37 Facial and Body Treatments That Make a Huge Difference In Your Skin

We could all use a little help with our skin, whether we're worried about fine lines, wrinkles, acne or dead skin. It can seem like a daunting or expensive task to fix whatever we're not happy with, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, I'm here to show you that you can get the skin you want on the cheap with these inexpensive, highly effective products.

Did I mention the before and afters on these incredible products? From anti-aging to anti-acne to dead skin removal, I hunted down 37 of the best products that'll make a huge difference in your skin pretty much from the first application. Soon you'll love the skin you're in when you see the major changes these products bring!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Vitamin C Mask Works While You Sleep


I love products that work while I'm asleep, it's like multitasking at its finest! This Vitamin C sleeping mask does just that! You'll wake up with brighter skin with all traces of dullness erased. Happy reviewers give this mask GLOWING reviews for making their skin, well, just plain glow!

This Ice Roller Eliminates Puffiness


If you're one of those people who suffer from morning puffiness, I've got a solution for ya. This ice roller is a best-seller for a reason - it depuffs and smooths skin super fast, so you're bright-eyed and ready to go instantly! You can even use it on injuries, but most people love it for treating their under-eye area.

This Shaving Cream Makes Legs So Smooth


Are you still using soap to shave in the shower? Tsk tsk. You're skin's gonna be much happier when you use this intensively moisturizing shaving cream. Nearly 4,000 happy reviewers say it's the closest and smoothest shave they've ever gotten, and their skin's so soft afterward!

This Facial Cleaning Brush Deep Cleans The Heck Outta Your Skin


If you want to really deep clean your face, pick up this facial cleaning brush that gets out all the dirt, makeup, and blackheads you can throw at it. It comes with seven (!) heads to meet all your cleaning needs, from makeup removal to exfoliation. Over 26,000 reviewers rave about how clean their faces feel after using this - it's basically a trip to the spa in the palm of your hand.

This Foot Mask Gets Rid Of All That Dead Skin


Want to see something gross but really effective? Try this foot-peeling mask that gives you baby soft feet in about a week. The before & afters on this are pretty disgusting, what with all the dead skin, but it's morbidly fascinating and shows this foot peel does what it says!

This Leave-On Exfoliator Improves Skin Texture And Smoothes Fine Lines


A skincare routine wouldn't be complete without a good exfoliator. It gets rid of dead skin cells and helps unclog pores. The Paula's Choice leave-on exfoliator is gentle enough for everyday use and has been linked to healthier skin, improved skin texture, and smaller pores. When I say I've never added something to my cart as fast as this one, I'm not lying.

This Vitamin C Serum Gets You Positively Glowing


Want an easy way to get really glowy, really fast? Try this SeoulCeuticals Vitamin C serum - it's got 20% Vitamin C for brighter skin, hyaluronic acid for moisture, and CE Ferulic acid - the same ingredients as the super expensive stuff for under $20! This product provides anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and smoothing effects from basically the first application, and it's great for reducing the appearance of acne scars, preventing breakouts, and shrinking pores, too.

These Pimple Patches Suck Out The Bad Stuff


I'm a big fan of pimple-popping videos, but I know how bad that can be for your skin. A much smarter move is it use these pimple patches that suck out all the bad stuff overnight and leave you with clearer skin by morning. I don't know how they work - magic, witchcraft maybe - but judging by the before and after shots, they really do!

This Lip Sleeping Mask Is So Moisturizing


I have and love this popular lip sleeping mask - everything about it is delightful, from the ultra-moisturizing effect to the berry scent and flavor. Even the little applicator is cute! Seriously though, when I have super chapped lips, I put this on before bed, then in the morning, I have the smoothest lips ever. Try this, you'll love it!

Bio-Oil - It Might Be Magic

Audrey Holt/Amazon

I used Bio-Oil during my pregnancies, and I had no stretch marks either time. Maybe it's genetics, maybe not, but either way, Bio-Oil will help the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and other skin imperfections. The before and afters are jaw-droppingly good!

This Collagen Cream Works Miracles


Talk about wow - this collagen cream produced some of the best before and afters I've ever seen! Over 20,000 reviewers rave about this stuff's ability to turn back the clock thanks to the anti-aging, moisturizing, and firming ingredients. And I love that it's under $25 - it just proves you don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.

This Sugar Scrub Smoothes Skin Beautifully


If you're looking for the smoothest skin of your life, look no further. This sugar scrub has a cult following on Amazon with over a THOUSAND glowing reviews! People love it for helping with ingrown hairs, dead skin removal, and overall skin softening. Plus it smells delicious!

These Exfoliating Gloves Remove All That Dead Skin


If your skin's too sensitive to use scrubs and rougher exfoliants, try these exfoliating gloves instead. You get 10 pairs of 100% nylon gloves to smooth skin and reduce ingrown hairs by removing dead, dry skin on contact. They do a much better job than loofahs (too scratchy) or washcloths (too gentle) by being the perfect choice for efficient, effective exfoliation.

This Eva Skin Clearing Serum Works Wonders


Just one look at the before and after pic shows the power of this Eva Skin Clearing Serum! It's made with Vitamin C, which clears up acne and reduces the appearance of acne scars. It also has retinol for anti-aging, niacinamide for moisture, and salicylic acid for acne control so you get some wrinkle-reduction and skin resurfacing benefits, too!

This Coconut Cream Is So Effective For Face And Body


What can I say about this coconut cream except that it's amazing! I love that it's a multi-tasker, you can use it on your face or body and you get a huge 16oz container for very little money. Reviewers love it for moisturizing beautifully, improving skin elasticity, and lasting basically forever.

This Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Shrinks And Smooths


Just one look shows this Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser works miracles on large pores. It smooths skin and shrinks pores, so you get that airbrushed look even before you apply makeup! It's got over 32,000 rave reviews, and it costs around $5 bucks, which I'd say is well worth it for gorgeous skin.

This Skin Tag Remover Works Disgustingly Well


If you've got skin tags, you know what a pain they are and how unsightly they can be. Great news - this skin tag remover gadget works like a charm by attaching tiny elastics around the tag, which cuts off blood supply and makes it fall off soon after application. Even deep tags can be removed with ease and make you more confident and comfortable.

This Witch Hazel Facial Mist Is Wonderful


Can you think of anything more lovely than this witch hazel facial mist with lavender? How refreshing and soothing for irritated skin! It also comes in rose petal, cucumber, and coconut water, as well as unscented for those with sensitive skin.

This Foot File Does The Job Fast


There's not much grosser on feet than scaly, cracked heels with built-up dead skin layers upon layers. Get rid of all that excess junk asap with this foot file - it's like a cheese grater for feet that works incredibly well to remove dead skin and calluses. My neighbor (and 51,000 other reviewers) swears by it.

These Tree Of Life Serums Give Amazing Results


If your skin needs major help, try these powerhouse organic, vegetarian, cruelty-free Tree of Life serums that each have a cult following on Amazon but that are sold together in a set that's sure to get amazing results. You'll get Vitamin C serum for anti-acne and brightening, Retinol for anti-aging and smoothing, and hyaluronic acid for intense moisturizing. Whether you use them separately or together, you're going to get incredible results very quickly, according to 37,000 very pleased reviewers.

This Dead Sea Mud Mask Has Nearly 20k Rave Reviews


This dead sea mud mask gets thousands upon thousands of excellent reviews, and for good reason! It reduces pore size, cleans up blackheads, acne, and oily skin, and tightens skin for a younger appearance. You can use it on your face and body, and it costs less than $15 for major results. It's easy to apply, and a little goes a long way, according to reviewers, so this tub will last you quite a while!

This Eye Gel Reduces Crow's Feet And Dark Circles

Tiffany Rae/Amazon

This Baebody eye gel is a wonder to behold - it'll reduce the appearance of crow's feet and dark circles pretty much from the first application. It'll also depuff eye bags with peptides and soothe skin with aloe. Almost 22,000 reviewers rave about how quickly they noticed a difference with morning and nighttime applications!

These Gold Eye Masks Depuff And Smooth Bags

Amazon Customer/Amazon

Want a quick way to reduce eye bags and smooth undereye skin? These luxe gold eye masks are the way, according to over 3,300 bright-eyed reviewers. You'll get 30 pairs of collagen eye masks that work wonders for anti-aging, puffiness, and dark circles, so you'll stay gorgeous all month long.

These Korean Sheet Masks Are Super Effective


If you want to pamper your skin, look no further than this set of Korean sheet masks. You'll get 12 masks that cover all sorts of skin concerns, from brightening to moisturizing to firming. They've got over 10,000 stellar reviews for great value, quality, and variety and are even great for sensitive skin.

This Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Erases The Flakes


Flakes are no fun, whether they're caused by genetics or outside factors, like having your shower temp way too high (guilty). This Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo does what it says, and beautifully. It'll soothe your scalp skin while removing flakes very quickly without drying out your hair in the process.

This Body Brush Can Help With Cellulite


Want an easy way to sweep away dead skin while helping the appearance of cellulite? Try this body brush in your next shower. It has massaging nubs along with stiff bristles that exfoliate gently so you get smooth, less lumpy skin right in the shower. It's also got over 14,000 amazing reviews because it works incredibly well!

This Retinol Serum Smooths So Well

Ilona Marie/Amazon

At some point, we all could use the anti-aging powers of retinol, and a super-easy way to get that is through this best-selling Retinol Serum. This highly effective stuff comes in a double-size bottle for under $12, so you'll be looking your best for a long time to come. Over 18,000 younger-looking reviewers swear by this stuff for de-wrinkling, firming, and smoothing.

This Anti-Aging Eye Cream Works So Well


If you're a tired mom with kids that keep you up all the time, read on. Add a non-sleeping puppy to the mix, and your eyebags and circles might look a little something like mine do at the moment. I'm trying this anti-aging eye cream ASAP. It claims to "visibly and instantly reduce wrinkles, under-eye bags, and dark circles" in about 2 minutes after application. Over 2,000 ecstatic reviewers agree with those claims, judging by the great before and afters!

This Manual Facial Cleansing Brush Is So Gentle


If you want a deep cleaning for your face but your skin's on the sensitive side like mine is, try these manual cleansing brushes to work in product and remove blackheads and dirt. You get a pack of four of these best-selling silicone brushes, well-loved for helping get the deepest clean of reviewers' lives, all with a gentle exfoliation that won't irritate even the most temperamental of skins.

This Exfoliating Hand Wax Is Magic


Smooth, soft hands are within reach with this exfoliating hand wax. Simply apply to hands, then let the paraffin wax set for 20 minutes then peel off to reveal baby soft, glowing skin. Not only is it insanely satisfying to peel off the wax, but it also works incredibly well says hundreds of reviewers.

This Dr. Teal's Bubble Bath Has Epsom Salt For Smooth Skin


I like using Epsom salts in the bath, but you need so much it seems wasteful. It also doesn't bubble, which is pretty much essential for the best bathing experience. Now I can just use one product to get the skin-softening, bubbling effects with Dr. Teal's bubble bath. This one's scented with lavender to send me off to dreamland quickly, which sounds as good as it'll feel.

These Exfoliating Skin Pads Clear Up Skin Fast

Vanessa Williams/Amazon

If you prefer your face exfoliation in pad form, try these Glycolic acid skin pads for refreshed and detexturized skin. They contain vitamins and green tea extract for soothing after the exfoliation, so you can use them on sensitive skin, too. And they work for the face and body, which is great if you've got scars, bumps, lines, or wrinkles you want to remove on your decolletage, too.

These Frownies Reduce Wrinkles Without Botox


These Frownies have been around forever, and it's not hard to see why. They help reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles without harsh chemicals or injectables. Everyone's got those problem lines between the eyes as we age, and they're pretty stubborn to get rid of. These facial patches do an excellent job of it, though, according to nearly 10,000 reviewers!

This Skin Scrubber Cleans Out Pores Incredibly Well

Camila Silvestre/Amazon

Ever wished you could magically remove all the dirt and blackheads from your pores with a cool, techy tool? Now you can with this Skin Scrubber that uses high-frequency vibration to clean out all the gunk (dead skin, comedones, blackheads, oil, and dirt) on your face! It also helps your skin absorb skincare products more effectively once you clean out all the baddies. Plus, it's USB chargeable, so super convenient for travel, too!

This Weleda Skin Food Cream Is The Holy Grail


Ever since I found this Weleda Skin Food in a Parisian pharmacy, I've been hooked on its lush moisturizing properties. Happily, you can find it in the States as well, right on Amazon! It's the only thing my eczema-prone kids will let me use on their super-sensitive skin (redheads, gotta love 'em), and I love using it on dry spots or over my whole face for a dewy glow.

This Derma Roller Works Incredibly Well

Kimberly Gomringer/Amazon

I know what you're thinking - needles in my face? The answer is yes, my dears. Microneedles in this derma roller, so fine you'll barely feel them, but boy, are they effective! Simply roll on your face for a few seconds to open pores, then use your favorite skin serums or treatments. They'll absorb so much faster and more efficiently that your skin will look miles better in a flash.

This Aztec Secret Clay Face Mask Is Legendary

Alyssa Alessandrini/Amazon

Long renowned on beauty threads internet-wide, this Aztec Secret Clay Mask is about as secret as Victoria's. But it has an amazing reputation because it works so incredibly well on acne and oily skin by drawing out impurities and deep cleaning skin quickly. The before and afters, and there are many since this has over 44,000 glowing reviews, speak for themselves.