37 Fashion Looks for Less From Netflix’s Cult-Favorite Shows

From Emily In Paris to Bling Empire, there are so many hit Netflix shows right now that it's hard to choose a favorite… and I'm not talking about the dramatic subplots, I'm talking about the fashion. I might not have the same shopping budget as the stars of Selling Sunset or Rome's rich teens from Baby, but I have managed to find the same looks for less online.

I've compiled a list of my favorite Netflix cult-favorite styles – all of which I've found on Amazon for a fraction of the price. If you follow these trends, you'll look ready to star in your own Netflix show, based on your own real-life drama. Here are my top picks…

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'Selling Sunset's Heather Rae Young's Red Bodycon Strapless Dress

Getty Images / Amazon

When Heather isn't selling luxury real estate in Los Angeles, she's attending launch parties for the hit Netflix show with her boss and co-star Brett Oppenheim.

Her designer wardrobe can be replicated on a much smaller budget, though. A duplicate of this red bodycon strapless dress can be on Amazon for a fraction of the price. And if red isn't your color, there's a range of others to choose from.

Serena's Plunging Navy Camisole on 'Gossip Girl'

Photo of Blake Lively

Getty Images / Amazon

Blake Lively's Gossip Girl character Serena van der Woodsen resurrected her style icon status when Netflix aired the show last year.

Her daring and sultry outfits are back in fashion, and this 100% silk camisole is a near-perfect replica.

'Selling Sunset''s Christine Quinn and Her Sparkling Burgundy Dress

Photo from Selling Sunset

Getty Images / Amazon

Glamorous real estate mogul Christine Quinn doesn't do casual, but you don't have to go broke to copy her evening wear.

This strapless evening gown is an affordable version of the burgundy dress she wore to a private viewing party.

Blair Waldorf's Quilted Bow Handbag from 'Gossip Girl'

Photo of Blair Waldorf

Getty Images / Amazon

Leighton Meester – aka Blair Waldorf – never goes out of style due to her timeless wardrobe from the set of hit show Gossip Girl.

We still love her accessories and this quilted bow handbag in baby pink will save you the Upper East Side designer bill.

Lily Collin's Chic Houndstooth Beret From 'Emily In Paris'


Once Emily adopted the Parisian style in the Netflix hit show, she tried all things French, including this chic houndstooth beret.

Instead of traveling to Paris, you can get her look for less on Amazon with this almost identical cotton-blend French beret.

Kim Lee's Iconic 'Bling Empire' Leopard Print Dress


She's the sultry DJ from Bling Empire, and Kim Lee's head-turning leopard print dress is definitely one to replicate.

But instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on couture, this strappy bodycon dress on Amazon will make your wallet thank you.

Daphne Bridgerton's Flower Necklace Exudes Timeless Elegance


Fashion might have evolved since the 1813 social scene in the hit show Bridgerton, but the jewelry is still timeless.

The eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, played by Phoebe Dynevor, wears a gorgeous flower necklace that you can replicate via Amazon.

Beth Harmon's 1960s Cream Coat in 'The Queen's Gambit'


Anya Taylor-Joy has become a style icon since portraying Beth Harmon in the hit Netflix show. If you've been inspired by her retro outfits, you can find them for a fraction of the price.

This cream double-breasted coat, just like the one she wore in Paris, is available on Amazon for a surprisingly affordable price.

Betty Cooper's Plaid Mini Skirt from 'Riverdale'


Lili Reinhart's character Betty arguably has the best outfits on the show and you can copy her plaid mini skirt for a schoolgirl look for less.

The high-waisted skirt can be dressed up, or worn casually with a turtleneck like Betty wore.

The Leather Jacket From 'Emily In Paris'


Once she settles into life in Paris and realizes the Parisians like to wear all black, Lily Collins' character Emily stuns in this black leather jacket.

Instead of spending a fortune on the same one, this faux leather blazer is a fraction of the price on Amazon and is still très chic.

Assane Diop's Navy Suit Vest from 'Lupin'


Despite being a French-language Netflix show, Lupin has become a hit in the US, and Omar Sy's character Assane Diop knows how to dress.

His navy suit vest can be replicated for a much more affordable price, and this one is an Amazon bestseller.

Princess Diana's Cropped Cardigan on 'The Crown'


In the hit Netflix show, Emma Corrin, who portrays Princess Diana, has got all The Crown's fans wanting regal fashion.

This vintage-inspired long sleeve cardigan will give you her look for less; now you just need to find your own prince.

Chrishell Stause's Houndstooth Fitted Dress on 'Selling Sunset'


She's forging a new career in real estate and has the outfits to bring her A-game.

Chrishell's houndstooth dress from the hit show means business and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

Alexa Chung's Versatile Shirt from Next In Fashion


She's a model and fashion icon, so 'Next In Fashion' is the perfect Netflix show for Alexa Chung.

You can emulate her style without the designer price tag, such as this soft green shirt, which is on the Amazon #1 Best Seller list under button-down shirts.

Kane's Black and Gold Robe from 'Bling Empire'


'Bling Empire''s Singapore socialite Kane loves all things bling, and his black and gold robe proves his designer wardrobe stretches to any occasion.

You can copy his bathroom style for a bargain with this long satin kimono robe.

Ruby's Canary Yellow Jacket from 'Sex Education'


Mimi Keene, who plays Ruby on the hit show Sex Education, knows how to pull off bright canary yellow.

And this casual blazer comes in the same color, as well as a variety of others. Now all you need is her oversized gold hoop earrings to steal her look.

Sam's Retro Pink Sweater from 'Cobra Kai'


She learns her karate wisdom from the late Miyagi and her fashion sense is retro too.

Mary Mouser, who plays Sam in Cobra Kai, exudes cheerleader-chic style in this pink sweater, which you can replicate on Amazon for a bargain price.

Shay Mitchell's Knee-Length Leather Skirt in 'You'


She plays sassy Peach Salinger in the hit Netflix show 'You,' and Shay Mitchell is always a style icon on and off-camera.

You can steal her look with this faux leather pencil skirt that stretches for extra comfort.

Miss Thompson's Pearl Necklace on 'Bridgerton'


Miss Marina Thompson's elegance is undeniable on the hit show, played by actress Ruby Barker.

Emulating her look doesn't have to cost a small fortune, though. This simulated pearl necklace is a steal and will give you the same 19th Century eloquence.

Get Camila Ross Carranza's Military Style


The Spanish-language hit show produced by Salma Hayek's company has become popular in the US too.

Camila Ross Carranza, who plays Carla Adell, is a young fashionista and a star in the Netflix series.

You can get her casual style, such as this military jacket online.

Camille's Plaid Mini Dress from 'Emily in Paris'


She's the epitome of Parisian chic, which is no surprise seeing as Camille Razat, whose character's name is also Camille, is a French actress.

You can get a bit of her je ne sais quoi with this plaid mini dress, without the Parisian price tag.

Madelaine Petsch's Turtleneck Sweater from 'Riverdale'


She's known for playing Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale and having an influential style.

Her navy-blue turtleneck look can be replicated for a much more affordable price online, and if navy's not your color then there's a range of others to choose from.

'Emily In Paris' Cream Couture Mini Dress


She was covered in paint at the end of this episode, but Lily Collins' haute couture cream mini dress was a showstopper prior to the incident on the Netflix show.

You could definitely be inspired by this look if you're shopping for bridesmaid dresses and this similar version in champaign satin on Amazon won't blow your wedding budget.

'Bling Empire''s Christine Chiu and Her Nude Dress

Photo of Bling Empire star

Getty Images / Amazon

This Netflix star has been a style icon since the show aired and she shows us how to pull off beige.

Christine's off-the-shoulder nude dress is the perfect look for spring and this more affordable version on Amazon is the bling without the huge credit card bill.

Maya's Olive-Green T-Shirt Dress from 'Selling Sunset'


You've got to love Maya for her ability to juggle family life and the Los Angeles real estate market… all while looking fabulous.

This stunning yet casual dress she wore to show her client a Hollywood property can be replicated without costing you a fortune.

'You' Star Penn Badgley's Classic Men's Watch

Photo of Penn Badgley

Getty Images / Amazon

OK, so he might be a stalker on the popular show 'You', but Penn Badgley – aka Joe Goldberg – still has a classic style.

And he's not one to wear couture, so you can pick up this men's fashion quartz watch with a stainless-steel strap for a fraction of the price.

Madison Bailey's Hawaiian Shirt from 'Outer Banks'


She's known for playing Kiara Carrera on the teen drama Outer Banks, as well as for her fashion-forward wardrobe.

This casual pineapple printed short-sleeved Hawaiian shirt looks just like hers on Amazon.

Mindy's Baby Blue Jeans from 'Emily in Paris'


Every girl needs a best friend when she's abroad, and Mindy filled that role for Emily while also rocking some fabulous outfits.

When she opts for a casual look, Mindy (played by Ashley Park), stunned in these baby blue denim jeans.

Amazon has these similar jegging pants that are specially designed to shape your butt and enhance your curves.

Amanda LaRusso's Country Club Caftan from 'Cobra Kai'


She plays the wife of Daniel LaRusso on the Karate Kid-inspired show and this mom is seriously fashion-forward.

The colorful luxurious cover-up she wore in the country club episode was one of my favorite items from the show.

This similar caftan with rhinestones embroidered down the deep V neck will give you her look for less.

Beth Harmon's Retro Black Dress from 'The Queen's Gambit'


The Queen's Gambit lead character Beth Harmon is bringing back retro style via the Netflix series.

Her look can be transformed into a modern-day casual version, like with this black overall dress that can be worn with a long sleeve top underneath, just like the chess prodigy.

Alyssa's Striped Linen Shirt from 'The Order'


Played by Sarah Grey, Alyssa from 'The Order' is a fashion influencer on the Netflix horror-drama.

Her casual elegance amidst the horror is still inspiring us to buy her outfits and this gray and white buttoned shirt can be duplicated on Amazon.

Mel's Beige Cashmere Beanie from 'Virgin River'


Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, might have moved to small-town Virgin River, but she still brings her city girl style to the show.

I loved her winter looks and this casual beige beanie can be worn from fall through winter. And better yet, this lookalike hat is well within budget.

Chiara's Gold Halter Neck Dress from 'Baby'


The hit Italian Netflix show might have a controversial storyline, but the fashion is anything but.

Lead actress Chiara, played by Benedetta Porcaroli, has a wardrobe to die for and this gold halter neck mini dress is perfect for a girls' night out clubbing or fancy-dress party.

This party dress version on Amazon will leave you plenty of cash for a night out.

Jason Bateman's Black Bow Tie from 'Ozark'


Jason Bateman – aka Marty Byrde in Ozark – scrubs up well in the crime drama thriller where he plays a money launderer.

When he slipped into a formal suit and bow tie in the series, female viewers swooned and made us want to buy our boyfriends the same outfit.

Luckily, I found this pre-tied bow on Amazon for a bargain price.

Chiara's Crisp White Shirt from 'Baby'


When she's not leading a double life in Rome's seedy underworld, Baby's main star Chiara is your typical schoolgirl in Italy.

Despite her crisp white shirts being a mandatory uniform, I love this look so much that I buy my basic cotton collared versions online.

This dress shirt ranks on Amazon's bestseller list.

Nurit From 'Fauda' and Her Military-Chic Tank Top


The hit Israeli Netflix show centered around a small elite team of military agents also has some chic athletic fashion to replicate.

Nurit, played by Rona-Lee Shimon, gets into her action-packed role in a simple black tank top that still oozes style.

You can steal her look with a pack of two slim-fit tanks… and they're on Amazon's bestseller list.

Nurit's Black Cargo Pants From 'Fauda'


To complete her kick-ass look on the hit action-drama Netflix show, Nurit wears some very cool black military combat pants in 'Fauda'.

It's hard to find the right military look in women's clothing, but I love these tactical cotton cargo pants with eight pockets!

So there's plenty of pocket space for all the money you'll save on these well-priced pants!