37 Genius Discoveries on Amazon You'll Use Every. Dang. Day.

A few well conceived, clever products can make all the little every day things you do a bit better, more enjoyable, or more convenient. With the right gadget, you've suddenly solved a problem you might not have realized you had. Sure, it's not horrible that a pair of shoes takes up the space of two shoes in your closet. But wouldn't it be so much better if it only took up the space of one shoe?

Certainly, most products we encounter don't become part of our daily routines, and we can easily imagine our lives without them. But occasionally, we get something new that instantly becomes a favorite, daily must have. We've collected 37 of genius discoveries on Amazon that you might just end up using every.dang.day.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Now That You've Seen These Scratch Off Notes You Need Them in Your Life

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I know that I've lived my entire life without these Scratch Off Notes, so clearly I don't need them. But now that I know they exist? I'm not certain I can stand not having them. I want all my random notes to myself to be full of rainbow glory, even if it's just me copying down some random authorization code or doodling while arguing over the phone with some billing office who messed up again.

You Can Hang Just About Anything Just About Anywhere With a Heroclip

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You may use them to hang gear in your garage, or clip one on your bag so you can hang that anywhere you go, the uses for the Heroclip are endless. Some genius took a regular carabiner, and added a rotating hook, making a new mega-useful thing that's handy and practical to everyone, not just climbers, campers, and outdoorsy folk. And, they come in pretty colors.

This Silicone Suction Spoon Rest Sticks Onto Your Pot Lid While You Cook so Your Counter Stays Clean

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This is one of those "but wait... there's more!" kind of products. Is this Silicone Suction Spoon Rest a super handy spoon rest? Yes. Can you stick it on anywhere near your cooking station so you know you have a secure spot to keep your dirty spoon while you cook? Yes. Can you stick it to the very hot top of your cooking pot so you can eliminate drips on your counter? You betcha. Can it help you open jars? Surprisingly, yes again.

Keep Your Smile Looking Dazzling With Wine Stain Removing Wipes

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Ever have this happen to you? You're out, maybe on a date or with friends, and you're having a fantastic time. You've had some delicious red wine, the conversation is flowing, you're having a great hair day. All is well. And then you go to the bathroom and check your teeth in the mirror. OMG THEY'RE PURPLE! Stained wine teeth look awful. Keep these Wine Stain Removing Wipes on hand and wipe away the stains and restore your perfect pearly whites.

If You're Like Me, Looking at This Person Stretching on a Yoga Wheel Has Made Your Back Feel Especially Achy

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Maybe you have never seen one before, but you want a Yoga Wheel now, don't you? Welcome to your back's fantasy. Nothing will stretch our your poor, tired spine as effectively as laying yourself over a yoga wheel and letting gravity do its thing. Sure there are other things you can do with a yoga wheel, like yoga, but get it for the back stretching which feels soooooo good.

This Kinetic Desk Toy Will Be Your Favorite Thing On Your Desk

This little fidget spinner thingy provides a meditative, mesmerizing brain vacation. Selected Review:
You start spinning it and before you know it, you're just staring at it. It works a low key spell. You start focusing on this, next thing, you kind of forget what's going on. You just stare at this spinning ball and you're transported to well, nowhere really. But then the static that's going on in your life somehow disappears or at least goes away for a bit. - Grant Waara

For Guacamole That Lasts, the Guacamole ProKeeper is a Must Have

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Imagine a world where you can keep your delicious, fresh guacamole until tomorrow. The Guacamole ProKeeper makes that dream a reality. Selected Review:
I was tired of using hacks like adding extra lemon juice which ruins the flavor if you keep having to add it (in my opinion), covering with saran wrap, adding a layer of water... This bowl is easy to use and your guacamole stays beautifully green and yummy from day to day!!! I'm a happy camper!!! It really works!!! -Meem1

These Storage Bags are Basically Heavy Duty Tarps With Handles and a Zipper

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Few things are as sturdy or as handy as a good tarp. So why aren't more things made tarp-like? Well, that must be the question that someone asked over at the manufacturer of these awesome Heavy Duty Reusable Storage Bags. The bags can hold up to 55 lbs of basically anything. Use them as laundry bags, storage bags, moving bags, travel bags... You will wonder how you ever survived without them.

Store All Your Shoes in Half the Space With Space-Saving Shoe Slotz

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You don't mean to have a lot of shoes, but you do have a lot of shoes. Shoes take up valuable storage space, and sometimes inspire the people we live with to comment on how many shoes we have, and how we certainly don't need more shoes. No one wants that. If your shoes took up half the space, it would look like you had half as many shoes! Space-Saving Shoe Slotz is just the thing to pull off that kind of visual trickery. Plus, you'll free up a ton of closet space.

Never Lose Your Remote or Glasses Again With This Bedside Caddy

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If you watch TV in bed, then you know that blankets, sheets, and under bed forces conspire against you constantly in order to keep you forever searching for your remote control. You swear, you just had it in your hand! Same goes for your reading glasses, your phone, and your e-reader. But you can defeat those evil bedroom co-conspirators with this Bedside Caddy. It fits securely and unobtrusively on the side of your bed and is the perfect receptacle for all those little oft-lost things.

Keep Your Fitted Sheet in Place With Sheet Straps

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Nothing is worse than baggy fitted sheets. Actually, that's not entirely true. Fitted sheets that have come off the corner of your bed creating a confusing mess of things in the middle of the night are worse. You can keep both horrible situations from ever happening again with Sheet Straps which hold your sheets tightly in place. The straps securely fasten to your sheets, ensuring they stay taught and smooth no matter how much tossing and turning you do.

Support Your Arches in Any Shoes With Arch Support Inserts

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Problem: You love those adorable flats you have but they don't have any arch support and wearing them makes your feet (and legs and back...) achy. Solution: Don't rely on cute shoes to provide you with the arch support you need. Instead, wear a pair of these Arch Support Inserts in any shoe and feel the joy of supported arches! These bands are comfortable to wear on bare skin or over a sock and should fit into any shoe without a problem.

Switch Out Your Switch Plate For an Outlet Shelf and Create More Counter Space Out of Thin Air

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Once you see an Outlet Shelf you begin to wonder why no one thought of this before. These days we all have a million and one gadgets and devices that need to be plugged in and need a place to live. This shelf is perfectly sized for a small speaker, baby monitor, electric toothbrush, or smart home device like an Echo. Save your counter space for other things.

Keep Your Sneakers Looking (and Smelling) Like New With a Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag


Go ahead and throw your sneakers in the wash. This handy Sneaker Wash and Dry Bag is a zippered mesh bag to wash your sneakers in. No need to worry about them getting tossed around and ruined in the dryer. They'll get all that speedy drying air, with none of the potentially damaging tumbling.

Add Some Fun to Shower Time With This Color Changing LED Shower-Head

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The LEDs are powered by running water and the color changes according to the temperature of the water. How cool is that? Blue means too cold, red means too hot, green means go the temperature is just right! This Temperature Controlled Color Changing Shower Head is perfect for a kids bathroom! Selected Review:
This has been a really neat addition to the kids bathroom... It's had the added benefit of making a shower before bed much more attractive than a morning shower, so the bathroom is less tied up in the mornings. Plus, admit it. Showering in the dark with colored lights is just cool. ;) I'm slightly jealous and am considering getting one for the grown ups! - 2roos

These Realistic 3D Glow in The Dark Stars Create an Amazing Starry Sky in Your Bedroom

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These are not your average glow in the dark stars. Instead, these Starry Sky Dots are domed, creating much more realistic, 3D stars. Check out the customer images in the reviews and you'll be impressed! Selected Review:
This is one of the best products I've ever purchased. I very rarely leave reviews, but I am floored by how great these little dots are... They are extraordinarily bright for a glow-in-the-dark product, they are fairly cheap to purchase, and they stick to my walls perfectly! -Jaden

Turn Your Outdoor Entertaining Up a Notch With Drink Holder Stakes

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Everyone loves a good outdoor party. Whether it's a barbecue, pot luck, or a picnic, nothing beats food and drink in the great outdoors with friends and family. But, everyone struggles with one universal problem: it's impossible to hold your drink and your plate and still have a spare hand to eat with. That's where these Drink Holder Stakes come in. They sink securely into the ground and are the perfect height to set your drink down.

Have an Amazing Cup of Coffee No Matter Where You are With This Portable Espresso Machine

It's tiny and light, so it's super portable for camping and hiking. But you might just use it every day instead. Selected Review:
I just need to express how obsessed I am with this espresso machine. I was so sick of either buying terrible coffee at dunkin or starbucks or over paying at local coffee shops. This has saved me from late nights, early mornings and mid-day sleepies at work. I recommend this to anyone who is a bit of a coffee snob or just doesn't feel like paying for over priced joe everyday. This would also just be a cool gift to a coffee lover for sure. - Amazon Customer

Open All Those Amazon Packages With Ease With This Pen Cutter

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I'm the type of person who claws my way into a package. If I happen to have a pen or a key in my hand, I'll try to use it as a knife. Otherwise, I get into it like a badger would. Essentially, I am the worst and laziest box opener. That laziness, ironically, makes it much harder to open boxes. And the whole thing is ridiculous considering how many boxes are delivered to my house since I'm an Amazon junkie. All this is to say that if you're reading this, and you want to buy me a gift that I'll use all the dang time, this ceramic bladed Pen Cutter is just the thing. Thanks!

If You or Someone You Live With Has a Snooze Button Addiction, Clocky is the Cure

Having trouble getting out of bed on those early work or school mornings? It's far too easy to hit snooze without even knowing you're doing it. Enter Clocky - the alarm clock that you have to catch. You can customize whether or not Clocky gives you a one snooze button break. After that it will roll off your nightstand and zoom around your room like a blaring maniac until you drag your sorry bones out of bed and turn the thing off.

Your teenager definitely deserves this thing.

This Eyeliner Stamp Helps You Look Great Even if You're a Makeup Novice

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You love the look but aren't sure how to actually achieve it. Winged eyeliner is a classic look and universally flattering, and can even look edgy if done just so. But, creating the look takes precision and knowhow and you're more of a "I can handle lipgloss" sort of make up maven. Luckily, some genius invented this Eyeliner Stamp which completely takes the need for knowhow out of the equation. You literally just stamp it on. Even I can do that!

Next Time You Feel a Pimple Coming on, Nip it in the Bud With an Acne Cover Patch

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These little adhesive patches deliver a powerful hydrocolloid, Tea Tree, and Calendula Oil treatment to your oncoming pimple, drawing out whatever is clogging up the works and speeding up the healing process. Best of all, the Acne Cover Patches are nearly invisible once in place, allowing you to cover and protect your pimple while it heals. If you can't help but touch, squeeze, and pick at your spots, even though you know it only makes things worse, you're going to want to try these patches.

These Sticky Note Divider Tabs are the Office Supply You Never Knew You Always Wanted

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Perfect for students, teachers, and just about anyone else, these Sticky Note Divider Tabs are an organizer's dream. Selected Review:
I bought these so that I could add notes to an instruction manual for an RC car I was building, and they worked great for that! They stick very well and can be lifted and re-stuck if needed. I have since used them for several other projects and will definitely buy another round when I run out... These would make a great gift for anyone who loves taking notes, staying organized, or enjoys interesting office gadgets. - Neon Orange

Wine Condoms are the Funniest Way to Save Your Leftover Wine

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While Wine Condomsdo come in a familiar foil package, and they do roll onto a wine bottle in a familiar fashion, no, they do not prevent pregnancy from decisions made after having too much wine. What they do do, is preserve any leftover wine in a bottle. They are totally reusable and create an air tight, spill proof seal on just about any wine bottle. And they're funny so they make a great add-on gift to that bottle of wine you're bringing your sister.

Neck and Eye Lift Tape is a Painless and Easy Quick Fix

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If wrinkles or sagging skin has got you down, but you aren't up for painful and potentially bad looking plastic surgery, this Neck and Eye Lift Tape is the perfect solution. If you've ever pulled back your face or neck skin in the mirror, revealing the face you had 20+ years ago, then you get the general idea here. The tape is easy to apply, undetectable, lasts all day, and creates a natural looking smoother you. All with no risk, scalpels, injections, or hefty doctor bills.

This Set of Nesting Kitchen Tools Is as Good Looking as it is Useful

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This compact set of Nesting Kitchen Tools comes with its own stand. The magnetic handles hold the tools securely together in a compact space-saving design. And they look super sleek and modern so your kitchen looks well appointed rather than cluttered. The set includes a slotted spatula, a spaghetti server, a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, and a ladle. At under $30, this makes a terrific starter kitchen gift!

The Zombie Pack Might Temporarily Make You Look Like a Monster, But It's So Worth It

via: Amazon/Aja Rieger Cooke

The Zombie Pack may not be for the feint of heart, but, man, does it work!

Selected Review:

I own a salon and have worked in them for 19 years and never in my life have I used or seen something so amazing. I have read all about the Hanacure facial but it is expensive and always on back order. This is the same thing AND IT WORKS... It sucked every thing out of my pores and shrinked them and all of the lines on my face are GONE. YES GONE. - Aja Rieger Cooke

This Oil Sprayer Bottle Lets You Just Point and Shoot

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Different from other oil misters and vaporizers you may have seen, this Oil Sprayer Bottle doesn't need any pumping or priming. Just pull the trigger and spray. And since it's stainless steel rather than glass or plastic, you don't have to worry about it holding up to the job. It's not going to fall and shatter or melt if left too close to the grill.

The Absolute Best Way to Store Your Butter is in a Stoneware Butter Keeper

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Perhaps the most heated debate of our time (concerning dairy products) is where to store your butter: on the counter vs in the fridge. There is little hope of the two sides seeing eye to eye. But, if the fridge people are ever going to be swayed, it will be because of these Stoneware Butter Keepers. Everyone agrees that nothing is better than spreadable butter. Kept in one of these crocks, your butter is completely protected from the outside environment and it remains soft and spreadable.

Change Out All Your Hair Ties For These No-Damage Elastic Hairbands and Stop Pulling Your Hair Out

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Are you tired of ripping your hair out of your head every time you take out your ponytail? Who isn't? These No-Damage Elastic Hairbands are the softest, un-tangliest, most amazing hair ties you have ever seen. They will work on the finest, smoothest little-girl hair, and the heaviest, thickest grown up ponytails too. They are supremely stretchy so you can always do that one last loop, ensuring your pony is tight and secure.

This Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner Removes All the Buildup and Oils, Leaving Your Hair Incredibly Clean and Shiny


Charcoal is in everything these days so it was only a matter of time before we started hearing about shampooing with charcoal. Trendy it may be, but that doesn't mean it isn't as amazing as they say.

This Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo & Conditioner is safe for color treated, processed, chemically damaged, coarse, fine, straight, curly, or kinky hair. Shampoo twice, condition, and go ahead and have the best hair day ever.

Selected Review:

Omgosh this stuff is the bomb... I've used it twice now and my hair looks fantastic! Soft and shiny and holds curls - my hair is straight and thin - getting all the product out really helped- will buy this again and again. Smells great too! - Kitty Bird

This Foldable Tablet Phone Stand is Compact, Sturdy, and Highly Adjustable

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If you're looking for one stand to rule them all, this Foldable Tablet Phone Stand is the one you want. Selected Review:
I initially bought this to use with my Nintendo Switch as it allows you to charge your Switch while playing, which is something you cannot do with the Switch's kickstand. I have tried 2 other Switch stands and this is by far my favorite...this is such a good stand, I use it with my iPhone 7 Plus. - Matt K.

This Foot Stretcher Will Help You Get a Deep, Comfortable Stretch in Your Foot, Heel, Achilles Tendon, Calf, and Hamstring.

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If you've ever had plantar fasciitis, or even lived with someone who has, then you know how incredible this looks. Healing that kind of foot pain is all about effective stretching and rest. This Foot Stretcher really helps you get in there to all those little muscles in your foot and toes to give you the best stretch ever. Use it to increase flexibility in general - hello calves - to increase range of motion, or to help recover from an injury or condition.

These Foldable Silicone Trivets Are Your New Favorite Trivets, and Toys

via: Amazon/Kate Mahoney

These Foldable Silicone Trivets make happy customers. Selected Review:
I'm a big fan of compact, useful and unique kitchen gadgets and the things are not only cute and compact but they work so well... I love that they stay put and don't slide around and are so incredibly easy to clean. 5 stars from for this trivet! Also, even though it isn't very relevant, my young children have fun playing with these on the kitchen floor while I'm trying to cook! - Kate Mahoney

Turn Any Bottle Into a Spill Proof Bottle With These Silicone Caps


Does your kid love to drink out of your Swell bottle, but she's a notorious spiller? Or maybe you're out, or driving, and want a quick, easy, spill free way to take sips of your water. These stretchy Silicone Caps provide a tight, leakproof seal on just about any bottle. Just add a straw. These are great for hikes, the car, or anytime a child is involved.

Right Shears are Here to Show Us That Just Because Something Has Always Been Done One Way, Doesn't Make That the Only Way

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What if I told you there was a better way for scissors to work? Right Shears allow a more natural grip, and they keep your cutting hand out of the way. With their unique shape, you can suddenly cut through things that would have been near impossible with traditional scissors - like metal wire mesh - with ease and without risk of hurting your hand as you maneuver it through the potentially sharp new edges.

No Need To Put Permanent Holes in Your Walls With These Magnetic Poster and Picture Hangers

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These Magnetic Poster and Picture Hangers are a clever solution to an old problem. Maybe you change your mind a lot about your wall decor. Maybe you rent and aren't supposed to damage the walls, or maybe you just don't want a million holes in your walls. Whatever your reason for not wanting to use nails, tacks, or traditional picture hangers, these magnetic hangers are a perfect alternative. Simply stick a magnetic, non-damaging, totally removable adhesive sticker to your wall, cover it with your poster or picture, and place the attractive dot magnet on the front side.