37 Genius Inventions Under $20 You've Never Seen Before

Amazon is a goldmine for impulse buys but can be overwhelming to sort through. No worries - we did the hard work for you! We rounded up 37 genius products under $20 that'll scratch your shopping itch and make every day life go a little smoother. And unlike those ill-advised checkout line Pop Rocks purchases, these won't give you buyer's remorse.

Whether you want to be a better baker or be safer on nighttime jogs, you'll find something on this list that'll make you say, "Man, that's GENIUS!"

We hope you find these products as cool as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Gummy Bear Kit Is My Inner 8-Year-Old's Dream

I've got a mean Haribo habit but love grown-up gummi bear flavors like rosé and bourbon. Imagine how exciting it was to find a gummy mold kit that'll let me whip up 300 mini boozy bears at a time! You can also fill the soft silicone molds with chocolate or candy and make a whole slew for a candy buffet or cupcake toppers.

This Portable Protein Funnel Helps You Hit Your Macros

After a hard workout, you need protein stat to fuel your muscles - except protein powder comes in gigantic tubs that aren't exactly portable. This little protein powder funnel has a cap and clips right onto your gym bag so it'll be on hand when you need it. It makes transferring the protein powder from the tub to your shake bottle much cleaner, too!

This Unique Travel Mug Has a Lidless Design

This unique travel mug is so cool - it has a lidless design that features a silicone membrane that forms a leak-proof seal after you apply. The top's adjustable so you can leave room for a straw, too. Check out the fun color combos - I love the stripes!

These Reusable Ziplock Bags Save Money And The Environment

This set of three reusable Ziplock bags does much more than store leftovers! You can use them in the freezer, fridge or microwave and you can even cook sous vide in the leakproof bags. Much better for you and the environment than plastic wrap and disposable baggies!

This Book Bone Is A Handy Helper

If you're feeling analog and using an IRL cookbook to try a new recipe, it's impossible to keep the book open to the right page without growing a third hand. Try this book bone instead - the weighted rubber bookmark will hold open even the biggest book in your library with ease. And get this: it doubles as a jar opener!

This Corn Zipper Is Safer Than A Knife

As someone with expensive dental work, I appreciate the stuffing out of this corn zipper tool. Usually I just use a knife, but there's not really a good way for a self-described klutz like me to do so safely. This tool is as simple to use as a veggie peeler, just start at the top of the cob and zip the kernels off! Also makes life easier for your favorite gradeschoolers who are currently missing their front teeth.

This Rechargeable LED Baseball Cap Illuminates Nighttime Jogs

If you need a hands-free way to light up your nighttime walks or jogs, this rechargeable LED baseball cap is a convenient, stylish option. It's also great for camping (especially late night bathroom trips), reading, finding things under the bed or any task that could use a little extra illumination. An easy-access charging cable in the cap's brim makes it easy to re-up the battery.

These Silicone Sealing Caps Let You Reseal Any Bag

My kids are forever forgetting to close snack bags properly, and it makes me grumpy when the freshly-opened Pirate's Booty is stale in twenty minutes. Problem solved: these silicone sealing caps attach to any bag, even plastic snack baggies, and keep your snacks fresh AF. If the kids can't figure out how to use these...well, mama tried.

This Hairbrush Safe Actually Styles Your Hair

I think thieves are probably onto the faux sunscreen bottle that holds your cash stash on trips, but I've never seen a hairbrush travel safe! The best part is it's actually functional, so you can have good hair and safe funds even if you're staying in a sketchy hotel. It earned almost 300 five-star reviews from happy customers!

This Pepper Spray Glove Keeps Solo Joggers Safe

If you're a solo woman jogging at night (or heck, even walking to your car in a deserted parking garage), stay safe with this pepper spray glove. This badass running accessory sprays up to 16 feet and has reinforced rubber knuckles for close range self-defense, all wrapped up in a sweat-wicking, comfortable glove. Stay (and look) cool while taking charge of your personal safety!

This Hands-Free Can Opener Is Incredibly Easy To Use

Maybe the product photo is trying to say this electric can opener is so easy to operate even a kitten can use it? Either way, the imagery is awesome. Simply place the can opener on top of the can, press the red button on top and that's it - it does the rest of the work without your help!

This Witchy Spoon Rest Stops Boil-Overs Like Magic

If you need a cute way to vent steam and rest your spoon, I've got just the thing! This witch spoon rest works amazingly to magically prevent boil-overs and dirty cooktops no matter what's bubbling in your cauldron. And she's made from scary-easy to clean food-safe silicone!

These Ergonomic Sponges Have My Heart

We have tons of kids' plastic compartmented dishes which are often handwash only and notoriously hard to get clean. Enter this set of four heart-shaped ergonomic sponges that make it easy to reach every nook and cranny of whatever sippy cup or plate needs washing. Happy reviewers love the sponge's curves for gently cleaning nonstick pots and pans, too!

This Kids' Shampoo Cap Has An Important Design Upgrade

I've tried using those halo-type kids' shampoo caps that do a good enough job keeping rinse water out of their eyes, but they don't do a thing to stop "OMG, water got in my earrrrr" freakouts. This smart shampoo cap with ear covers was designed with kids in mind since it protects both eyes and ears (and parents' sanity) from soapy water. And it folds up nearly flat for storage - bonus points!

This Pen Organizer Keeps Your Office Supplies On Hand

"A pen, a pen, my kingdom for a pen!" is something I often proclaim as I'm searching my messy desk while trying to write down an important phone number or genius idea. The search is over with this pen organizer that attaches right to your computer monitor. Just imagine it filled with a rainbow of gel pens, swoon!

This Notebook Pen Holder Means You'll Never Lose Your Favorite Pen

I've got random notebooks and pens all over the house, but I'll be darned if one of each is ever in the same place! This stick-on notebook pen holder comes in a pack of nine so there are enough for all the half-used gratitude journals and meal planning notebooks I own.

This Garlic Press Does A Cool Trick

I love using a press instead of chopping garlic by hand so that I don't smell like an Italian restaurant for the rest of the day, but I've never seen a garlic press this cool! It's nearly impossible to get all of the papery garlic peel out of my press after use, but this one forcefully ejects the scraps. I could watch that gif all day!

This Desktop Cup Holder Stops Spills With Cool Technology

As someone who's constantly knocking mugs and cups over, this no-spill cup holder is a must-have. This one sticks to any surface with a cool, lever-powered suction cup that you re-activate with water after each use. My desktop will appreciate the end of weekly beverage baths!

This Scrap Trap Keeps Counters And Floors Cleaner

Whenever I'm watching a cooking show, I'm so jealous that the hosts can just sweep scraps and counter debris onto the floor (and not have to clean it up later). Now my inner-Julia Child can run free with this scrap trap  - simply attach the bin to a kitchen drawer and use the attached counter scraper to fling veggie peels with abandon!

These Tip-Out Trays Add Key Kitchen Storage Space

Those faux drawers in front of your kitchen sink that just conceal empty space? Make them work harder for you and add valuable storage space for sponges and scrubbers when you use these tip-out trays to pimp your kitchen. This kit comes with the trays, attachment hardware and spring-loaded hinges for the faux drawer fronts so you can DIY this project in a snap.

This Silicone Wall Mount Toothbrush Holder Sticks Without Adhesive

If your bathroom counters look anything like mine, you need this wall mounted toiletries organizer in a hurry. The soft silicone organizer sticks to any smooth surface without adhesive, so it's great for renters, too. It'll hold your razor, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and there's a tiny shelf for jewelry. And the pocket won't get all mucky since there are built-in drain holes - the designers really thought of everything!

This Pull-Down Spice Rack Is Genius For Shorties

Spices never fit right in drawers and spill everywhere no matter how tightly you screw the cap on. This pull-down spice rack is a fabulous solution for freeing up drawer space and keeping spices perfectly organized. It'll hold at least 16 standard-size spice jars and includes the mounting hardware. Another genius use is in medicine cabinets, which are well-known to be hot messes of disorganization!

This All-In-One Steamer Basically Makes Dinner For You

This all-in-one rice cooker and steamer is basically like having a tiny chef on your kitchen counter. The one-touch unit will easily cook 2-6 servings of rice while it perfectly steams meat and veggies in the upper chambers, and it has an automatic "keep warm" feature in case dinner's ready before you are. 2,253 five-star reviewers can't be wrong!

This Pivoting Surge Protector Triples Your Outlet Capacity

It seems like there's never an outlet where I need one, so we end up using clunky power strips all the time which are a) ugly and 2) a tripping hazard. This surge protector offers an elegant solution with six pivoting outlets that let you triple charging capacity. It's fireproof too, so you never have to worry about overheating!

These Silicone Door Handle Opener Is A Germaphobe's Dream

I'm a definite germaphobe and always use my knuckle to push elevator or crosswalk buttons, but some things require more dexterity, like using an ATM or opening a door. This set of four silicone grips protects you from all the filthy disease vectors (like subway straps) you come in contact with on a daily basis since there's only so much hand sanitizer can do! If you don't want to broadcast your clean-freak status, they come in more subtle colors than orange, too.

This Roll-Up Travel Neck Pillow Helps You Sleep Anywhere

I love travel pillows on planes, but I don't love lugging them through the airport and beyond. This memory foam travel pillow rolls up incredibly compactly and attaches discreetly to your luggage or carryon with an easy-to-operate buckle. The covers are gorgeous, sophisticated heathered options and it gets rave reviews from adults and kids alike.

This Travel UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Zaps Germs Dead

Getting sick on a trip is the worst, especially if it's a fun vacation you've been looking forward to forever. Up your chances of staying healthy with this travel UV toothbrush sanitizer you can throw in your carryon bag. The UV lights automatically turn on once your toothbrush is inserted, and they'll zap 99.9% of bacteria and germs on your brush in five minutes flat!

This Deep Tissue Massager Is Better Than A Spa Visit

This blue plastic deep tissue massage tool might look weird, but judging from the rave reviews, looks aren't everything! The tool's long pressure arm targets sore areas and releases tightly knotted muscles easily. Save your thumbs and use this massager for trigger point therapy on yourself or a friend!

These Silicone Tipped Steel Straws Make Eco-Friendly Sips Fun

I like the idea of reusable straws to save the planet, but in reality, the cold steel exterior isn't that comfortable in the mouth. But this set of eight stainless straws with silicone tips are not only colorfully fun, they'll protect your teeth and ensure you don't grab someone else's smoothie. The cutest cleaning brush is also included!

This Window-Mounted Cat Bed Will Be Your Pet's New BFF

A sunny windowsill's the perfect spot for a pet, but often the sill isn't wide enough to be comfortable. Problem solved: this window-mounted pet bed creates a sturdy, safe and generously-sized perch for your furry friend to laze the day away in the sun. I think cats are onto something...can I get this in people-sized?

These Fan Pull Chains Mean Never Mixing Up The Fan And Light

Every time I go to turn on the fan at my mom's house, I grab the pull that turns on the light instead. These fun fan pulls eliminate that exercise in frustration since they're shaped as the device they control, either a lightbulb or a tiny fan - squee! Gotta love products that are this useful and well-designed.

This Blue Apple Produce Preserver Extends The Life Of Your Fruit & Veg

The kids go through approximately 65,000 apples a week while the celery and asparagus languish in the next drawer over. Now both fruit and veg will stay fresher longer with with bluapple produce preserver. This cute gadget boasts an extra 2-3 weeks of food freshness so you'll save on food waste and grocery bills since the veggies will be ok if you forget about them for a while!

This Triple Veggie Peeler Is A Multipurpose Workhorse

This triple veggie peeler saves money and kitchen storage space since it has three blades in one tool, plus a potato eye remover! Use the serrated blade for fruit and veggies with thin, soft skin, like tomatoes, the julienne blade makes quick work of carrots and zucchini, and the straight blade's perfect for potatoes and other root vegetables.

This LED Dog Collar Makes Nighttime Walks Safer For Everyone

On nighttime dog walks, it's really hard to juggle the leash, pooper scooper and a flashlight to see where the heck you're going (and if we're honest, to find the poop). This LED dog collar solves the lighting issue - it's bright enough to give you and your pup great visibility so you stay safer from cars and bicyclists. The collar comes in six colors and six sizes for every pup from tiny teacup breeds through Great Danes and is rechargeable via USB!

This Projector Night Light Has A Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve

The projector nightlights have been around for a while, but this is one of the coolest new ones I've seen. It has five sets of film so you can display whatever your kid's into - constellations, undersea creatures, planets, only stars or a cute happy birthday theme - and three color choices for the light. Conveniently, it charges by USB or you can throw some batteries in there and call it a night.

This Lightswitch Cover Brings Major Old-School Arcade Vibes

If you know any 80s arcade fans, they're gonna love this lightswitch cover! It simply attaches over any rocker-style switch for instant gamer appeal. The best part is you can customize the button colors and button rings since they're all interchangeable. How fun would this be for a kid's room or game room?

This Adjustable Rolling Pin Has You Ready For The Great British Baking Show

When recipes say "roll out dough to 1/4 inch thick" I start to get a little sweaty since it's darn near impossible to estimate by eyeballing. This adjustable rolling pin takes the guesswork out of baking by using removable disks to roll out dough thicknesses of 1/16, 1/6, 1/4 and 3/8 inch. This ensures your pies, tarts, pizza crusts and cookies will get an even bake and professional-level results - get ready for the next reality baking show!