37 Extra Helpful Products Your Life Will Thank You For Buying

Some of the world’s brightest minds have tasked themselves with creating better ways of getting through the minutia of life. So many of our day-to-day activities are unnecessarily complicated, but now, they don’t have to be. In addition to being creative and effective, many of these life-changing solutions offer to put your comfort first. You lead such a busy, demanding life; don’t you deserve to shave off a few minutes here and there?

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Ultra-Soft Hair Ties

Some hair ties already figured out that no one loves metal snagging in their hair. These ponytail holders take it a step further with their soft, stylish design with 42 varieties to choose from. You get the practicality and size of a modern hair tie with the vibrancy and style of a scrunchie. The little bead accent makes each hair tie an actual bracelet that won’t hurt your wrist!

A Secure Place for Your Glasses

It’s so easy for glasses and sunglasses to fall out of your front pocket or shirt to get scratched on the ground. Keep them secure without looking like an old-timey librarian by using this little rest. The magnetic hook can be secured on any piece of clothing and the small opening makes sure your glasses can’t slip out when you bend over.

This Cool Phone Mount

To stay safe while driving, you have a lot of options when it comes you a phone mount. Instead of mount that clamps onto your car and phone, try this magnetic version. The base rotates around and can hold any phone, vertically or horizontally. Now, you can prop up your directions with one hand, instead of fumbling in traffic.

This Incredible Eyebrow Pencil

The eyebrow revolution isn’t going anywhere and we all have more expressive faces as a result. This double-ended eyebrow pencil wants to give you the absolute best brows ever. One side is a brush that shapes your brows and the other is soft eyebrow pencil. With five colors to choose from, full, sculpted brows are only a couple of clicks away!

These Gloves Can Clean Anything

Using gloves to wash to dishes and clean your home helps protect your hands from, at best, dryness, and at worst, harsh chemicals. Take their usefulness even further with this silicone pair that’s also a brush. The heat-resistant gloves have a variety of bristles that can clean produce, dishes, and even tough stains around your home.

This Really Smart Power Strip

Upgrade your power strip for the 21st century with smart assistant-friendly features. In addition to working with Alexa and Google Assistant, this power strip can be toggled with from an app. As a modern power strip, you get four outlets and four USB ports to charge your favorite devices. Live like royalty by setting schedules for your electronics and make in-the-moment adjustments with your smart speaker.

This Cozy Hot Water Bottle

Can you believe? Hot water bottles have always been a great method for soothing pain from anything from sore muscles to period cramps. This fluffy bottle stays warm for up to eight hours thanks to a special thermoplastic base. The soft exterior is easy to wash and addictive to hold. Feel better while you feel better!

These Condoms Protect Your Wine

For a fun alternative to a wine stopper, take these wine condoms to your next game night. While it seems like purely a gag gift, each condom does a wonderful job at preserving your wine. Shrink fit technology allows the condoms to fit on any sized bottle and creates an air- and water-tight seal. Protect your rieslings and pinot noirs, so they can live to swirl another day.

This Uniform Meatball Maker

Look, I grew up in New York, so I know that meatball creation is no laughing matter. If you don’t create a uniform size across the batch, they’ll cook unevenly. Focus on your nonna’s secret ingredient and let this mold create perfect meatballs every time. The mold is freezer safe, so you can just prep and get fresh meatballs whenever you want.

This Portable Beach Blanket

Summer’s just around the corner and you can never have too many impromptu beach days or picnics. Keep this blanket handy and you’ll always be ready for a good time. When folded, it fits in your hand, but when laid flat, it’s nearly 6 feet by 5 feet. The blanket can be secured with some included stakes, so it doesn’t go flying when you for a dip and it dries quickly so you can pack it away in the evening.

This Efficient Coffee Grinder

Freshly ground coffee beans really produce a superior cup of joe. This grinder can handle up to 3 ounces of coffee beans and its stainless steel blades grind them up in just a few seconds. The lid has to be securely on in order for these effective blades to spin, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting yourself. Buying pre-ground beans is so old school; do yourself a favor and rise and grind.

This Handy Mattress Protector

There are so many reasons everyone should own a mattress protector. The most common benefits are protection from allergens and dust mites, but that’s not all they can do. This protector is waterproof and slides over your mattress like a fitted sheet. This a great way for people with night sweats, incontinence issues, and the occasional period stain to keep their mattress clean.

These Grooming Gloves for Your Pet

Grooming doesn’t have to be this cold experience between you and your pet. These cool gloves let you get up close and personal to combat their shedding fur. The soft bristles catch the hair while making grooming just feel like playful petting time. Pretty soon, you’ll both be looking forward to shedding season!

This Pasta Cooker Goes in Your Microwave

Whether you don’t have a stove or just want to cook your pasta faster, this little container will change your dinners. Simply add water and pasta, and then place the uncovered container in the microwave. Once your pasta is al dente, the cover acts as a strainer. No more watched pots never boiling, just delicious spaghetti.

This Affordable Weighted Blanket

We’ve all lusted after these magical blankets and there’s finally a great one in an attainable price range. You can go for a heavier blanket that corresponds with your weight or choose a lighter one to act as a lap blanket. The breathable cotton will keep you warm in the winter without burning you up in the summer. Whatever size and weight you choose, get ready to enjoy the delicate, stress-relieving pressure of this soft blanket.

Your New Favorite Reusable Grocery Bags

If you shop big and/or in bulk, these large bags will make your trips to the grocery store easier. Each of the three bags folds down flat and has a flat bottom with rigid sized when opened. When you pop your groceries in the trunk of your car, the bags won’t roll around spilling everything. Take them with you to Costco or Sam’s Club to cart out your favorite bulk items by the sturdy handles.

This Wall Patcher

Save your security deposit with this all-in-one wall patcher. This little tube spackles, smooths, and sands down those screw holes in your walls so it’s like they were never there. It also includes paint primer, so you can let your landlord know your walls are ready for their touch-ups, Mr. DeMille.

These Useful Car Hooks

Need more hooks in your car? These hooks clip onto the headrest risers so you can rest your bags there. Instead of reaching all the way to the backseat, having your stuff spill out on the passenger seat, or putting your bags on the floor, you can just casually reach back to get anything you might need.

This Cast Iron Pan Handle Won’t Burn You

Cast iron pans are one of the best modern examples of the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it." Well, Lodge, a leading name in all things cast iron, wanted to innovate a little. They created these heat-safe silicone handles that fit their entire line of pans. The universality makes them likely to fit other brands as well, so you can just grab the pan handle without worry while you’re cooking.

These Hangover Pills Are Probably Witchcraft

Hangovers remain one of the worst parts of adulthood, but you can finally say goodbye to them with these capsules. Drinkwel’s vegetarian capsules replenish your body with nutrients and botanicals that support liver health. Just take them before and after you head out to drink. These brief moments of inconvenience will be rewarded the next day when you wake up full of energy and the ability to exist in bright light.

This Nifty Rack for Your Cleaning Supplies

Get that cupboard under the kitchen sink organized with this expandable rack. A gap in the middle allows you to construct it around your drain or simply find a spot for an unusually tall item. You can also set the two-tier rack to different heights to perfectly fit all of your tried and true cleaning supplies.

This Classic Mask with a Scientific Twist

In the age of sheet masks and the often painful peel masks out there, it’s easy to long for the days of a simple, creamy mask. This mask goes on smooth and should dry in about 10 minutes if you apply a thin layer. Once it’s dry, you can use the included magnet to clean the mask off and leave your pores clear. Reviewers report silky smooth skin after the very first use, so who’s up for a little science project?

These Ankle Compression Socks

Most compression socks are intense and long, but sometimes you need a little geotargeting. These toeless socks ease the discomfort of plantar fasciitis and help to improve circulation. If you’re not running marathons or constantly going on long flights and drives, this is the less intimidating option for you.

This Dishwasher Sign Has Three Options

You’ve seen a million magnets for dishwashers that let everyone know whether the dishes are dirty or clean. This game-changing sign adds the option of “empty," so you can know at a glance if someone else has graciously completed the chore of emptying the clean dishes. The sign conceals three strong magnets, but also comes with transparent, double-sided tape for those with non-magnetic dishwashers. They really thought of everything!

This Amazing Bluetooth Speaker

Anker doesn’t mess around with electronics and they certainly don’t disappoint with this speaker. The warm, rich sound from the speakers can be beamed from the Bluetooth-enabled device of your choice. With a full charge, you get up to a day’s worth of battery power and it can be used from regular outlets as well. Some reviewers enjoyed painting the speaker grill for a little extra pizzazz, but this portable speaker looks pretty great as is.

These Funky Scissors Cut with Power and Safety

Cutting materials like cardboard and wire mesh is often a dangerous affair, but these angled scissors want to change that. The sharp, angled blades allow you to see clearly wear your cutting while also keeping your hands safe from potential cuts and scratches. Though marketed as a cardboard cutter, make no mistake, users have cut through metal mesh and wires without incident.

This Effortless Oil Spray Bottle

Say goodbye to those aerosol cooking sprays! This stainless steel bottle holds up to 16 ounces of your favorite cooking oil and sprays in a fan-patterned mist. Grease your baking tins or cook using less oil than normal. No matter what you use it for, this little bottle will change the way you use oil in the kitchen.

This Miraculous Guacamole Container

No one likes to see guacamole go to waste. Keep your precious guac fresh with this revolutionary container. Ther super sealing lid prevents any browning from crushing your post-work chip and dip dreams. By pressing down when the lid is on, the air will be completely removed from the bowl. Without the cover, the container base easily serves a dish you can put out for company.

This Carabiner Hook

Carabiners already hold so much esteem, but the Heroclip goes a step further. This carabiner hides away a rotating hook that can hold up to 60 pounds of weight.  The outside of the carabiner can be pulled away to reveal its fully rotating hook so you can hang up whatever you need, whether you’re out in the wild or in the comfort of civilization. This rugged carabiner-hook combo is sure to be a game-changer for serious hikers and campers in particular.

This Oven Rack Guard

Every once in a while, everyone gets burned (literally) by one of their oven racks. Minimize your exposure to risk by installing these silicone rack covers. The might get hot to the touch, but they won’t burn your wrists and arms like an unprotected rack would. Take the final hazard out of your kitchen and start baking with confidence.

This Mechanical Food Processor

If you’re short on outlets or need to dice veggies while you’re camping, this little gadget will be a fun addition to your collection. Once pre-chopped veggies are in the chamber, use the pull handle to spin the food across the chopper’s blades. You get a very mild arm workout and freshly diced or minced produce.

This Serious Power Scrubber

Wanna get serious about cleaning your home? This power scrubber means business and its three replaceable brush heads can tackle any mess in any room. The electric scrubber runs on a rechargeable battery, so you can use it completely cordless in any nook or cranny. The quiet machine can make your windows sparkle as well as it can remove grime from your bathtub.

This Foot Rocker

A wide variety of foot and calf pains can benefit from a spin on this rocker. The movement gently and evenly stretches your foot to get your blood pumping and relieve pain. The rocker is designed in a way so that you can’t incorrectly place your foot on it, so don’t worry about hurting yourself. For added safety, grips on the bottom keep the rocker from sliding around.

These Colorful Stress Balls

Sure, you might lift, but what about your fingers. Whip your digits into shape with these cute little eggs. The provide 20 to 40 pounds of resistance and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. As you build up your strength, you’ll notice how well these stress balls keep you even-keeled. Suitable for kids and adults alike, get ready for some buff, relaxed fingers.

These Dust Guards for Your AirPods

These metal dust guards want to protect your AirPods. The guards nestle into the earphones’ case and are easier to clean than the base guards. Reviewers had some difficulty installing them into the case, but many recommend watching the brand’s how-to video to get an effortless fit.

This Self Massager

You can finally get those hard-to-reach spots with this massager. Two soft massage balls can be placed in a variety of positions to get the perfect massage for all your aches. The massager is easy to configure and disassemble, so you can toss it in a work or gym bag for on-the-go relief.

These Clear-Tipped Highlighters

How many notes have been ruined by some overzealous highlighting? If only you could see what you were marking as you go. These highlighters have clear tips so you can highlight the exact information you need. The tips can create wide and thin lines, so you can even jot down a few notes.