37 Gadgets That Can Help You Fix Any Problem

You know those annoying little problems that can ruin your day? Whether it be a clogged kitchen sink, a dead cellphone while on a hike in the middle of nowhere, or even (gasp!) a pool lounger that won't stay afloat, finding a solution can be a struggle. Luckily, I've created a list of products that will send those problems packing.

This list contains 37 products that make your life instantly easier and trust me on this, they do not disappoint. From household items that make cleaning a breeze to travel gadgets with over 1,000 positive reviews, these are the holy grail products that you need to know about.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Apple Earpods with a Headphone Jack for Those of Us Who Hate Bluetooth

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I've been using Apple's Ear Pods since their release, and I've gotta say, I'm a huge fan. I've gone through four pairs in 10 years, which considering my aptitude for breaking and/or losing earbuds, is pretty impressive. They have nice audio quality, are easy to detangle, and surprisingly soundproof.

This Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Syncs With Your Phone

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This is the newest gadget for pimple poppers and gross-out addicts. The Ear Wax Removal Endoscope features a light, scooper, and camera so you can guide it and remove ear wax while watching the live footage on your phone.

This Olive Oil Sprayer Levels Up Your Kitchen Game

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Want to kick your cooking to the next level? Try this olive oil sprayer which gives you just the right amount of oil when you spritz it on food. I love roasting veggies, but they often turn out way too oily - this is a much better tool to getting exactly the even application they need.

This Sink Strainer Is Much Less Gross

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One of my least favorite chores besides cleaning the toilet is emptying out the food and debris from the kitchen sink strainer. I hate hate hate touching the slimy, decomposing food stuck in it! This one's a much better option since you can just pop the food out instead of getting it out with your fingers, and it's silicone so it's so easy to clean.

These Disposable Toothbrushes Don't Need Water or Rinsing

Amazon / S. Johnson

I love these Disposable Toothbrushes! They're handy for long days at the office, traveling, or anytime you need to freshen your breath and make sure your teeth are perfectly clean. Each little brush comes pre-loaded with a drop of toothpaste that you bite to activate. You don't even need to rinse your mouth afterward.

This Survival Kit Is All You'll Ever Need

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If you're a no-frills kinda person and want to make your life as easy as possible, then this 126 piece survival kit is designed for you. It pretty much combines everything on this list into one single EMT bag. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Your House Will Smell Like The Great Outdoors With These Incense Bricks

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I am such a big fan of incense. There's something about lighting one and walking around the house to get your day started. These incense bricks smell exactly like being in the heart of a forest, which I find totally relaxing. Whether you're stressed or just want to start the day off with good intentions, I highly recommend these!​

This Stand to Angle Your Keyboard Ergonomically

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It's not just your laptop that can be angled, but also your keyboard for an ergonomically friendly set-up. I was inspired to angle my keyboard after seeing @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and bought this one on Amazon to try it out. It's definitely made typing all day more comfortable. A tiny gadget makes a big difference.

This Hidden Drawer Storage Box for Your Desk

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When you've been working from home for a while, all of a sudden, you've accumulated masses of stationery. I found this hidden drawer storage box on @meantobemarmar 's TikTok and bought this cheap version on Amazon to do the same thing. It has cleared up my desk space and made life a lot easier to find the stationery I need each day.

These Dry-Erase Sticky Notes for Work Reminders

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I'm not the best at remembering all the little things I have to get done during the workweek, so I tried out these dry-erase sticky notes that I saw on @taponlinefinds 's TikTok. They were very affordable on Amazon and have been a life-saver. They're washable and reusable too, so keeping notes up on the wall is now more sustainable because you don't have to throw them out. It's a wildly clever little gadget for people like me.

This Travel Tray Keeps Kids Happy on Long Drives

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If you have little ones, do yourself a favor and invest in this Kids Travel Tray before your next road trip. The lightweight tray provides space for drawing, eating, and balancing a screen, while side pockets organize everything they'll need. There's a strap that fits loosely around the child's waist or car seat to make sure the tray doesn't fall.

I Love This Boar Bristle Hairbrush for Shiny, Healthy Hair

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I've got straight, fine hair, and this boar bristle hairbrush works great on it. It never tangles, and it leaves my hair looking smooth and shiny. It comes with a cute carrying pouch and a little tool for removing built-up hair from the brush. I use that tool regularly, and it's so handy! For only $10, this hairbrush set is a great deal.

Although It's Small, This Lantern Is Crazy Bright

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Finding a bright lantern can be tricky. A lot of the ones on the market don't seem to illuminate the areas enough for me. I've run into the issue of good lanterns being pricey. That's why I was surprised to see how bright and affordable this camping lantern is. It's foldable and can easily fit in a backpack or pocket but still lights up space enough to see what you're doing and where you're going.

This Phone Lanyard Keeps Your Phone At Hand

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Sometimes you need your phone at hand, not in your pocket and not in your purse - whether you're awaiting an urgent call or just playing games while you're waiting in line. This phone lanyard does just that - it keeps your mobile available without having to dig through all the stuff in your bag. And it comes in a bunch of pretty colors!

These Blackout Curtains That'll Look Good In Any Home

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Most blackout curtains only come in solid colors — but not these. The subtle pattern is noticeable enough to make them stand out but not so strong that it'll clash with your existing decor. Plus, the grommet top allows them to glide back and forth over curtain rods without any snagging.

These Fridge Liners Protect Produce

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I always feel so virtuous when my shopping cart's loaded with fresh fruit and veg, but it sometimes goes to waste because we forget to eat it in time! Problem solved with these foam fridge liners that extend the life of fruit and veggies, so you're not wasting food and money. Reviewers really noticed a difference after using these in how long their produce stayed edible.

This Faux-Leather Backpack Purse Is the Perfect Everyday Bag

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I'm a fan of backpack purses because they leave my hands free. This one is super cute, and it's got all kinds of pockets for storing your stuff. It comes with a removable shoulder strap so that you can use the bag in three ways: tote, shoulder, and backpack. Choose from 15 colors.

These Cable Organizers Are Magnetic

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My cables are always out of control messy, getting tangled, and causing headaches most of the time. I found these cable organizers that are total game changers! They keep cords and cables tangle-free and organized, and even double as magnets. If you get creative you can use them for all kinds of things.

Avoid Frequent Trips to the Salon With This Dip Powder

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This dip powder kit for nails has everything you need to get started including brushes, liquids, manicure tools, and a selection of powders. Why keep making trips to the salon to get an expensive mani when you do a DIY one at home for a fraction of the price?

These Garden Clogs That Customers Call "Extremely Comfortable"

Amazon / KTJohns

Light-weight and low-priced, these Garden Clogs are the easiest shoes to slip on for light yard work or quick trips to the mailbox. They're made of waterproof rubber and come in 11 colors. Customers say that they're a great alternative to Crocs.

Use The Sun To Keep Your Devices Charged With This Solar Charger

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We're all addicted to our phones and devices, and they've become important survival gear as well. Should anything happen during a camping trip or a hike, you're going to want to call for help. But you can't do that if your phone is dead. Use the sun to charge your devices with this solar charger. You can charge an iPhone up to 6-10 times and a tablet up to 3-4 times when fully charged.

This Blanket is Sandproof and Waterproof

Amazon / Suzy Smith

The uses for this sandproof oversized outdoor blanket are basically endless. Throw it in your beach bag for the perfect on-the-sand accompaniment or toss it out in your backyard to enjoy a night of star-gazing. Not only is it waterproof, but it also has included anchors to keep your blanket from blowing away.

Light Up a Dark Backyard with These Floral Solar Lights

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Use these floral solar lights to make your yard a magical place come sundown. "These flowers arrived yesterday, and I was impressed by how pretty they looked and also their good quality...but when night came, they were absolutely beautiful!! The lights brighten the flowers, and the changing colors rotate in each individual flower, making a very colorful scene." - Katrina W.

Make Detangling Your Hair Easily With This Electric Detangling Brush

So I may sound like a child, but I don't care. I have an extremely sensitive scalp. I have my entire life. When my mom would do my hair when I was younger, I would be in tears because of the knots. As an adult, my hair still gets knotty, especially after a sweaty workout. This electric detangling brush loosens even the most tangled hair gently, so you won't have to dread brushing your hair anymore.

This Adulting Notepad Helps You Do All the Things

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I rely on checklists and reminders to help me stay on top of my busy life. While I'm content to use a scrap of paper if that's all I can find, I'd greatly prefer this Adulting Notepad. It's funny yet practical and would make a great gift for a friend who needs a little more organization in their life.

Rip Through Trees Like Butter With This Pocket Chainsaw

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I'm going to be honest. I had never heard of pocket chainsaws until I put together this list, but now that I know about them, you can bet I bought one for my camping trips. It cuts through tree limbs like butter, perfect for making fires, and has nylon handles that are easy to grip and won't cause blisters.

This Compact Power Strip Is Handy for Travel

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With three outlets and three USB ports, this Compact Power Strip is a must-have for travel. It's made by Anker, a well-respected brand known for high-value, low-cost peripherals. I love that the placement of the ports means large chargers don't run into each other, so you get access to every port no matter what.

These Travel Bottles Are So Handy

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I'm in love with these handy travel bottles. I've been refilling them with hand sanitizer and clipping them onto my kids' backpacks and my bag, so we always have some available. They'd be great for actual travel, too, whether you fill them with shampoo, lotion, or a little bit of your favorite foundation.

I Am Absolutely Obsessed With The Little Green

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As I've gotten older, I've tried to do a better job at maintaining my car, but the cloth tan seats still somehow manage to get absolutely disgusting. The Bissell Little Green has been such a gamechanger to get my car as clean as possible. It lifts all of those nasty stains and leaves your furniture looking brand new!

You'll Be Glad to Have This Nifty Little Ring Sizer

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Ordering jewelry online just got easier, thanks to this affordable little Ring Sizer. It's earning solid ratings on Amazon, with one customer writing, "Very easy to use! Able to order a ring online much cheaper than at jewelry store and not need to worry with any re-sizing cost/time." I didn't know I needed this until I saw it, but it's so handy.

These Fiskars Gardening Shears for Precision Trimming

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These Fiskars Gardening Shears are ideal for small yards, planter boxes, and anytime you want to trim plants precisely. These shears have many thoughtful features, including rotating blades so you can cut at any angle.

These Dude Bombs Prevent Embarrassing, Stinky Problems

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Use them at home, work, or at other people's houses to cover your tracks! Drop a Dude Bomb into the toilet before you go, then flush it away. It creates a barrier on the surface of the water that prevents smells from escaping! After flushing, it leaves behind only natural scents of lavender, cedar, lime, and eucalyptus.

You Can't Go Wrong With A Gorgeous Rose Diffuser

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Actual roses will gradually wilt — can you be trusted to change them out before anyone notices? If not, this diffuser version that always smells lovely is your best bet. The black cherry scent is refreshing without being overpowering, and it looks just as cute on your desk as it does on a shelf. No one will ever be able to tell how you get that perfect scent around your house.

This Soap Holder Is Exfoliating

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I love using nicely scented soap in the shower, but I don't love how it gets all gummy and soupy after sitting in water for a while! These soap bags do a great job of keeping soap usable, and you can get the most for your money since it works with small scraps of soap, too. As a bonus, the material is exfoliating, so you get a twofer when you wash up! Pair it with a beautiful soap for the perfect gift.

This Pool Lounger Keeps You Perfectly Afloat

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Can you even have too many pool floats? I don't think you can, but even if you're unsure, this pool lounge chair is a must-buy. There's no unsightly climbing on or falling off, this piece will let you sit fully upright or completely recline dependent upon your mood. And, if you're sitting up, you can stay semi-submerged so you're cool as a cucumber the whole time.

This Vacuum Attachment That Sucks Out All That Dryer Lint

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A clogged lint trap can force your dryer to work harder than it has to, which can lead to higher energy bills — so grab this vacuum attachment. It'll reach deep into your lint trap to get rid of any excess dirt or dust, while the flexible rod helps you maneuver it all around your dryer.

Your Dog Won't Be Able To Get Enough Of These Training Treats

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My doggos are most definitely food-motivated when it comes to training. No matter how hard I try to shake them off the habit, they just enjoy food too much. That's why having good training treats like these is so important. Made in the US, they include the finest ingredients around, so I can rest knowing that I am giving them only the best.