37 Genius Inventions With Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon

One of the best features on Amazon is the rating system. If a product has an average rating of 4.5 stars and over 1,000 reviews, it's a pretty safe bet! For even more information, I like to read some of those reviews and check out customer photos to learn everything I can before I buy.

To save you time and trouble, I'm sharing some of my top recommendations for the kitchen, bathroom, office, and even your kids. All these products have one thing in common: over 1,000 glowing reviews! My favorites are this shocking (literally!) game , a gadget that will make packing a suitcase SO much easier, and a little something for hungry Harry Potter fans . Read on for more great product recommendations!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Get the Right Amount of Dish Soap Every Time With This Soap Pump Dispenser

via: Amazon

I hope I'm not the only one who has a bottle of dish soap and a sponge just sitting on the counter next to the sink. Like a savage! Time to upgrade to a better solution with this soap pump dispenser . Fill the receptacle with your favorite liquid soap, then press a sponge on top to dispense the perfect amount of soap every time.

These Shoe Inserts Make High Heels More Bearable

via: Amazon

My friend Diana wears high heels to her lawyer job every day. I recently asked her to recommend a comfortable shoe brand, and she shocked me by saying the brand doesn't matter as much as her SHOE SECRET: She buys high heels a half-size larger and adds these shoe inserts !

Be Prepared--But Not Weighed Down--With This Compact Phone Charger

via: Amazon

My husband prefers a heavy-duty portable phone charger that could double as a brick, but I need something smaller and lighter I can slip into my handbag or pocket. This compact phone charger is just slightly larger than a lipstick, but carries enough juice to double-charge an iPhone 8.

Save Money and Waste With These Fabric-Softening Wool Dryer Balls

via: Amazon

I grew up watching my mom add a disposable dryer sheet to every load. For a long time, I took it for granted that was just the right way to do laundry, so imagine my surprise when I discovered these wool dryer balls ! One set lasts basically forever, and they do the work of softening fabric and speeding up drying, without adding chemicals or creating waste.

Be Ready for Life's Little Challenges With This Handy Wallet Ninja

via: Amazon

Small enough to slip in a wallet or pocket, but designed with an amazing 18 tools in 1! The Wallet Ninja is kind of like a Swiss army knife, only it's flat (duh) and does way more cool stuff (including acting as a phone stand!).

Protect Kids' Hearing With These Volume-Limiting Headphones

via: Amazon

Someday, your adorable little child will grow up to be a teenager who blasts music through their ear buds and ignores your warnings of hearing damage. I can't help with that. But as long as your kid is under 10, I can help by recommending these foldable, volume-restricted headphones .

Make Treacle Tart, Pumpkin Pasties, and More Magical Treats With This Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

via: Amazon

Every Harry Potter fan knows that the books and films are loaded with delicious treats both real and magical. Now we can make them for ourselves! The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook includes recipes developed by Dinah Bulchoz, who must be a wizard in the kitchen.

Create More Harry Potter-Inspired Treats With This Chocolate Frog Candy Mold

via: Amazon / Kerryn

A magical companion to the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook , this chocolate frog candy mold lets you make your own custom treats for parties and gifts! One five-star reviewer says the mold is, "super easy and super fun!"

Bars of Soap Last Longer and Stay Fresher With This Soap Saver

via: Amazon / Lucy S.

I've officially reached the stage of life where people frequently give me fancy soap as a gift. That's fine, but I wish someone had thought to give me this clever soap saver , too. It's designed to sit between the soap dish and the bar of soap, to help the soap dry faster and prevent slimy drips. Soap lasts longer, and the counter stays cleaner!

Cook, Serve, and Make Fun Clicking Sounds With This Set of Three Kitchen Tongs

via: Amazon

I only have one pair of kitchen tongs, and they're plain silver. This made me sad. That's why I went Amazon-shopping for this set of three kitchen tongs , which come in bright colors and have earned an amazing 4.8-star average. Now I'm happy!

Save Space With This Roll-Up Dish Rack

via: Amazon

If you have a small kitchen or prefer to keep your counters minimal, this roll-up dish rack is a smart and affordable solution. It's designed to fit over sinks for drainage, or you can use it on a countertop while dishes dry. When done, just roll it up and tuck it away!

Pull a String to Chop Food--That's the Fun of the Pull Chop !

via: Amazon

I can't stop laughing over the name of this product. And now I really want one for myself so I can PULL and CHOP . In all seriousness, Amazon reviewers rave about using this little gadget to quickly chop nuts or make salsa.

Elevate Your Morning Caffeine With This Elegant Pour-Over Coffee Maker

via: Amazon

Sometimes you want to push a button for coffee, and sometimes you want a sophisticated solution that makes you look like a fancy grown-up. This is the latter. This pour-over coffee maker looks gorgeous on a brunch table and makes a delicious brew with a minimum of fuss.

Finally Organize ALL Your Bath Products With This Shower Caddy

via: Amazon

A lifesaver for small showers and shampoo addicts, this shower caddy hangs on the shower head and provides neat storage for a range of bath products. Amazon customers call it "stylish and sturdy," with a "great design and fair price."

Find Out Where They Are With This Personal GPS Tracker

via: Amazon

As a mom, the first thing I thought of when I saw this Personal GPS Tracker is the peace of mind I'd have with this gadget tucked into my little one's backpack. But reading the Amazon reviews made me realize the primary use seems to be tracking wayward spouses. Wow. Either way, the reviews are an entertaining read and the tracker seems to work well!

Make Perfect Pancakes Every Time With This Pancake Batter Dispenser

via: Amazon

I'm not usually a fan of one-use kitchen gadgets, but I'm making an exception for this pancake batter dispenser . It's designed to release the perfect amount of batter each time, so pancakes turn out uniform and cook evenly. It also reduces mess!

Fit a Lot More in Your Suitcase With These Packing Cubes

via: Amazon

Make your next business trip or vacation a little easier with these packing cubes . The set of three cubes let you neatly organize clothes and accessories, and are designed to zip shut into compact bundles.

This Cabinet Door Organizer Requires No Installation

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Increase storage space and neaten your cabinets with this over-the-door hanging organizer . No screws or installation is required; just hang it over the cabinet door and you've created a space for cutting boards, muffin tins, plastic wrap, or other essentials.

Make Smoothies To Go With This Ninja Personal Blender

via: Amazon

The Ninja Personal Blender is ideal for breakfast smoothies and protein shakes. Load the 16-ounce cup (two are included!) with ingredients, blend, then take that cup to go.

Enjoy the Weird, Mesmerizing Glow Of This Mushroom Nighlight

via: Amazon

I'm not quite sure who this mushroom nightlight is for, but with 1,700+ high ratings on Amazon, it's clearly making a lot of people happy! The nightlight plugs into any outlet and cycles through a pastel rainbow of color.

Illuminate Any Dark Spot With These Motion Sensor Cabinet Lights

via: Amazon

These motion sensor lights are the perfect solution for cabinets, closets, garages, or other dark spots. Charge it up (a single charge will provide eight hours of light), position it where you need it, then the motion sensors activate the light when they detect movement.

Tidy Your Bathroom Counter With This Rotating Organizer

via: Amazon

Check out the Amazon reviews for impressive before-and-after photos! This rotating organizer can hold a LOT of makeup and beauty products, using vertical storage to hold dozens of items in one compact space.

Upgrade a Kitchen Basic With This Set of Magnetic Measuring Spoons

via: Amazon

I looked at a lot of measuring spoons on Amazon before picking this set to recommend. (You're welcome.) Here's what I like: They're double-sided, which is handy when you need to measure oil and then a dry ingredient. Also, one side is skinny enough to fit inside spice jars. And finally, they're magnetic, so they stack up neatly and stay together. No more hunting for that teeny little 1/4-teaspoon, since it'll be safely stuck to its buddies!

This Lightning Reaction Game Is Shocking. Yes, Literally.

via: Amazon

Finally, a game that lets you hurt your friends and laugh about it! Okay but really, this lightning reaction game has glowing reviews on Amazon, and appears to be an equal hit at pre-teen birthday parties and drunken millennial get-togethers.

If You Don't Have a Pair of (Incredibly Useful) Kitchen Shears , Get Them Now!

via: Amazon

If you asked me for JUST ONE kitchen gadget recommendation, I'd tell you to get this pair of kitchen shears immediately. I use them to open food packages, trim meat, snip herbs, prep vegetables, and a dozen other uses. I hand-wash them like knives and keep them sharp like a knife, too. (Bonus advice: Don't use them to cut paper, etc! Keep them only for food-related tasks.)

This Instant-Read Meat Thermometer Takes the Guesswork Out of Safely Cooking Meat

via: Amazon / Robert L. Binz

Ideal for barbecuing or sautéing, this instant-read meat thermometer lets you easily check the internal temperature of meat so you can be sure you've cooked it enough (without overcooking!). It's especially useful for chicken breasts.

This Hanging Jewelry Organizer Holds All Your Jewelry for Easy Viewing

via: Amazon

Traditional jewelry boxes are pretty, but they never hold enough and they always result in lost earrings and tangled chains. Enter this hanging jewelry organizer , a super-practical solution. Fill it with jewelry, hang it in the closet, and you'll be able to see your entire collection at once!

Organize Cords and More With These Reusable Twist Ties

via: Amazon

Flexible, versatile, and sturdy, these reusable twist ties are perfectly designed for corralling cords on chargers, earbuds, and more. They've earned over 4,000 ratings on Amazon with a 4.7-star average!

Enjoy Your Sushi and Ramen in Style With These Fiberglass Chopsticks

via: Amazon

Don't use the disposable wooden chopsticks that come with your dinner delivery--upgrade to this set of 10 fiberglass chopsticks instead! Not only are they elegant, reusable, and dishwasher-safe, but they're actually easier to use than wooden chopsticks thanks to the slightly textured surface.

Enjoy a Hot Lunch Anywhere With This Food Warming Lunch Box

via: Amazon

A little like a microwave, a little like a crock pot--and a super-easy way to heat food from fresh or frozen! Pop a meal inside this food-warming lunch box , plug it in, and the contents gently warm up and stay that way till you're ready to eat.

Help Your Little Ones (And Yourself!) Get More Rest With This Sleep-Trainer Clock

via: Amazon

This sleep-trainer clock is a smart and cute solution for helping kids get to sleep and stay in bed until the right time. The clock uses colors and facial expressions to show kids when it's time to wind down at night, and when it's okay to get up in the morning. Includes a nap timer as well. Amazon reviewers also rave about the excellent customer service provided by the company.

Prop Up Your Phone Where You Need It With This Mobile Phone Stand

via: Amazon

Made of sleek, lightweight aluminum, this phone stand provides a simple and elegant dock for your phone on your desk, kitchen counter, or bedside table. It's earned thousands of five-star reviews from customers who call it, "stylish" and "fantastic quality."

Keep Handbags and Other Essentials Safe and Convenient With This Car Cache

via: Amazon

Give your handbag its own seat in the car! The Car Cache is a mesh pocket that attaches between the car's front seats to provide a secure spot for handbags or other accessories. Amazon reviewers say, "Great product!" and "I would give this Car Cache more than five stars if that were an option."

You Don't Have to Go to New Orleans to Try the Famous Café Du Monde Coffee

via: Amazon

Since the 1860s, Café Du Monde has sold chicory coffee and fresh beignets in the French Market of New Orleans. Now, you can drink it at home, no matter where you are, thanks to the wonders of online ordering! Amazon reviewers love this brew, saying it's "my little treasure" and "LOVE LOVE LOVE Cafe Du Monde coffee ever since my honeymoon in New Orleans!"

Track Weight Loss and Fitness With This Body Fat Scale With App

via: Amazon

If you're trying to get healthier and leaner, you know it's important to track your progress. This body fat scale will help! Weigh in every day to measure weight and percentage of body fat, and track your results on the free app.

Make Dog (And Cat?!) Baths Better With This AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool

via: Amazon

I spotted this product and immediately thought of my big dog Rosie, who is not a fan of baths. This AquaPaw Pet Bathing Tool would make it a lot easier to wash her faster and more efficiently, which is what both of us want. Side note: I was shook to learn in the Amazon reviews that some people are using this gadget to bathe their cats!

Get Perfect Slices With This Apple Slicer

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We eat a lot of apples in my house, so I'm pretty excited to try this extra-thin apple slicer ! Press it down on the apple to cut out the core and deliver 8 perfect, bite-sized slices.