37 Creative Valentine's Gifts They Won't See Coming

I know, I know, you hate Valentine's Day. Maybe "hate" is too strong of a word? Perhaps you "tolerate" it or you're glad when it's over. And, if you're like most Valentine's Day shoppers, you grab the closest bouquet of flowers or stuffed animal at Walmart amidst your eggs, milk, and bread. It's easy ... it's quick ... it's ... boring. Yeah, you read that right, it's B-O-R-I-N-G.

Just once, what would it be like to have a creative idea and execute it with plenty of time to spare? That's the idea here. I've cooked up 37 creative ideas for your significant other that you can get relatively quickly, delivered right to your door. (Even quicker if you have Prime!) You'll get credit for thinking outside the box with picks like fondue for two or a jerky heart. (That's not a condition; that's a gift.) Read on, "Add to Cart" and prepare to wow them this year.

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Brush Up On Your Valentine's Options


If you know, date or live with someone who wears makeup, makeup brushes are as common to them as spoons. But, they won't see them coming as a gift. And, I speak for most women when I say, "We can never have too many." This 10-piece brush set has several interesting features, including a rose gold color and a mermaid design (with tail). It's also available in a cool rainbow shade as well.

Give Them Sunshine On A Rainy Day


Umbrellas are one of those things you don't think much about until you need one, and by then, it's usually too late. So, why not gift one for Valentine's Day? This heart-shaped option is one she can leave in her car that will offer a bit of cheer (and a reminder of you) when it's gray and gloomy outside. It's also a great prop for a couples' photo session or engagement photos.

Put Your Love In Lights


Who wouldn't be giddy seeing "I love you" in marquee-style lights? This three-piece set stands roughly nine inches tall and doesn't require plugging into a power outlet so that no messy cords will get in your way. Put them on display in the living room, bedroom, or even bathroom for a "pick-me-up" reminder that your significant other is loved every day of the year.

This Set Is A Fondue For Valentine's Day


This unexpected Valentine's Day present idea is a gift and a date night rolled into one. Chocolate, especially ooey-gooey chocolate that you can drag strawberries, marshmallows, and graham crackers through, is always in style. This fondue set includes the electric pot, four forks, and a serving tray. You could also go savory with cheese if you don't have an enormous sweet tooth like me.

If You Love Her, Let Her Sleep (In These Comfy PJs)


Sleep is my love language, and I make no apologies for it. Secondary to getting a full eight hours for me is something comfy to wear while I'm doing it. This pajama set has more than 7,000 reviews that say things like "PJs you can live in" and "so comfy and well-made." These come in a wide range of sizes and colors, including V-Day appropriate red, pink, wine, and fuschia.

Dress Up Your Wine With These Themed Labels


For many of you, wine will be a given on Valentine's Day, but why not kick that up a notch with themed Valentine's Day bottle labels? They come in a pack of eight so you can either imbibe eight bottles or you're set for the next eight years (you're welcome). The themed labels also extend to other products including cupcake toppers, water bottles, and Hershey's Kisses stickers if you want to go all out.

Make A Tactical Choice With This Multi-Tool


What do you get a guy who has everything for Valentine's Day? Try this unique idea — a tactical pen that does it all. This pen, engraved with the words "I love you," features a flashlight, multifunctional head that can be used to open bottles or loosen screws, fire starter, glass breaker, and more. It's perfect for a pocket, briefcase, or glove box.

Support Her Fitness Goals With This Colorful Set of Bands


We're not too far removed from resolutions made at the start of the new year, so that a fitness-themed gift might be the perfect unexpected treat. This four-pack of replacement wristbands for the Fitbit comes in numerous color combinations. (I chose the photo above because it most reminded me of Valentine's Day.) The best part is that it'll only set you back $10.

This Makes Gift-Giving A Dream


Here's another double-duty Valentine's Day gift for your crafty lovebird. Dreamcatchers are a favorite of many people, and the beauty of this one is unparalleled. The neat thing is that it's a DIY dreamcatcher, meaning all the materials to create it, along with instructions, are included in the box. In shades of blues, greens, and creams, it's sure to match a host of décors.

The Way To His Heart Is Through His Stomach


No man is going to be mad at a box of chocolates, but how much happier (and more surprised!) would he be if that box of chocolates is actually a box of jerky? This jerky heart features an assortment of jerky flavors, including classic, garlic, ghost pepper, habanero, black pepper, honey bourbon, sesame ginger, and my personal favorite, whiskey maple, among others.

Light Up Her Life — And Her Face

Amazon | Meza Family

I love gifts that extend beyond the holiday for which they're given, like this tri-fold lighted vanity mirror. With 21 built-in LED lights that can be adjusted brighter or dimmer, she can get ready even in the lowest light without disturbing anyone around her. The 2x and 3x magnification ensures her brows will always be on fleek, and the base recess is perfect for holding rings and other trinkets.

Play Games With Her Heart

Amazon | Caroline K.

Is she expecting you to buy a flirty board game for Valentine's Day? Probably not, which is exactly why you should buy it. Three game levels — Talk, Flirt, and Dare — are included so you can dial up the heat or play it a little more tame. One of the "Talk" conversation prompts, for example, says: "Choose a profession for your partner that's the opposite of what they do now." This is a gift that will deepen your connection.

Mix It Up This Valentine's Day With This Personal Blender

Amazon | Ariel Bracey

They won't see this one coming, but they'll wonder how they ever lived without it. This personal blender from Hamilton Beach is a lifesaver for quickly getting out the door with a favorite shake or smoothie. Before I started working from home full-time, I even kept one at the office for blending without taking up a ton of shared kitchen space. Red is seasonally appropriate, but you can also grab it in black, white, blue, or raspberry.

Add To Her Mask Collection


This time last year, would you have guessed that Valentine's Day masks would be a thing? I doubt it. I certainly wouldn't have. There are plenty of people out there who need a few more of these bad boys to add to their stash (thinking of you, essential workers!). These are made of satin silk and come with lanyards. Your honey can be safe and festive at the same time.

Try A Different Type of Spooning


I want to buy these for myself just because they're so adorable. Tell them you "cerealsly" love them with this cute engraved spoon. Even if they're not cereal eaters (what kind of monster are you in love with anyway?), they can use this for hot or cold beverages, soup, and more. Reviewers called it "unique," "practical" and "sweet" — the trifecta of gift-giving.

Heart Coasters For The Nerd In All Of Us


Calling all biology nerds! These anatomic heart specimen coasters say, "I love you, and I support your weird science obsession." OK, a science obsession isn't weird — I take it back. But, if your significant other is into quirky gifts, this set of six is a no-brainer. (Speaking of, there's also a set with brains. Think regular brain, not zombie brains.) This will be $20 well spent.

Tell Her She's Kissed Her Last Frog


You know the fairy tale: Princess encounters a frog, princess kisses a frog, the frog turns into a handsome prince. Tell her she's kissed her last frog with this jeweled hinged trinket box. The top of the frog pulls up, revealing a hidden "treasure" inside. Pro tip: Add a "treasure" for her! This gift has a near-perfect 4.8 out of five stars from Amazon reviewers.

String Up Some Photo Memories


You'll get bonus points for this one! Tell the story of your relationship in photos, which you can hang from this unique wooden photo holder. With space for up to six photos, this gift is part home decor, part picture display. Choose a few of your favorite photographed memories and get them printed. Then, just attach them to the rope with the included clips and get ready for the "awwwws."

He'll Do A Flask Dance Over This One


Have you ever been out — running errands, walking the dog, finishing up a particularly difficult day at work — and thought, "A drink sure would be good right now?" No? Just me? Fine, whatever. Grab this engraved flask in a modern matte black finish for when those moments arrive. It's discreet, it's thoughtful, and you really can be the reason he drinks — literally.

Give Your Love The Moon


Would you give her the moon if you could? I suspect you might. Now you can gift her the next best thing: This lunar lamp with adjustable brightness controls. Reviewers called it "gorgeous," "beautiful" and "oddly mesmerizing and calming." Designed to look like the surface of the moon, it'll make a great addition to a nightstand or desk, perched on its unique base.

This Cleansing Brush Says, "I Love Your Face."

Amazon | Andrew

This is one of those things that feels like an unnecessary indulgence that people won't often buy for themselves. Cue you! This facial cleansing brush made by Olay Regenerist will elevate their daily skincare cleansing routine and prime their skin to maximize the hydrating effects of their moisturizer. Brush head replacements are cheap, too, at just around $8, and the unit is water-resistant so that it can be used in the shower.

Neck Rubs On-Demand With This Massager

Amazon | TWC

When was the last time they asked you to "please rub my shoulders?" I'm not suggesting you shirk your couple-ish duties, but this might give you a break once in a while. A shiatsu massager for the neck, back, shoulders, feet, and legs is always a welcome gift, if you ask me. This one has a carrying bag, making it possible to use anywhere — at home, at work, even in the car.

Get A Permanent Grip With Your Hands Molded Together

Amazon | Andrew

This one is not only a thoughtful gift idea but a cute activity you can do together as a couple. A keepsake hands plaster statue kit is — alright fine — going to be a little bit messy, but it's going to be fun, too! This kit has a taller and wider bucket, as well as more molding and casting materials, to ensure a great final product that incorporates the both of you. Finish with sealant, paint, or leave as-is.

Open The Channels Of Intimacy With This Deck of Prompt Cards

Amazon | jcurrie

Billed as the "perfect addition to date night," this gift has wine-and-charcuterie-night written all over it. Talk about your goals, your journey as a couple, your memories, and more with this deck of 150 conversation prompts. The real gift isn't in the cards, but the openness and vulnerability they'll provoke. One reviewer said it really helped her learn new things about her partner.

Wine Not? This Wine Rack Keeps It In Reach

Amazon | Amazon Customer

You've heard the saying, "Happy wife, happy life." I'm not suggesting she needs wine to be happy, but why take a chance? This wine rack has space for five of her favorite bottles (you'll want to add those before you gift this) and room for four stemmed wine glasses. It comes in at less than 16 inches wide, so it'll easily fit on a kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room wall.

Tell Them You'd Pick Them All Over Again


Tell them you'd pick them again and again with this unique love-themed set of guitar picks. I've spent a good portion of my life around musicians and if there's one thing I know about them it's that they're constantly on the hunt for a pick. This link shows several variations of pick designs from "Love You 3000" to a funny set with sayings like, "I can't believe I'm still not sick of you." Ahhh, love.

Plan A Movie Night At Home


Pre-worldwide pandemic, I went to the movies a lot. I'm talking just about every weekend. But, I'm quickly approaching my one-year hiatus from the movie theater (and its delicious, buttery popcorn). A movie night at home might be just what the doctor ordered! This set includes all the snacks you need and a rental code for Redbox. You have to let your partner pick the title, though.

Why Weight? This Blanket Will Be Their New Fave


My mom is one year and going strong from when I first introduced her to the weighted blanket, and she loves it just as much today as she did a year ago. This one is a super deal at only $40 and provides 15 pounds of pressure to relax your recipient by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. This can be a real sanity saver for people who have difficulty falling — and staying — asleep.

Put Your Face On Their Feet With These Photo Socks


I know you've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to put your face on an article of clothing for them so look no further. These custom face socks are funny, a little corny, and hugely clever. Just upload the photo of your choosing after you select a size and color and customize away. Let everyone know they don't walk all over you, but they do walk around with you all over them.

Put Your Name On This Personalized Cutting Board


I've found myself shopping for my own new cutting board lately, so it seemed appropriate to include it on a unique gift-giving list. I like this one because of its varied sizes, designs, and, of course, personalization. One reviewer described this cutting board as "actual perfection." Made of restaurant-grade bamboo, it is available in motifs that will match everything from farmhouse chic to modern.

Learn More About Your Partner On The Potty

Amazon | Cheyenne

Toilet tag is just what it sounds like: A game that you play with the person you share the, ahem, bathroom with. It has a ton of unique prompts and questions such as "If you got a tattoo for a week, what would it be of and where would it go?" and "Write a knock-knock joke. Whoever writes the better joke gets a foot massage." Take the foot massage out of the bathroom, though.

Give Her Many Manis


One of my favorite weekend activities is doing my own nails. Yes, I prefer to do them myself at home. Others may prefer the salon. Different strokes for different folks! If your significant other could do with some at-home pampering, this 25-piece mani set is where it's at. It includes 18 solids and 4 glitters, a base coat, a topcoat, and a matte topcoat. She'll need a UV lamp to cure the polish, but that'll only set you back an extra $15-20.

Project Your Love With This Mini-Projector


Remember that Redbox movie night set a few options above? This mini projector would be the perfect complement to get that authentic theater experience. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, it works with HDMI, USB, or Micro SD and offers up to a 60-inch projection size. You can even project from your smartphone to this unit using the right cable. And hey, when it's not being used for a movie, consider it a massive video gaming screen.

Warm Her Heart With This Oversized Wearable Blanket


You've heard her say, "But, I'm cold!" for the last time if you opt for this wearable sherpa blanket hoodie that was originally featured on "Shark Tank." This wearable blanket will keep her warm and cozy while she lounges on the couch, watches TV, works on her laptop, goes camping, or attends a sporting event. I'm not saying you should buy two (one for them, one for you), but you probably should.

Cure The Car Cold With A Plug-In Blanket


While we're on the theme of keeping toasty, here's a heat-up option that's designed to be used in the car. If they don't have heated seats, this is a dream come true. Simply plug it into any car, truck, SUV, or RV cigarette lighter. It heats up quickly and stays warm until you unplug it (or reach your destination). It's available in four plaid varieties and a solid blue.

Make A Mixtape (Into A Flash Drive)

Amazon | Jerd

If you're old enough to remember when making your beloved a mixtape was a thing, you probably need to stop reading this and go take some vitamins. Mixtapes! Gosh, they were the best. Your admirer would throw together songs they loved or that made them think of you and then gift it to you, which you'd then play until you wore it out. Those were the days. This is a flash drive designed to look like a mixtape, though, but the sentiment can still be the same.

Have Tea, Will Travel

Amazon | ke Peng

I don't tote my tea around with me, but with this travel tea set, I might start. What's included is an infuser and cup for drinking packaged in a perfectly portable (and adorable) case. The lid even doubles as a coaster. If your partner travels a lot or just loves their tea, they'll enjoy this grab-and-go idea. Throw in a few of their favorite tea bags and you'll be their Valentine's Day hero.