the side, you’ll be able to see each pair perfectly, but they’ll only take up the horizontal space of one shoe. No more scratched shoes from crowded stacking and space to buy more...

These Incredible Concert Ear Plugs

Foam ear plugs are formulated to muffle all sound, so using them at a concert or loud event makes it even harder to hear people close to you. These noise-canceling ear plugs filter out certain frequencies, so you can hear your friends without getting tinnitus from the music. Each pair comes with three differently sized heads for a cozy, in-ear fit, unlike competitors that use gradient cones.

This Affordable Eye Cream

Well, it finally happened: Amazon released a skincare line. So far, the main complaint is that the jar is much bigger than the contents. Luckily, a little goes a long way with this moisturizing eye cream. It’s light enough to wear under makeup during the day and goes on smoothly without creasing. For sensitive and conscientious skincare aficionados, the cream is both paraben and fragrance-free.

This Massage Glove

No, this isn’t a little alien creature. This palm-sized massager features nine rolling metal balls to soothe all of your aches. Users also report that it helps to reduce cellulite. Due to the literal many moving parts, it’s recommended that you use the massager over clothing, so it’s perfect for the end of a long day.

A Stylish Travel Mug

Pretty much every thermos out there is made of plastic, stainless steel, or both and rarely looks appealing. You can finally get that mug experience on-the-go with this ceramic travel mug. The bottom has a silicone bumper for impact protection and the plastic lid can be easily removed so it becomes a microwaveable mug. Lid on or off, you’re always drinking from a ceramic lip and something about that just makes coffee taste better, right?

This Dishwasher Net

All those light, plastic, top-rack dishes are finally going to stay put! This stretchy silicone net can secure the entire top rack or just a section of it. Those cups and bowls with puddles of water at the end of the cycle? They’ll be dry and ready to put away after this net hooks them into place.

Mayo for Your Hair

Remember that year that everyone tried a mayo hair mask or conditioner? If so, you also remember the horror stories or your personal experience with gross, egg-y hair. This hair mask uses egg yolk extract along with other powerhouse moisturizers: shea butter and macadamia seed oil. Not only will your hair become lusciously soft, but you’ll also smell like vanilla instead of breakfast!

This Watermelon Slicer

Can you hear the sound of summer? Is that sound the slapping of watermelons at your local grocery store? Watermelon lovers can shave off some prep time with this slicer. When you slide it into a watermelon, it automatically creates little cubes which are stored in the tool. 

This Powerful Plunger

From your sinks to your toilets, clogs are no match for this plunger. The handle is essentially an air pump which sends pressurized air through pipes. Instead of messy snakes or harmful chemicals, send those hair clumps packing with air. Two interchangeable head sizes make sure you get the right amount of suction for every clog.

This Easy-to-Clean Hairbrush

Speaking of hair, let’s make all your dead hair removal easier. This barrel brush comes with a spiked base that pulls hair out of the bristles as you slide it upwards. Finish with shampoo and you’ll have yourself a clean brush in a fraction of the time!

This Complete Manicure Station

Your esthetician better watch out because this little station is about to raise your at-home, mani-pedi game. A pivoting rest with a machine-washable cover allows you to place your hands or feet at the perfect angle to apply your polish. The attached organizer holds all your tools and a couple of polish bottles, so they’re all within reach. Between the rest and the organizer, a small stand holds most polish bottle sizes to avoid dripping polish everywhere.

This Food Bowl for Fast Furry Eaters

For those dogs and cats that just can’t slow down once it’s meal time, try this hypnotic bowl. The internal spirals help your furry friends pace themselves, avoiding choking and a wide host of other problems. The dishwasher-safe bowl also has a skid-proof bottom, so it won’t go sliding around your kitchen floor.

This Whimsical Plate for Babies

Tiny tykes are often picky eaters, so it helps to make meals as fun as possible. This sectioned plate also serves as a shallow bowl for cereal, those saucy foods, and the mushy food phase. The silicone doesn’t slide around, minimizing mess, and the cute fish design inspires kids to clear their plate.

This Dishwasher Basket

For those tiny items that rack net couldn’t catch, use this basket instead. Ideal for baby bottle parts and pacifiers, this rack can also hold onto thermos lids, reusable straws, and all those quirky, small kitchen utensils you own. The basket holds six baby bottles, but the sky’s the limit once you let your imagination run wild.

These Toe Separators

Get ready for some bunion relief thanks to this pack of toe separators. These cushy gel spreaders realign your big toe to make walking and standing more comfortable. People with overlapping toes will particularly benefit from these latex-free miracles. The reusable and washable separators alleviate pain without the need for surgery.

This Portable Door Lock

From roommates to shared Airbnbs to your childhood bedroom around the holidays, it’s nice to know to get a little privacy. From inside the room, you can slide this little lock between the door and the frame. Once installed, you won’t have to deal with anyone bursting into your room unannounced. When you’re ready to go, the lock can be removed without damaging the door.

This Bed-Friendly iPad Stand

Plenty of wooden or metallic tablet stands aim to help you get cozy in bed or on the couch. This stand takes comfort to another level by being a mesh bag filled with micro-beads. A small silicone base fits any iPad and most tablets in landscape or portrait mode. The plush base conforms to wherever you place it and is gently on the skin than its hard counterparts.

A Perfect Avocado Tool

Getting into an avocado never looked so good or easy. This small tool performs four essential tasks to get you closer to your toast or guacamole. A safety blade is sharp enough to cut the avocado in half, a squeezable claw removes the pit, the large loop bends to scoop out the flesh of any sized avocado, and the blade can also be used to slice the fruit while it’s still in the skin.

This Protein Powder Funnel

If you like to make your protein shakes on-the-go, you already know how messy the process is. Even with wide-lipped bottles, some powder spillage is inevitable. Some genius at Interfuse Products made this portable funnel to keep everything tidy. Both ends of the funnel have screw caps to keep them clean while they rattle around your bag. Plus, you can use its small loop to hook it onto a carabiner or your keychain.

This Cooling Towel

Don’t just dry your sweat; cool down. These sports towels use evaporative cooling to help lower your body temperature. You simply wet the towel and then, as it dries, it cools you off. You can use it as a towel or a scarf and it can provide about 50 UPF sun protection. There are a few sizes to choose from, so you can find the right one for your activities or even hot flashes.

This Adjustable Wrench

This is the last wrench you’ll ever need to buy. With 23 options in one wrench, there’s no nut or bolt too big or small to tackle! An adjustment screw allows it to fit all sizes from ¼ inches to ¾ inches and 7 millimeters to 19 millimeters. Unlike other adjustable wrenches, this tool grips tightly at any setting and is ready for any projects you throw at it.

These Freezable Whiskey Glasses

You want a cold glass of whiskey without the water of ice. You could go for those whiskey stones or metal balls, but those last few sips might hurt a bit. This pair of glasses are lined with gel and meant to be stored in the freezer. When you’re ready for some whiskey, just take them out and pour. A silicone base keeps the glass comfortable to touch and the glass should stay cool for a couple of hours.

These Pens for Lefties

Left-handed people have to live in a right-handed world, but there are some products that don’t just flip around; they improve the experience. These pens are more ergonomic for lefties and the curved design makes it easier to actually see what’s being written. This feature combined with fast-drying ink leaves smudged handwriting in the past.

This Safe Baby Nail Clippers Kit

Look, even people who don’t have kids know that trimming their nails is absolutely terrifying. Keep your kiddo smiling and your anxiety down with these electric clippers. This quiet, motorized nail file whittles down and polishes tiny nails, depending on which attachment you’re using. The LED light makes it easy to sneak in a trim while the baby is sleeping and some of the attachments are specifically for adults. Because, really, who has time for a manicure in those early months?!

This Bluetooth Lock

For all those temporary locks in your life, start carrying this Bluetooth version instead. You can use the corresponding app or your fingerprint directly on the lock in order to open it. The lock can hold up to 15 different fingerprints to protect secure things that several people need access to and fingerprints can be easily removed from the app. You also get up to a month’s worth of battery on a single charge!

This Little Bathroom Shelf

A surprising amount of rental bathrooms lack a towel rack. Before you go for an over-the-door or Command hook, take a moment to set up this rack. In addition to giving your towel a new home, you’ll also get a sleek shelf. All the hardware you’ll need is included and the towel bar also rotates to provide you with some design options.

This Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Lasting for up to 25 washes, this conditioning hair color treatment is actually a rare demi-permanent product. The 21 (okay, 20; don’t get Cotton Candy) fun colors pop on all shades of hair with incredible results on dark hair. The vegan formula nourishes bleached hair and the natural ingredients allow darker-haired users can leave it on for longer for the most vibrant results. Most reviewers leave the product in for one to two hours, but one hair stylist recommends up to five hours of processing!

This Colorful Fruit Scoop Set

This scoop troop will help you get to the good stuff in all your favorite fruits. You have your classic melon baller and two different sized scoops for everything from squash to mangoes to avocadoes. All three pieces nest neatly together for cute, space-saving storage.