37 Everyday Health and Household Items You Should Keep On-Hand

You should always have on hand a bunch of useful items to solve every day problems in your home. Think about it, how many times have you saved the day with potential nightmares which could be catastrophic with a little DIY solution in the home. If you don't know where to start. Don't worry as we have your back as we have made a list of all the items we 100% keep on hand to avert most household potential problems or disasters waiting to happen. Everything from multi-purpose storage straps which help you sort out storage nightmares to outlet covers to protect little fingers from power sockets to a full body pillow for the side sleepers in your house. So enjoy our list because we've done all the hard work for you, all you have to do from here on in is hit cart.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

High Density Multi-Purpose Storage Straps to Keep Things Tidy


If you have piles of cables and items sitting in a jumbled pile somewhere in the garage, consider tidying things up with these loops. The high-density weave can support up to 50 pounds — and reviewers loved how well they work. "Solved my problem of how to store coiled rope, garden hoses, and extension cords," wrote one. "They are also being used to secure items like lawn chairs, multiple boat cushions, canoe wheels, compound bow case, etc., to the hooks on the wall in the garage."

These Outlet Covers Are A Safety Must Have

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Babies are curious little creatures and have no sense of self-preservation, so these outlet covers are a must-have safety item! I like that they're clear so they don't call attention to themselves and they're easy for adults to install but hard for little fingers to remove. You'll get a set of 30 for pocket change, which is quite a deal on an actual life-saving product.

These Reusable Slim Ice Packs for Keeping Perishable Items Cool


These slim ice packs work so well for lunch boxes and keeping the contents fresh all day long. Oh, you say you're not into carrying unicorn ice packs into the office? Fine, party pooper. These also come in dinosaur and rocket ship designs for yourself or your little ones who'll be too cool for school.

Don't Let Bacteria Thrive With These Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

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I had a front-load washer and dryer some years back and I loved them with one exception: The washer would get super stinky. Stinky enough that I had to start leaving the door open to let it air out. That was pre-Amazon and pre-Affresh washing machine cleaner. These tabs go in your machine one time a month to help attack odor-causing residue.

Side Sleepers! Finally, a Full Body Pillow That Will Give You the Support You Need

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Support meets comfort with this memory foam body pillow. The pillow conforms to your body shape to help you find a comfortable position and drift into the deepest sleep. Plus, the 5-star reviews speak for themselves: Guaranteed you'll love cuddling this body pillow.

No Scrubbing Required. With Wet and Forget Shower Cleaner

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I do really worry about the amount of gunk that builds up in our shower room. So much traffic equals a lot of germs. This shower cleaner thrives on the "wet it and forget it" mentality by encouraging once-weekly application that cleans and prevents soap scum, mold, and mildew buildup. No scrubbing or wiping is required. It's a dream product and essential for keeping germs at bay in your bathroom.

These Kitchen Scissors are So Handy

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I love these handy kitchen scissors for small chopping jobs like veggies and fresh herbs. You don't even need the cutting board since these have a little "shelf" for holding whatever you're cutting! I love anything that makes meal prep go faster, and these are definitely one of my new fave kitchen tools.

Save Precious Bench Space With This Microwave Shelf


My life was empty before this microwave shelf came into it. Not only is it made from tough carbon steel, but the height, and length, are also adjustable so that it'll work with practically any microwave. It's a sure space saver giving you some extra storage space and keeps the kitchen top looking nice and neat.

This Old School Lunch Box is Way Better Than Plastic


​Whether you're looking for a new lunchbox for your children or yourself, this stainless steel lunch box is a great option. The set comes with three different-sized boxes so you can organize your meals easily, and they're a great solution to wasteful lunch packaging and Tupperware.

These Mixing Bowls With Lids are Kitchen Super Tools

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These mixing bowls with lids have all your kitchen, food storage and baking needs covered, hands down. "The best stainless steel bowls ever! Just flawless! The air-tight covers don't even let liquids come out of it! After receiving my first bowl set, I bought three more sets to give as gifts! The colors are just beautiful! I highly recommend." - April

This Grill Gets High Marks from Everyone

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Sometimes I'm just too darn lazy to light up the BBQ but I still want the flavor in my cooking. This smokeless indoor grill has a large 14-inch cooking surface and an adjustable temperature setting up to 450 degrees. The best part is that you can still get those glorious grill marks. (Oh, and it being dishwasher-safe is pretty awesome as well.)

This Cooling Mattress Pad Ensures the Best Sleep of Your Life


I've always been a hot sleeper and have tried everything from linen sheets and still often wake up in a puddle of sweat. This cooling mattress pad is a must cart if you suffer with sleepless hot nights due to it's cult status on Amazon with over 10,000 glowing reviews. The Nanotex fabric technology dries 100% faster than cotton, and it's well-cushioned to make your bed even comfier.

Effectively Cool Any Room With This Window Fan

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Look, I know this window fan isn't the most glamorous thing in the world — but if your home is hot or have a circulation issue in a room. Then this product is a total must-buy gadget. And unlike the other window fans on Amazon, you can grab it for less than $40! Just take in any of the 18,000 positive reviewers who praise it's performance.

Use This RIZEE Standard Vinyl Transfer Tape for Creative Projects in the Home


I really got into this stuff after binging the Home Edit on Netflix. I felt the need to label and box pretty much every object in my home. However, I quickly realised that things needs to be labelled. Transfer, move, and re-organize your life without loosing anything! RIZEE standard vinyl transfer tape is designed to work with Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl including Cameo, Silhouette, Provo Craft, Cricut Vinyl, Pazzles, Oracal vinyl, and much more.

Chillax in Bed With All Your Favorite Items Easily Stored in This Bedside Caddy

I felt a little grandmotherly buying one of these. But, can I just tell you how unbelievably handy this bedside storage organizer is? I was sick of having a cluttered bedside table and inevitably stacked way too high with books and gadgets which would take a tumble every now and again. This caddy freed up some of my table space while keeping things like the remote and my Kindle within arm's reach.

This Cleaning Paste is Your Go-To for Tougher Cleaning Jobs


I always keep a tub of this in the home as it's great for tougher cleaning jobs which require a combination of elbow grease and the right cleaner. I've found it works best on clean stainless steel, copper, aluminum, chrome, linoleum, glass, patio furniture, and more. Basically, this cleaning paste does it all. Once you start using it, you're going to find that it becomes your one-stop-shop cleaning supply that works for most surfaces.

Drink Tops Are An Invention You Realise You Can't Live Without

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I try to spend as much time outside as possible. My ideal afternoon is spent outside watching the sunset with a glass of my favorite wine and a delicious meal. Unfortunately, bugs make this a bit difficult. But it's not a total loss – not with these drink tops anyway. They keep undesirable elements out of your glasses, so you can enjoy your outdoor time.

These Steam Mates Steam Diverters Come in a Variety of Cute Characters


I've found myself using my Instant Pot more and more lately, but there's always that one pesky issue: What to do about the steam. Without this SteamMates attachment, all of the steam releases right into your kitchen cabinets. With it, you can divert the steam away from stuff you don't want it to hit. Plus? They are cute and just funny to look at.

Multi-Use Reusable Food Storage Bags for Freezing and General Storage Use

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Whether you're packing lunch or storing leftovers, these food bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic baggies. Each one is made from food-grade PEVA material, while the leakproof seals won't let anything spill inside your fridge. Plus, they're even safe to put in the freezer.

This Pizza Cutter is Brilliant for Cutting Pizzas, Pies and Slices


If you've ever tried to cut homemade pizza with a knife or lesser pizza wheel, you know the frustration and mess it makes. Want a pizza cutter that'll never let you down? There are two sizes - 14" or 16" with a sharp rocker blade with a cover to cut through even tough crust as easily as a hot knife through butter. You can even use it on other baked items for a more efficient cut every single time.

This Cutting Board is Next Level Efficiency


All cutting boards were not created equal, like this one made of bamboo that has juice grooves and four storage containers that you can literally rake your choppings into thanks to what the manufacturer dubbed as "the drop zone." The extra-large surface is ideal and it can be turned this way or that depending upon whether you're right- or left-handed.

Save Your Back and Get This Personal Dolly Cart

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Here's the thing about a hand truck, which I prefer to call a "dolly" because it's just funny: You don't know how much you need one until you have one, and then you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. The personal dolly can hold up to 200 pounds, has beefy wheels, goes up and down stairs easily and folds compactly when not in use. This is your perfect companion for gardening projects and even hauling heavy stuff into your house.

Get the Best Smelling Clothes and Shoes With Cedar Rings

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Have you ever met one of those people who just smells amazing no matter what the circumstances? This might be their secret: cedar rings or balls in their clothes. Just pop one in a drawer or your closet, and all your clothes will smell like natural cedar. It's such a cool way to keep your clothes from getting musty.

Keep Bugs Out With This Easy-to-Install Magnetic Screen Door

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If you love bringing the outdoors in but could do without all the flying creatures that come with it, you need to invest in one of these magnetic screen doors. This one features easy installation, windproof magnets on the bottom to help it stay in place and tiebacks for those moments when you want a bit more openness. You can get this one for less than $20, too.

Save Space in Your Suitcase With These Vacuum Storage Bags


These vacuum storage bags are great to have around the house for either storing out of season clothing or when you are off on a trip and want to pack everything but your kitchen sink. I also use them to store blankets and extra pillows that often take up way more room if it wasn't for these miracle bags.

This S.A.D. Lamp Works With Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

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This light therapy lamp is a lifesaver to keep your body's Vitamin D supplies at an optimum. I also use mine year-round if I'm sitting at my desk working and can't enjoy a sunny day outside! This one gets great reviews for great looks and the fact that it really works. The best part is that it helps regulate your sleep because it works with your natural circadian rhythm to regulate the body.

This Color Changing Smart Bulb is the Ultimate Mood Lighting


How cool is this color-changing smart bulb you can control with Alexa or Google Home? It can display 16 million colors plus warm or cool white, and you can set the bulb to match natural light patterns from dawn to dusk - what?! You can also control the light from anywhere using the free app, so you can set your lights to turn on and off when you're away for extra security.

This Portable Pet Hair Vacuum Has the Strongest Suction


Got pets? Then you will have a persistent pet hair problem on every surface of your home. This pet hair vacuum is lightweight and means you can take care of a mess in seconds rather than lugging out the vacuum cleaner. "I have a long-haired terrier, and her hair is on everything. I was looking for a vacuum for our furniture. This product works wonders on our recliner and our microfiber couch." - Chad Kretschmer

These Surge Protected Amazon Basic Power Strips Have Rotating Ports


If you're always searching the room for outlets, you need this in your life. The reviews say it has good design and functionality and we can definitely attest to that. The best part? It can power up to six devices. A true classic in every household. I won't lie, I have one in each room because the rotating port makes them so much more useful than normal power strips.

This Woolite Cleaner Can Do A 20-Minute Dry Clean At Home


Running to the dry cleaner every time your high-maintenance clothing needs a refresh is a pain, not to mention spenny. To add insult to injury, women's clothes cost more to clean for some reason. Do it yourself in your dryer with this Woolite Dry Care Cleaner - simply toss a cloth in with your garments and they'll come out as fresh as a daisy for a fraction of the professional cost.

Protect Your Pots! From Scratching With These Pot and Pan Separators


What are these weird asterisk-shaped doodads? I'm glad you asked. These may not look like much, but these will save your existing pots and pans from scratches, dings, and damage. Stacking pan protectors come in three sizes and are easy to use by just placing one between each pan as you stack. At less than $5 for six, it's a good investment in safeguarding your larger purchase of quality cookware.

Cute Reusable Grocery Bags That Fold Down to Super Compact


Able to hold up to 50 pounds worth of groceries, these bags are a cost-effective choice if you're looking for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. They're made from tough polyester that folds down nice and compact for easy storage — and you can even toss them in the wash for easy cleaning.

These Adorable Novelty Heating Pads Will Cheer You Up


Make yourself or someone you love feel better with these Novelty Heating Pads! Microwave for a minute to heat them up - the natural buckwheat and dried lavender inside hold heat naturally and smell wonderful.

Set of Handy Baking Mats With Baking Measurements Marked Up

Are you a serious baker or do you have an aspiring baker in your house? This three-piece silicone baking mat set is a must-have for kneading, shaping, and rolling while keeping sticky messes contained. The measurements on the mats will keep you precise and the food-grade silicone is heat-resistant so you can go from the freezer straight to the oven without any damage.

This Mini Desk Cleaner Takes Care of Your Mess While You Work

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Right now, you're looking at the picture above, trying to figure out which product is the one featured here, aren't you? It's that little orange box, which actually isn't a box at all, but a mini desk cleaner to keep your work area tidy. (Pause for shock and awe.) This little guy won't pick up wads of paper, but it will help eliminate dust, debris, pet hair, and small scraps of paper that are otherwise tricky to grab.

Handsfree Soap With This Kitchen Soap Dispenser and Sponge Holder

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​I hate kitchen scrubbies and here's why: The ones that don't have a built-in soap dispenser aren't useful and the ones that do often make it impossible to get the soap out. This two-in-one soap dispenser with sponge holder eliminates my most hated features in traditional scrub brushes and puts the sponge and the soap in one smart location. Its one-handed design is smart, too.

This Mini Food Chopper Cuts Your Food Prep Time in Half


I often need to chop small amounts of foods like garlic or herbs for recipes, but my full-size food processor is useless for those jobs. This mini food chopper, however, is purpose-made just for what I need! It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but has powerful blades that do an excellent job cutting up anything from veggies to herbs to eggs for a single-serve egg salad.

This Wine Bottle Chiller Ensures the Perfect Temp

Your rosé can be the perfect temp all day with this easy-to-use wine bottle chiller. Just fill with water, freeze, then pop out the round ice cubes to fill up the holder and pop your bottle in. It'll stay chilled for hours, and the chiller is easy to tote to picnics, the beach, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and more.

These Beer Chiller Sticks for A Refreshing Drink

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My boyfriend loves these beer chiller sticks in summer to keep his drink cool and they're great for when friends come over too.

This pack also comes with reusable football ice cubes that work wonders and are a fun gadget when the guys are watching the game.